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Monday, November 28, 2011

For Sale

Mexico has for years been known as a den of iniquity. It is a fact. What ever deviant behavior the human mind is capable of dreaming up the Mexicans will find a way to provide it. As the drug dealer and pimp to the United States and Canada, Mexico’s President Calderon along with political partners in crime have a vested interest in keeping the their northern border as porous as passable. It is not enough for the Mexican government to want the proceeds form illicit drugs but a cut of the sex trade as well.

The Mexican sex trade is well established and condoned by political leaders and police officials on the local and federal level. Like anywhere else in the world “money talks and bullshit walks” and in Mexico the American dollar is screaming these days. With the downturn in the American economy Mexico has been hit hard financially. The resulting loss of jobs and small business closing has left many illegal Mexicans out of work thus curtailing the flow of dollars back to Mexico. The illegal Mexican workers travel in packs and live like animals with far to many crammed into a house or apartment they routinely violate occupancy levels thus creating a fire hazard and overloading the sewage and electrical systems.

In May of 2010 President Calderon addressed a joint session of congress. During that speech Calderon received his longest round of applause when he spoke in Spanish, addressing Mexican migrants in the U.S. and telling them that Mexico admires them, misses them, and is fighting hard for their rights and their families.

Calderon also won sustained applause when he said, "I strongly disagree with the recently adopted law in Arizona. It is a law that not only ignores a reality that cannot be erased by decree, but also introduced a terrible idea using racial profiling for law enforcement."

HOLY MEXICAN JUMPIN BEEN BATMAN what did he say and he received a standing “O” from Congress for saying it. I can understand a president sticking up for his people and his country but comments like that are best said in private not in public and certainly not meant for a joint session of congress that is recorded and played live for the entire population of the U.S. and Mexico. This is total buffoonery. What Calderon failed to mention is that thousands of young Mexican and Central American girls are sold, resold and smuggled into the US and Canada for sexual exploitation. The scumbags willing to pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege of screwing up a young girls life rarely if ever get apprehended and punished. Calderon also neglected to mention that Mexico is the largest source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced prostitution and forced labor. Government and NGO statistics suggest that the magnitude of forced labor surpasses that of forced prostitution in Mexico. Groups considered most vulnerable to human trafficking in Mexico include women, children, indigenous persons, and undocumented migrants. Mexican women, girls, and boys are subjected to sexual servitude within the United States and Mexico, lured by false job offers from poor rural regions to urban, border, and tourist areas. Mexican trafficking victims were also subjected to conditions of forced labor in domestic servitude, street begging, and construction in both the United States and Mexico. In one case, 107 trafficking victims, both Mexican and foreign citizens, were freed from a factory disguised as a drug rehabilitation center in Mexico City; many of them had been kidnapped, and all were subjected to forced labor. 

The vast majority of foreign victims in forced labor and sexual servitude in Mexico are from Central America, particularly Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador; many transit Mexico en route to the United States and, to a lesser extent, Canada and Western Europe. However, trafficking victims from South America, the Caribbean,Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa are also found in Mexico, and some transit the country en route to the United States. Unaccompanied Central American minors, traveling through Mexico to meet family members in the United States, fall victim to human traffickers, particularly near the Guatemalan border. Mexican men and boys from Southern Mexico are found in conditions of forced labor in Northern Mexico, and Central Americans, especially Guatemalans, are subjected to forced labor in southern Mexico, particularly in agriculture. Child sex tourism continues to grow in Mexico, especially in tourist areas such as Acapulco and Cancun, and northern border cities like Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez. Most child sex tourists are from the United States, Canada, and Western Europe, although some are Mexican citizens. In addition to Mexican drug cartels, organized crime networks from around the world are reportedly involved in human trafficking in Mexico.

The Government of Mexico does not fully comply with the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking Mexican authorities claim to have increased anti-trafficking law enforcement efforts but the magnitude of the trafficking problem is ever expanding. The number of human trafficking investigations and convictions remains low. While Mexican officials recognize human trafficking as a serious problem, NGOs and government representatives report that some local officials tolerate and are sometimes complicit in trafficking, impeding implementation of anti-trafficking statues. Take the town of Tenancingo for example it looks like any other small Mexican city. Situated partway between Mexico City and Veracruz. Tenancingo is full of extended families and children. But Tenancingo has a secret industry which is both hidden and known by many — the forced prostitution of women which has kept the town alive for three generations. Here's how one Mexican town became a petri dish for sex trafficking.

