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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Unrest in America's Southwest

Mexican Military Cuidad Juarez Mexico
Need a dirty deed done dirt cheap? Then do it in Mexico and there is a 98.5% chance of getting away with it. Recent reports generated by the Federalise suggest that the murder rate is so out of control that it is no longer practical to rely on the numbers. Check the news for one week in Mexico and you will find that more people are killed by war type skirmishes south of the US border than in Afghanistan. An average of 327 people are killed every week from Drug cartel violence. Then of course there is the incidental crimes of conspiracy, oil and gas theft, human trafficking, prostitution of juveniles, firearms trafficking, money laundering, rape, ETC, ETC, ETC.

Clearly Mexican police officials are overwhelmed with the frequency, intensity and brutality of the violence that is occurring on a daily basis. The day that this story was being composed a gunfight between rival cartels in CIUDAD JUAREZ broke out leaving 10 people dead. The police arrived and were shot at but the fighters got away and the police have no suspects in custody to question, just dead bodies. It is unlikely that anyone will be arrested or charged in this event. Police admit that they are handicapped by outdated procedures and prosecution methods however the unsolved or un-prosecuted crime rate is due to many variables. First of which is the reluctance of witnesses to come forward with information for fear of reprisal. Second is the police themselves, corruption, incompetence, outdated procedures, lack of case prioritization and under staffing are all problems that the police need to overcome in order to put a dent in the soaring crime rate. Third is the financial incentive offered by the cartels. The money that the a cartel is offering keeps a typical soldier in rice and beans for a long time. The Los Zetas, Mexico's largest and most violent cartel routinely advertises for soldiers offering them good wages, daily food and health care for themselves and their families.

The Mexican Government just can not compete with the drug cartels when it comes to salary and benefits. Soldiers leaving the army or sailors leaving the navy are recruited by the cartels, promised a more than competitive compensation package. And for the type “A” personality looking for action it is a win win situation all around. For a officer or a non-com it can be an opportunity to get rich in a short period of time then get out (ALIVE) and live happily ever after.

Body bag sales in the northern states of Mexico seem to be at a peak these days. The latest figures show that Nuevo Leon has experienced a 617% increase in the murder rate from 2009 to 2011. The Mexicans also acknowledge that 4 out 5 homicides go unsolved and unpunished. The Mexican conviction rate on all crime nationwide is approximately 20% but in the northern states that figure drops significantly to 3.6%. The conviction rate on murder is even more disappointing about 1.75% of all murders committed in northern Mexico are solved and get convictions.

One of the theories behind these horrendous statistics is that Mexican President Calderon has allowed the situation to boil over in order to justify the intervention of American military troops. Clearly the alphabet soup of American agencies that have been funneling assets to the American southern border have made things worse and they have actually escalated the violence in Mexico. The failed “Fast and Furious” operation is a case in point where the BATF and FBI have developed a strategy to shelter cartel informants and supply weapons in a cross border operation to uncover a weapons trafficking network. The failed operation only succeeded in supplying military grade weaponry to the drug cartels, and inserting  the Obama administration in an illegal operation that violates the United Nations international gun ban that Secritery of State Hillary Clinton has been promoting. Developing a risky illegal strategy such as the FAF operation proved to be not only embarrassing to the Obama Administration but opens up the US Justice Department to criminal charges on many levels. Therefore protecting the American southern border may fall under the control of US Northern Command. Inserting the military into this situation makes it totally possible to operate in cross border operations in Mexico. The military will be capable of instituting a “buffer zone” aka “no mans land” in the northern Mexican hinterlands. USCENTCOM assets that have been deployed in Iraq are now being transferred to USNORTHCOM for Mexican redeployment.

Mexican Generals and G2 (intelligence) commanders have been dreading their nations loss of sovereignty under the civilian control of President Calderon for several years. The commanders first spoke out in 2010 with accusations of presidential misconduct. The generals are saying that the Civilian leaders in the the US and Mexico are facilitating the violence and unrest in Mexico. G2 investigators in 2009 have accused US law enforcement agencies of “instigating” the Mexican violence and that the Calderon administration of “setting the stage for an open US intervention” years later it is obvious that the G2s machinations are coming to fruition. The military leaders are making the claim that US intervention follows a dual  strategy of social unrest so destabilizing that something MUST be done under the guise of humanitarian relief. The first condition has already been achieved by allowing the drug cartels to gain so much power and perpetuate so much violence that the people of Mexico will welcome the intervention regardless of the source. The second is responding to international concerns about  trans national criminal elements seeking to spread their tentacles world wide.

This is nothing new, the CIA has been destabilizing governments by employing tactics such as this for years. The CIA historically has undermined one dictator for another dictator that will do their bidding or a communist regime for a democratic one. So why Mexico? It is neither communist nor unfavorable to the US as a matter of fact Mexico and the US have a politically strong relationship. So why would the US take on the fiduciary responsibility of an entire country? To many Americans Mexico is a playground where almost anything goes. Tropical resorts, underage sex and drugs have attracted Americans south of the border for decades. Corporate America sees Mexico as a source of cheap exploitable labor  and a country that has few environmental laws. Because of this Many American companies have exported their manufacturing facilities to Mexico. Billions of dollars are at stake for corporate America and the inability of Mexican law enforcement to eliminate the cartel threat or to just keep it in check is extremely troubling to American CEOs. What is happening in Mexico is a soft-overthrow, this will be accomplished by Mexican politicians relinquishing their sovereignty to Washington DC and second by giving American military forces the power to act with impunity within their borders. In return for this The US government will allow Mexican citizens to travel freely across the US border and work and collect benefits and constitutional rights afforded only to American citizens.

