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Monday, August 29, 2011


Obama held for deportation on outstanding ICE warrant!

Framingham Ma. 8/24/2011 Wednesday evening at 7:10 PM . A drunk Obama was at the intersection of Waverly Street and South Street out side of the Chicken Bone Saloon. Obama was driving a Mitsubishi SUV and he attempted to make an illegal left turn nearly crashing into a police car driven by Officer Val Krishtal.

It turns out that Mr. Obama has an outstanding warrant for deportation dating back 25 years. However this is the president’s uncle Onyango Obama, that is now being held without bail pending a hearing. Reports are not clear if Obama was drinking in the Chicken Bone but he failed several field sobriety tests and blew a .14 on the breathalyser prior to being placed under arrest by Officer Krishtal. After Obama was arrested and transported to the police station for fingerprinting and detention he was offered the opportunity to make a phone call, he responded by saying he will be calling the White House.

Obama pleaded not guilty at his arraignment in front of Judge Douglas Stoddart on the charges driving under the influence of liquor and driving to endanger. He was also cited for not using a turn signal. The Judge remanded him to federal custody on a Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement warrant for his arrest. ICE has previously ordered him to be deported back to Kenya.

Febuary 4 2010 the presidents Aunt had An immigration hearing that could lead to the deportation Zeituni Onyango Obama that ended without a decision being issued.Onyango has been living in Boston and has been under a deportation order since 2004 when her request for asylum was denied by a US Immigration Court judge. Her attorney, Margaret Wong, said the president has not submitted any letter on behalf of his aunt.

The White House spokesman at the time Robert Gibbs said Obama is staying out of the matter. Obama learned about his aunt's legal plight in 2008 during his campaign, Gibbs said.
"We said then and we would continue to say that everybody in this country should and must follow the law,'' he said, according to a transcript supplied by the White House. "We have not been involved at all in that hearing, and we'll let the law play out as it should.''

In May of 2010 Onyango was granted asylum to stay in the United States after living in public housing the Boston aria since the year 2000. Ironically the two wet back Obamas that have been leaches on the back of US tax payers were outed by reporters researching the presidents book "Dreams from My Father."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Send Lawyers Guns And Money

Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla (VZN)

Question: What keeps a company in business?
Answer: Customers.
Question: What makes a loyal customer?
Answer: A good product at a good price.
Question What makes a good vendor?
Answer: Reliable delivery and predictable product quality.

Law enforcement and the federal government has twisted this simple business model slightly. It seams as though the federal government has created a customer base for national, state and  local law enforcement. The customer base for law enforcement is the criminal. The criminal engages in illegal activity. The police arrest the criminal. What if the federal government facilitated and subsidized the activity of the criminal. Would this not increase the criminal activity and or the customer base which in turn would increase police activity and there need for funding of law enforcement activities.

That is exactly what is happening with the so-called “war on drugs” and the Department of Justice is up to there ass in a international cocaine/gun conspiracy. In February, 2010 Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla pleaded not guilty in a Chicago federal court on charges of cocaine and heroin position and distribution. VZN was at the top of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel pyramid and as a top player in the Mexican drug scene he was privy to information that the DEA was willing to trade for. According to VZN there was a previous agreement that had been established by the DEA and three other Top Capos of the Sinaloa Cartel.The arrangements where made with Humberto Loya-Castro, Joaquin Guzman Loera and Ismael Zambada-Garcia the farther of VZN. The DEA through the DOJ was able to keep the heat of the three men and allow them to operate unhindered in return for information regarding rival cartels. HLC, JGL and IZG were under indictment in the Southern District of California and charged with participation in a massive narcotics trafficking conspiracy. The indictment dated back to 1995 and that case (No.95CR0973) was dismissed on the prosecution’s own motion in 2008 after HLC became an informant for the United States government and had provided information for a period of over ten years. During this time VZN was feeding HLC information that the DEA was acting on. Being pleased with the quality of information and knowing that VZN had been instrumental the agents expressed interest in offering the same deal to VZN. 
There was a meeting arranged through HLC on March 17 of 2009 VZN attended the meeting at the Sheridan Hotel next door to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City. The deal that was offered VZN was the same arrangement that was in place with HCL for 10+ years. The DEA was to allow the upper echelon of the Sinaloa Cartel to continue there activities which included smuggling drugs into the city of Chicago and Guns back to Mexico. Part of the deal was to inform the cartel members of Mexican police actions against them. VZN left the meeting thinking he had cemented the relationship with the agents only to find out that he was given up to the Mexican Federal Police, he was arrested five hours after the meeting at his mansion in a plush Mexico City suburb. The federalies later released VZN to the U.S for extradition and now faces federal charges in Chicago.  

