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Monday, April 30, 2012

War on Woman, Where?

Who is fighting it certainly is not men in western society and it defiantly is not the court system or government institutions. Woman regardless of race enjoy more liberty in the United States than men do. Corporate, federal and municipal hiring mangers will actually hire a woman over man in most situation. Just like everything else in American society the decision makers go to extremes when it comes to social issues like "Affirmative Action" theirs. 

Gender inequality in the work place or in the educational system is really a thing of the past woman are just being taken advantage of. Recently Democratic politicians are introducing a bill that will allow a woman to inquire about a mans income if they share the same or similar jobs and receive an answer. This is absolutely absurd, what ever happened to the right to privacy. Would it be OK for a woman to receive a mans medical information or credit score? Will this bill consider a mans inquire about a woman's income, how about if a man in a similar position accuses a woman of sleeping her way to the top if he is overlooked for a promotion? 

This is political pandering at its best, The bill currently being introduced will never make it into law simply because it is ridiculous and has no merit but the Dems, will immediately come up with some half ass explanation of how Republicans want to keep woman barefoot and pregnant.

Regardless of your political persuasiveness or gender the democratic agenda is as transparent as a wet t-shirt on a drunken spring-breaker. Only a free society allows such female freedoms their is no other society willing to condone such behavior simply because Americans are afforded the freedom of expression by law. American woman only need to look to the East for the real "War on Woman". Every day atrocities are perpetrated upon woman and not only do they go unpunished but the activity is condoned by government and society.
In China woman are latterly draged from their homes kicking and screaming by government officials for the purpose of  mandatory sterialization, and abortion. In China all woman must comply with the one child per family policy. As far as working conditions and workers rights Chinese woman have it just as bad as men. A story several months ago reported that Apple Computer was running literal sweat shops in China. Apple's own audit to their American employees revealed that a staggering 62% of the 229 facilities that it was involved with were not in compliance with Apple's 60-hour maximum working week policy. Almost a third had problem with hazardous waste.

The Middle Eastern woman have it much worse, post Arab spring Egypt now has Radical Islamic political leaders in place condoning the abduction, rape and murder of Coptic Christian woman and girls. Muslim girls do not fair much better. At the age of about 4 a Muslim girl in several Middle Eastern countries goes through the ritual of having her clitoris cut off and labia sewn closed. This mutilation is usually done by an old woman that has no medical training and her instrument may consist of a rusty knife or broken bottle. The child undergoes this without any kind of pain medication or anesthetic, she is held down by other woman wile the child writhes and screams in pain. The life of a Middle Eastern woman only gets worse after that, she could be sold into slavery or stoned to death if her family determined she has dishonored them. If she happens to live to the ripe old age of 13 or 14 she may be traded to an old man for payment of a debt only to live the life of a beast of burden.

So when an American politician use the term "War on Woman" make note of it and vote them out of office as soon as possible. The true facts are American political leaders funnel billions of taxpayer dollars yearly to support countries that commit and condone brutal atrocities against woman. And Americans are for the most part a just society every day school children recite the Pledge of Allegiance and the last line "With Liberty and Justice for all"  not all men, all, as in all people this is the American ideal. So you go girls give-em hell celibate your intellectual ability and revel in your sexuality because in America your revered by men on every level weather your in the boardroom or the bedroom. American woman are the glue that holds society together and the stay at home mom is more important than the president of the United States because she is raising the next generation.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

WMDs: The Syrian Trump Card

Moroccan Colonel Ahmet Himmiche third from left walks through the streets of Homs Syria
The rape, torture and murder continues in Syria and the UN, GCC, US, UK, France, Turkey, etc. are all just spectators as if the government sponsored atrocities are a Olympic sport. The truth is the friends of Syria are in toleration mode till better human intelligence can be gathered. Syrian President Bashar al Assad thinks he is holding all the cards in this international game of poker. The fact is his cards are good ones but the international community that is massing against him has a spy over his shoulder and his every move is anticipated.

