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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Syria: Total Destruction Imminent.

The situation in Syria is no longer an Issue between Bashar al Assad and the people of Syria but A Sunni-Shiite gang fight with regional implications. This fight in Syria has taken a new turn. The Syrian civil uprisings that ballooned into government protests has escalated into a civil war and will not be like the Crips and the Bloods trading bullets in Compton but a battle of religious zealots bent on total cleansing of the opposition. No cops or restrictions to hinder the carnage and no UN peace keepers to document atrocities, the only government intervention will be that of Iran and Syria backing the Shiite side and the US, UK and the Saudis backing the Sunnis via proxy.

The Americans have been supplying weapons through the countries of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the Iranians have been supplying light and heavy weapons purchased from Russia to the al-Assad government since the conflict started. Iran just this week (8/28/12) admitted publicly that fighters have been dispatched to Syria to fight on behalf of Bashar al-Assad's forces. Gen. Salar Abnoush, commander of the IRGC’s Saheb al-Amr unit, spoke to a group of army volunteers that Iran is currently sending commanders and foot soldiers from its elite corps to fight in “every aspect of the war in Syria, military and cultural.” This was the first time that a Iranian government official admitted to Iran’s military involvement in the Syrian conflict, all claims of Iran's intervention have been denied up until this point.

US Sectary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly denies supplying weapons to the anti-government fighters, however she will admit to “humanitarian assistance”. The assistance is now widely known to be state of the art communications equipment, night vision equipment and clandestine surveillance through drown and satellite intelligence. There is no reason NOT to believe that special forces or spies??? from many countries are sprinkled throughout the region. Countries with any interest in the MANA region will include the US, UK, Israel, France, Jordan, Turkey, Russia, China, Venezuela, Iran and the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. All these countries have a financial and strategic interest in the aria weather it is oil and gas, domestic security or the suppression of terror franchises like Hamas, Hezbollah or al-Qaida. Clinton is pushing for direct military intervention. First she is advocating a no-fly zone in the north bordering Turkey. Second is boots on the ground to secure the bio/chem weapons. In the event that al Assad's WMDs are employed by government forces, in danger of being compromised by an outside force like al-Qaida or the stockpiles moved for any reason all security council members agree that intervention is necessary. Right now with the Russians having a force in place it would seam that they would be the most likely force to take control of the weapons.

As far as the no-fly zone strategy Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said that while such a step is under study, it is “not on the front burner.” Well Mr Panetta needs to have a conversation with his french counterpart Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian as he seams to be real keen on the idea. The problem with restricting Syria's airspace is that several steps will have to come into play. First a strike on the air defenses will be necessary, second a strike on the Syrian airfields crippling the air force's capability to put planes in the air. Third, one and two are acts of war and the president will need congressional approval for a operation that invades a countries sovereign territory. If the congress gives consent then it is a 100% certainty that Iran will retaliate against any American assets in the region as well as Israel. The Russians don't think it is a real swift idea either. Sergei Lavrov the Russian Foreign Minister stated that any action like a no-fly zone in Syria is unacceptable to his country "This will be a violation of sovereignty if it included Syrian territory," Lavrov implying that the implementation of such a unilateral action would violate international law. As far as the bio/chem weapons are concerned the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov said that his government was working closely with Damascus to ensure that its WMD's remains under firm control. Gatilov reports that he has received guarantees that the stockpiles will not be used or relocated.

Since the Russians and Chinese refuse to cast a vote in favor of any military intervention in Syria the UN security council has their hands tied. Since any UN sanctioned military force is not possible due to the two decenters, than why not a proxy war? Seams like a good idea, right! Islamic extremists from all over the expansive AFPAC/MENA aria are flocking to Syria to take up arms against their reviled Muslim rivals. The hatred between the Sunnis and Shiites gos back to 680 A.D. When Hussein (a Shiite), found himself surrounded by a larger Ummayad force (Sunnis) at Karbala, in present day Iraq. With only a handful of supporters to defend him, Hussein and 72 of his men were captured and beheaded, and their women taken captive. The battle was the defining moment in the split between Sunnis and Shiites. These folks really know how to hold a grudge! Iran is 90% Shia and has 15 thousand troops on root to the fight, the Syrian leadership is predominately Alawite a Shia offshoot and the Syrian Sunni solders are still going AWOL. The unified countries of the security council decided to exploit the rift between the two sides and give them the opportunity and the guns to wipe each other out on the Syrian field of battle.