A discovery document filed with the court explains that VZN believes that he was entrapped and that his activities past and present would be overlooked as was the activities of his associates. The revelations reveled in this document are extraordinary and include the shipping of cocaine and heroin in quantities measured in tons for a period of 10 years. Narco News reports that tractor trailers and 747 cargo plains were used to ferry the drugs to Chicago for distribution. Assume that cash and guns were on the return trips, however there was no mention of money laundering. An other claim in the document was that US federal authorities knew in advance that a massacre known as the “House of Death” was going to take place by USG informants and others. The information that the informants were giving up in the minds of the DEA and FBI was more important than the hundred or so Mexicans that died in that shoot out. There was no attempt to stop the shoot out or to worn the victims. The Lawyer that drafted the document draws a parallel to the case of Whitey Bulger, the Boston crime boss and murderer, who along with other members of criminal organizations, were given carte blanche by the FBI to commit murders in order to receive information in return about the Italian mafia and other criminal organizations in the New England area.

The “Fast and Furious” investigation according to VZN will support and confirm his allegations that the United States has a policy of entering into agreements with individuals who they know are violent narcotics traffickers, so long as those persons are willing to provide information against other drug traffickers, and that they entered into such an agreement with the leadership of the Sinaloa Cartel.  These individuals have also been permitted to commit murders and other violent acts. The documentation that is being requested will confirm that the weapons received by Sinaloa Cartel members and its leaders in Operation “Fast & Furious” were provided under the agreement entered into between the United States government and HLC on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel. The documentation that the defence attorney is requesting will also provide evidence showing that the United States government has a policy and pattern of providing benefits, including immunity, to cartel leaders, including the Sinaloa Cartel and their members, who are willing to provide information against rival drug cartels.

So it seams as though the U.S. Department of Justice and it’s surrogates have been keeping law enforcement busy as well as the prison system with an endless supply of customers. The net result is that the American tax payer is paying for the cops to bust the criminals, then paying the cops to facilitate the criminals, then paying for incarceration of the criminals, then paying for the rehabilitation of the addicts, then paying for solders agents weapons and elaborate equipment to be sent over to banana republics to eradicate drugs that we facilitate the importation of in to our country. 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sharia Tolerance Testing

National media outlets are shining the light on the Islamic shenanigans that are invading American society thus giving the Islamist a platform to claim intolerance. One of the tactics used is equating the civil rights movement to there struggle for equality. Invoking Marten Luther King’s name seams to be common place these days because it reinforces the point that the Muslims are falsely pushing. There is no doubt that the MLK franchise is being misused to the point of marginalising the mans ideology and accomplishments.

Samantha Elauf, a 17 year old Islamic girl, applied in June 2008 for a sales job at the Abercrombie Kids store at  the Woodland Hills Mall in Tulsa Oklahoma. The store manager apparently informed the young lady that her employment was conditional and that the wearing of the Hijab scarf that she was sporting was not in-keeping with the stores image. If she wanted the job she would have to comply with the company dress restrictions, Samantha refused saying that the scarf is important to her religious practices and would not remove it for work. Case closed don’t let the door hit you in the ass right. Not so fast it seams as though Samantha felt discriminated against. In comes the  Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) in Oklahoma, which helped her file a complaint with the EEOC in Oklahoma City. The EEOC filed the lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch in U.S. District Court in Tulsa, citing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as the basis for the action. Well a year and a half later little Miss Hijab was awarded $20,000 smackers. I wonder what she would have received if she applied to Hooters?

Events such as this will continue to happen because we allow the federal state and local governments to facilitate such activities and the Islamic community is taking full advantage of the system that protects society against blatant racism and bigotry. It can be concluded that CAIR put the girl up to the stunt for several reasons.
  • A quick payday comes to mind, with CAIR exploiting the girl and using her as a tool for the self enrichment of both CAIR and the Hijab girl.
  • The Sheite Muslim organizations will use the publicity of an event to gauge the response of the general public. The reactions will be examined for acceptance in the community or lack there of so they know where to focus there activities in making deeper inroads into society.
  • One of the most important reactions that they measure is the responsiveness of government organisations and there willingness to resolve an issue. In the Hijab case it seems that CAIR was quit successful and had the weight of the EEOC behind them.
  • The response of the company or organization that is the target of there attack is also important. The willingness of the target to bend over or fight back is key to there strategy. This allows the Islamist organization to identify soft targets that will aqueous to there threats for future exploitation.
This is all part of the “grand Jihad strategy” employed by the Muslim Brotherhood in order to infiltrate, dismantle and take over a country. Part of the strategy in the target country is the tolerance, acceptance and ultimately the conversion of all persons to Islam resulting in the eradication of the dominant religions. The media is key in this strategy. Media has multiplied the effectiveness of organised terrorists to spread there message world wide. The use of Facebook, My Space and Twitter has given the individual Jihadist a voice multiplier that now inspires like-minded radicals around the world at the speed of light. Television is still at the top of the list of media outlets for it’s impact. Major Muslim extremist events such a the 9/11 attacks or the London subway bombing will always be aimed at large metropolitan arias not only for maximum body count but for maximum visual impact in large Media markets.