Assad may think he is the Hitler of the 21st century and like Hitler he will be killed along with his wife in a dramatic fashion. What makes Assad unlike Hitler is the fact that he does not give a dam about his country or the Syrian people. Hitler had a overly vociferous love for the Fatherland and the Aryan Germans. Assad is willing to do anything to stay on the potty chair of Syrian power including using stockpiled WMDs. This is the fly in the ointment for the friends of Syria and they know Assad will use those weapons both outside and inside of Syrian borders.

The UN is in the process of vetting monitors to be inserted into Syria and the cat and mouse game of issuing visas to monitors is underway. Syrian officials will only accept monitors from countries that they perceive as friendly to the Assad Government. Working within these guidelines has proven difficult for the UN Security Council. Currently there is about a dozen observers in country and that number will increase to 24 or 30 by the end of the month with the goal of 300 to be achieved within 2 to 3 months. The number of observers is extremely inadequate considering the physical size of the country and the size of the population. With so few monitors The Assad security forces are able to curtail their own activities prior to observers arriving in an aria. After the observers leave the people that have talked are then detained, tortured and murdered. Without the ability to loiter within arias of concern then the shell game of observer followed by murder will continue. Then there is the question of covert operatives being inserted into the country by using the cover of UN Monitor. With so few approved nationalities and such a small quantity of people being accepted makes the task more difficult but not impossible.
The future of Syria

The issue of Observers on the ground and “Six Point Peace Plans” is just small ball within the big picture. No amount of UN pressure will keep the Syrian government at bay. Assad and his puppets that he sends to negotiate agree to demands and then walk out of meetings and do it all over again. This is an Assad tactic generations old used by the original Assad murder Hafez, Bashar's farther. Any agreement or treaty with a Syrian stamp of approval on it is only fit for use in the bottom of a bird cage. If the international diplomats  making these agreements with this tyrant are the best and brightest the UN and Arab league have to offer then the Syrian people will be doomed until hell freezes over.

Bashar Assad sees himself as untouchable and so far, he has been. Their has been no accountability for his actions and no retribution for atrocities committed in his name. Embolden with this sense of invincibility this egomaniac will continue to defy the international community. The seemingly endless stream of weapons, electronics and technical support being funneled into Syria from Iran, Russia and China continues and their seams to be no end to the mass destruction and killing. The Bigger picture is the heavy weapons and missile components that are in the hands of Syria;s mad men. Right now Bashar al Assad is the most dangerous man in the middle east and nobody is talking about the mass murder that is about to take place if the bio/chem weapons are not neutralized.  The possibility of thousands being killed with sarin or mustard gas in Syria is very possible and the fallout to other countries could also be sever.

This week Vice President Joe Biden said that President Obama “walks softly and carries a big stick and he has a big stick, I can assure you of that.” Well Mr Biden thanks for the verification. Regardless of stick size if you don’t know how to use it then it is useless. White House sources confirmed a month ago that there is no plan at all to deal with Assad but that may have changed recently. The American, French and British intelligence communities all agree that the WMD threat is a clear and present danger in Syria but there is no consensus on a solution to the problem. Right now the only thing that is being done is to alert Syria's neighbors of Assad's Biological and chemical weapons capability and the Syrian delivery capability via missiles. As a conciliation prize the offer of US help will be available in the event of a Bio/chem attack. The only form of deterrence the US Secretary of State is publicly offering is sanctions. Secretary Clinton in an attempt to appease the neighboring countries right now has given the assurance that the sanctions placed on the Assad family and government officials will pressure them to step down.
Hours after UN observers left the city of Homs, Syrian Security forces
raped young girls and woman in front of their families. 47 people were found
tortured with their hands tied and thoughts cut. The dead included babies.

President Obama may just be trying to wish the problem away with sanctions or hope and change but the longer the Syrian spectator sport continues the worse it gets on the ground. One of the recent developments that has been reported by defecting Syrians is that the Syrian Army has placed land mines along the Syrian/Lebanese border. The mines are placed not as a deterrent to intruders but are placed along popular escape routs leading out of the country. Tactics like these just reinforce the fact that Assad wants his people to die and with that in mind the man has graduated from school yard bully to maniacal murderer. Under the assumption that life, suffering and pain is of no consequence to Assad then it must be concluded that with his back against the wall Assad will give the order to launch leaving most of his country a polluted wasteland for centuries He must not be given that chance.