Tenancingo has thrived as a center for sex trafficking for so many years because of several factors which have come together to help forced prostitution flourish. First, TenancingoTenancingo are also mostly Indians, and indigenous people are often more vulnerable to human trafficking than others because of the additional social and economic oppressions they face. Tenancingo (like many other towns in Mexico) also has cultural traditions of "machismo," bride kidnapping, and forced marriage, and other gender-unequal customs. These traditions have grown into an "understanding" among men that they allow each other to subjugate women without interference.

Another reason sex trafficking thrives in Tenancingo is the complete lack of desire to address the issue by local authorities. According to town council member Maximino Ramirez, "In this day and age, in the 21st century, are you going to tell me that a woman of 18 or 20 can be tricked? Maybe they went into (prostitution) of their own free will, and then after a while, they say: You know what? They forced me to." The attitude that adult women can't be forced, coerced, or tricked into prostitution means that local law enforcement won't recognize trafficking victims and won't even be looking for them in the first place. But even with a large number of vulnerable women, a culture of misogyny and silence, and a lack of acknowledgment from local authorities, sex trafficking wouldn't exist in Tenancingo if there was no money to be made in it. But there is money to be made, because a couple hundred miles away in Mexico City, there's a large market of men wanting to pay for sex. And a little farther away across the U.S. border, there are even more. For one victim from Tenancingo, that number was 40-50 men a night buying her in America. Sex trafficking is so profitable in Tenancingo, that at least one anthropologist estimates that almost a third of the town is involved in the trade at some level.

Tenancingo is a great example of what happens when factors like poverty, inequality, and a "good old boy" mentality come together. But the market for sex trafficking victims is ultimately what drives the pimps of Tenancingo. And the rest of the pimps in the world.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

King Abdullah; Assad Has "Expiration Date"

His Majesty King Abdullah of  Jorden

The Middle East potentates are finally getting pissed off at their Syrian sidekick Basher al Assad. Recently the line forms behind Turkey’s PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan who said the future of Syria could not be built on "the blood of the oppressed", and condemned attacks on Turkish missions in Syria. Turkey has also entered into the sanctions arena with their own slap on the wrist the energy minister announced that joint oil exploration projects that had been planed with Syria are now on permanent hold.

Assad is also under the gun from the Arab League as they chipped in with a shot across the bow by suspending Syria's membership. King Abdullah of Jordan became the first Arab leader to publicly denounce Syrian President Bashar al-Assad calling for him to stand down.

The Kings comments along with the Arab League's decision to suspend Syria’s membership signals an about face in the way the region has been fondling Assad, The love affair is over and the Arab leaders approach to Syria is one of disdain.
In an interview with the BBC the monarch seamed in simpatico with Assad’s situation  but he said that “stepping down was not enough.” The King is wise man and he understands the fact that Assad is loosing face with his regional peers. The Syrian President must seek asylum and get out wile the getting is still good or he will face the Qaddafi fate. The King went on to say that changing the Syrian "system" along with Assad’s ouster is the only way to minimize the body count. He admitted that no-one was clear how to do that, and the Syrian regime still believed it was "in a fairly comfortable position".

King Abdullah, like many others, also emphasised there was great concern about "life after Bashar". He warned that any outside intervention in Syria would open "Pandora's box".The relationship between two Arab leaders, seen as a new generation when they took over from their fathers, has been under growing strain. But King Abdullah said he still believed the Syrian leader had "reform in his blood". He had reached out to him earlier this year, even if, as he admitted, Jordan was not "by any means... a perfect story".

Meanwhile hundreds of people are being killed on a weekly basis and the longer this Syrian slaughter lingers the more atrocities will happen. The city of Homs is a perfect example. Homs and the surrounding province also have become a hub for thousands of army deserters who have refused orders to attack the protesters. Rights activists say Homs is a natural refuge for the defectors because many of them are from the province, the nation's largest.

Syria's government blames the violence in Homs and other protest hubs on troublemakers. It says religious extremists from the Sunni majority are terrorizing minority Alawites and Christians and attacking security forces.

Homs is about 40 percent Sunni, 30 percent Alawite and 30 percent Christian. Syria's Alawite-dominated leadership says it is trying to protect minorities by cracking down on the extremists. Nice try Basher that don’t pass the smell test.