Muslim organizations in America use common causes in order to facilitate there message such as “equality”. Very few people could or would argue the point the we are not all created equal and that we are endowed by our creator. This is the root of there argument and they use this premise as a “bridge builder”. This is a brilliant strategy to use the words and concepts of the US Constitution against us and to undermine the Constitution. Politicians have been sucked in to this and are convinced that the Islamic religion is peaceful all inclusive and tolerant. The American political animal is akin to the high school prom queen that thrives on there popularity,she promises you anything to get what she wants but never delivers in the end. The Islamist in America are taking full advantage of the Republicrats that are more than willing to placate a sliver of society if they think that reelection is more important than national/public security. The Washington politician has become a integral part of the bridge builder philosophy in that the nation follows the lead of Washington leaders. In this respect the American Jihadist has hit the Islamic Lottery. In the Monitor a Shia publication Volume IV, issue 2 summer 2008 an article titled Obama’s Breakthrough The author uses the MLK and the bridge builder strategies in the article to there advantage noting that Obama’s potential presidency is a “breakthrough and overcame a dark legacy of slavery, civil war, segregation, and racial polarization.”  the author makes the connection with Obama and the Islamist. “With an African father, Muslim kin, both in Kenya and in Indonesia, and with a non-Anglo Saxon sounding name, Obama initially has to fight and transcend both racism and Islamophobia. For a virtual unknown to become a dragon-slayer in US politics is quite a feat.” In a separate article in the same publication “Voting: An Islamic responsibility  By Tasneem Anjarwalla.” the Arther explains the importance of infiltrating the federal government and police forces in order to gain control over the country. Muslims themselves must be willing to get involved with the government. It is too common that the Islamic community is wary of governmental officials and organizations, and there is usually this “us” vs. “them” mentality. The only way to beat this kind of thinking is to turn “them” into “us.”

Many times there is a lack of knowledge on specific functions of public and governmental organizations, such the FBI, CIA, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency, and even local police departments.These are all lumped together under the title “Big Brother.” Each of these groups can help or harm the cause of Muslims nationwide and the best way to make sure they care about what we care about is to have a hand in them ourselves. Muslims across the nation should further involve themselves in the civic process. There are so many opportunities given to us as American citizens it is a great shame don’t take advantage of them. Federal groups are looking to recruit Muslims or anyone who can speak languages like Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu. Many Muslim and non Muslim organizations alike exist with causes that are attuned to Muslim goals and values. Even non-US citizens can become involved—because the laws of this nation affect everyone who is living within its borders. So don’t just vote, become a true Muslim and true American citizen by getting involved.
On the last page of the publication there is a voter registration card.
Major Nidal Malik Hasan the Fort Hood Killer comes to mind after reading that? But that bastard is just the tip of the Islamic sword there is now a  Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, (CMSA) There is not a lot of public information on this group but according to Wikipedia if your a senator or a janitor you could belong to this group as long as you are Muslim. After 9/11 The CMSA began holding Friday afternoon prayer services on Capitol Hill. Guss who was there mentor and prayer leader?  The Al-Qaeda sheikh Anwar al-Aulaqi, (Wanted Dead or Alive) there is a video of this and was included in the 2002 documentary, “Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet.” That video clip is available to view by the Investigative Project on Terrorism. (The article in which the video is embedded is worth the read.) If this was a Catholic Priest leading a group of Christians in prayer and the ACLU found out about it then there would be hell to pay. You know that Separation of church and state thing that there so hung up on. President Obama has dirty hands in this Muslim mud pie as well he has appointed  Islam A. Siddiqui Chief Agricultural Negotiator, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, Arif Alikhan as Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Azizah al-Hibri commissioner on the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom and of course there is Huma Abedin Hillary Clinton’s Right hand girl and wife of pervert Anthony Wiener. Huma is the daughter of Saleha Mahmoud Abedin, a professor of sociology in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Mommy Jehadist belongs to the Sunni movement's women's division of the Muslim Brotherhood known as the Muslim Sisterhood.One of the Sisterhoods aims, reportedly, is "to spread the Brotherhood's ideology by infiltrating universities, schools and homes”, governments too? It is sacrilege in Islam for Huma's mother to accept the reality that her daughter is married to a Jew (perverts are OK), a marriage that is considered null and void by the highest authorities in Islam. The fact that Huma’s position with Clinton in the State Department and her marriage to Weiner give her exposure to state secrets and access to the inner workings of Congress and State Department secrets. O Boy hope and change is really look-in up, the only thing left to say is, please God help Rick Perry win the 2012 election.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Assad Step Aside

