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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dems Walk Out Give Terry The Finger

During the Holder contempt vote today Dems proved to be sniveling snot bags when they walked out of congress. Lead by a laughing Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings about 100 Democrats gave the finger to the Terry and Zapata families in effect saying that the reputation of Eric Holder is more important that the death of their love ones. America today has a clear view of these public officials that defiantly shirked their responsibilities in clear view of news cameras. These vulgar vermin that call themselves respectable are nothing more than whining wimps running from the responsibilities that their constituents voted them into office to do. 

How many more Law enforcement officers and members of the general public in two countries have to die before these Democratic leaders take responsibility for their actions. Remember when Elijah Cummings said to the Terry family during Oversight Committee hearings “We will not rest until every single person responsible for all of this, no matter where they are, are brought to justice.” As a reminder not one person has been held accountable some have quit with their benefits intact but not one has been held accountable.  Well if your son or daughter gets killed by a drug dealer carrying a F+F gun next week what kind of lies are these dirt bags going spew out of their pie holes to placate you, then send you away as the sinker behind your back.

This really put the FURIOUS in "Operation Fast and Furious"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Egypt: We Told You So

Conservative bloggers and annalists studding the Middle East predicted this a year ago when the Arab spring reared it's ugly head. The Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi is officially the victor in the 2012 Egyptian elections. It all started in 2008 during the Bush/Obama transition when the incoming Obama Administration ramped up the covert and overt activities in the Middle East known as “Democratization”. Was their a contingency for this in 08 when the US State Department was plying young Egyptians with money and technology at MEPI conferences. The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is a US State Department program that supports reform efforts in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). The program started in 2002 and the stated goals of the program were to strengthen civil society and the rule of law in MENA countries. The State Department sponsored young people from the MENA region specificity Egypt and it was quit obvious that the CIA used these youth conferences along with USAID for recruitment. MEPI conferences were openly promoting the empowerment of women and youth, improve and expand education, encourage economic reform and increase political participation. Behind the scenes MEPI/CIA/USAID were training the participants to be activists against the Mubarak government.

The Arab spring has come full circle in Egypt with the election of Mohamed Morsi, the democratic process has worked in Egypt just as MEPI was advocating. The people of Egypt have spoken and the voices that we will be hearing out of Cairo will be conflicting. To the Western world their will be a projection of moderation so not to alarm American and European politicians to the true Islamic objectives. Then the voice to the Islamic world that is meant to unify Muslims in a sectarian caliphate, meant to purify the Middle East and ultimately the world of infidels. On Sunday in Egypt millions from around the country and the world awaited the announcement of who will represent the Egyptian people. 

Morsi's speech on Sunday was repetitive and contradictory. His words were directed to the Western World but the opening act performed by Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi were clearly directed to the radical element of the reinvented Islamic state. Higazi fired up the crowds by stating this. “The capital of the caliphate - the capital of the United States of the Arabs - will be Jerusalem, Allah willing." Further inflammatory statements aimed toward the radical Islamic population advocated giving up their lives by fighting the Jewish State. "Millions of martyrs march toward Jerusalem." and "Banish the sleep from the eyes of all Jews." Was this truly a wake up call to Israelis? NO! Their eyes have been open and and their ears have been acute since the Jewish state was created in 1948. Prior to taking the microphone Morsi renounced his Muslim Brotherhood membership and his affiliation to the Freedom and Justice party. During his Sunday speech he advocated  for a status-quo position by implying cooperation with Israel "we will preserve all national and international agreements." He also advocated on behalf of Egypt's minorities and "protect the rights of women and children." Morsi included praises to the military council, judiciary and police that had throne him in jail several times by saying "I must salute them because they have a role in the future."
Clearly President Morsi will be walking a line in his new role with the radicals that elected him on one side and the military ruling council on the other. This is the contradiction that the Egyptian people will come to realize, a presidential puppet and front man for the shadow government known as the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) pulling his strings. This has the potential of inflaming the Brotherhood that propelled Morsi to power. Sooner or later the Brothers will be looking for payback and like the Mafia the brotherhood will make him an offer he cannot refuse. The conflicting interests of the Brotherhood and SCAF will chafe at the new president and leave him impotent in the eyes of his constituents. On the other side if Morsi bows to the radical faction of the brotherhood's ideology he will become unacceptable to the Americans who hold the military purse strings that have empowered the SCAF for 4 generations and the generals will be forced to make a decision about the president.  