President Assad is in a unique situation and he knows it, unlike the Libyan situation intervention in Syria would touch off a regional war dragging several wildcat extremists into the situation. The radical Islamic factions in Lebanon would certainly be involved as well as Hamas and Hezbollah forcing Israel to defend itself. Iran has already proclaimed its allegiance to Syria and will defend its interests their. The shit storm events could trigger a multinational conflict that has not been seen since World War II. Only the weapons are more powerful and the actors are more radical. This is the scenario that King Abdullah and the Arab league are trying to circumvent but the Damascus circle jerk continues. WAR MAY BE ON THE HORIZON!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anonymous To Zap Zetas

As previously reported in the story “Blogging Can kill You” a couple was killed and hung from a bridge in Mexico, the female was disemboweled. These deplorable killings were acts of revenge by the Los Zeta drug cartel for the online reporting the couple did. The dead bodies were meant to be a warning to online activists opposing the cartels activities. Despite the gruesome display of dead bodies (meant as a deterrent) to the bloggers and tweeters, online reporting continues. Now the tables have turned and the online hacking group Anonymous has threatened the Zetas publicly. In a video posted on YouTube October 6th the hacking group threatened to out associates collaborating with the cartel. The exposure of these people would surely set back the Zetas activity for 10 maybe 15 minuets until the outed collaborators are killed by rival cartels or arrested by the police. If the Group Anonymous really wanted to hit the Zetas where it hurts then they would find the cartels money and money launders. Lets face it, the cartels are in the drug business to make money, and they need money (American dollars specifically) to keep the operation running.

The purpose of the video was to voice their demands in hopes of retrieving a kidnapped Anonymous member that was working one of the groups stunts they called Operation Paperstorm. The hackers believe that the Los Zetas snatched one of there colleagues in Vercruz during the leaflet demonstration. The mysterious masked man in the video threatened to release revealing information about journalists, police, politicians and taxi drivers colluding with the cartels.in an attempt to blackmail the Zetas into releasing the Anonymous colleague. 

The M. O. Anonymous takes on is not one of crime fighting but of the outing of crime fighters. Recently some of the online mischief they have been involved with entails acquiring personal and sensitive information about police organizations. On Oct. 21, Anonymous hackers stole sensitive information including Social Security numbers from a series of police-affiliated targets including the International Association of Chiefs of Police website and the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association email portal and revealed more than 1,000 user names and passwords of Boston police officers.The cops are not the only targets, you can put the Pentagon, News Corp and the Syrian Government all on the list. The newest victim is Facebook, according to a open letter dated November 5th 2011 in which the group claims to be able to destroy the networking site. The letters opening paragraph is as follows.
Headless Mexicans 

“We wish to get your attention, hoping you heed the warnings as follows:
Your medium of communication you all so dearly adore will be destroyed. If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill facebook for the sake of your own privacy”.

The self proclaimed “hacktivists” hit a child sex abuse ring in a project they dubbed  "Operation DarkNet" The hacker group shut down the kiddy porn website known as Lolita City and reportedly posted more than 1,500 user names and activities of the websites users.. 

Although the cartels’ activities are focused on the streets of the cities they control, even cartels use the Internet for communication and some business transactions. The business of the cartels is their soft underbelly and just might be the true target of the hackers. Interdicting financial transactions or diverting them my be the true target. So if the Zetas are going to hold an Anonymous member hostage then Anonymous may just hold the Zetas money hostage and extract payment at the same time. Time will only tell and we will be monitoring the situation.

The hackers have already issued a warning in regards to their associates in Mexico.The message urged inexperienced activists, who might not be practicing proper online security measures, to abstain from participating. It also urged individuals associated with Anonymous in Mexico not to conduct physical pamphlet drops, participate in protests, wear or purchase Guy Fawkes masks, or use Guy Fawkes imagery in their Internet or physical-world activities. Guy Fawkes was a British Roman Catholic conspirator involved in a plot to bomb the British Parliament on Nov. 5, 1605. The British celebrate the plot’s failure as Guy Fawkes Day each Nov. 5. In modern times, the day has come to have special meaning for anarchists. Since 2006, the style of the Guy Fawkes mask used in the movie “V for Vendetta” has become something of an anarchist icon in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Copts Die under Egypt's Military Thumb

September 30 A mob of 3000 Muslims from the radical Islamist sect known as the Salafi descended upon the Mar Gerges Church in the town of Elmarenab, in the Upper Egyptian province of Aswn. The object of the mob was to burn the Coptic Christians out of the church and slaughter them as they fled the burning building. After setting the church a blaze the mob held back the first responders by blocking the streets. Along with the church 4 homes and 2 business were burned and looted.