The Syrian situation comes at a very inconvenient time for President Obama with National elections looming and poll numbers plummeting the president is in a very precarious situation politically with his shrinking electoral base. In 2003 prior to the Iraqi invasion then President Bush received information from British Intelligence that Saddam Hussein possessed vast quantities of WMDs. After the invasion the US military undertook a countrywide search for bio/chem weapons and came up empty, their was a determination that the British information was erroneous. Or was it? Bush 43 suffered politically from that and was accused of finishing the job his farther President Bush 41 started, namely the murder of Saddam Hussein. No matter how absurd that sounds politically President Bush and Vice President Cheney were both branded as war mongers. President Obama who campaigned on an anti war platform is now faced with a similar decision but much more cut and dry. Many reports from Iraqi and Syrian sources stated that in 2003 most if not all of Saddam’s bio/chem weapons were transferred from Iraq to Syria. It is also well known within the Middle Eastern and Western intelligence communities that Syria has been operating bio/chem facilities for decades. President Obama fearing the loss of even more left wing liberals has painted himself in a box. On one hand he is not helping to curtail the suffering in Syria and on the other he is not publicly stating that Assad is hording WMDs.  So the White house is in limbo, the only thing that will stop the suffering in Syria and bring an end to the Syrian WMD threat is a surgical strike Killing President Bashar al Assad, his family and top commanders followed by a military mop up of security forces that maybe still loyal to Assad and have their fingers on the launch buttons.
Results of artillery 

There is no doubt that the people in Syria will continue to suffer no matter how many sanctions and resolutions are passed in the UN. There is no amount of UN observers that will stop the killing and no amount of talking by Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon will change the situation on the ground. It is time to stop playing footsie with this floozie and pull up his dress, he has run out of excuses and time. When your dealing with a mad man that is as shrewd and manipulative as Assad is then there is only one solution to the problem western leaders and Arab Leaders must choose to do the right thing, Assad must die. That may be very soon. The dogs of war are barking at the door and may soon be let out. Some people may wake up to the sound of shock and awe very soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Obama's Civil War

 Abraham Lincoln October 3, 1862 on the Battlefield of Antietam. Allan Pinkerton (Left) and General McClernand (Right). No Barack Hussein Obama in sight.

Divide and conquer is the philosophy that Mr Obama is employing. In the months leading up to the presidential election Democrats are seeking to divide the American voters. The American voters are being besieged by trial balloons in the Main Stream media as well as through social democrat bloggers on the internet. The unofficial officials like Sandra Fluke spouting her positions on birth control. On the surface seam to be a harmless diversion but in fact it is an attempt to mobilize a special interest block. This trial balloon was meant to divide woman from conservative business people by pressuring employers and insurance companies into providing contraceptives for woman. This ultra personal issue dovetailed into the Catholic Church being vilified by holding their long held position that contraception is unethical. In the terms of social division this is a quintessential example of how the Obama political machine is operating. This trial balloon was extremely successful on many levels. Lets face it sex is fun but it leads to child birth so most western women and men use birth control in some form. When the presidents surrogates trotted out Sandra Fluke in front of congress they seceded in dividing men and woman, Catholics, business owners and employees and health insurance companies from insured females. This issue is not new but a softened form of the abortion issue that has been repackaged to be more palatable so as to pander to woman and for garnering the moderate religious voting block

President Obama having that socialist victory under his belt he has moved on to the issue of students and their school loans. This is right over the plate for Obama and he needs to hit this one out of the park. With a new student base looking for a political cause the president needs a resurgence in the youth vote, The last crop of students now graduated and unemployed or working in menial jobs are saddled with student loans that are unplayable and are disillusioned with the Hope and Change rhetoric from 2008. In march of 2010 the student body at University of California protested a 32% increase in the tuition rates. The students at UC Berkeley and UC Davis, USC  and UCLA rioted for days complaining of the schools proposed planes to increase class sizes, tuition hikes and instructor furloughs. The situation  in California is not isolated but typical and the Obama administration is ready to exploit the situation. The divisive political climate that Obama is cultivating is fermenting rage among the university population and the student rioting in California over budget cuts is a microcosm on what is ahead for the United States.