The untenable position that the incoming president will soon be experiencing will test his resolve as well as his political prowess within Egypt. He faces massive corruption and cronyism within the military that is designed to alienate the civilian population. Unless the entire military is dismantled and reconstructed the Egyptian people will never realize financial and civil equality, one of the corner stones of Morsi's revised platform. Wile on the campaign stump Morsi also pandered to the Salafis faction by throwing verbal bombs at Israel calling them “Killers” and “Vampires”. Morsi, telling the radicals in late April that if elected he will be a hard line Islamist, “This is the old, Islam is the solution platform,” Referring to Shariah law Morsi said in a television interview “It has been developed and crystallized so that God could bless society with it.” During his first rally the candidate spoke reinforcing his position by stating, “The Koran is our constitution, and Shariah is our guide!”

The ruling military council, which says it will hand over executive power by the end of June, eradicated the parliament dominated by the Brotherhood and giving itself the legislative power to control the new constitution and have a broad say in government policy. Rejecting this the Brotherhood denounced the SCAF publicly. At the same time SCAF de-legitimized the presidential office by stripping all powers that a commander in chief should have. Morsi must yield to the military the right to enforce or veto any legislative or budget proposals. The SCAF has also retained the right to block any attempt at instituting  Islamic sharia law and any references to it in the new constitution. As far as the security and policing powers Morsi will find himself powerless as the police force and the military remain autonomous and are only accountable to themselves. So not much has changed in Egypt, the year long presidential process has proven to be an exercise in futility. Even though the Obama zombies that pushed for the Arab Spring still have no contingency options in Egypt or any other MENA country the Egyptian SCAF did. The revolution is not over in Egypt Stay tuned.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Queer Day at DoD

DoD Press Release 06/25/12
It is nice to know that the toughest most powerful military in the history of the world is giving a reach around to an Obama special interest group. Their just may be a lot of fagging events in the next few years after Sargents get caught playing with their Privates.

"DOD to Host Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month Event

            The Defense Department will host a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month event on June 26, 2012, from 1-2 p.m. EDT in the Pentagon Auditorium, Room BH650. Defense Department General Counsel Jeh Johnson will be the keynote speaker.

            Johnson will be followed by a moderated panel discussion entitled, “The Value of Open Service and Diversity.”

            While intended for DoD service members and civilian personnel, media are permitted to cover the event.

            Journalists without a Pentagon building pass will be picked up at the River Entrance only, and must have press credentials.  Plan to arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to the event and bring proof of press affiliation and two forms of photo identification.  Media interested in covering the event must call             703-697-5131       for escort."

Recent events in the Middle East and the US troop build up happening at Middle Eastern bases is this public admission of a homo friendly military a wise strategy? Currently the build up of 15,000 U.S. forces in Kuwait at Camp Arifjan, Ali Al Salem Air Base and Camp Buehring, giving the United States staging hubs and to provide logistical support in case of GCC support. Are the Fag Friendly generals ensconced behind their bureaucratic desks so willing to give oral satisfaction to the whacked out White House that they are wiling to sacrifice the ranks on the front lines? We need to keep all of the in perspective and think of who we are fighting.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Russian Boots On Syrian Soil.

This is the Latest tactical deployment of Russian anti-terrior marines to the Syrian Port of Tartus the home of Russia's Mediterranean navel contingent. This group of commandos reinforces a group previously sent in March. The marines have been deployed for several reasons some of which tacticians do not want the public to know about. The fighting between the Syrian government forces (SGF)and the Free Syrian Army forces (FSA)has escalated to the point that security for the port of Tartus has become an issue for the Russians. The concerns in Moscow are three fold. With Syrian regular army officers and enlisted men defecting and joining up with FSA forces the SGF is no longer able to adequately suppress uprisings in the port aria. Then there is the growing number of militant Islamist insurgents flooding into Syria and sabotage is of a growing concern. Then we have the weapons of mass destruction(WMD). Military and security annalists from all over the world agree that Syria is the worlds repository for all things bio-chemically evil. Western intelligence has verified that most of the deadly bio-chem agents are stored in bulk barrels, drums and silos and are dispersed among the sites of Al Safir, the main Syrian missile base in the north; Cerin, a biological research center on the Mediterranean shore; military facilities at Hama and Homs; the Syrian naval base leased to the Russians at Latakia;  and Palmyra, on the highway between Homs and Aleppo. Underground bunkers, holding Sarin (GB), Tabun (GA) and VX nerve gases, some four kinds of mustard gas and anthrax are in danger of falling into the hands of al Qaeda if the Syrian Army continues to loose strength. 