This strategy has been done before, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in 1979 with the aim to reinforce the communist government structure that had been set up by an Afghan general who was killed in a coup the previous year. Radical Islamic fighters struck out against the invading Soviets and bogged down the red army for years. The CIA looking to take advantage of the situation started to funnel money and weapons into the hands of the Afghan resistance fighters known as the Mujaheddin. The CIA working through the Pakistani government supplied modern weapons like American Stinger missiles, Chines AK-47 rifles, grenade launchers and anti-tank weapons. The Mujaheddin morphed into the Taliban and Osama Bin Leiden’s al-Qaida. The CIA achieved their goal of forcing the soviet Union into a financially week position through the war. The Soviet/Afghan war was a leading contributor to the fall of the Soviet Union. How ever indirectly the CIA also contributed to the growth and propagation of modern terrorism and the ascension of Osama Bin Leiden as it's titular commander.

The proxy war effort that is being organized in Syria is a very dangerous situation. At some point their must be an intervention by a nation state that is capable of disposing of the WMD hazard that was created by the Syrian government. If at any point these weapons become accessible to the radical Islamic extremists it is anybody’s guess where they will end up being used, and they will be used.

With Iran increasing their military presents in Syria things will escalate and the death toll will rise sharply. Even though 200 thousand Syrians have fled the country millions remain and the radical zealots mixing among the population will directly and indirectly involve the average citizen in this gang fight creating a massive amount of collateral death and destruction. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

When Afghans Attack

U.S. Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, right, and U.S. Army Lt. Gen. James L. Terry, commander of the International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, talk in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aug. 20, 2012.
Back in the good-ol' cold war days the U.S. military and clandestine services were focused on eradicating the red threat. Analysts studied the moves and motives of communist leaders to better understand and predict their actions in given situations. The military conducted war games designed to provoke Communist leaders, to test their warning systems and military reactions. CIA spooks would plant disinformation through legitimate journalistic outlets and gather human intelligence by infiltration of the targeted governments. U.S. presidents like Kennedy and Reagan would talk trash about their Communist counterparts and take a stand against the expansion of the red threat into the western way of life. 

Yes those were the good-ol' days when their was a clear cut enemy and both sides had well defined agendas and philosophies that directly opposed each other. Is that still the case today? Well some say no! Many say that geopolitics has become far to complicated to whittle it down to a “us vs them strategy”, not so fast Buck-O; it is---that simple. There is a clear cut, well defined and well organized enemy that threatens western society and global security. This enemy is far more despicable than the Nazis, infinitely more expansionist than the Roman empire and exponentially more blood thirsty than the Mongols, They are the radical Muslims and Islamist extremists. What makes this adversary so dangerous is that they have infiltrated every country and are currently in the process of undermining western governments and societies. They do this through deception and taking advantage of a free society that upholds the right to practice religion freely and openly.

Combating this foe on a global scale has proven to be extremely difficult because no country other than Israel is willing to take a stand against the islamicidal cult of depravity. The U.S. and other nonsectarian nations of the world must first recognize that the enemy exists and then recognize it for what it is, evil, just that simple. The current path of thinking is that not all Muslims are terrorists and that Islam is a peaceful religion, their just happens to be a few bad apples in the barrel. What has proven to be true is that one bad apple does in fact spoil the bunch, we are witnessing that every day in the AFPAC and MENA theaters of operation. Bloodthirsty Islamic barbarians kill, torture and maim on a daily basis to justify their existence in the eyes of Allah. 
U.S. Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, travels aboard a CH-47 helicopter from Bagram to Kabul, Afghanistan, Aug. 20, 2012, to meet with leaders from the Internation Security Assistance Force, U.S. Central Command, U.S. State Department and the Afghan military.
The Arab Spring did bring about hope and change for the people in the MENA region but the hopeful was the Islamist barbarians that seek sectarian cleansing through jihad. The change came in the form of overthrowing the national leadership of many countries and facilitating the takeover by Muslim extremists (Muslim Brotherhood). These countries will soon be state sponsors of terror, some new like Egypt, some old, like Libya and the Islamicide will continue and will flourish. 

