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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brothers in the hood

The Muslim Brotherhood and the over through of the Egyptian government.
Question:Is the MB a teariest organisation driven by 
radical Islamic belief's
 or a benevolent social organisation dedicated to helping the poor?
In general BOTH.Depending on your perspective the MB can save your life or kill you.

In the poor sections of Egypt's cities and in the countryside the MB is quite beneficial to the (MUSLIM) people. They run hospitals for the poor and deliver free medical care without expecting payment. The MB runs soup kitchens, bakes bread and helps find jobs for the people willing to work. MB maintains schools and mosques all for the sake of benefiting (MUSLIM) society. WOW!

This is the same tactic that the Mafia used for years. The Don would ingratiate himself and befriend the townspeople so when the authorities came the Don was hidden and no one knew who he was.
The MB has been doing this for decades buying there time and laying in what for the right time to emerge from the shadows.

The Muslin Brotherhoods modi operandi
Step one
Indoctrination of the children teaching them Sharia and the ways of the brotherhood.
step two
Follow up the teachings on the university level for the promising students. Or terror training by one of there splinter groups like Hamas.
step three
Infiltration of government and society through attrition.
step four
The radicalization of the military.
step five
Take over of a country.

The U.S. is in step one right now. (Islamic schools are springing up all over the country)

This is the philosophy to creep into the society of a country and always testing along the way to see if the time is right for the next step, the test may be in the form of a protest or the construction of a mosque near ground zero. then they will analyze the resistance they encounter and move on. A free and open democratic society affords them the most freedom of movement. The MB will take full advantage of a tolerate society and cry foul at the slightest push back of there intrusion. Western countries must be aware of this infiltration into society. Take a look at the news stories no matter how innocent  they seem. For example i remember a story that eight year old children in there school where not allowed to have candy canes with Merry Christmas messages attached to them. Now you may say that's just political correctness run a muck. Political correctness is the excuse to tolerate Muslims.Think of the Brotherhood as DOS on your computer its always there running in the background but you don't see it, the MB is the head of the snake but the USG refuses to put them on the list of terror organisations.

President Mubarak was aware of all this and he was aware of how the MB leverages its influence throughout society and its terrorist links. So when there was people shot during a protest it was in reaction to the MB or a MB splinter group taking their demonstration to far and getting to violent. Mubarak outlawed the MB for two reasons, staying in power and keeping terrorists in check. If Mubarak lost political control of the country to the MB he would have lost control of the people. This in his assumption would threaten the peace treaty with Israel that in turn would escalate the violence in the Gaza strip and the loss of control of the Suez Canal Authority and ultimately the loss of US military/financial aid. All of that would devastate the country.
So for now the country is leaderless and the world is waiting for what is next?

The Kefaya (Egyptian word meaning enough) movement that is responsible for the current state of affairs is in direct contrast to the MB. Kefaya had no leader at the time of the uprising no political platform no ideological direction or a systematic approach to regime change. However Kefaya was proficient in its use of electronic media, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, Etc. This use of electronic media allowed the "activist blogger"  to be somewhat anonymous and spontaneous with postings that implicated the police in brutal activities that the GOE could not white wash. In order to combat that the more entrenched  state run NGO media organizations managed to pervert Kefaya’s message. The GOEs Television stations and newspapers referred to the Kefaya organizers as traitors who are carrying the water bucket for the USG. The GOE accused the bloggers of  undermining the stability of the ruling party for the purpose of overthrowing the government. That was so true!

Kefaya’s philosophy from the start was to be all inclusive regardless of political party or ideology. This was a benefit early on and united the opposition. The democratic message of equality that Kefaya adopted shortly after the demonstrations got rolling attracted a diverse following, including Islamic radicals, Coptic Christians  and moderate Muslims. The bloggers were touting equality for woman in the workplace at the same time and the option of wearing a hijab (Scarf worn around the head to cover the hair) in public. These blog postings were the last straw for the Brotherhood and they bailed out of the movement and denounced Kefaya as being anti-Islamist.  This was the end of the line for the popular upraising and the MB easily hijacked the demonstrations.

The MB has been influencing Egyptians since its existence in1928 and has satellite operations all over the world such as CAIR and HLf in the U.S., Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Al-Qaeda the Taliban, etc. The Brotherhood throughout its history has been a radical terrorist organisation at its core, they even worked with the Nazis during WWII on the "final solution" (eradication of the Jewish people world wide). The MB is deeply entrenched in Egyptian society, as is their radical ideology. Egypt as an Islamist state and Sharia as the Law of the land is there goal. Working in the shadows the MB will support there chosen candidates that will run as "independent moderates" chief example Mohamed Mustafa El Baradei. El Baradei was the leader of the IAEA for years, Iran re-acquired nuclear power under his watch. Will the Egyptian political climate turn stormy? I think there are clouds on the horizon and the forecast for Israel is rain...

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