President Obama campaigned. in 2008 on uniting the country but since then the opposite has come to fruition. The police officer that “Acted stupidly” in Cambridge Massachusetts, the Trayvon Marten shooting, the New Black Panther violence declaration in Sanford Florida and the voter intimidation case in Philadelphia Pennsylvania are all examples of an administration playing by their own rules. By the president proclaiming publicly on March 23rd  that  “if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” left the door open for every race baiter from Miami to Caribou to come out of the wood work. The President in his coded language to Florida law enforcement also emphasized that “I think every parent in America, should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative to investigate every aspect of this and that everybody pulls together — federal, state, and local — to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened.” WOW how about that, so it seams that president Obama it not letting a good crisis go to waste.
Rep Frederica Wilson "The Mouth From the South" Rodeo clown or politician?
One of the problems hear is that no one who is commenting in the media has any knowledge of the situation that transpired during the time of the confrontation between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The only thing that these people are sure of is that the dead person is black and the living person is white and that is good enough for them. One of the most vociferous bloviators was Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-Florida) who said on national TV  “Trayvon was hunted down like a dog and shot in the street.” The Floridians that voted for this numskull should be ashamed of them selves. Rep Wilson a Florida State senator in 2005 when the stand your ground law was up for a vote in the Florida Senate cast her vote in favor of the law. Now she skips over that fact in order to pander to her colorful constituency. Rep Wilson was asked by Chris Jansing on MSNBC about the SYGL and she replied “That particular bill needs to be tweaked,” and “It is being misused in this case. This is racial profiling; this is murder. This has nothing to do with ‘Stand Your Ground.’” She is up for election in November Just like her boss the President of race baiting Barack Obama. Some have speculated (what if the shooter was black and the dead person was white) if any of these so-called journalists that covered this story did ten minutes of research then they would have found out that such a case exists and that it is currently working its way through the Hillsborough County court system in Florida.

September 2010 a confrontation happened on a neighborhood basketball court in Valrico Florida. The confrontation between David James and Trevor Dooley left Mr James dead on the Basketball court in front of his 8 year old daughter Danielle. From witness accounts Mr Dooley left his house that is across the street from the basketball court with a handgun in the waste band of his pants. Mr Dooley sought out some skateboarders on the court for whatever reason and Mr James defended the the youngsters right to play their. After a verbal argument with Mr James and possibly a threatening move toward the youngsters by Mr Dooley. Mr James attempted to disarm Mr Dooley and was subsequently shot in the chest and killed. Mr Dooley is black and Mr James is white, I did not see Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson in Valrico last September and the New Black Panthers where not calling for Dooley's head on a stick. This blogger knows this for a fact because this blogger lives 5 miles from the scene of the shooting. Mr Dooley was arrested about a week after the shooting and his employer the Hillsborough County Board of Education was alerted that he had been arrested. Mr Dooley and his wife were both school bus drivers at the time of the incident. Mr Dooley walked out of Hillsborough County Jail after posting a  $50,000.00 surety bond Currently the court is considering a dismissal of the charge First Degree Manslaughter with a weapon do to the fact the Mr Dooley is invoking the “stand your ground law” as his defense. Kanina James the widow of David has filed a wrongful death suit against Trevor Dooley If Mr Dooley is successful in his stand your ground defense not only will the manslaughter charge be dismissed but he will also enjoy immunity from civil prosecution and Kanina James will have no standing in a wrongful death suit.

The Marten / Zimmerman altercation and the James / Dooley altercation have several things in common, one person had a gun, one person was killed, the shooter inserted himself into a situation by means of a pursuit. The difference is that Mr Dooley had no business being on the neighborhood basketball court at 3:30 on a Sunday afternoon with a gun.

It is clear that the Obama administration is taking sides on issues such as these thus creating a division within society. This divide and conquer tactic may very well lead to violence, particularly in the inner cities that have large unemployed black populations. President Obama is using the black / white and rich / poor divide in America to his political advantage. By socially dividing the population as much as possible and proclaiming through his speeches that he is the modern Day Robin Hood for the poor black folks will have a deleterious effect on people of all races. Young blacks not fearing retribution may riot when Mr Obama's promises prove to be hollow or unachievable. If President Obama fails to be reelected may also lead to inner city rioting. The President just can not deliver on some of these outlandish and ridiculous claims such as the “Buffet Rule”. The presidents latest attempt to steel from the rich and give to the poor has failed like most of his socialist ventures.