What is happening on a corporate level in Mexico is very similar to the situation in 1954 with the United Fruit Company in Guatemala. UFC (Now Chiquita Brands) owned 42% of all farm land and had a near monopoly on the tropical fruit market (namely bananas) in the western hemisphere. UFC went to both President Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower to intercede on their behalf when their land holdings started to get expropriated by the then
Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz. The CIA instituted The plain
PBFORTUNE, followed by operation PBSUCCESS, followed by operation PBHISTORY.The 1950s banana republic wars of central America will have nothing on this one. The stakes are considerably higher in terms of money, people and national security. Pick an industry or a municipality in the US that is not affected by the Mexican drug cartel problem.

Mexico has been the pressure relief valve of many US industries in the past, textiles, shoes, hardware, appliances and furniture once staples of the American manufacturing base have migrated south for lower wages, less government regulations and interference, health care costs, ETC, ETC, ETC. In 2008 we saw the chickens come home to roost when the BIG THREE automakers came to capitol hill and testified about their financial problems. As a result President Barack Obama and his administration instituted the auto bailout. With General Motors and Chrysler receiving $80 billion bailout bucks the stakes are high for the US taxpayer. This takes us to GM Mexico, GM has manufacturing facilities all over the world but principally in the US, Canada and Mexico to supply the North American market. GM Mexico was not in Washington holding their hand out for bailout bucks and the reason why is because GM Mexico is the company's most profitable division. GM has built 504,858 Pick ups and SUVs in the 

Silao Mexico plant, vehicles such as the Suburban, Avalanche, Silverado and Cadillac Escalade built by Mexican workers for $2.80 an hour in 2008 the year of the bailout. These figures are typical in the auto industry where Mexico is concerned, so it is in the best financial interest of the US automakers to preserve the third world wages and working conditions and have a stable Mexico free of internal strife. So in comes USNORTHCOM to save the day, unlike in the 1950s the CIA will take a backseat to American armed forces operating in the light of day. This will be a overt military operation accompanied by a signed engraved invitation from the Mexican Government and the political cover being “the war on drugs”.

This will happen and it will happen soon you can call it a police action, an intervention or an invasion but the CIA, DEA, FBI, BATF,CBP,NSA and US State Department all have had their forays into Mexico each bumbling along on their little missions to soften up the landscape in the Southern Border region and spreading their influence and causing unrest in the American Southwest.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Missiles, Mayhem and the Mahdi

EU and US Squeeze Syrian Simpletons as missiles are being prepped in Lebanon and Gaza the PM of Israel Netanyahu has denounced Iran and vowed a first strike against Iran. Netanyahu fresh off his Washington visit has said that he will not be influenced by the Obama White House and will strike with or without Washington's support or knowledge. The people of Israel must feel like they are on an island surrounded by sharks. Striking from Southern Lebanon Hezbollah have their missile launch orders from Tehran, Hamas in the Gaza strip launches attacks on a daily basis keeping security forces in a constant state of alert. In Washington the Obama administration has imposed economic and travel sanctions on the first lady of Syria Asma al Assad. The Gucci store in Paris may be late with the rent payment this month thanks to Barack Obama.

Syrian President Bashar al Assad has also proclaimed to UN Envoy Kofi Annan this week that he will strike first if he anticipates a threat from the American and French Aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria. President Assad has claimed that he has chosen civilian and military targets of  France, Norway, Holland and Italy in the  Mediterranean along with the British Royal Air Force Akrotiri facility in Cyprus, Assad alluded to other strikes   at coalition bases in the Middle East as well.

As US military doctrine has dictated during past administrations hostile aggressors will receive a visit from the F-117 Nighthawks that will take out opposition radar facilities, 117s may already be at bases in Turkey and NSA Bahrain. B-2 Bombers would then be tasked out of Whiteman Air Force base to decimate command and control facilities. Also eliminating Syria;s communication ability will be key in isolating Syria from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.The carriers USS Enterprise and the French Charles de Gaulle along with the Turkish and British air forces will then send strike sorties to decimate Syrian  offensive capabilities on the ground. If the Syrians do take an offensive posture and do launch a missile attack against the US or other allis there is no guarantee that President Obama will approve the  “Shock and Ahaw” offensive strike that would cripple the Syrian military and political structure. But if a massive initial strike is not carried out Assad will undoubtedly use chemical or biological weapons in the form of missiles launching against Turkey and Israel.

The visit to Washington last week by British PM David Cameron was obviously meant to get the Brits on the same page as President Barack Obama. President Obama and PM Cameron reportedly discussed the Israeli compunction to strike Iran pre-emptively. The President and the PM are formulating a strategy designed to keep Israel placated and out of a conflict with the Iranians. However Israel must have been left out of the loop because when PM Netanyahu got wind of this he reportedly went ballistic on the floor of the Knesset Wednesday saying that “We shall strike Iran even if our American friends object.”  The US State Department number  two, Andrew Shapiro has been dispatched to Tel Aviv in the wake of PM Binyamin Netanyahu's comments. Shapiro the political military advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will confront Israeli PM Netanyahu and ask for clarification about his comments in the Knesset this week. There is no doubt that the israelis are being squeezed by the the Iranians and their Hezbollah henchman in Lebanon and the Hamas in Gaza. It is obvious and self evident what PM Netanyahu was communicating to his peers and the US State Department should save the plane ticket. People in Western countries just do not understand what life is like in Israel. The woman in this photo is picking up gas masks for her family that she mail ordered.