The mob was successful in holding back the emergency  personnel responding to the violence and fires. The group raped Coptic women and and girls and severely beat the men and boys after the carnage was over 300 people lay wounded and bleeding another 28 were killed. The Salafi where convinced of a rummer that a Muslim girl was being held in the church against her will being forced to convert to Christianity. The rummer proved to be false.

In response to the blatant prejudice and sectarian violence perpetrated on the Christians and the lack of action on the part of the government, a protest was organized on October 9th.

The Coptic Christian demonstrators planed there protest to take place in front of the state run TV station in the town of Maspero just south of Cairo. Official from the TV station called in the military and the demonstration quickly got out of hand. This time 27 people died, not from the knives and swords of radical islamists but by the hand of the military. In an attempt to deflect the blame away from the soldiers the generals have claimed that the bloodshed was the work of provocateurs, however mmilitary vehicles were filmed running down protesters.

It is a common practice for radical Islamist nations to point their fickle finger of fate at the out side agitator(Israel). Saddam Hussein did it, Halfass and son of Halfass Bashier al Assad did it,  Iranian Presidents Rafsanjani and Imadinnerjacket did it even the Turks blamed Israel for their internal atrocities. They all do it, they have meetings on how to do it, a group of them get together and plain how there going to kill their own people and than blame the Jews. (Ya ya that’s the ticket blame the Jews the rest of the world will buy that, PUTZES) End comment.
Finally Pope Benedict XVI has inserted himself into the situation and apparently he got the ball rolling with the pin headed Human Rights Watch from New York and the London-based rights group Amnesty International Even Rupert Colville the UNs High Commissioner for Human Rights is now involved. Of course each one of these factions has their own agenda and naturally being divided in their efforts their will be nothing accomplished.

The Egyptian Military leadership has kicked their spin machine into high gear and is in ass covering mode with officials such as General Adel Umara, who stated at a news conference that the army did not purposely run over any protesters and if any people were run over than it was either “a mistake or in was some outside faction trying to undermine the Egyptian revolution.” When asked about the death of  Mosaad Ibrahim Mosaad, a young Coptic activist that was  killed by a gun shot wounds. The General responded by saying that the army "did not have live bullets." Sounds like something an American government agency would say (BATF). End comment. The family is demanding that some be held accountable for shooting their son.

Coptic religious leaders are now warning their congregations that the military my be in cahoots with the radical Islamists. Following the bloodbath in Maspero state run TV issued a statement demanding that the public "protect" the military from the Coptic masses. Most of the Coptic demonstrators seemed to share the opinions of their religious leaders, as they have been chanting outside the TV station, “the military and the Salafists are one hand,” implying that the military had allied with extremist Islamist groups against the Copts.

American government officials have been in the ass covering business as well denying the existence of any extreme islamist groups within the current Egyptian governmental structure. The position of the Obama Administration is one of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil about the radical factions such as the Muslim brotherhood that now infest the Egyptian government.

On June 16th 2011 a staff writer for the Obama administration,
Stephen Kaufman issued this press release

“Online Activists Receiving U.S. Technical Support, Training”

Washington — By the end of 2011, the United States will have spent $70 million over the past few years to promote Internet freedom around the world.

The funding has included investments in technologies to help people circumvent strict firewalls. Also included has been training for activists in new programming and helping them understand the online risks they are facing.

“People are exercising their human rights online, and we’ve become more conscious of the various ways that repressive regimes are using technology themselves to limit and punish people for the exercise of those rights,” said a senior State Department official, who asked not to be identified.

Speaking to reporters in Washington June 15, the official said the Obama administration has made Internet freedom a priority. Universal human rights principles protect freedom of assembly, peaceful dissent and the ability to speak your mind, the official said, and every country is obliged to honor them.

“I suspect that there are governments that wished that we weren’t investing in this way,” the official said. But governments that respect the rights of their citizens “have nothing to fear in free speech” or from a free Internet, the official said.
At the same time, those who are working to undermine Internet freedom through tactics such as firewalls, censorship and network shutdowns are losing the battle.

“The advent of these modern communications technologies means that nothing can be swept under the rug anymore. … And that’s something that governments are having to reckon with,” the official said.

The State Department supports more than 12 different types of circumvention technology to help people get around firewalls, and has employed what the official described as a “techie-without-borders” service to develop new programming and to “be responsive to the ongoing challenges of people who are trying to call out the problems in their societies and give voice to their own future.”

“One of our jobs is to keep the broader picture in mind, keep focused on people, keep responding to people on the ground and to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the innovations of repression, so that we can help people on the ground be innovating their expression at the same time,” the official said.