Turkish journalists have been in Syria surveying devastation in the city of Hama they revile scenes of World War II devastation. Huge piles of rubble that were homes and apartment buildings is everywhere. Partially destroyed buildings still smoldering from the fires set to flush out people hiding from the security forces. The chocking smell of rotting garbage hangs in the air and dried blood stains the streets. The news men said that tank tracks where everywhere but no tanks were visible, only two armored personnel carriers. Solders in camouflage walked the streets with machine guns and snipers were on the rooftops. One journalist interviewed a young man that was masked, He said “ Hear in Hama we have no food, we have no water, all we have is god” Hama was a city of 800,000 and now only a few stragglers remain.

Friday 8/19/2011 this post was found from the Al-Jazeera Syria blog.

In Deir ez-Zor today there is direct firing at the people by both the shabiha and the army. This has been continuous and very brutal. The shabiha’s cars have photos of both Bashar al-Assad and Hezbollah on the hoods. There have been 17 arrests today from the street. Before taking them in they forced them to get naked and paraded them through the middle of the street. Four of the arrests were children, two were aged 15 years-old, one was 12 and the other 13. There were no deaths today.
“There was an overwhelming use of force and because of the amount of weaponry, no one could stand in the way of the shabiha and the army. Right now they are in the centre of the city. There are wanted lists that include 3,000 names and they are posted on the walls of the city. These signs are always present. It has become common practice to abduct family members of the wanted until they turn themselves in. Some of the family members abducted are children under 16 years-old.”
“None of the hospitals are accepting the injured. We take them to the mosques or our homes. Al-Joura and Hawita are in a very, very bad state, with no electricity and water and under constant siege by the security forces.”
Golan Hospital Qunertia Syria
 In all parts of the country there are reports of Doctors being abducted and killed because the doctors have made a pledge to treat anyone that comes for help. This has lead to human shield barricades being formed around hospitals in attempts to prevent the injured from being killed and the medical staff abducted. At the Hamdan Hospital in Douma  a suburb of Damascus protesters prevented the entry of government forces till solders in armored personnel carriers came and gunned down several people blocking the hospital entrance allowing the security forces access. Once inside the hospital the forces beat to death the injured and arrested the medical staff. There was one account of a farther that brought his13 year old son in for treatment of gun shot wounds. The farther was restrained and forced to wach his son being tortured and beaten to death. The distrait man was then taken outside and shot to death, his body left in the street. There is no way of confirming these reports but there is also no reason to doubt them. The reports of brutality seam to be consistent and frequent. Just like the reports from the state run news outlets that everything is under control and it’s a Sunny day in Syria today.

President Assad is planing a televised interview with state run STV Sunday. Who knows what kind of drivel will spout from the megalomaniacs couscous hole. If in fact an interview does take place it will start with some ceremonial ass kissing followed by pre-screened rehearsed questions. Assad will denounce Turkey, America, Great Britten and France, with his response to the latest latest round of sanctions and statements denouncing him. 

One of the things that is puzzeling is that the EU/US has not come out with any tuff talk till now. When Tunishia experanced unrest the Leader was told to go and like a upstanding dictator Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali looted the treshery and left. Case closed. Then Egypt had protests and it took a Little longer, after a bit of he said she said dithering President Hosni Mubarak was told to hit the bricks two weeks into the upraising, he was gone. When the Libyans started there hoopla the Italians went ape shit and for some reason the UN/EU/US had a hard on for Muammar Gaddafi and gave him the ultimatum then the UN security council drafted 1970 authorizing the no fly zone and bombing began. So whats up with Syria? Human rights organizations such as The United Nations Human Rights Council, Human Rights Watch-Syria and Amnesty International have all stated that there is evidence that the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad is responsible for crimes against humanity. So what gives? What is the world waiting for? Why has it taken five months for President Obama to say (through his mouthpiece Hillery Clinton) that “Assad has lost legitimacy in the eyes of his people and should step aside.” All the other bombastic boneheads were told to step down but with Assad it is step aside. Why did Ms Clinton say that Assad lost legitimacy in the eyes of his people and not the international community like in previous statements?