It is obvious that war in the Middle East is unavoidable and like the Arab Spring movement it could be touched off by a single event, like a fruit vendor setting himself on fire in Tunisia. The questions of who, what, when ,where, why and how are somewhat moot to the West. Obviously the White House and 10 Downing St are of the mind set that a first strike by Israel is high on the probability list. If in fact Israel (acting alone) can pull off a strike on Iran’s Underground Fardo nuclear facility near the holy city of Qom, an enrichment facility that is currently operating and enriching uranium from 20 percent purity to the 90 percent weapons grade material that is required for ballistic missiles. By striking the Fardo enrichment plant there is no doubt that Israel would be doing a favor for the Middle East and the entire world. What needs to be contemplated is the ramifications of such actions, are Westerners willing to pay the price for a nuke free Middle East. Certainly countries such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE would welcome such a strike while others like Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, not so much and yet still others may be on the fence. The Western world has other concerns with a Israeli strike namely radical Islamists, Hamas and Hezbollah sleeper cells and grass roots radicals taking revenge in the name of the Mahdi. The Mahdi is a mythical Islamic being and according to the myth will be resurrected along with Jesus Christ and rule the world after a nuclear holocaust occurs.

Iranian 2 Stage Ballistic Missile 
Recently Ray Kelly the chief of police in New York city has come under fire for the surveillance of muslims in the New York and New Jersey areas. It has now been revealed that the counter-terrorist police unit of the NYPD has uncovered a spy ring involving 13 Iranians living in New York City and are employed by the Iranian government as  United Nations diplomats. These 13 people have been witnessed collecting pre- operational intelligence (preopintel) on several NY city locations. These Iranian agents are free to travel within the US and carry diplomatic passports thus affording them a certain level of immunity within international law. All told there are roughly 89 of these Iranian individuals between New York and Washington DC.

Rocket motor cluster for ICBM 
Infiltration Cells
Middle Eastern operatives that have covertly entered a country and take order directly from leadership in the mother country. These are typically the fundraising arm of Hamas and Hezbollah.
Hybrid Cells
Are the most dangerous the hybrid is typically made up of a highly trained infiltrator that has recruited self radicalised or prison radicalised individuals from the host country.
Independent Cells
This cell is made up of trained operatives that have infiltrated the host country grown apart from their leadership. and have gone rouge. This cell may be made up of elements from Hamas, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. the actors in this group are desperate to carry out an attack regardless of the ramifications.
Homegrown Cells (the grassroots terrorists)
These individuals are indigenous to the country that they operate in. But for whatever reason they become disillusioned with the political system or job loss or maybe they just want to be important for 10 minutes. what ever the reason this actor becomes radicalised in prison or by way of the internet or a radical Imam looking for converts.

If you were to ask the FBI how many of these cells are in North America they can’t tell you. If you ask the FBI or Homeland Security how many radical operatives are in the US they can not tell you. If you ask Border Patrol how many OTMs (other than Mexicans) they apprehend they can tell you that. Based on those numbers the Justice Department extrapolates how many terrorists have infiltrated the US mainland. This number is a total fabrication. It is a number that can be thrown out when asked under oath by a congress person. FBI Director Mueller how many radical Muslims sneak into the country every year. 100?, 200?, 1000? who knows, not even the terrorist organizations know, that is the truth.

Hezbollah and Hamas the henchmen of the Iranian and Syrian governments operate in covert and semi-covert sleeper cells world wide. For the most part these cells are fund raising entities working to fuel the terroir activities
back home against Israel. They seldom strike out against their host countries for fear of losing their anonymity. Operating in secret is key to their continuous success. However some host countries allow Hezbollah to operate with impunity, Venezuela not only allows Hezbollah to operate cocaine laboratories within its borders but supplies them with soldiers for security and planes for transportation to Mexico where drug cartels buy their product for American distribution. This is not to say that these sleeper cells will remain dormant, in the event of a Israeli air strike on Iran or American intervention in Syria these cells may go into action with plains that have previously been approved by the leadership back in Iran or Lebanon. Western countries have been walking a fine line since the Arab Spring sprung up a year ago. Local police forces in all Western countries should have security concerns every time tensions increase in the Middle East. There is no telling what will trigger an event in the US, UK, Norway or France. The shooter in Norway Anders Breivik and the shooter in France Mohammed Merah could not be more opposite but they are the opposites of the same coin. Breivik is a ultra right wing radical wanting to exterminate Muslims in Europe. Merah targeted French soldiers and a Jewish school killing 7 people before police sent him to hell. Merah’s actions were typical of the Hezbollah manifesto to go after military first and a jewish target of opportunity second. Both terrorists were self radicalized and both had a unrealistic view of the world. what makes them diametrically opposed is their philosophy. Both these actors could be classified as rogue sleeper cells.or grass roots terrorists ready to act out with a self implemented plain but thinking that they are acting on behalf of others for the greater good of their cause.

The problem that we have in the western world is that people live in a free and open society allowing anybody to live the way they want, worship the way they want and travel freely without being questioned. This is the perfect recipe for the radical Islamist giving him a free hand in society. And if your investigated or questioned then you run to a civil rights group like CAIR (The Council on American Islamic Relations)  claim that you're being discriminated against then CAIR sues on behalf of the terrorist for $25,000 and the affected party settles out of court and the terrorist and CAIR split the 25 grand. Tactics such as this has intimidated society in the US. The federal, state and local governments have taken the path of least resistance in order to avoid the charges of racism. Muslim student organisations and charities have taken full advantage of this and now operate with near impunity. This situation has become untenable.
Syrian Biological and chemical weapons facility complete with missiles and underground silos and storage
The Iranian Israeli stand off is an  extremely dangerous situation, European, South American, North American and Middle Eastern Societies are all involved and all have skin in the game. The Syrian civil war is just as dangerous. With a leader like Assad the situation in Syria will continuously deteriorate to the point that the country's population will be cut by one third or even in half; What the world is witnessing in Syria is religious and ethnic cleansing the likes of which would make Adolf Hitler envious. The Arab Spring was just the tip of the sword and the fallen dictators that have kept the Muslim malcontents in check up that point are dead, expelled, or on trial and in jail awaiting  certain execution or death by natural causes. The Syrian situation is one that terrifies military and political leaders simply because of the uncertainty of the weapons that Assad may unleash on the region. It is speculated that under Assad's control there is Sarin gas, Bio-toxins and even dirty bomb grade uranium. This is the real reason why the Turks and the Arab League has not launched an offence against the country as of yet. But there will come a day when something will be uncovered like a football stadium full of dead bodies that have been gassed or mass graves in the desert and a “shock and awe” campaign will happen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Liberal Warfare, The Syrian Food Fight