The Russians as well as The Americans and the Israelis are stuck between a rock and a hard place in respect to Syria. Covert sources from all three nations have confirmed the presence of al Qaeda in arias of heavy conflict and in the vicinity of the chemical weapons stockpiles. And Iran has vowed to strike at any country for interfering in Syria. The Russians inserting troops at their bases as a preemptive measure and under the umbrella of base security has skirted the worlds criticism at this point. This time the warnings out of Tehran seem a bit more serious and it seems that they are aching for a fight with Israel threatening to “burn the country to ashes.” President Bashar al Assad may reach out to his friends in Iran soon and ask for more than just money to prop him up, his next move might be a request for troops. That request may have been granted? Iran's force is formidable boasting a military that includes 350,000 ground forces, 1,800 tanks and more than 300 fighter aircraft and a myriad of missiles.

Major General Robert Mood of the UN multinational force said in a press conference that he is suspending operations in Syria. He has ordered the 300 observers to hunker down for now and if the fighting continues to get worse then he will pull them out completely. This is a sign that outside intervention is shortly anticipated. With the observers going to ground and the weapons purchased by Saudi Arabia and Quatar on their way to Turkey from the US and the Russians securing their interests, airstrikes may start as soon as July, 2012. The Islamist element combined with WMDs has become the major issue with not only the West but with Syria's biggest trading partner Russia and with UN observers playing tit-a-lee-winks in their hotel rooms the Russians have a free hand.

Presidents Putin and Obama were clearly at odds during the G20 summit in Mexico the two leaders are defiantly at odds over Syria. A rumor of 5000 Russian security troops ordered by President Putin are on the way to help secure the chemical weapons facilities. The force of 5000 commandos is meant to augment the current Syrian 4th division that currently secures the facilities. That bad news was only the tip of the iceberg for Obama, June 18th the day of the G20 summit the Iranian news agency Fars Tehran’s propaganda machine reported a joint military action in Syria involving Russia, China and Iran and is slated to take place by the end of June. According to Fars the operation is “the biggest of its kind ever staged in the Middle East” a reported 90,000 personnel, 400 air planes and 900 tanks will be taking part. This may be bull bluster coming out of the radical regime but if true President Obama and the rest of the main stream Muslim nations in the region have completely blown it and you can flush Syria down the crapper right now. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Dam right he is in contempt! Their has never been so many elected officials that have publicly proclaimed their ignorance on a single subject as their was today. The contempt hearing brought out first time players looking to block AG Holders contempt hearing. Some of these late comers even offered amendments to the proceeding. Case in point, Rep Stephen Lynch from the 9th congressional district of Massachusetts should be ashamed of himself. As an ex-patriot from that district and now firmly ensconced in the 12th congressional district in Florida I find his ignorance on the subject of Fast And Furious to be as monumental as one of the seven wonders of the world. 

For Rep Lynch to come in at the eleventh hour to offer an amendment that would quantify the cost of the Fast and Furious investigation is ridiculous. If you want accountability for the cost, go to the Justice Department and Eric Holder, they are responsible for dragging this out. DONOT accuse anyone one of purposefully dragging out other than AG Holder or insinuating that this investigation is a “witch hunt”. It is not only insulting to my friends and your constituents on the “South Shore” but an insult to your family, the people of Massachusetts, the people of the United States and to to God. Mr Lynch I suggest to you that if AG Holder walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then he must be a duck. He lied through his teeth and for what? If it was up to you and the rest of the Obama Zombies we would never know. 

With last moment moves made by the Obama Administration we know just how involved the president is and how high this conspiracy gos. Actions by the guilty say a lot. There is a special place in HELL for scoundrels and you just bought your self a hot seat right next to Holder and Obama have fun in the flames. 

I' m going to tell you “ivory tower” politicians one thing gun running over the Mexican border effects all Americans. The Fast and Furious operation was an assault on the country of Mexico and the United States. By doing such an operation the US Government has enabled transnational drug trafficking organizations in the enterprises of human trafficking, drug smuggling, gang activity, contract murder and general mayhem, you should be discussed with your selves. If Fast and Furious was an attempt to demonize the gun industry and disarm American citizens you are 180 degrees in the wrong direction. The American public are buying more guns and ammunition than ever before because of your policies. The American people know that if it comes down to it. the only one that is going to save your life is your self. You should be grateful for people like me, even though I think your a gaggle of misguided ignorant politicians, i would save your lives that includes you Mr lynch, by standing my ground on your behalf. Why? because I am a patriot and I love all Americans. 

My family, my friends, my neighbors, my countrymen from all parts, and most of all the people in the border states have to deal with the fall out from your malicious and misguided decisions made in Washington by you bureaucrats regarding Fast and Furious. The American people give you your power so you must listen to us and all we ask is that you do the right thing. So do not try and take our guns, if you do you take our liberty and our freedom, ultimately the nations sovereignty, so you will never win that battle. We the people are united for a common cause and so it wont be misunderstood I will quot Superman “For truth, justice and the American Way”

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Government Spending Is Offending

We have all heard of the $500 toilet seat and the $1000 hammer but the DOD in recent years has been interested in toys. The Department of Defense or the War Department as it was called during the Second World War has been interested in force multipliers. Waring factions throughout history have been looking for better and more efficient ways to wage war. 