These words are important in the world of geopolitics. For Assad to step aside would imply that there is some other regime or person waiting to take control. That person maybe Khaled Mashaal the Head Muckety Muck for the terrorist group Hamas. Well is’t that special, Hamas political and military leadership has been headquartered in Damascus for the last ten years. The Bush Administration had recalled the Ambassador to Syria because of that. The Obama Administration had reinstated the post in 2008. It turns out that Assad approached Mashaal for a public statement supporting him and the bloodbath currently underway. Marshaal refused saying that Hamas was an organisation that supports liberation movements. With that Assad showed him the door. The refusal by Marshaal clearly meant that he was leaning towards supporting the protesters. Hamas went to the government of Qatar (a US ally) and they agreed to “permanently host” the terrorist group's political leadership, but not its "military" (terrorist) leaders. Not to fear the current Egyptian leadership (a US ally) rolled out the red carpet for Hamas and walla the terrorist organization has two state sponsors now and both of them receive American Tax payer funded aid. The ground work for the deal was brokered by Rachael Schneller. On February 23, 2011 U.S. Foreign Service Officer Rachel Schneller, an international affairs fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, appeared in Doha on the same panel with Hamas politburo member and spokesman Osama Hamdan.The panel was presented as part of a forum hosted by the Al Jazeera Center for Strategic Studies in the Qatari capital.The fact that a semi-active U.S. diplomat was sitting together on a public platform with a Hamas official, and later admitted that she “shared a cup of tea” with him with the blessing of her State Department supervisors is against the law. This was the foundation that allowed Hamas to regroup in Doha Qatar. This means that a organized terrorist group that is sanctioned and outlawed by the US Government is receiving aid and comfort from the US Government. Perhaps this has something to do with Obama's disdain of Israel and with Obama leading from his behind their is bound to be more gems like this just waiting to be discovered.   

Friday, August 19, 2011

Egypt, The New Iran?

Some of us have been accused of being Islamaphobic. That could not be further from the truth. The Term Phobia would indicate fear. There is no fear of these bastards only loathing. The actions and the Muslim way of life is disgusting, disturbing and repulsive. When a organized religious cult such as Islam indoctrinates children from birth to kill via suicide bomb is truly a crime against humanity. (end comment)

Moving on it seams as though the extremest are acting up again in the earths letterbox that we call the Middle East. A new group calling themselves al-Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula has emerged and is behind the recent attacks on Israel. Egyptian military has lost control of the Sinai to radical Islamic groups that are using the “demilitarized zone” to wage hit and run attacks on Israeli targets near the border. Egypt had the audacity today to lodge a formal complaint against Israel. The killing of three Egyptian officers at the Sinai border prompted the complaint, the Egyptians demanded an immediate investigation. Egyptian security officials said that the three officers were killed when an Israeli aircraft fired at people suspected of being militants who fled into a crowd of security personnel on the Egyptian side of the border on Thursday.The post revolution Egypt has become more transparent and as a result we are seeing events that were previously undisclosed to the outside world. Hate ridden chanting aimed at Israel is sweeping through Egypt like a cancer.

Today the Al-Jazeera Egypt blog posted these comments.

'1st popular demand: Close the embassy, expel ambsr' chant proetsters outside #Israel embsy in #Cairo #EgyptFri Aug 19 13:01:22 +0000 2011

Protesters outside #Israel embassy in Cairo chanting 'Down down Camp David' #EgyptFri Aug 19 12:53:00 +0000 2011

Some 50 protesters outside #Israel embassy in Cairo chanting 'We will remain enemies generation after generation' #EgyptFri Aug 19 12:52:06 +0000 2011
Israel is in the toughest of situations right now the level of extremist activity is ramping up to the point of Egypt becoming ungovernable. This situation must be dealt with as it happens or it will continue exponentially. Coptic Christians are also reaping the benefits that the revolution has brought them. The church burnings killings and kidnapping continue under the nose of a unresponsive government. The Egyptian Officers that were killed are the unintended consequence  of a situation that Egypt has ignored since the ejection of Mubarak.