So when the society starts to implode and there is not enough police or private security to handle the uprisings who will say we have President Barack Hussein Obama to thank for his utopian society collapse that he has given us. When corporations have been taxed and regulated out of the country or out of existence where will we place the blame. When gold is $5000.00 an ounce, gas is $15.00 a gallon and government benefits have been curtailed will the poor black folks keep blaming the rich white man, probably because that is the pablum that has been spoon fed to them by the black political leaders that have been buying ghetto votes with government giveaways. The gravy train is at the end of the line and very shortly we will be up the Greek creek with out a paddle.

The prospect of a severe depression is a real possibility with the lack of private sector employment and the expanding Federal Government employment coupled with TARP and green energy welfare failures the country is on a unsustainable fiscal situation. The Obama administration has made so many decisions that have lost so much money that it just can not be a mistake. Wile writing this blog entry a news report concerning the bank bailout came over the TV news and was quit disturbing. The TARP IG announced today that $118 billion bail out bucks to the banks will never be paid back. WOW what a shocker, do not hold your breath on the auto bail out money either.  Wednesday morning Christy Romero the Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program said in her latest quarterly report “The bailout has been less than a roaring success and may be helping to lay the groundwork for future financial disasters and bailouts” The TARP IG continues with this gem "It is a widely held misconception that TARP will make a profit, the most recent cost estimate for TARP is a loss of $60 billion.”  She speculates that Americans will never see  the $118.5 billion still owed by the banks along with the $14 billion already written off or otherwise lost.

Those statements fly in the face of the Obama zombies at the Treasury Department who have been instructed to  repeat claims that the government will eventually “break even”or make a profit on the bailout. Taxpayers have been reimbursed  about $300 billion from the $414 billion originally dolled out. One of the problems with the bank pay back is that they are using the shell game approach by using new government funds to pay back older government funds.

It is said that ignorance is bliss, if that is true than the liberal Dancing With The Stars and the Keeping Up With the Kardashians population should be thrilled with the state of the nation. When the wake up call comes I hope they will be just as happy when their Democratic unicorn ranch burns to the ground.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The Tip Of The Turd

Turds in the White House seam to be at epidemic proportions. With the presidential election looming large on the horizon the Obama Administration has a lot to answer for these days. The handwriting was on the wall the day president Obama was announced the presidential victor in 2008. It all started in Obama's home town of Chicago when corrupt businessman and turd, Tony Rezko confirmed his connection to Obama. Many of Rezko's underhanded dealings involved Obama and this was confirmed during his corruption and racketeering trial. Then we have the turd Rod Blagojevich the Illinois governor that was caught red handed selling Obama's Senate seat who also had corrupt connections to Rezko and Obama. Both men are currently serving time in a federal penitentiary for their misconduct. 

Before President Obama even stepped one foot in to the Oval office their was turds of corruption from Chicago on the rug. Since then the turds just keep multiplying. Today there is so many turds in the Oval office Joe Biden has to hopscotch his way across the room. Congress and the American people are at the super saturation point with the Obama Administrations misconduct. This explains the outrage demonstrated by Congressional leaders grilling (General Services Administration) GSA appointees on the current round of misbehavior uncovered by a whistle blower. There is proof of misfeasance and malfeasance by the White house in the GSA scandal. Given that fact Congressional watch dogs are going to sniff out the hidden turds that are lurking in the hallways of other agencies that the “most transparent administration in history” is said to be  hiding. 

The Same week the GSA scandal broke the Presidents Secret Service advance team decided to misbehave in the Colombian city of Cartagena. The agents have been implicated in a misadventure of debauchery with teenage prostitutes. Congressional leaders fear that the agents misbehavior was not a one time indiscretion but a regular pattern of unprofessional behavior putting the POTUS in danger. Like the GSA appointees the Secret Service agents had a pattern of indiscretion that has evolved into a turd that was big enough to trip over. This Administration is proving itself to be a facilitator and cultivator of illegal, unethical, immoral, and seditious acts. 