A force multiplier is a gizmo or a tactic that multiples a single operators ability to kill his enemy the rock, knife, sword, horse, elephant, gun, explosives, airplane, and the tank are all force multipliers. Throughout history these gadgets have increased the armies ability to wage war. Each time a new weapon or tactic in employed on the battle field a counter for that weapon or tactic is devised for example the shield and leather armor was the Roman solders defense against the sword. 

During WWII, Dr. Lytle S. Adams a dentist that was politically connected devised a WMD and submitted his idea to President Roosevelt who in-turn forwarded the idea to the War Department with instructions to proceed with R&D. The WMD consisted of bombs filled with bats and dropped from aircraft over Japanese cities. The bats would have small incendiary devices attached to them and activated by timed fuses. One airplane loaded with "bat bombs" could start a firestorm engulfing an entire city in a matter of hours. The concept actually worked during testing as envisioned by Dr. Adams and it made him rich.  The bat bomb was never deployed because the Atomic bomb was ready and deployed in its place, the rest is history. 

In the past decade miniaturization of computers, explosives and robotics has lead warfare into the the remote control electronic age. The President of the United States highlights a name on a DoD hit list during a meeting on Terror-Tuesday and a militant is killed by a hellfire missile half a world away on Wack-em-Wednesday. The success of remotely operated vehicles by police departments and the military has given birth to all sorts of  small RC toys each devised for specific purposes. One such device is the “Throwbot XT” manufactured by  ReconRobotics, Inc., Minneapolis, Minn. Recon was awarded a $13,900,000 firm-fixed-price contract June 18th 2012.  "The award will provide for the procurement of a maximum of 1,000 Throwbot XT robots.  Work will be performed in Minneapolis, with an estimated completion date of June 6, 2014.  The bid was solicited through the Internet, with one bid received.  The U.S. Army Contracting Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., is the contracting activity (W91CRB-12-C-0008)."

The company describes the unit as “Inherently water and dust resistant” and is made to be throne into a structure for the purpose of reconnoitering the building. Recon describes the mobile unit as weighing just 1.2lbs (540g), and “can be thrown up to 120 feet (36m) and that “it is also exceptionally quiet (operating at just 22 decibels)”  The company claims that the Throwbots camera can see in “complete darkness” and transmit images and sound back to its operator. 

ReconRobotics leaves out any details like if the hand held device can clime stairs, open doors or pan, tilt and piviot its camera to see overhead or from side to side. Chances are it can not. Then there is the question of deployment it seams as though an operator would need to breach a door, wall or window in order to gain access to a structure for Throwbots deployment. This breaching would (1) put the operator into a vulnerable situation and (2) give his position away thus loosing any element of surprise. Not to practical. If an operator is able to get the device inside a structure, bunker, cave, etc. undetected and find a subject what is stopping the combatant from shooting the unit or just stepping on it, thus giving the operator incomplete information and putting him in danger because of discovery. The demonstration video on the company website shows a squad of men deploying the Throwbot. What is obvious is that the structure that they are using for demonstration has no interior or exterior windows and doors. Another interesting observation was that the opposition force inside the building does not fight back and looks scared of the toy that was just thrown in from a hole in the wall. What the DoD has purchased hear is a glorified cellphone duct-tapped to an RC car that {if all 1000 units are delivered} cost $13,900.00 each. The DoD also describes the contract for the Throwbot as a firm-fixed-price contract and that Recon will supply a maximum of 1000 units. What if only 500 are delivered? Will that make the unit price $27,800.00??? 

The past week we have witnessed Leon Panetta and General Martin Dempsey describe the coming military armageddon in front of Congress because of the across-the-board DoD spending reductions, known as "sequestration," the cuts take effect Jan. 2nd and need to be reflected in the 2013 budget year. 

The Pentagon is looking at a $500 billion reduction in projected spending over 10 years on top of the $492 billion that President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans already agreed to in last summer's deficit-cutting budget.

Dempsey said the cuts would mean fewer troops and "the possible cancellation of major weapons and the disruption of operations around the world."

"We can't yet say precisely how bad the damage would be, but it is clear that sequestration would risk hollowing out our force and reducing its military options available to the nation," Dempsey told the Senate Appropriations defense subcommittee. "We would go from being unquestionably powerful everywhere to being less visible globally and presenting less of an overmatch to our adversaries, and that would translate into a different deterrent calculus and potentially, therefore, increase the likelihood of conflict."