An Israeli aircraft was pursuing militants that crossed the border into Israel and as they reached the Rafah border crossing the pilot opened fire and they were killed along with the Central Security Officers.The strikes were in response to a series of attacks in southern Israel that killed At least six people and dozens more wounded. A heavily armed gunmen launched three successive attacks targeting a civilian bus, military vehicle and another car in southern Israel near the border with Egypt on Thursday. The attacks were carried out by a large number of Islamic extremists. The terror squad infiltrated Israel and security forces tracked down some of the terrorists then engaged in an ongoing gun battle with them. On Friday militants in Gaza launched more than two dozen rockets into Israel. A Israeli military officer said that one smashed through a roof of a Jewish seminary damaging a synagogue in the port city of Ashdod. The Explosion wounded six Israelis who were standing out side the building.There were simultaneous missals launched at a vacant school and another aimed at the city of Ashkelon, which was intercepted by the new Israeli anti-missile system known as Iron Dome.

Thess were the worst direct attacks on Israel in three years and left at least seven people dead and scores more wounded. Radical Salafists, Bedouin tribesmen and disillusioned Hamas militants have joined together in an alliance to form a new al Qaeda franchise in Egypt's Sinai region. An Israeli Defense Force statement accused Hamas of coordinating the attacks from across the border with Egypt. The new group is calling itself "al Qaeda in the Egyptian Sinai."

The al Qaeda leadership has not officially recognised this alleged new franchise which has sprung up in the security vacuum created by a police and security forces exodus from the Sinai Peninsula. However it is widely believed that a number of Islamist groups have formed alliances with Bedouin tribes in the region over shared local and regional concerns.

The Egyptian election that was promised to the citizens is not expected to quell the violence and will heavily favor the Muslim Brotherhood. Judging from the past and looking forward Egypt is likely to become even more lawless. This is just the kind of cesspool soup of humanity that al-Qeada leader Ayman al-Zawahri has been praying for. Recent ramblings of the screwball encouraged the twisted radicals in Tunisia and Egypt to take advantage of the situation. He explains that the opportunity to spread al-Qaeda’s message is now.

“ al-Zawahri said the Muslim jihad against America does not halt with the death of a commander or leader.”
"Chase America, which killed the leader of the mujahedeen and threw his body into the sea. Go after it so that history will say that God enabled his worshippers to attack a criminal country which has spread corruption in the world."
"In Tunisia and Egypt, opportunities for preaching have been opened and only God knows until when these opportunities will last," he said. "Therefore, the Muslims and the mujahedeen should benefit and take advantage of them to reveal the truth."

This guy is a serious cult leader with plenty of zombies drinking his cool aid and we need to pay attention to his vitriol. Understanding what these radicals are spewing is key to our national and personal security.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crown Prince of Terror

On May1,2011 the Navy SEALs raided the Abbottabad hideout of  Osama Bin Laden. “For God and country Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo E.K.I.A.” As that message was transmitted to the White House the Washington spin machine kicked into high gear. Misinformation spewed from the mouths of TV talking heads like  diarrhea in a dysentery ward. Each blabbermouth had there own confidential source or ubiquitous White House official that served up disinformation ready for public consumption. Each exclusive report was somewhat different in content making it nearly imposable to decipher the truth with the exception of OBL was dead and the SEALs killed him.

So what happened to the fish that got away? Hamza, the crown prince of terror was he there? Hamza's apparent Disapearance emerged during the interrogation of Bin Laden's three wives by Pakistani investigators. The official told ABC News the women had revealed one of the terror leader's sons had not been seen since the raid - but the source did not confirm which one. Are these women disclosing that Hamza was there and escaped out the window or the back door? Not likely with 23 Navy SEALs covering the compound and a CIA surveillance team monitoring the operation from a safe house. Or did HBL leave the compound earlier that night and he was at his girlfriends house tarring up a peace of Taliban tail. Or maybe he was there and the SEAL team grabbed him and took him to Afghanistan to be interrogated by the CIA at the Bagram Base. The Black Hawk left the OBL compound and met with a second Chinook to refuel just inside the Pakistan border en rout to Jalalabad air base wear there commander Vice Admiral Bill McRaven identified the body as Bin Laden, then officials took photographs before it was flown to Bagram and eventually transferred to U.S.S. Carl Vinson. What was the reason for the trip from Jalalabad to Bagram prior to landing on the aircraft carrier. OBL was dumped in the Arabian sea off the coast of Pakistan. The trip to Bagram was certainly out of the way so there must be a good reason for going there?
Khalid dead
Bagram air base is home to one the largest military detention facilitieies used to house the bad guys. The Bagram Theater Internment Facility has accumulated more detainees than the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Part of the interment facility is called the Black jail. The black jail is a supermax prison within a prison and is distinct from the main prison. Consisting of individual windowless concrete cells, each illuminated by a single light bulb glowing 24 hours a day. President Obama signed an order to eliminate black sites run by the Central Intelligence Agency in January 2009, that order did not apply to the black jail. The jail is run by military Special Operations forces and is not subject to any U,S. laws. However, in August, the Obama administration restricted the time that detainees could be held at the secret jail to two weeks. But with the Human rights organisations that are concerned about prisinor treatment that the jail remains inaccessible. The Red Cross and the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission are denied access so who knows how long some one is there. This is the place people are taken and disappear.
Bagram Theater Internment Facility
May 2, 2011 The Washington post reported that a senior U.S. intelligence official said refering to Osama bin Laden “he was more or less hiding in plain sight,”.  “The only resident of the compound that was taken from the site was Osama bin Laden.” He died -- almost certainly -- from a bullet to the head.”