How many turds do these belt way boys have to belch out of their bung holes before the American people smell Obama's Oval orifice. Michelle Malkin has detailed in her book the Culture of Corruption just how despicable and deplorable the Obama cling-ons are. Michelle should probably consider a sequel to COC that was published in July of 2009. Their have been so many fresh turds kicked out from under the presidents fancy desk that a COC-II could be hundreds of pages filled with steaming details.

Lets take a quick look at the turds that have been exposed to date. Some my not consider these to be turds on the rug but merely pee spots however pee spots are stealthy and leave a stain just as bad if not worse and arguably are harder to clean up. 

Turd, Fast and Furious, the stimulus funded gun smuggling scandal that has resulted in the death of hundreds of Mexican citizens and American law enforcement officers. The operation is a stunning example of government gone wild. The people of Mexico and the United States have a few government employed Whistle blowers to thank for shining the light on this operation that has broken international, Mexican and US laws. Katie Pavlich Has detailed the cover-up and deception by the US Justice Department on the American people. In her new book Fast and Furious she makes the connection through interviews of how this operation makes the case for stripping away Americans Second Amendment right to keep and bare arms.

Turd, The Auto bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, the two corporations received about $43 billion bailout bucks only to stiff the American tax payer and the employees of both corporations. The money was Loaned with no strings attached so GM and Chrysler promptly shut down American operations in favor of new Mexican manufacturing and assembly operations. The American Tax payers and the auto workers unions funded new Mexican operations taking American workers of the assembly line and in to the unemployment line.

Turd,The Bank bailout or the (Troubled Asset Relief Program) TARP,  $700 billion bucks flushed directly into the pockets of the 1% President Obama publicly denounced as “Fat Cat Bankers”. The justification for this bailout was that these banks are just to big to fail. It was determined that these banks need to split up therefor reducing the risk of global economic collapse and the imploding of the world banking system. Just the opposite has occurred. The banks are bigger than ever and there is no sign of them ever paying the money back.

Turd, Middle East uprisings in the spring of 2011. The instigation and facilitation of the violent Arab Spring was an operation funded directly and openly by the US State Department. The bulk of the funding and technical expertise was funneled directly to Egyptian students. Now with Egypt’s terror organization the Muslim Brotherhood firmly in place the Obama Administration has pledged their support to the MB in the White House. The MB is a terror organization founded in the Nazi philosophy and has publicly and openly called for the destruction of Israel and the murder of all Jews. The MB has been in the business of persecuting Coptic Christians in Egypt since the start of the uprisings. The Obama Administration seemingly condones the terrorist activities of the MB.

Turd, Green welfare a turd that keeps on giving from Al Gore and the Chicago Climate Exchange to Solyndra its all "An Iinconvenient Truth"investments. Billions of tax payer dollars have morphed into a big green turd suitable for flushing. President Obama's Nobel Prize winning moron Steven Chu has used his influence to have billions of dollars wasted inventures like electric cars, batteries, solar and wind farms, all have gone by the way of the dodo.

Turd, Some fascinating facts about the eligibility of President Obama, he has that nasty little issue of citizenship? Have we really vetted this man to the point that we know beyond a reasonable doubt that he was born in the United States? Judging by some of his decisions on the economy, military actions and government appointments it is questionable. Then we have the birth certificate that looks like it was made in a high school art class. Every one of Barack Obama's relatives is either dead, tagged for deportation for being an illegal alien or his closest living relatives are in other countries like his sister Maya Soetoro who is an Indonesian or his half brothers Abo and Bernard Obama that both live in Kenya. Both Abo and Bernard where caught living illegally in England and then deported after Abo was accused of but not prosecuted for sexual assault.