Dennis Wilson of Beach Boys fame sang about his girlfriend “we’ll have fun fun fun till her daddy takes the T Bird away” well General Dempsey your daddy took back the keys! Like the rest of us, the US military needs to suck in it gut and tighten its belt. It is never good to limit the nations offensive and defensive forces but spending money on frivolous things like the Throwbot XT only proves one thing, the days of the $500 toilet seat are not over.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Mutilated Syrian Children And Babies On Video

The watchers of all things Middle East are being fed a steady diet of video and photographic evidence of government condoned atrocities in Syria. Some of the ugly and graphic images of brutality commuted against the Syrian people have found their way into the world media stream. All of this for one reason, politics!!! Publicizing the brutality and atrocities in Syria as become a cottage industry in the cities of Homes, Daria and Damascus with video of gunmen firing blindly around corners and rooftop explosions. All of this to garner sympathy among world leaders.  When reporting on Syria the stories always start with the words “unconfirmed reports” or “Impossible to corroborate” these reports never show dead, captured or tortured government security forces, way is that? Dead solders are not so interesting in the headlines and the claims of President al Assad that terrorists infiltrating his country may have a glimmer of truth. It has been reported in recent days that rebel forces have gained a foothold in the city of Homes, this would not have been possible without outside intervention of without killing government security forces.

The propaganda war against the Syrian government is now in full swing and it is not just a campaign by western news organizations but middle eastern reporters have been drawn into the fray as well. April of 2012 Al Jazeera reporter Ali Hashim resigned his position at the Beirut Lebanon bureau in response to the news outfits lack of objectivity in reporting. Several other corespondents along with the bureau chief have also quit in support of Hashim. In an interview with the Russian news channel “RT” Hashim made claims that Al Jazeera is supplying satellite phones and recording equipment to opposition fighters in order to slant coverage of the fighting in favor of the western point of view. “Al Jazeera has supplied Syrian rebels with satellite communication tools to ensure telephone and Internet connection.” The equipment was smuggled from Lebanon, he told RT. “The channel paid $50,000 for smuggling phones and other equipment across the Syrian border to ensure they would get an inside picture”, claims Ali Hashim. 

What actually got the reporter into hot water was a report that he was in the process of documenting. Hashim was following a group of militants that had crossed the Lebanese border into to Syria. “We went to the border between Lebanon and Syria. There it became obvious that militants entered Syria from Lebanon to clash with the Syrian regular army, which was 3 kilometers away from the border,” The militants then picked a fight with Syrian army troops 3 kilometers beyond the border and Hashim called into the Al Jazeera home office in Qatar and he was told to forget about the fight. “We took photos of those people, but the channel declined them. I was asked to forget about the militants and to return to Beirut,” he said.

Al Jazeera is not the only group supplying communications equipment to the rebel opposition fighters. Hillary Clinton spilled the beans in April at the “Friends of Syria" conference in Istanbul Turkey when she volunteered information to the New York Times {again} that the US is supplying "satellite communications equipment and night-vision goggles." Clinton also acknowledged kicking in $12 million in cash bringing the US total to $25 million. When the hat was passed around the table in Istanbul the Friends of Syria had raked in $225 million war bucks. Some of this money is earmarked for “salaries” $100 million to be exact, that's a lot of money for “patriots” fighting for freedom from repression. At the time of the meeting Molham al-Drobi, a member of the Syrian National Council had admitted that half a million dollars had been distributed to the fighters in the form of salaries he said that the cash was dolled out by “a mechanism that I cannot disclose now.” The largest of the financial donors are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, it stands to reason that the richest countries in the Middle East that are also Sunni Muslim donate the most money because they have the most to gain over the situation. 

This cash injection is not going to the Syrian fighters but to recruited fighters being trained in camps in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. These training camps are coordinated by a central office in Turkey's southern Hatay province and are run by Saudi, American and Jordanian special forces. Recruiting and fund raising is being done by Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia these recruits are coming from The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaiada and the Taliban. These fighters are being hired as mercenaries and they are receiving a $ 1,000 dollar sighing bonus and $450.00 a month for participating in Syria. Their weapons are coming from Incirlik Military base an American Air Force installation in southern Turkey. Some antitank weapons are coming into Syria from Lebanon along with Sunni militants looking to Kick some Shia/Alawite ass. The Lebanese connection is insignificant compared to the CIA operation underway in southern Turkey at Incirlik to arm and train insurgents bound for Syria. 