The New York times reported May 3, 2011 that the Seal team stormed into the compound -- the raid awakened the group inside, one American intelligence official said -- and a firefight broke out.  One man held an unidentified woman living there as a shield while firing at the Americans.  Both were killed. Two more men died as well, and two women were wounded.  American authorities later determined that one of the slain men was Bin Laden’s son, Hamza, and the other two were the courier and his brother.

The National Journal reported May 3, 2011 that Chief Counterterrorism Advisor to the President John Brennan stated that the SEALs were prepared to take prisoners, a senior U.S. official told National Journal that it was made clear to them not to take Bin Laden alive. If the SEALs were prepared to take prisoners that why were so many left at the compound surly at least one would be snatched for human intelligence like a wife or a son

NDTV website reported May 2, 2011 US officials have said a son of Osama bin Laden, three other adult males and a woman used as a human shield by a male combatant were also killed in the helicopter raids by US forces that killed the world's most wanted terrorist on Monday.
The officials did not name the son of Osama that they had identified as killed. They said two other women were injured. A Pakistani official said other unidentified males were taken by helicopter away from the scene, while four children and two woman were arrested and left in an ambulance.

The New Yorker magazine interviewed one of the commanders of the team that killed Osama bin Laden (who knows if he is for real) claimed that Hamza was not in the house.

The story that has become official is that Khalid, Hamza’s older brother was whacked during the raid. So what did Hamza’s mother imply when she said that she had not seen her son since the raid. Often times when Aribic is translated into English the meaning gets distorted for several reasons. She may have been saying, since the raid i will not get to see Hamza???

Black Cell Block
One thing we can count on is the government is lying to us, for example everyone knows that Aria 51 exists and you can see it on Google maps but the government denies it’s existence. We all know that Jimmy Hoffa is dead but is he buried under the goal post at Giants Stadium? Jimmy was probably ground into Italian sausage and sold at a butcher shop.

Now it Has been over three months and Hamza has not surfaced. Internet searches have come up empty. I can understand someone like him laying low for a period of time till things cool off and he just may fear reprisals on his family in Pakistan's custody.However the tactics of these assholes is to make long drown out statements promising reprisals and the wrath of Allah bla-bla-bla. Attacks recently have been made in the name of OBL. If HBL is alive he may be sequestered in Pakistan under the protection of the ISI? He could be free to travel and be at a al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, or the Egyptian Sinai but most likely in Yemen waiting for his mothers repatriation.

Was HBL taken prisoner? If so then he has disappeared in the Black Jail and his status may never be known unless someone blows the whistle. WHEAR THE HELL IS HAMZA BIN LADEN!!!! (He maybe comming to an explosion near you soon)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Serious in Syria

Hama under attack

Since the August 9th meeting between Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu and President Bashar Al-Assad the violence in Syria has escalated. The city of Latakia is under siege by navel forces  and ground troops. The navel bombardment has been concentrated on the Palestinian refuge camps that are under control of the UN humanitarian organisation UNRWA. there is no clear evidence of the Palestinians fate at this point. There is evidence that large amounts of people have been rounded up and herded into soccer stadiums, the Palestinians may or may not be among them.

With the evidence of chemical weapons that Syria acquired from Saddam Husein prior to the US invasion of Iraq, one might surmise that these chemical agents may by used against the people sequestered in the stadiums. There is no evidence of this but the fact that Syrian troops packed the stadium with ten thousand plus people is significant. Immobilization of large amounts of the population is a sign of an atrocity in the making. Like Saddam, Bashar is a leader in the Bathe political party. This is a philosophy most commonly referred to as a cross between Nazism and Marxism. Given the past performance of Hafez, Bashar’s dead farther and the cronies that the farther and son still have in common it should be of no surprise if these people are murdered in a mass atrocity of some kind.