“US & UN send food, Russia sends Commandos”
The Russians have been supplying the Syrian and Iranian governments with light and heavy weapons for years. In the last 5 years their has been a significant increase in small arms and ammunition, roughly a 580% increase over the previous 5 years. Syria and Venezuela have been acting as agents of circumvention allowing Iran to overcome the sanctions imposed by the majority of NATO and Middle Eastern States.  Heavy weapons such as T72 tanks, towed 120 mm howitzers, self-propelled 155 mm howitzers  such as the Gvozdika  and the BTR-80 a armored personnel carrier that has a crew of 3 and accommodates 7 passengers. The BTR is equipped with a 14.5 mm KPVT machine gun as well as a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun. These are the bread and butter weapons that have been employed by President Assad for taking out the buildings and residents of Homs and Daraa.

The Syrians also have a formidable mixed bag of attack fighter jets,helicopters, transports and support aircraft that have not been pressed into action as of yet. The Syrian air forces have been sidelined for political and strategic reasons. In the event of confrontation such as a Turkish skirmish in the Northern Syrian frontier or coalition invasion from the Mediterranean the Syrians will not hesitate to use their aircraft in homeland defense.

Currently the public position emanating from the White House on Syria is to stand off any military options but to supply money for food and humanitarian aid that is to be distributed by NGOs such as the Red Crescent and Red Cross. This liberal doctrine is spelled out in a press release from the US Department of State, seen below reprinted in blue. This is just what Assad was hoping for, more time, and more stalling, culminating in more killing and a wider genocidal cover-up. The possibility of this food getting to the people that need it in a timely manner is slim at best. It is far more likely that any aid supplied to Syria will be hijacked in whole or in part, security annalists must have raised this possibility in the White House but President Obama must make some kind of statement, even if it is to show the world just how limp his dick really is. This so-called food aid is in all likelyhood a smoke screen for covert British SAS operators to be inserted into the country where the borders are closed to outsiders and the only source of news is coming from unvetted Internet sources and the Assad controlled media propaganda machine.

The problem with all this stalling by a wavering coalition force is that it leaves President Assad a continuous free hand in the eradication of his political opposition that he refers to as terrorists. The Death toll of these people has been on a steady increase in the year following the Arab spring but in the last two months the death has rate sky-rocketed.  The UN and the Red Crescent NGOs have pegged the body count at 7500 to 8000 but sources inside the country said that their is no way of confirming any death toll because entire populations have been displaced and dispersed. Whole cities have been decimated and abandoned leaving behind bombed out building shells and rubble piles.

A year ago when President Assad issued the order to attack, detain, torture and kill his political criticizers his fate was sealed. As King Abdullah of Jordan has expressed “Syria is a Pandora's Box when it comes to the ouster of the Assad family". The King is right, if he is looking to replace Assad with a candidate from the current list of malcontents. However many more possibilities exist outside of the country. The King is of the opinion that President Basher al-Assad has an “Expiration Date.”  The further out that date is postponed the higher the bodies will be piled. The more time Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran will have to get their terror ducks in a row. The US, the UK, Israel, Turkey and the Arab League will without a doubt face a backlash of terror activities for their involvement or non-involvement in the Syrian conflict, a no win situation when it comes to the Bedouin rational. The involvement of a coalition force in Syria will trigger a greater Middle Eastern Conflict drawing in other surrounding nations spiking the death toll even higher but this is inevitable. It does not matter how many tons of food are dropped on Syria or how many broken promises Iran and Syria issue. The fact is the seeds of war have been sown and there is no avoiding it. The Arab Spring has given birth to a new Middle East one of tumult and tenuous peace and that is a fact. The other fact is that their are factions stockpiling weapons and these factions have the means, the compunction, the opportunity and the religious motivation to initiate a regional conflict with global ramifications.

Humanitarian Relief for Syrians

Fact Sheet
Office of the Spokesperson
Washington, DC
March 15, 2012

The United States is pursuing every avenue to get humanitarian relief into Syria and is engaged in focused diplomatic efforts to secure safe access for humanitarian organizations to reach those in need. To that end, the United States is providing over $12 million in humanitarian assistance through the UN and other humanitarian organizations to support the people of Syria. This assistance is supporting international and non-governmental humanitarian partners, including:

  • $5.5 million to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR);
  • $3 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC);
  • $3 million to the World Food Program (WFP); and
  • $1 million to non-governmental organizations (NGO).
U.S. efforts also include bolstering existing regional stockpiles of humanitarian supplies and equipment to be delivered to vulnerable and besieged Syrian communities. These stockpiles of food and other emergency relief supplies are part of a growing international effort to rush humanitarian aid into Syria to alleviate suffering as access and conditions allow.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) are delivering critical medical services and supplies, food, water, blankets, hygiene kits, and heaters to the Syrian people. This funding will also provide support for host families who are sheltering displaced Syrians due to the ongoing violence and to those who have fled to neighboring countries.