Secretary of State Clinton railed against the Russians at the Brookings Institution when she accused the Russians of delivering attack helicopters to Syria. Clinton not having all the information or only disclosing part of the information inflamed the Russians. As it turns out those choppers were being returned to Syria after being rebuilt by the manufacture in Russia. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov hit Clinton with the aligation that the U.S. is sending military weapons and equipment to the region. "We are not supplying to Syria or anywhere else things that are used in fighting with peaceful demonstrators, in contrast to the United States, which is regularly sending such special means {weapons} to countries in the region,{For the Syrian Free Army}" he said. "For some reason, the Americans consider this to be in order. We are not delivering such means and are delivering only that which Syria requires in the event of an armed attack on it from outside." This forced Clinton to walk back her remarks the next day and lie unequivocally by stating on Wednesday that "The United States has provided no military support to the opposition. None."

All of these events are culminating in a perfect storm of sectarian war. Iran is going to be sucked into this eventually and it is possible for Iraq to be drawn into the fight as well. What is going to happen is a Sunni vs Shia fight with the entire region being engulfed in a vicious battle fueled by oil money, Russian and American weapons and ideological differences.

With Syria being a complete lawless country at this point and out of control government forces pitted against upwards of 25,000 fighters from the “Free Syria Army”, that are from all sorts of militant backgrounds. We are going to witness more video of castrated teenage boys and dead woman clutching their lifeless babies. And both sides will be to blame. Both sides will be guilty of atrocities but because of western politics only one side will be persecuted.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Loose Lips Sink Obama's Ship

Americans are reminded once or twice a week now about the administrations prowess in international security. The latest accomplishments by the White House came out Monday after a drone strike killed 14 Pakistanis. The New York Times is reporting that leaked information by White House sources have confirmed this. “Missiles fired from a suspected American drone killed at least 14 people in Pakistan’s tribal belt early Monday, the third strike in three days and a signal of the Obama administration’s determination to press ahead with the controversial covert campaign even as it conducts tense political negotiations in Islamabad.” If the drone that made the strike was suspect  then why is the New York Times giving credit to the Obama administration? And if the program is covert then why is the New York Times reporting it in the first place?

We now know thanks to the New York Times that the president has a hit list and he personally sanctions the murder of  individuals in foreign lands. According to this story between 14 and 16 individuals were killed but there is no mention of casualties or names of the dead or even what they are accused of doing. Deeper in the story the Times reports this nugget. “Another feature of the evolving drone campaign is the C.I.A.’s increased willingness to hit targets in densely populated urban areas, like town bazaars, drawing criticism from human rights campaigners about the level of civilian casualties. American officials say the missiles are precisely targeted and claim few civilian lives, although the definition of who constitutes a noncombatant is disputed.” 

This is not new news last year 06/06/2011 this blog published “Obama's Hit List”. At that time the hit list was leaked to reporters during a trip to Pakistan with Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton and Admiral Mike Mullen. During that trip Pakistani officials were presented with a list of 5 names. They were told By Clinton and Mullen that if the 5 were not killed by the Pakies then they would do it for them, A week later the 5 were reported dead by a drone strike.

Apparently there is no such thing as a noncombatant, in the “Tuesday Terror Talks” that the president and Senior Security Advisor John Brennan and campaign adviser David Axelrod have they discus who they are going to kill next by shuffeling cards with suspected militant's names on them. Mr Brennan reticently confirmed that the the administration now considers any individual within the striking distance of a drone attack a militant or combatant. Mr Brennan is quoted in speeches saying, “That not a single noncombatant had been killed in a year of strikes.” Their have been claims made by administration officials during interviews that the number of civilians killed in drone strikes in Pakistan under Mr. Obama was in the “single digits.” That is amazing, its like saying that only six people in a crowd of 20 are going to get wet if you spray them with a fire hose. 

Leaking information like this on a daily basis is not only dangerous but undermining to the security of the nation. The Obama Administration has turned the occasional leek into a torrent. Not a week gos by without a story bragging about how President Obama is fighting the war on terror. In January 2012 we had the confirmation of Dr. Shakeel Afridi on the 60 Minuets program by Leon Pannetta. The Doctor was already jailed in Pakistan prior to the interview however as a principal in confirming Osama Bin Laden whereabouts the doctor and his family should have been given safe haven in the US just prior to the Abbottabad raid. This was a major blunder and should never have happened. Their was the underwear bomber in May of 2012. That story was broken by the Associated Press and they claim to have prior knowledge of the plot one week before the event. However the AP reporters working the story agreed with CIA sources to withhold publication till after the event completely unfolded. Several days after that story hit the wire the New York Times published a story detailing the role of the bomber as a double agent working for the CIA and Saudi intelligence agencies. It was reported by the times that the undercover agent was instrumental in several plots one of witch was the killing of Fahd Mohammed Ahmed al-Quso,a suspected conspirator in the USS Cole bombing. The reveal of this bomb plot and the outing of the double agent has forced the FBI, CIA and the White House into damage control ever since the disclosure. 