The U.S. and Western allies spent the last 10+ years fighting the war on terror and have not come to grips with the fact that the Taliban, al-Qaida and their Islamic off-shoots are not politically motivated like the Communists of the past but are ideologically driven by a twisted religious zealotry. When the U.S. invaded Iraq Saddam Hussein was identified as evil personified, and he was, however what the West did not identify was the evil that Saddam had stifled at  gunpoint. It was said that once the Iraqi people were rid of Saddam the people of Iraq will rejoice in their new found freedom and embrace Jeffersonian Democracy. Well fast forward to 2012 Iraq is under control of Iraqi leadership and corruption has swept through the country like a plague. The security forces are in shambles and al-Qaida in Iraq (AQI) is carrying out bombings at will with no remorse. In letters captured from Osama Bin Laiden, OBL describes AQI as despicable and with out regard for the lives of their Muslim brothers and sisters. In short Iraq is a mess and the current Shia government is flirting with Iran's Mullahs.

U.S. Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James N. Mattis, commander of U.S. Central Command, and U.S. Marine Corps Gen. John R. Allen, commander of U.S. and international forces in Afghanistan, talk in Kabul, Afghanistan, Aug. 20, 2012.

A similar situation is happening in Afghanistan but it is far worse. Corruption and cronyism is a way of life as in any Muslim community and a country based on the Islamic religion government corruption is a way of life. Afghanistan is no exception to that rule. Unfortunately the source of this corrupt money pit is the American government, a good example of this is the Dawood national military hospital in Kabul Afghanistan. Whistle-blowers testifying in front of congress stated that doctors and nurses routinely withhold food, medicine and medical care from patients that do not pay up. It was also reported that despite millions of dollars allocated for building maintenance and modernization the hospital is in deplorable condition as they put it "Auschwitz-like". Blood, fices and urine cover the floors, patients die from infections and malnutrition, family members are forced to take care of their wounded kin folk because they can not afford to bribe the doctors and nurses for treatment. The Afghan Surgeon General, Gen. Yaftali and the MoD’s Director of Finance, Major General Amiri, embezzled $20 million from the MoD and pilfered $153 million worth of medical supplies intended for patients at the hospital and  Afghan National Army (ANA) troops in the field. Both Yaftali and Amiri are directly connected to Afghan President Hamid Karzai. 

They are not leaders in the sense that we think of officers. They steal their soldiers’ pay, medicine, food, fuel, bullets and blankets and sell them on the black market. The Taliban and al-Qaida turn around and buy these supplies with the proceeds from opium and heroine. The Officers use U.S. taxpayer supplied vehicles and aircraft to further their own business interests over the well being of their armed forces or nation. The ANA soldiers in turn go AWOL at official rates close to 30%, in actuality the figure is closer to 40% in early 2011. Out of the ANA troops that remain in the service 70 to 80 percent are stoned on hash regardless of their duty status.

The Afghan people are bitter because they think the American system has failed them, the truth is it is the corruption of the Afghan government, President Karzai has failed them. The “green on blue” attacks that have been carried out by previously vetted Afghan personnel are retribution for the injustice that these people are living through every day and will be experiencing well after the Americans are gone. Public statements by The chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Martin Dempsey are week and full of hollow reassurance. The general arrived at Bagram Airbase on August 19th he advised reporters that traveled with him aboard his C-17 aircraft that he was their for meetings with coalition and Afghan leaders. One of the topics the general will discuss is the recent green on blue attacks that were carried out by Afghan security forces and have killed 10 international troops, mostly Americans, in the past two weeks. In the latest incident Sunday, a person wearing an Afghan police uniform shot and killed a coalition service member. At least 39 international coalition members have been killed in such attacks this year.