On March 14, 2012, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) issued a special alert voicing serious concern over the state of food security, especially for vulnerable groups. The World Food Program (WFP) estimates that 1.4 million people have become food insecure as a result of the violence.

WFP plans to provide food aid to 100,000 people affected by the civil conflict in 11 governorates in Syria. The WFP operation provides rations to displaced Syrians and host families, households that have lost breadwinners or livelihoods, female-headed households, and unaccompanied minors.

Since February 20, the World Food Program has delivered 16,850 family food rations—sufficient to feed approximately 84,000 people for one month—to Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) warehouses in 11 governorates in Syria. SARC has distributed 7,415 WFP food rations to beneficiaries this month, although several of the worst-affected areas within the governorates remain inaccessible due to insecurity.

PRN: 2012/386

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Holder is Disturbed

Commissioner Ray Kelly
“Disturbing” Gov. Christie and A.G. Holder, Really?
What is disturbing is buildings full of office workers exploding due to a terrorist bomb or a bridge jammed with commuters tat is rammed by a hijacked ship. The public is far to eager to tar and feather police officials in the public square when their is a procedure that may be slightly politically incorrect. The Head Honcho in the New York City Police Department, Ray Kelly is a stand up guy, he has been called the best police official in the world, in charge of the best police force in the world. So why is Commissioner Kelly and his methods  taking friendly fire from those who should be supporting him and bolstering his efforts to keep the people of New York safe? In one week the top cops policy has been described as “Disturbing”, first by The Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and again by The United states Attorney General Eric Holder. What gives fellas, why so grumpy, could it be that Ray Kelly is producing results and he has grabbed some headlines?

Gov. Christie now backpedaling his “disturbing” comment that he made about the NYPD’s surveillance program of suspicious Muslim activity in his state. Christie has said in a later statement that “I may have been briefed in 2007” when he was the States Attorney General about the NYPD activity within New Jersey, he then admitted that he learned that federal officials stumbled upon NYPD activity in Newark N.J.. Gov. Christie’s new love affair with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has got him waking a fine line down the middle of the road these days with his right hand tied behind his back. It is clear that the newly founded politically correct Christie is vying for the V. P. slot on the Romney Presidential ticket.

Gov. Chris Christie
A G Holder during his testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee was asked by New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg about the NYPD activity within New Jersey. Holder responded with the comment, “All i know is what i have read in the News Paper but it is disturbing.” What! An official is testifying to Senators about new paper articles, he should decline commenting about something unless he has direct knowledge of the subject. However Holder did reference a conversation with Governor Christie at some sort of function in New Jersey. Both men need to be less “disturbed” at what the NYPD is doing and more concerned with their own activities. A. G. Holder certainly has a full plate with the continuing malfeasance, misfeasance and misconduct within the Justice Department and it’s satellite departments.
A. G. Eric Holder

The NYPD gave us cops like Eddie Eagan the officer portrayed by Gene Hackman in the movie “French Connection” The main character “Popeye” Doyle conducted surveillance in NY NJ and Marseilles France, and Detective Frank Serpico who uncovered a police corruption scandal in the 1970s and was portrayed by Al Pacino in the movie. These two men are typical of the every day heroes that the NYPD is comprised of.
Ray Kelly and the NYPD have conducted operations in conjunction with many police forces around the country. Federal, state and local police from Colorado, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey have all been consulted when investigations have taken the NYPD outside of the city’s boundaries. It is critical that any investigator that uncovers an illegal plot follow the suspects wear ever the trail leads in order to uncover a potentially larger conspiracy weather it is a simple drug deal or a multi-national terror organization the principals are the same. The fly in the ointment hear is the Muslim support groups like CAIR and the political apologists that coddle them for their votes. It just so happens that being a Muslim and practicing Islam is not just a religion but a way of life. People engaged in criminal activity need a cover in order to conceal and facilitate their activities. The Muslim extremists are no exception to this. The Mosque and the Islamic faith is being used as a facade of legitimacy for radical and illegal behavior. The NYPD is doing the prudent thing by doing preemptive investigations into known radical Islamic student organizations and so-called support groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations CAIR.

For New Jersey public officials to complain about the activities of the NYPD is appalling and can only be explained by these officials bowing down to pressure from groups like CAIR or they are just miffed that the NYPD is on their turf and considered them not important enough to inform of their activities. In either case these people are winning wimps and wussies that need to hide under their mommies skirt. As far as the accusations that the NYPD is undermining the rights of these Muslims to practise their Islamic religion and of racial profiling is obsessed. IF Ray Kelly was given intelligence that a faction of the IRA was plotting to execute an operation in New York City and the plotters are using a Catholic Church in Hoboken for financial cover and covert meetings, then as sure as the sun rises the next morning a Catholic officer operating under cover would be inserted into the congregation. It is what it is, if your going fishing you need to go were the fish are or you wont catch anything. The point is that doing the right thing is not always popular.

Michael B. Ward special agent in charge of the FBI’s Newark Division has commented on NYPD’s counter-terror operations by saying he was kept aware of operations that the NYPD’s intelligence division has in play in New Jersey, adding that “It was known to most New Jersey law enforcement officials who work on counter-terrorism issues.” Ward covered his ass by saying. He met with NYPD intelligence officials on a bimonthly basis, but he wasn’t briefed on the extent of the operations.

The key point is we don’t have awareness of everything that NYPD intelligence does in New Jersey,” Ward said. “We have meetings with them, we get together with them almost twice a month in which we share information, but we don’t have insight into what they are doing.”