The revelations coming out of the White house now regarding Cyber attacks are just as flabbergasting. The revelations being relieved by administration officials such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, David Axlrod and of course that ubiquitous “high ranking official speaking on terms of anonymity” are just flowing out to the world. This is not a lack of restraint on the part of government officials but a deliberate campaign in an attempt to artificially inflate President Obama’s stock during election season.

Ms Clinton speaking in Tampa at a Special Operations Command conference revealed that the U.S. State Departments Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications had been hacking AQAP web sites manipulating the code and altering the sites content. Ms Clinton remarked that activities such as this are meant to “discredit al Qaida” in hopes to reduce the number of militant recruits. The only reason for disclosing this information publicly is to display a new feather in her cap. Would that declaration by Ms Clinton be enough for a Muslim student studying at USF to hack into Tampa Electric cutting power to 4 million customers?  

Since that revelation it has been disclosed by the New York Times that the U.S. Government has been involved in operation “Olympic Games”, the creation of “Flame” and “Stuxnet” the worms and viruses that disabled centrifuges concentrating uranium in Iran. Statements by government officials regarding these attacks implicate Iranian workers at the enrichment plants. If in fact there is CIA assets within the Iranian nuclear inner circle then the White House just left them twisting in the wind. By publicly suggesting that workers carried the virus into the plant completely undermines the credibility of the CIA. It further hampers their ability to secure confidential informants and operatives in the future. The U.S. and Israel relied on engineers, maintenance workers and others to hand carry the Stuxnet worm past checkpoints and now puts plant security on alert for both spies and unwitting accomplices with physical access to the plant. A member of the geek squad that designed Stuxnet said that having an inside man was their “holy grail,”  and “It turns out there is always an idiot around who doesn’t think much about the thumb drive in their hand.”

The current reality of this situation is the fallout that the US Government has to deal with. First there is the operatives themselves. When Iranian security finds the insurgents that planted the virus they will be killed, that may have already happened, we don't know. By the Iranians coming out and saying that the virus has been “contained” may be an indication that the traders have been dealt with and that the threat to the nuclear facility has been neutralized.

When the New York Times published the means by which Stuxnet was deployed eliminates the possibility of any future computer espionage. It also puts the responsibility of friendly fire on the US Government. Now that Stuxnet has sprouted legs and is loose finding its way around the world via the internet and the New York Times confirms the US Governments involvement opens up the government to international law suits and retribution. Experts from Symantec and Kaspersky Labs have already stated that the worm is making its way around the internet. The Stuxnet worm went after programmable-logic controllers. Specifically, the target was PLC’s made by the German engineering conglomerate Siemens. These controllers are small gray boxes mounted within a manufacturing plant to control valves, switches, pumps, uranium centrifuges, etc. If you ever wonder how a cookie factory makes such a uniform product it is attributed to a PLC's accuracy. 

This virus was developed by exploiting a back door into the Windows operating system code called a  “zero day.” This back door is something that the operating systems engineers at Microsoft did not know existed and it's discovery by the software security specialists called it “unprecedented and inscrutable”. But windows was not the target of the worm it was the PLCs and they are a controller operating semi-autonomously by using software from a Taiwanese company named Realtek. To defeat this software a Digital signature needed to be obtained and with viruses this is usually obtained by replication or forgery how ever in this case the digital signature was authentic. 

 This implicates the Obama Administration in industrial espionage, theft of copyright material and computer hacking for malicious purposes. One of the questions that must be asked is. Attorney General Eric Holder are you ready to deal with this in front of the oversight committee.

Back in July of 2011 Vanity Fair published a story on the Stuxnet worm Titled “A Declaration of Cyber-War” By Michael Joseph Gross, in that story it is revealed that A Symantec geek named Frank Rieger had traveled to six European countries in the summer of 2010 to meet with members of each nation’s Stuxnet-analysis group. He spoke with high-level intelligence sources in three of those countries. Rieger told Gross that all three have provisionally concluded that Stuxnet was a joint operation of the U.S. and Israeli governments. That was the first time that is was publicly disclosed that the US was involved in this computer warfare scandal but it was still supposition until The New York Times sighted it's source inside the White House.