Latakia’s roads have been blockcaded by solders restricting access to the city. Reports of residents fleeing from navel artillery have met there fate at the roadblocks. Entire families have been mowed down by machinegun fire to prevent them from escaping. The Syrian government denies that navel gunfire has been raking the city or the Palestinian refugee camp. A Syrian government official claims that the presences of gunboats is to deter weapons smuggling. The US State Departments spokesperson Victoria Nuland would neither confirm or deny the bombardment of Latakia by navel gunships. She would only confirm that the United States is imploring other nations to sanction Syria by not buying there oil and gas or send them weapons. The governments of Syria and The United States seam to be the only groups covering up the story in Latakia. The al-Assad forces obviously have orders to clear out Latakia to keep secret the delivery of military supplies Iran is delivering to the coastal military base there. Iran will expand and update the air base at Latakia (adjacent to a naval base and formerly used by the Soviet Union) in order to facilitate weapons shipments.  Turkey has stopped at least two weapons shipments through Turkish territory from Iran to Syria this year.
An air base alone would be of little use to Iran and Syria, unless Iran can route planes over Iraq.  If that isn’t possible, the air base at Latakia buys Tehran and the Assad regime little, at least in the near future.  The planes have to approach Latakia somehow, and if they can’t go through Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, or Jordan, there is no feasible direct route. Nor would any country on the Mediterranean side knowingly allow a planeload of Iranian weapons to use its air bases as a way-point.  Few if any potential Asian partners would be willing to allow that use for their air bases.  Iran has dealt in third- and fourth-party cut-outs for years (e.g., the recent attempt to route arms clandestinely through Nigeria), but intelligence agencies are fully alerted to Iranian tactics. But might Iraq allow Iranian aircraft to transit her airspace en route Syria?  Observers in the Middle East are starting to see that as very possible.  The news site Iran Focus ties the Prime Minister of Iraq Nouri al-Maliki’s diplomatic support of the Assad regime to the fact that he “owes his hold on power to Tehran”  a reference to his (relatively enthusiastic) accommodation with Iran-backed Shia elements in Iraq.

Iranian military involvement in Syria has been confirmed by a Mukhabarat secret police officer that had defected to Turkey and is staying in the Yayladagi refugee camp. Now he faces an uncertain future. No-one else in the refugee camp knows that he was once one of the men ordered to fire on protesters, but he also knows that he faces death as a deserter if he were to return to Syria.

The deserter confirmed that Iranian snipers are being used in Syria.  "We knew they were from Iran because we were not allowed to speak to them and they were kept well away from us. When we had operated with the Syrian army we would always mix with them and chat." His account confirms other reports that Syria has turned to its closest ally for help including training and military hardware in putting down the protests directed at the Assad family's four decades in power.
During interrogation he recounted that he had beaten prisoners and shot at protesters in Damascus. At times during the past two months he was aware of Iranian troops operating alongside his team in the Syrian capital. His victims, protesters some as young as 13 were brought  into police stations where they were beaten for the entertainment of senior officers. The worst episode, he said, came in July when the secret police snatched nine women believed to be married to opposition leaders. The Mukhabarat stripped them and then made them walk through the streets," he said. "It was just to make their husbands turn themselves in. Two days later they did."

"I try not to think of the terrible things I have done," he said the “police and army were all afraid like me but knew they would be killed if they left or if they refused orders."

Ms, Nuland previously denied comments referencing Turkish military action, However there is sources inside Turkey claiming that there is a plain to arm the Syrian citizenry. The Syrians would be trained in the use of light anti tank weapons, light and heavy machineguns. The training is said to be underway at the refugee camps at the Turkish/Syrian border. The Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu in frustration stated today that all options are now off the table. Ms Nuland today spoke not only of sanctions, “tighten the noose economically and politically” as she put it. Ms. Nuland said that ”we will continue to do that” and speaking to the Turks frustration she said that “a  guy who is killing innocents over and over and over again, who week after week goes into more and more cities” implying that it leaves the Turks no choice.

Ms Nuland added “I think the question is: What is the right response from the international community? And we believe that U.S. ACTION alone is not going to have as much impact, as the Secretary said this morning, as ACTION by as many of the countries that are partner – trading partners, that are neighbors, that have influence with Syria as possible, ACTUALLY TAKING ACTION.”

The situation in Syria is getting worse and the logical conclusion is that the GCC and Turkey form a coalition and move to strike with military action. From all indications the U.S. will not be invited to the party, with the exception of advisers. The King of Saudi Arabia said the ramifications will be dealt with at a later date, he was referencing the relationship between Syria,Iran and Hamas.