And why should they, if you are not directly involved in an investigation then you have no need to know. The stakes are huge hear the NYPD is not concerned with a DUI bust after the Giants game on Sunday afternoon. New York City is the grand prize for terrorists and any people or events of interest that effect New York will be investigated by the special investigation units of the NYPD.

As far as A.G. Holder is concerned he needs to keep his nose out of New York’s business and concentrate on his own malfeasance and the misconduct by his BATF agents along the Mexican border. And Gov. Christie put your big boy pants back on, you wore them when you were elected and now that your blowing Mitt Romney’s whistle they seem to be hanging in a closet somewhere near Trenton.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"King among Kingpins"

General Luis Felipe Acosta Carles, Left. Waled Makled, Right
The rhetoric is heating up once again with respect to Iran and their race to achieve nuclear weapons in the middle east. What this means to Israel is a certain preemptive action against Iran and to some extant Syria. But has thought been given to the ramifications of such an action in North America and what is going on in South America? Regardless of the political persuasion of the president in office, the United States must support Israel in there decision for a first strike against Iran. For a president not to support Israel in a conflict would be political castration both at home and internationally.

The fly in the ointment hear is Hugo Chavez, more to the point the Venezuelan Military and the  Chavez political machine. Venezuela's generals and political leaders have come to realize huge personnel wealth through the support and facilitation of cocaine shipments to the U.S.. The involvement of the Venezuelans goes far beyond pay to look the other way corruption and enters into the universe of a narco-state that facilitates terror organizations.

What does this have to do with Iran’s Nuclear aspirations? Venezuela’s involvement in the Middle East goes back to 1999 when Chavez was elected president. Sense then he has hosted every Middle Eastern Malcontent from Qaddafi to Ahmadinejad. These alliances have proven to be profitable to Iran and their anti-Israel proxy Hezbollah in the form of drug profits, money laundering, gasoline refining and weapons trafficking. Chavez brokered a partnership between FARC and Hezbollah for the purpose of funding and facilitating terror activities in the Middle East, North America and Central America. In order to do this Chavez enlisted his military and a business man Walid Makled. Waled aka “EL A rabe” (The Arab) as he was known to his unscrupulous business partners is a first generation Venezuelan of Syrian decent. The Makled Group that was controlled by Waled The Arab and his brothers Abdla aka (Abdala) Alex and Basel all are in Venezuelan prisons. Currently alive?

The Makled brothers may not be in jail for what they did but for what they know. Waled by his own admission has said that his assets are estimated to be upwards of $1.2 billion U.S. dollars the Makled group controlled warehousing and shipping in the Venezuelan port of Puerto Cabello. Control of Cabello is to control the hart-beat of the nation everything flows through that port and this control gave The Makled Group an interest in all state owned enterprises from food to fuel The profits realized by the port gave Makled the leverage to purchase a publishing company an airline controlling interest in airport facilities and real estate. In a short period of time The Makled Group became a powerful financial and political force within the country. Thus threatening the political power of Hugo Chavez.

How did the Uneducated Makled brothers elevate from a dirt poor Syrian immigrant family to become so rich and so powerful in such a short period of time. it all came down to luck and timing. As young men in the 1990s the Makled brothers had few economic opportunities, being poor in a poor state in a poor country and having little or no formal education the brothers turned to a life of crime. The brothers banded together and formed a highway hijacking crew. Robbing travelers, Hijacking trucks and selling the stolen goods made the brothers a sufficient living and also brought them some attention from the police and local military. After several arrests Waled became familiar with General Luis Felipe Acosta Carles.

During a lengthy and prestigious career as a military man the General had made a pact with then Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez during the 1983 failed coup attempt. Chavez, Acosta Carles and other solders gathered at a location revered by the Venezuelans known as “Samam de Guere”. This is a tree that Simon Bolivar is said to have rested during the Bolivar revolution that split Latin America from Spain in the 1800s. It is odd that Chavez and the devout socialists in South America revere Bolivar, he was a slave owning capitalist that exploited the land and the underclass to reap huge profits.

Befriending General Acosta Carles  in the early 1990s was like hitting the lottery for the Makled brothers, the General was one of the Chavez elates and therefor had influence and power. The General used his influence to install Waled into the port at Cabello. Under the Generals tutelage and direction the group parlayed their positions into great wealth for themselves.

The connections that Waled and his brothers made were done exclusively through Chavez loyalists for example the Colombian FARC needs 100, 63-1 Chinese mortars with 500, 60-mm HE rounds and 300, 60-mm smoke rounds. On the open market this order may be worth $400,000 U.S. dollars but in FARC dollars it is worth 320 kilos of pure processed cocaine. So what happens is the Hezbollah representatives in Venezuela call their weapons suppler in Hong Kong and guarantee payment and take their 20% discount. The Chinese have the units loaded in Hong Kong on a ship sent from Venezuela that unloaded bananas the day before. When the ship arrives in Puerto Cabello full of cheep knock off clothing, toys and mortars The goods are unloaded and wearhoused at the port. A Aeropostal cargo plane is loaded with the weapons and sent from Venezuela to Honduras wear FARC takes possession of the mortars and ammunition. FARC then loads the plane with the cocaine. The plane refuels and takes the coke to northern Mexico were Los Zetas take possession and loads the plane with $640,000 U.S. dollars, the plane refuels and returns to Caracas. Makled also clams that Hezbollah operates their own cocaine processing labs in Maracaibo that are guarded by Venezuelan army troops. That coke is then transported to the airport in San Fernando de Apure. Aeropostal cargo planes are loaded, the planes are then flown to Honduras were the coke is distributed or then to Campeche Mexico and finally onto The U.S. These flights take place 5 to 6 times a day according to Makled.