Funding has supported training for more than 5,000 digital activists, democracy activists and human rights advocates around the world who now distribute the technology and know-how they learned to their peers.

The training also helps them to “understand exactly what risks remain and what risks can be addressed,” the official said, including identifying viruses and keylogger software that records whatever they type.

The State Department initiative has shifted much of its focus toward mobile phone technology, due to the extremely high penetration of mobile phones and text messaging around the world, in contrast to the relative lack of available Internet service. But many are not aware of the risks they face when they send texts, the official said.

“There’s been a myth that if you send [a text message], it’s safe and no one can track you, but if you send an email, that can be monitored. And that’s just not true,” the official said.
“Some of the things that we’re funding are mobile communications to make mobile communications safe and so that people can send secure text messages or can do other things, because … they’re not sitting at their desktops. But they also don’t necessarily have the proper information about how to use these tools safely.”

The official said that when people are able to speak freely, they tend to discuss the kind of society they want to live in and how they feel their country should be governed.

“Our goal is to make sure that we are doing what we can to amplify the voices and create the space for free expression and freedom of association and assembly online, regardless of who the group is,” the official said.

So lets take this press release for what it is and what it represents. This is the Obama  administration admitting to espionage. As previously reported on this blog site the Obama White House has enlisted the help of non-governmental organizations (NGO) To help facilitate the eradication of existing Middle Eastern Governments. As with any reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of Egypt the reaction to the Mubarak overthrow has been one of violence by the extreme radical Muslim community. What we are witnessing now in Egypt is just the tip of a very large iceberg. If the CIA annalists did not see this coming then we need to clean house in Langley, if they did and informed the White House of the potential shitstorm then the White House is to blame. (I believe it to be the latter.) End comment. The information that is leaking out of the Obama administration has gone far beyond scandalous, what we are learning now is that criminal behavior is SOP at 1600.

The $70 million figure in the letter is grossly understated if the funding dedicated to the “democratization” projects is added in from USAID, MEPI, and CIA then the figure balloons well over the $100 million mark. These Middle Eastern overt/covert projects have been going on for years and extend back into the Bush Administration. Documents proving the existence of such projects go back to 2006 but not till the Obama administration has such an emphasises been placed on the potential coup uprisings in the North African/Arab region. It is clear that Obama and Clinton did not fire the gun that killed Qaddafi or swung the knifes that killed the Coptic Christians But they bought the guns, knives and bullets and facilitated the carnage that has run rampant among the sick twisted freaks that make up the Muslim world.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mexicans Eat Garbage

The Mexican president Felipe Calderon has blamed the violence in Mexico on the American apatite for illicit drugs. It is true that the consumption of these drugs in the US is a problem but is it the only reason that Mexico has been under siege by drug cartels for the past decade. For more answers to the the Mexican problem the Mexicans must look inward and to the south. Calderon In an interview with the BBC before the 2009 G-20 summit, responded to charges that his country is becoming a failed state due to drug cartel activity.

The president cautiously admitted that there is a drug problem, but placed most of the blame on his country's geographic proximity to the world's largest drug market: the United States. More blame falls on the US as well: for allowing weapons to flow across the border. And Calderon theorizes that US corruption is also partly to blame. He theorizes that if corruption allows drugs on the Mexican side of the border, it also must be true that corruption in the U.S. has something to do with the continuing passage of narcotics into that country.

Calderon may be acknowledging there is a internal problem but insists that the US is mostly to blame. The fact that the Mexican police forces and politicians receive more drug money in one month than they receive in salary for 5 years. Maybe the the fact that the drug cartels have taken control over corporations, the judicial system and state governments has slipped his mind. Mexico is at the point of operating as a failed state with an underground economy that represent 12% of the GDP. The Mexicans are continuously crying to the US for more and more money for drug eradication. The fact is that Mexico spends less of their own money on cartel interdiction activities than Perue, Columbia and Bolivia. The problem in Mexico is not just corruption within their own ranks but their southern neighbors have problems of their own.

The Salvadoran National Police reported on October 12th, 2011 that records through August 2011 showed that 232 police officers were implicated in criminal activity in 2011. Fourteen of those are charged with homicide, but most were involved with lesser crimes, including robbery, reckless driving and making threats. 

Colombian anti-narcotics police destroyed six tons of hydrochloride cocaine and 120 tons of precursor chemicals at a cocaine laboratory allegedly belonging to the paramilitary group Popular Revolutionary Anti-terrorist Army of Colombia (ERPAC), in Porto Gaitan, in the Meta department of the Eastern Plains, on 14 October 2011. Equipment discovered at the lab, which could produce up to 800 kilos of cocaine a week, is worth around US$2.6 million. 