During the visit, Dempsey held meetings at the highest coalition levels – Marine Corps Gen. John Allen, commander of NATO forces in the AFPAC theater, and Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, commander of U.S. Central Command. The chairman also met with Army Lt. Gen. James Terry, the commander of the corps command. General Dempsey also held meetings with his counterpart, Afghan Army Gen. Sher Mohammad Karimi.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai, left, greets Afghan National Army soldiers during a shura, or meeting, at the provincial district governor's compound in Sharana, Paktika province, Afghanistan, Nov. 2, 2010. Provincial leaders, elders and representatives from nearby Forward Operating Base Rushmore attended the shura.

Dempsey said he was pleased that Afghan President Hamid Karzai strongly spoke out against these attacks. “The president speaking on it was tremendously important, and I hope it permeates to the lowest levels of the Afghan government and military,” he said. “We speak out about it, and we take measures to mitigate the risk.”But the more Afghan leaders speak out about this, “the better off we will be,” Dempsey said. Coalition and Afghan leaders are looking at the vetting process for Afghan soldiers and police. “We’ve had an eight-step vetting process in place in earnest for about a year, but we haven’t turned the corner on it,” he said.

This is wonderful but the root cause of the problem is that the ANA rank and file is extremely low paid, under equipped, poorly fed and inadequately housed. The Afghan forces have been throne under the tank by their own leadership. These guys come from small villages and hamlets and have been promised a better life by enlisting into service for their country. At the time of their enlistment they probably had a vision of being part of something important and a way out of the subsistence life that their family has been scratching out for generations.  

The broken system that is in place in Afghanistan is one of the reasons for these attacks. The disadvantaged Afghan grunts are poorly educated Muslims (only 14% can read and write) and are easy manipulated. They were convinced that their participation in the security forces would be beneficial for them and their families, it has proven not to be the case in their eyes. After their enlistment the grunts become a target for the Taliban. The Taliban turns the solder against his command structure with the food and supplies that the solder was to get but was pilfered and sold on the black market by the ANA elite. The Americans have invited these lightly vetted persons into their base for training and giving them access to weapons and information. The very thing that the Taliban is in need of.

The plane that General Dempsey arrived in on the 19th was hit by rocket fire wile parked at Bagram airbase on the 21st. Wile their was no one on board the C-17 it took information from an insider to hit the symbolic target. The Taliban has infiltrated Bagram and other bases with operatives and they report to the Taliban on village raids, troop movements, and supply distribution points. The green on blue insider attacks are not limited to a single solder taking aim at his American trainer but clandestine activities that culminate in downed helicopters and patrol ambushes. What it comes down to is trust, the Muslim can not be trusted. Islam teaches that anything you do to further the Islamic world caliphate is acceptable. To further exacerbate the problem of insurgent infiltration is that the less a person has the easier it is to corrupt them and these people have nothing. To make matters even worse is that the ANA solder sees his wounded compatriots mistreated and uncared for. Ultimately they see themselves as expendable cannon fatter on the wrong side of their Islamic culture. The Taliban sees these foot solders as low hanging fruit ripe for the picking, they are easily turned and radicalized for the price of a few bags of rice and a chicken.    

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Barack Begs Bubba's Bone

The economic outlook is so bad for the Obama Administration that he needs a hired gun to come to Charlotte and shoot sunshine up Democratic skirts. Can retired President Bill “Bubba” Clinton bail out the boobs in the White House? It's a hard sell, even for the DNC golden boy to justify the green energy policy, failed stimulus package, GM bail-out, Dodd-Frank banking restrictions, the never ending welfare commitments, the illegal alien preferences, etc,etc,etc. That is a lot of hurtling for Bubba to do even in an Olympic year.

Not so-much sunshine their but being the consummate politician President Bubba may harken back to yesteryear and tout his own economic accomplishments. He may try to convince the throngs of reluctant Demos that a vote for Obama is like a vote for him. Not so sure that will work and not so sure that the “good-ol-boy” from Arkansas will want to boost Obama's booty over the finish line ahead of mild mannered Mitt. In 2008 when it was Bubba's lil-Missy vs Barack's union backed money machine the mud slinging was fierce and Hillary Clinton got dam dirty in that fight. I am not so sure that Bubba and the good-ol-boys have forgotten those slings and arrows.