In 2008 General Acosta Carles now Governor of The state Carabobo and The Makleds had amassed  a fortune and concentrated their power and influence over the national government and the military to the point that it was no longer concealable. At this point Chavez felt he needed to intercede and break up the party. Chavez tossed the General out of his Governorship stating that the office was “to big for him”. Shortly after the ouster of Acosta Carles the Venezuelan intelligence agency lead a raid on a Makled country estate arresting Alex, Abdela and Basel Makled. The November 13, 2008 police action yielded 400 kilos of cocaine. This fish smells like it’s been in the Caribbean sun to long. How many billionaire family members have 400 keys of coke just sitting about their country home? At this point Waled skipped out of the country only to sequester him self in Columbia just across the border.

With the help of the American DEA the Colombians busted Waled and sent him to the La Picota prison just outside the city of Bogota. With His back up against the wall Waled decided to play the last card in his hand and spill the beans on the Chevez machine that fueled his empire.

April 3, 2011 Waled granted an interview with Univision, he pleads his case for leniency explaining that he is in possession of incriminating written and video evidence exposing President Hugo Chavez in the international Drug,Gun and Terror triumvirate that supplements the financial coffers of the Venezuelan elate Hezbollah and the FARC to this day. If the evidence that Waled Makled had was truly damming we will never know because the Colombians never honored the Americans request for extradition. The decision was made to send Makled to Venezuela based upon the charges levied by the Chavez controlled judiciary.The indictment that the U,S, Justice Department unsealed in New York and dated November 4, 2010 charges Waled with one count of conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States.

The indictment reads as follows.

“From approximately 2006 through August 2010,MAKLED-GARCIA operated and controlled airstrips located in Venezuela. He used them to facilitate the shipment of multi-ton quantities of cocaine from Venezuela to Central America and Mexico by numerous drug trafficking organizations, knowing a portion were destined for the United States. To secure the safe passage of these cocaine shipments, MAKLED-GARCIA bribed Venezuelan officials with fees he extracted from the drug trafficking organizations.”

“MAKLED-GARCIA, 41, is charged with one count of conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison.The case is assigned to U.S. District Judge ROBERT W. SWEET.”

Are you kidding me ONE count of conspiracy this is a man that rubbed elbows with and made deals with some of the worlds most despicable people and organizations. If this guy is half of what he claims in the Univision interview then he needed to be vetted and put on trial. The only thing that will happen to him and his brothers in Venezuela is a silent death that keeps the Chavez dirty laundry hidden under the bed.

On the other hand if the Colombians gave access to a TV news crew then they probably granted the DEA and CIA access to Waled. It could be that the Americans considered Waled to be a pawn in the international chess game Venezuela is now embroiled in. Never the less their is a well trained, well funded and well maintained terror network in central and South America that is ready to strike the U.S. as soon as Israel or the U.S. make a move to decapitate the Iranian Hydra of terror.

The "King among Kingpins" as Waled Makled is described in the indictment, has been silenced and his involvement with FARC and Hezbollah is still in question. What is not in question is the threat to the U.S. by the Iranian proxy Hezbollah. The October surprise of 2011 involving Iranian nationals that snuck into the country through the U.S. Mexican border is just a warning. As things heat up in the Middle East between Israel and Iran the U.S. Will be drawn into the fight at home and abroad. The South American Hezbollah forces being given safe haven and training will certainly be let loose by their handlers to strike the U.S. from within the nations borders. One plot had been foiled in October for two reasons one of the perpetrators was a snitch and the other was a numskull. U.S. law enforcement will not be so lucky next time and if someone like Makled can shed light on the operations of the FARC, Hezbollah in South America and the Venezuelan connection to the middle east we just might unearth a terror network that is in full swing and ready to strike.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Over-watch, Over-kill, Over-it-2

CBP Receives Fourth Predator-B in Arizona
Agency Now Operates 9 Unmanned Aircraft

George Orwell in his classic novel “1984” described a police state in the year 1984 and that “Big Brother is watching” The novel first published June 8th 1949 is a portrayal of one man “Winston” that hungered for the truth in a time when the truth was illegal and thought crimes are punishable by death. The Apple Computer company capitalized on Orwell’s book when they introduced their Macintosh computer with the 1984 Superbowl commercial depicting lemmings, all staring comatose-like at a large screen taking their daily marching orders from Big Brother. More recently the Tom Cruise movie Minority Report which is based on the Philip K. Dick short story of the same name has striking similarities to the 1984 novel with the protagonist Captain John Anderson as a member of the Precrime Unit asking questions about destiny, free will and government control.

Having prefaced this blog entry with that introduction, why is it that so many main stream lemmings in the 

U.S. are reluctant to believe that the rights that have been considered unalienable are incrementally dwindling away. The uninformed citizenry of the U.S. are allowing their government to infiltrate their daily lives with everything from light bulb restrictions to the creeping false flag security agencies like the TSA that are weaving there way into the fabric of society. The ongoing uptick in false flag security will culminate in the eventual police state that we observed in the 1930s Germany.
Big brother is watching police forces from around the country, and are installing surveillance cameras on street corners  for the purpose of catching “red light runners” and even for pedestrian surveillance in high traffic areas such as Tampa Florida’s Ybor City, a notorious party zone. These cameras with facial recognition software are just the tip of the iceberg in Tampa. With the upcoming Republican National Convention the federal government allotted the city of Tampa $50 million for security. Two million of which will be spent on surveillance cameras in the down town area. With no restrictions on how that money is to be spent, the city of Tampa is also adding to their fleet of TANKS, the purchase of at least one Bearcat armored personnel carrier with the price tag of $300,000.00 a copy. The police presents in Tampa will be upwards of 4000 officers from around the state all being paid double time for the 4 days of the convention. The hotel bill for the officers will be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $1.2 million and they will be outfitted with all new gear and guns courtesy of Uncle Sam.