On 10 October 2011, Peruvian President Ollanta Humala dismissed 30 of 45 police generals, including the National Director of the Police, in order to combat corruption. Corruption among police has led to an increase in drug trafficking in Peru, the world’s largest producer of coca leaf and second largest producer of cocaine.

At the root of Mexico's problem is the 60 million people living in poverty, 20 million of them live in extreme poverty. Most of the time, garbage is their only food, and some days, they don’t even eat anything. Drug smuggling, human trafficking and marijuana cultivation is the only source of income in the severely depressed rural locations in Mexico. The socialist polices of the past have left a legacy of poverty stemming from poorly run government infrastructure and education systems. Half of the Mexican population is illiterate and unemployable. This situation is the biggest obstacle in the war on drugs and it is not just a Mexican problem. The 7 Central America countries have a literacy rate of 80% however the average income for a person in the region is slightly over $1500.00 per year, with Nicaragua at the bottom end of the scale at $340.00 per year.

the international drug cartels will flourish unless the governments of these countries recognise that the underground economy is not the only means the poor have of supporting themselves. Investment in manufacturing and agriculture may help lift the standards in these banana republics to the point of self succulency. As it stands right now the economic problems in these countries is effecting the populations in North, South and Central America and no amount of guns, bullets and incarceration will stem the problem and the war on drugs continues.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soldiers Bolt in Syrian Revolt

Syrian soldiers carrying fallen comrades

The army and security forces are not dropping there guns and running into Turkey as previously reported but are turning there rifles in the direction of Damascus. The Dictator Basher al Assad has lost control over portions of his military. Thousands of Sunni Muslim soldiers that were called up from the Golan Heights to reinforce the fighting in the Syrian north are refusing to fire on the civilian populations. Other soldiers that have defected the ranks earlier and went into Turkey are regrouping and recruiting for an offencive against forces still loyal to Assad. The confederate force of Sunnis numbers in the thousands some estimates are between 25 and 30 thousand.

Meanwhile in Istanbul exiled Syrian opposition leaders continue to talk turkey with anyone who will listen. They have formed the “Syrian National Council” (SNC) in an attempt to bolster support from the UN EU and the GCC however the support coming from the UN has been nothing more than lip service. Proposals offered to the security council by the the US in conjunction with other countries have been blocked by Russia and China, with abstentions from Brazil, India, South Africa, and Lebanon.

With this new political movement afoot designed to replace Assad with a interim government of Syrian ex-patriots. The revolting Syrian forces now have further incentive to turn against their Alawite commanders and form a opposition guerrilla force strong enough to topple Assad. The SNC has received covert funding from Saudi Arabia, Israel and the US as well as logistical support from the Lebanese political movement “March 14”. Covert sources inside Lebanon have revealed an ongoing operation to smuggle guns and ammunition to the newly formed Syrian opposition. The smuggling operation was uncovered recently by Lebanese army investigators that intercepted a truckload of weapons destine for the revolting guerrilla forces in the Syrian city of Baniyas. The source of the weapons is unclear but speculations are that the guns came from an Iranian shipment. The guns bound for Syrian security forces at the port of Lattakia were interdicted by the Turkish Navy.

With Damascus being propped up internationally by Russia and China by way of cash and weapons Assad has some level of reassurance that he will not be thrown to the SNC wolves barking at his door from Istanbul. Syria’s long time friend Iran seams be be giving Assad unwavering support as well. This was recently demonstrated by the assassination plot and embassy bombings on the Saudi ambassador to the US and Israeli embassy in Brazil. The covert bombings and assassination attempts will continue from Tehran as retaliation for intercepted weapons, ammunition and supplies going to Syria from Iran. Tehran is also looking to expand their sphere of influence over the aria and targeting the west with terrorist plots is in there twisted unsophisticated minds a show of force against the Grate Satan.

The deserting soldiers are forming up in smaller groups in several areas on the outskirts of Homs, Rastan and Baniyas. It is unclear if the troops have secure communications to form a cohesive force necessary for a large scale attack. So far the hit and run attacks on government forces have been sporadic and uncoordinated. These attacks how ever small have demonstrated to Assad loyalists that further Sunni regulars will be bolting from there ranks. The seeds of civil war in this respect have been planted and with Political support coming from the SNC in Istanbul and the weapons, ammunition and financial support coming from The Sadie's GIP, the American CIA and the Israeli Mossed the opposition have a good chance of succeeding.