How many more turds are under the desk in the Oval office the turd Jeremiah Wright has come to light and the grassroots terrorists of the Weather Underground Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn have been outed as well. The wale turd, George Soros is the mega rich megalomaniac that is right out of a James Bond movie and he plays with Obama like he is a toy puppet. When ever Soros has a whim and he needs political influence on his side he calls on Obama. The Brazilian oil deal is a perfect example. Soros made  a billion dollars when President Obama made a deal with Dilma Rousseff the corrupt Brazilian president who thought she stiffed Obama for a better offer from the Chinese, Soros delt himself in and pocked the difference by using Obama as leverage against the Chinese and playing Rousseff for a patsy.

The best is yet to come, the American people still need to see the next chapter in the Obama-Care saga play out. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as it is officially known, will unravel the Obama Administration once the supreme court deems the act unconstitutional and put an end to the political carnage, waste and abuse that the American people are suffering. Currently elected officials are trying to sort out what the GSA has been up to and how it got that way. It is obvious that the career government employees of this administration believed that they are beyond reproach. It is the perpetrators experience that the indiscretions and unlawful actions will be covered up and that the misuse of their positions for personal enrichment and political gain will be rewarded with bonuses, raises and promotions. 

President Harry Truman had a placard on his desk that read “The Buck Stops Here” the one on President Obama's desk reads “The Buck Stops on George Bush's Desk”. The Obama Administration represents 100% unaccountability for everything that they are involved in whether it is the death of hundreds of Mexicans or the ramblings of a twisted anarchist like Van Jones. The activity of any and all government agencies is a direct reflection on the chef executive and if that chef executive is lax in leadership, lax in accountability, prone to corruption, has lead a life of lies and deceit then these  are the qualities reflected in the individuals that are chosen for key appointments and leadership positions within the government. Currently Americans are finding out that the Boss of GSA's Western branch was steeling hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of perks the words embezzlement, kickback and bribe have also been used in the congressional hearings now underway, with respect to the malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance issues the White House has been implicated as well. The most transparent white House in history is now implicated in a cover-up with the intent to suppress the Inspector Generals report detailing GSA's illegal activity till after the 2012 election. The 2012 Obama campaign slogan should be “Plausible Deny-ability”.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Obama: Shmeckle lib hobn putz mit groys oyern

Iran is kosher for Passover because Israel is hungry for a good old fashioned ass-whoopin. The David of the Middle East just may take on the Goliath this Passover to ensure the security of their homeland. In the meantime the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama is doing everything in his power short of bombing Israel to hold back and hinder Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu from doing his duty as a Jew and a patriot. One thing is certain the israelis have more than one rabbit in the hat and it just may be the fact that the Obama administration is being played as the fool. 

March 6. 2012 The PM was in Washington to address AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee )  and to discuss the Iran situation with the President. Mr Netanyahu knowing Mr Obama’s political proclivities planted a seed of disinformation. The IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) plain to interdict Iran from a Azerbaijan air base was served up to President Obama on a silver platter and was a Trojan Horse. The information was subsequently leaked to members of the press that was sure to print it. This test of loyalty was and still is a staple in the intel biz, offer up a juicy nugget of information and see what happens. In the case of Obama he has proved to be incapable of retaining a secret, Obama has been played as a patsy and just like the German high command was in WWII  with Operation Fortitude. The difference is that PM Netanyahu wanted to know whose side President Obama is on, we know now. When it comes to national security the citizens of the United States and Israel can not trust the President of the United States. He is a Shmeckle lib hobn putz mit groys oyern.

04/07/2012 Update
Azerbaijan officials are denying any involvement or collaboration with Israel in regards to an airstrike on Iran. It has always been the position of Azer officials that their territory and  airspace will not be used as a platform for an Iranian attack. As a matter of FACT Azer political officials consider Iran a Brother country. Azerbaijani Defense Minister Safar Abiyev has been quoted this week reiterating that “The Republic of Azerbaijan, as has always been the case in the past, will never permit any country to use its land or air against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which we consider our brother and a friendly country,”

Reacting to the Foreign Policy Magazine article written by Mark Perry, Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense spokesman Teymur Abdullayev reacted by saying "The claims seek to damage relations between Azerbaijan and Iran,” adding that “there will be no actions against Iran … from the territory of Azerbaijan.” It is quite clear that this leaked information proved to be false. Furthermore the patsy President Barack Obama was not the only narrischkeit But the  main stream media took the bait hook line and sinker.