The feds have been in the surveillance business for many years. Most notability through the use of aerial unmanned drones. These drones have been a useful tool in the so-called war on terror. The unmanned drone was originally conceived as a intelligence gathering surveillance only tool but has evolved into an awesome offensive first strike weapon. The evolution of the drone came about when a general somewhere said OK we can see the bad guy in real time and track them in real time, lets kill them in real time. The hunter killer drones are being deployed and operated by the CIA out of clandestine micro bases around the globe to gather aerial intelligence on an as needed basis. These drones are also being used to carry out assassinations of individuals considered to be undesirable at the whim of the President of the United States. The sanction of Anwar al-Awlaki comes to mind as he was tracked, detected and dispatched by Hellfire missiles launched from two  Predator drones in the remote Yemen outback.

This concept has come to the U.S. mainland and has been given FAA approval however the Predators in the United States will be UN-armed for now and used for “Border protection, surveillance and drug interdiction.” The Customs and Border Protection service is now operating these UAVs from several bases in Florida, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. This is not to say that CBP is the only operator of unmanned aircraft in the U.S. the military has been training operators and operating UAVs within the U.S. borders for many years. The difference is that the military is not actively performing surveillance operations within the U.S.. The CBP claims in a press release dated Tuesday, December 27, 2011 that “Since the inception of the UAS program, CBP has flown more than 12,000 UAS hours in support of border security operations and CBP partners in disaster relief and emergency response, including various state governments and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The efforts of this program has led to the total seizure of approximately 46,600 pounds of illicit drugs and the detention of approximately 7,500 individuals suspected in engaging in illegal activity along the Southwest border.”

This is extremely alarming that a federal agency will do surveillance for “various state governments”. It is obvious that these Predator operators have been instructed to look for criminal activity on a random basis without a warrant thus violating the constitutional right to privacy culminating in an illegal search.

The U.S. Air Force published a fact sheet for The Predator MQ-1B dated January 5, 2012 and the stated mission of this hardware is as follows

“The MQ-1 Predator is an armed, multi-mission, medium-altitude, long endurance remotely piloted aircraft (RPA target, engage, and assess) against high value, fleeting, and time sensitive targets (TSTs). Predators can also perform the following missions and tasks: intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), close air support (CAS), combat search and rescue (CSAR), precision strike, buddy-lase, convoy/raid overwatch, route clearance, target development, and terminal air guidance. The MQ-1's capabilities make it uniquely qualified to conduct irregular warfare operations in support of Combatant Commander objectives.”

So why do we need such capabilities here in the U.S. unless the federal government is gearing up for a war against the American people disguising their objective as the war on drugs or internal terror threats. The electorate that grants congress the authority to make such decisions are the only ones able to put enough pressure on these politicians to de-fund such operations. The unit cost for a Predator B package in 2009 dollars is $20 million and includes four aircraft, a ground control station and a Predator Primary Satellite Link.

The arrival of the most recent Predator-B marks the second of two unmanned aircraft earmarked in the supplemental budget provisions identified in August 2010 bringing the total amount of UAVs under control of CBP to 9.

“CBP’s unmanned aircraft systems operate under several FAA-approved Certificates of Authorization that enable CBP to deploy a UAS in the national airspace. On the southwest border, the first certificate allows access into Texas from Arizona to just west of the Big Bend border area. The second certificate enables CBP to launch and recover a UAS from Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Texas, and to operate along the entire Texas land border with Mexico, the coast, and over open water.
On the southwest border, CBP now operates a total of six Predator-B aircraft from Sierra Vista, and Corpus Christi. The missions from these two centers will allow CBP to deploy its unmanned aircraft from the eastern tip of California across the common Mexican land borders of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.
CBP identified Arizona as a location for its ninth UAS because it will allow for the greatest support of the CBP Air and Marine Strategic Plan to secure the shared land border between U.S. and Mexico, and will allow for the most effective execution of counter-drug operations and Homeland Security missions.
Additionally, basing a fourth UAS in Sierra Vista will best posture CBP for rapid deployment throughout the southern tier of the U.S. and the Western Hemisphere. This operational capability increases CBP’s ability to provide disaster relief and humanitarian support in the Gulf Coast region.”

The December 27 press release references the Mexican border and the Gulf coast region. But in a written statement released February 29, 2012 the CBP made this statement to the House Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Homeland Security.

“We have also deployed new technology along the northern border, including thermal camera systems, Mobile Surveillance Systems, and Remote Video Surveillance System. In 2011, with the cooperation of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), CBP expanded its operational airspace along the northern border, enabling CBP UAS operations from the Lake-of-the-Woods region in Minnesota to the vicinity of Spokane, Washington, a distance of approximately 950 miles.”

The possibility exists that the entire 50 states and all U.S. territories will be under surveillance by Predator drones in the near future, putting Big Brother in the sky 24/7 flying overwatch keeping tabs on all of us. The people of the United States and the Constitution are under attack by the by the federal government. When is enough enough? How many lies are we willing to ingest and how many rights are we willing to relinquish before their is a revolt. Do not trust this blog for the truth find it yourself. look, listen and learn the information it is their all you need to do is pay attention to what is going on. Question your local politicians chances are they are ignorant of most of the rights that are being striped away from the citizenry. George Orwell and Philip K. Dick were not just story tellers but visionaries of the police state that is being imposed upon us since the 911 attack. It started many years ago and has been simmering on low through many administrations but the slow cooking is now over and we are being served up a heaping helping of Heil Obama and Heil Holder.