The truth is that the U.S. economy was much stronger and more robust than it is today. That prosperity was good for the moral in the country we were working and we were happy. The unemployment rate for blacks under Clinton was 10% and dropped slightly to 9% in the Bush 43 years but President Obama promising cradle to grave subsistence to Black people has managed to drive the unemployment rate for Black people to 16%. The Hispanic unemployment rate under president Clinton was at an astonishing 5% and now President Obama has managed to yank that number to 11%. To compensate for that 11% the Obama Administration is advertising on Spanish speaking radio espousing the benefits of the food stamp program. Dirt-poor young Mexicans are now taking their chances crossing the desert looking for a hand out from Obama's stash. They enter the US knowing that all they have to say if caught is “I'm a dreamer and I go to school”. Bingo, their in like Flynn, the Border Patrol and ICE have turned them loose to be in compliance with Obama's executive order or risk loosing their jobs. Soon the Border Patrol will be following the Vultures in the desert sky so they can locate the dead that did not make it through the waste lands of Americas Southwest. Then the liberal ACLU finger pointing will start but instead of blaming the lure of the dream act they will blame the fisherman for catching the fish dead or alive.
Mexican children that have snuck across the US border unaccompanied.
30,000 such children are found each year.

If the Democrats want to reminisce about days gone by then maybe we could go all the way back to 1929 and the stock market bubble. The crash of 2008 and the crash of 1929 were both caused by banks giving loans that had no way of being paid back. In 1929 the loans were were authorized by bankers using inflated stock as collateral. In 2008 loans that were insured by FannieMae and Freddie Mac that were granted years before started to default. The loans were granted with no documentation because of government regulations that forced lenders to approve bowerers that did not have the down payment collateral or equity to balance the banks risk. In 2008 when the housing bubble burst and the “No Doc” loans became larger than the value of the properties people just walked away from their homes. Both depressions came about because of under-capitalization and artificial inflation rates of home and stock prices that rose far faster than wadges. 

What also happened in 1929 was the massive drought that hit the Midwest turning productive farmland into a dust bowl forcing food shortages and farm repositions all across the farm belt. People used their last dollar to run from the dust and travel to coastal arias of the country looking for work, some joined the military if they were lucky enough to get accepted. Raw food and grain prices increased and wages fell dramatically forcing many into desperate measures. Young people from their teens to their 20s turned to crime as a way to help feed their families. Bitter with the taste of bankers foreclosing on the family farm bank robbery was a means of revenge as well as income. Thanks to the governments radification of the 14th amendment many folks in the Midwest went into smuggling alcohol from Canada into the United States. The young people by forming a relationship with the Chicago gangs gave rise to the American Mafia, the people survived and made money or died trying. In the later years of prohibition moonshiners in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states were firmly entrenched and production was high and they were in need of drivers willing to face off against the ATF aka "the revenewers". Rum-runners in converted cabin cruisers ran liquor from the Caribbean and Mexico up north to Texas, Louisiana, Florida and along both the East and West coasts all this activity made some people like the Kennedy family very wealthy very fast. Crime was the only game in town for a lot of undereducated people and the chance at grabbing the big bucks was to much to resist.
Joe Kennedy.s rum-runner the Marlin

Now as then the United States faces many of the same problems. Reports of murder suicides since 2008 have become common place. Illicit drugs have replaced bootleg alcohol and the modern day rum-runners are now Mexican drug cartels that funnel cocaine into the country from all points south of the border. Bank robberies in California seam to be an every day occurrence. Serial robbers have struck so often they have been given names like “Plain Jane”, “Bare Arm Bandit” and the “Snowboarder Bandit”, not quite as colorful as “Baby Face Nelson” or “Bonny and Clyde” but just as threatening. The high unemployment and the wide division of wealth has now given rise to an undocumented underclass of Americans living in the streets. These people have dropped off the radar and are no longer counted in the reported unemployment statistics these unaccounted for Americans are highly susceptible to being both the recipient and the perpetrators of crime and violence in today’s society. Like in the past, people full of rage and frustration and with their backs up-against the wall feel they have no other means of generating income so they turn to crime. The root of the problem is the lack of money circulating in society caused by bloated government agencies that have repressed entrepreneurs by over regulation and excessive taxation. The business owners feel as though they have no other recourse but to leave the government regulations behind and leave the country for greener less regulated pastures.
Bonnie and Clyde