Syrian Army defectors have crossed into Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan along with thousands of refugees that have been forced from there homes by the troops loyal to Assad. Some of the Junior officers that have defected recounted that more of the army rank and file will be bolting as soon as a good opportunity presents itself. According to one Lieutenant  when an engagement takes place the army privates spearhead the movement followed by the security forces and if the privates refuse to shoot when ordered by superiors, the security forces shoot the army privates in the back.

For a successful opposition outcome to a Syrian Civil War the soldiers of the “Free Officers Movement” and the “Free Syrian Army” movement must unify and start consolidating their forces that are scattered throughout the multi-nation aria. This can be achieved by utilizing the  secure communications structure of the Turks and directed out of a command and control center previously set up by the Turkish military to direct air and ground assets.The city of Aleppo will be key in the success of the movement. Capturing the rail lines linking the Turkish city of Kilis with the Syrian cities of Aleppo,Hama, Homs and Damascus this line bisects the entire country and is key in the transportation of goods and people on the north south axis of the country. All other rail lines intersect the north south line linking the Mediterranean city of Lattakia and the country Lebanon with all points to the east including Iraq. American and Turkish Navel assets could be employed for the blockade of Syrian ports isolating the country from the Mediterranean, of course cooperation from the Lebanese and Israelis will be helpful but not critical. With outside support the opposition movement will have an excellent chance of ejecting the Assad regime from power. Heavy diplomatic negotiations will be necessary to hold off the Russians and Chinese as Syria and Iran are premium military customers. China and Russia presently operate logistical centers in the respective embassies giving the Syrian government logistical advise on sanction evasion, Internet propaganda, media control and weapons smuggling.
Dead Iraqi Kurds

Assad may soon feel boxed in with the mounting international pressure of sanctions that are having an effect on the countries ability to function. In such a situation there is no telling what moves he may next. The scorched earth policy that has been employed in the cities of Homs and Huma have strengthened the resolve of the population rather than subordinate them. The home invasions conducted by the security forces across the country killing entire families in the house-to-house slaughter have had a repulsive effect on the military. The military continues to brake ranks and defect to the opposition weakening the dictators grip over the population. Hundreds of thousands of people have been detained, tortured and subsequently disappeared. So what is next in the Assad bag of tricks. The dictator just may think the unthinkable and brake out the bio/chem weapons and perpetrate a crime against humanity that the world has not witnessed since Saddam Hussein gassed the Iraqi Kurdish people in 1988 killing 5000 at one time.

Syria's population is 90% Muslim--74% Sunni, and 16% other Muslim groups, including the Alawi, Shi'a, and Druze--and 10% Christian. There also is a tiny Syrian Jewish community. The Syrian armed forces are a direct reflection of the population demographics with the Sunnis making up the bulk of the troops and the Alawiats are mostly in upper level command positions. There is quite a bit of animosity between the Sunnis and Alawits thus leaving the potential for large numbers of bolting troops, President Bashar al Assad is Alawi.

Of course the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei will not sit back and watch the Syrian events play out on TV but he will instruct is puppy Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to get more actively involved in the situation. The neanderthals in Tehran will see the civil war along sectarian lines and support the Alwai minority as the Alawi and the Shi’a are closely aliened in the mixed-up Muslim mind. To put it in to a western perspective the Sunni are to the Alawi/Shi’a like the Catholics are to the Protestants in Northern Ireland.

The countries demographics do not work in favor of Assad and this civil war will come down to a sectarian conflict. The wild cards in the conflict will be the screwballs in Hamas and Hezbollah along with Lebanese fringe groups that may join Assad or turn against Israel. There is question that Syria is a powder keg but the fuse has been lit. The world seems to have other things on the burner right now with the drug cartels in Mexico reeking havoc in the Americas to the European dept crises. There is obviously the preoccupation of the president in the US with administration malfeasance regarding the Fast and Furious operation, the Solyndra pay for play scandal and the presidential legitimacy issue with Obamas birth certificate. One thing is for sure Syria is a giant shit sandwich and the entire Middle East is at the lunch counter.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Islamic Democracy or Anarchy

Islamic Democracy or Anarchy? is it possible to have a Islamic democracy, well we are seeing the results right now in Egypt. What is happening in Egypt today is the action of a society that has been freed from the constraints of a autocratic ruler that has suppressed the population for decades. This suppression has served to protect the nations minorities ensuring their security. Once the constraints were removed  the popular views of the majority took over in the form of mob rule or anarchy. The people of the Middle East are a under educated rabble equating anarchy with democracy in the fact that the majority rules and if the majority rules than anything that the majority participate in must be acceptable. And currently the temporary military government has condoned the actions of the populous by ignoring the sectarian discrimination and violence against the Coptic minority.