The publicizing of these events do nothing for President Obama's popularity, most believe just the opposite. The ability to keep keep your mouth shut in the time of war is critical to national security. The only thing these leaks prove is that this administration is nothing but a group of “C” team players being lead by an armature in chief.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

AG Holder: Investigating The Investigator

When the top cop is dirty who is responsible for cleaning up his mess, in short how does one investigate the investigator. Is their a procedure in place to police the U.S. Justice Department or do we just ignore the oversights and illegal activity that seams to be rampant in AG Holder's department. The “Fast And Furious” operation and the associated cover up is one such example. The House Oversight committee is knocking on the DOJ door but AG Holder refuses to unlock the secrets hidden behind it. Then there is the misdirection, stonewalling and lying to the Congressional Oversight Committee. AG Holder was caught red handed lying to the committee, so who is going to bring charges against him? Would that be Assistant Attorney General Lanny Brewer the head of the DOJ's criminal division? That won't work because AAG Breuer is also implicated in the “Fast And Furious” operation as well. If we go all the way to the top of the heap we could ask the president to demand all implicated individuals to resign and face charges. That won't work either because President Barack Obama is entangled in the mess as well. So who is left? Clearly the case needs to go in front of the American people. How do we get that done?

AG Holder was asked about his misleading responses to the oversight committee by  Rep. James Sensenbrenner "Tell me what’s the difference between lying and misleading Congress, in this context?"

AG Holder offers this explanation "Well, if you want to have this legal conversation, it all has to do with your state of mind and whether or not you had the requisite intent to come up with something that would be considered perjury or a lie."

What the hell is that all about, and what difference does it make, weather AG Holder had malice of forethought or spoke contemporaneously he made statements that were untrue. Barry Bonds was convicted of it Martha Stewart went to jail for it and Roger Clemons is on trial because of it, so what makes AG Holder any different. The sixty fore dollar question for AG Holder should be. Do you consider yourself above the law?

The second of January 2011 comments from the honorable Elijah Cummings where published on the POLITICO web site that he vowed to hold the Obama administration to a “very, very high standard." so why has Representative Cummings gone out of his way to protect Eric Holder? Could it be that some like The Honorable Representative Reverend Emanuel Cleaver put the word of god into his ear?

Arturo Sarukhan the Mexican ambassador to the United States when commenting on the American Government Officials that ran “Operation Fast and Furious” said "The thinking that you can let guns walk across the border and maintain operational control of those weapons is really an outstanding lack of understanding of how criminal organizations are operating on both sides of our common borders,"

With the Mexican's deep into their own investigation of “Fast and Furious” it would behoove AG Holder, AAG Breuer and all ATF, DOJ, FBI, ICE and State Department officers and officials to comply with the congressional bulldogs. The reason being that the Mexicans will ultimately come the same conclusion, that all U.S. Officials involved in the program were accessories to over 200 counts of murder, conspired to violate Mexico's sovereignty, brake several international treaties and laws regarding transnational gun trafficking. 

If the federal agents, supervisors and appointed officials involved in the conspiracy make arrangements with the congress to come forward and reveal their involvement then in all likelihood they would avoid prosecution and probability retain their pensions and benefits. The bigger problem that they could avoid by coming forward is extradition to Mexico for questioning. The U.S. Government would probably offer protection from the Mexican legal system in return for cooperation.

 The Mexican legal system allows individuals suspected of criminal behavior to be held in  “arraigo,” a provision in the Mexican legal system that allows the government to hold suspects for a 40-day period, which can be renewed once, while they collect evidence and decide whether to proceed. If any American law enforcement official found themselves  in a Mexican jail then they would never live to see the 40th day, 80th day or the next day.

Ironically justice may never come to the Justice Department because the Congressional Black Caucus is circling the wagons around AG Holder and President Barack Obama. It seams as though the CBC is dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck and has chosen Speaker of the House John Boehner to go all in on. The question is will Speaker Boehner hold em or fold em? 

A letter full of veiled threats was sent to The Speaker from The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights that was a joke it contains statements such as “To put it simply, the attempt to cite General Holder for contempt seems to be a rush to judgment intended to create a stain on the office of the Attorney General. It is contributing to an environment of accusatory vitriol and malignant suspicion that is both unwarranted and a significant distraction at a time when the Attorney General needs to focus on the nation’s core problems” Unfortunately the letter was not signed by any individuals just organizations that have nothing to do with Law enforcement with the exception of one “Women in Federal Law Enforcement Foundation” and WIFLE appears to be a direct off shoot of the DOJ. 

So fast and furious an ongoing investigation for the last 18 months is a "rush to judgement" and is not a "core problem"? Boy what a relief to hear that! Most people are under the impression that corrupt federal law enforcement officers and investigators are especially troublesome. But we must be mistaken. 

So when we have an investigation dealing with the murder of two federal agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens involving guns smuggled across the US border by Federal law enforcement officials under the supervision of the DOJ we need not worry because AG Eric Holder and the CBC will come to the rescue and sweep it under the rug. Thank God for the American Legal system.