President Bubba was lucky that his turn at bat came at a time of contentment,  America was experiencing a lull in violence and the general population prospered. The current president has only fuled the fires of discontent in the country and the next president will be right in the middle of a social and economic civil war that will grip the country and cut across all social strata. This violent period is unavoidable and no past or current political leader will be able to stave it off unless they come to grips with the underlying causes. The next eight years in the United States will be fought with violence coming from factions within as well as from outside the country's borders. The initial wave of anti-social behavior will come from the Black and Hispanic minority communities out of the frustration of broken promises made by the Obama Administration. This will happen regardless of President Obama,s success in the the 2012 elections. If President Obama is reelected the continuation of his current policies will hasten the social civil war and white supremacist groups will strengthen and their ranks will swell with disaffected poor white folks. Mexicans will be streaming across the southern border overwhelming law enforcement, the drug cartels will be warring over territory in the streets of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. Hidden within the Mexican numbers Iranian sponsored Islamists will infiltrate under the radar and seek shelter among the current Muslim populations. Black folks that have been lied to for years will take to the streets and march, the demonstrations will begin peacefully but will turn violent when their demands are unable to be resolved politically.  Natural disasters such as the drought in the Midwest, flooding in the East and the wildfires in the West will cause a spike in food prices and will motivate more people to turn to violent behavior. Social media will be used to organize flash mobs that overwhelm shopping centers for the purpose of stealing food, clothing and prescription drugs. In the event of a category 4 or 5 hurricane the federal government will become overwhelmed, with disaster relief that is already stretched from the 2012 tornado outbreak that ravaged the the country from Texas to Illinois. People in the effected arias will be left with unresolved infrastructure problems and anarchy will ensue leaving millions of people in Katrina like austerity for years. Currently FEMA is underfunded by $5 billion and infrastructure projects in the New Orleans are still on hold due to lack of funding.

The only hope in situations such as these is a stable state government with their own competent emergency management organization. Florida is a perfect example of this. In 2005 Governor Jeb Bush created The Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund (FHCF). Prior to the creation of the fund Florida was hit with four hurricanes in just one month and a total of eight hurricanes and three tropical storms in the previous14 months. Governor Bush admitted that both the State of Florida and FEMA had mismanaged the disaster relief efforts in the past and he stepped up to the plate and took the blame for it. Bush vowed that it would never happen again, henceforth the FHCF was created. An audit conducted by the firm KPMG for the fiscal year 2011 that ended June 30 citified that the FHCF has over $10.8 billion in assets. 
Athens police during a riot over government benefit cutbacks 

The cause and effects of the Obama Administration's political ideology can not be immediately identified and must not be apparent to the populous for them to be properly duped, they can not be, because of the backlash that radical change creates. The Presidents programs are rolled out incrementally and during each step of the process a wave of propaganda lies floods through the society. Case in point is the current Obama healthcare commercials that constantly taught the plains advantages and not the ramifications of it's implementation such as higher taxes, limitations on medical care and federal government control over your life. President Bubba will not short circuit the Obama 2012 campaign but it is doubtful that he will endorse it enthusiastically at the convention. His participation at the DNC will be out loyalty to the party and his message will be one of unification and democratic principals, NOT one of radical ideology that he knows is bankrupting the nation and dividing America by race, social status and cultural backgrounds.
Rioting in Athens Greece

In order to avoid the perfect storm of social and financial collapse that is underway we must vote for non-politicians. Encourage private sector entrepreneurs to engage in politics so as to reduce the expanding government and expand the shrinking private sector work force. If we do not do this then In the years to come we will be facing a civil war waged between radical socialist Democrats, who’s policies include the nationalization of industries. These collectivists ideals as promoted by the Obama Administration and the big labor leaders if allowed to be implemented will implode the country under the weight of an expanding government and unfunded pension obligations. Fighting against this the nation must support the self reliant business people and the non-union workers that support them. The country has yet to see the worst of it. Regardless of the election outcome we are in for a bumpy ride but if the American people do not come to their senses and think practically we will be up Shits Creek with out a paddle. Shits Creek is in Greece, the Potomac flows through Bull Run, that's near Washington.