The American people have been convinced by their political leaders that a democratic Middle East is a step forward in the cultural ascension of the Islamic world. This so-called Arab spring democracy movement has done nothing for ascending the Middle Eastern populations, the contrary has been proven and digressed the populous deeper into their intolerant Islamic fundamentalist past . Americans equate Democracy with the ideals inherent in the society in which they live there lives. These fundamental human rights or  "self-evident" truths that Thomas Jefferson out lined in the Declaration of Independence are the underpinning of the tolerant American society. For a politician to infer that the people of Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Libya or Yemen are capable of understanding these unalienable rights is irresponsible and demonstrates their political incompetence. It is naive to think that a culture embedded in the principles of Islamic Sharia law can understand the simple concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
What we are witnessing in the Middle East is a devolving population that is only capable of rudimentary social behavior and that is incapable of absorbing the basic values of modernism and democracy. For these reasons Arab and Islamic leadership are reactionary, neopatrimonial coercive, and authoritarian in order to keep control over the barbarous masses. Such basic principles as personal sovereignty, individualism, personal liberty and freedom of expression weaken the fundamentalist Islamic state. Individuals that are endowed with the rights and freedoms inherent in democracy undermine the cultist Islamic belief system that is rooted in fantasy and mysticism and is the basis of Sharia law.

The country of Turkey is a Islamic state however it is secularised  and the government may be influenced by Islamic values but is restricted in the interference into peoples lives, actions and thoughts. The personal freedoms afforded the Turkish citizenry are not typical of all Islamic countries. Women in Turkey have a much higher social and economic status than any other Islamic country. Turkish women are not dictated to by the government in terms of their activities, employment, dress or behavior. Turkey is truly a bridge between European liberal attitudes and the repressive societies of the Middle Eastern Islamic states.

Two of the countries in the region that have a chance at a western style form of government is Libya and the other Syria. The Libyan and Syrian people have had direct participation in the overthrowing and destruction of the dictatorial political machines through prolonged confrontation. Therefor each person feels as though they have made a difference in there own future and there countries destiny. Another reason is that prior to the revolt the standard of living and education among the general populous had been far better than their Islamic  neighbours. Regarding the radical Islamist elements, they are small in number among the many moderates that joined the uprisings against Qaddafi and Assad. It is noteworthy that both the Libyans and Syrians are generally moderate and non-combative with moderate views in the practice of Islam. With the ousting of Qaddafi in Libya the radical elements within that country have receded and are regrouping. Organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood traditionally have demonstrated restraint and patients and have been incremental in there influence over populations. In Syria with the Assad regime still firmly ensconced radical instigators are somewhat more verbose in there bloviations. The Grand Mufti Ahmad Badreddine Hassoun, a Syrian state-appointed cleric and Assad loyalist, issued a clear warning to the Americans and Europeans recently by stating this to a gathering of Islamic women.

"I say to all of Europe, I say to America, we will set up suicide bombers who are now in your countries, if you bomb Syria or Lebanon,"
"From now on an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."
"Don't come near our country, I beg you,"

Why are so many American Democratic politicians willing to draw parallels between Islamism and democracy? The general political popularity of ones self within the Democratic political environment inclines the politicians to accommodate Islamism in an effort to be inclusive of all groups. Political correctness inhibits many politicians regardless of their country of addressing the detrimental aspects of foreign cultures for fear of being ostracized. Therefore it is considered palatable to prove the compatibility of Islam and democracy. Groups such as CAIR and the MSA will paint you with the Islamophobic brush and declare you a racist if you suggest the incompatibility of Islamism and the western civilization. The lawmakers in there respective political circles continuously seek to find common ground between the Islamic troglodyte and the educated constituent in an effort to unite the
two cultures. Ultimately this is not possible, the Muslim either refuses to accommodate an alternate point of view or does not have the intellectual capacity to do understand the concept of a modern culture that strives to work for the future. The Sooner the Western political leaders realize that they have made a mistake in accommodating the Islamic countries and there social policies the better off the world will be. The only thing that has dragged these Bedouin potentates out of the desert and into the halls of Princeton,Oxford and Harvard is the discovery of oil that the western countries generously helped them exploit. With the upper-class in the Middle East continuously repressing there underclass there will never be a educated populous capable of casting a educated vote. This will result in the perpetuation of religious persecution and anarchy.