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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Connecting the dots

In response to Rick Amato's story "Did Mexican Government call it an 'Active War' or 'AN Act of War'" On Andrew Breitbarts Big Government

President Obama’s speech in Poland May 27th. During the speech he talked about energy and i am sure I heard him say Americas energy insecurity. Did he mean to say insecurity, probably not, was it a Freudian slip, probably so.

Operation Fast and Furious "Gunrunner" was all about taking the victory lap or spiking the football. As this statement from the ATF operation outline indicates.

"Effective implementation (and documentation) of this strategy will enhance public safety and provide essential evidence of performance and accomplishments necessary to the continued growth and reputation of our agency. Although ATF headquarters possesses resources and capabilities necessary to the success of this strategy, success ultimately rests with the vigorous implementation of this strategy by field division and Mexico Country Office personnel at the front line of these operations."

So ATF is looking to Justify there existence and using this operation as leverage to get a bigger slice of the Homeland Security pie.

Also indicated in this document is the confirmation that the President and Attorney General had full knowledge of the operation.

"The analysis of trends based on seizures and human intelligence have provided some meaningful insights into the methods of acquisition and transportation utilized by the Mexican cartels. Furthermore, over the past few months enforcement strategies (and other guidance) that address firearms trafficking to Mexican cartels have been developed and released by the White House and the Department of Justice. It is essential that ATF efforts support strategies promoted by the White House and Department of Justice. An examination of these and other strategies reveals similarities among the strategies, but also suggests that some revisions to ATF's current strategy are necessary."

It is my opinion, this misguided operation was all about putting President Obama, Attorney General Holder and the ATF in the end zone doing the Ickey shuffle just in time for re-election campaigning.

We are our own worst enemy
International conflicts give birth to terrorist organisations of all kinds. These conflicts are a result of inflating food prices, political oppression, religious fanaticism, etc..

The United States Government in its wisdom starts throwing money, food and military in overt and covert operations into these countries in the name of democracy. Ineffability the aid and training is used against the United States. Case in point, the USG gave money training and weapons to the Mujaheddin during the Soviet invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. The western world is now enjoying the benefits of that decision in the form of the Taliban and AL-Qaeda.

Since the 1990s the USG has been funneling hundreds of millions of dollars in the form of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority. The USG and many other countries reconize  the PA as a legitimate government, in point of fact the PA was born out of Yasser Arafat's Palestinian Liberation Organisation a terrorist organization. The PLO with the support of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has given birth to Hamas and Hezbollah. After the 2006 Hamas victory in the Palestinian Legislative Council elections, U.S.assistance to the Palestinians was restructured and reduced. The United States halted direct foreign aid to the PA but continued providing humanitarian and project assistance to the Palestinian people through international and non-governmental organizations. The ban on direct assistance continued during the brief tenure of a Hamas-led unity government. In 2007 USAID continued financial aid and instituted an audit and vetting process to ensure that funds were not going to finance terrorist activities.

For Hamas and Hezbollah to better finance there activities they have formed an alliance with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia known by its Spanish acronym, FARC and the National Liberation Army ELN both are on the U.S. State Department's list of foreign terrorist organizations. So now FARC,ELN,Hamas and Hezbollah are all sharing there assets and resources. Allegations in March 2008 and August 2009 by the Colombian government that the FARC was a receiving safe haven and support from the Venezuelan government. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez refuted the Colombian claims saying that this was an excuse by Columbia and the U.S. to invade his country. Chavez swore that, “If there were any armed aggression against Venezuela from Colombian territory promoted by the Yankee Empire, we would suspend the shipment of petroleum... we wouldn't send another drop of oil to its refineries, not a single drop more!”

To further complicate things, the porous borders in this region allow the terrorists groups to smuggle guns, dope and migrants to the U.S. through Mexico with the help of the Los Zeta crime organization. Anyone from any country can enter Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador without a visa and stay up to 160 days without violating their immigration laws, so undocumented people from around the world wishing to travel to the U.S. Under the radar do so by paying $7000.00 to the smugglers for passage through Mexico and into the U.S..

Military arsenals of several South and Central American countries have been raided by the FARC and weapons such as grenades, grenade launchers, automatic rifles, light and heavy machine guns, pistols and even armored personal carriers  have been stolen and destined for sale to the Los Zetas. Raids conducted by the Mexican and Guatemalan military along the southern border of Mexico have yielded thousands of these weapons. All of this is funded indirectly by the Governments of Venezuela and the U.S. and directly from the sale of cocaine marijuana and most recently meth in the U.S. and in Europe. The Los Zetas transport the drugs to the U.S. for distribution through street gangs such as MS 13 and Barrio 18. Hamas with the help of Venezuela transport the drugs to north Africa for distribution by Russian gangs in the E.U.

As for the allegations by the Mexican Government in response to Operation Fast And Furious that it was "an act of war" or "a active war", what difference does it make, both statements are true. USGO have been trying to circumvent the international merry-go-round of drugs money and weapons since Ronald Reagen declared a war on drugs. The ATF got caught with there pants down when Special Agent Jaime Zapata was killed and Victor Avila was severely injured when a drug gang attacked there vehicle in Mexico. The weapons left behind at the seen were traced by the ATF using there own E-Trace system only to find out that they were the same guns that the ATF allowed to “WALK” across the border. So this was the last straw for some agents who came forward to blow the whistle.

From a U.S. Army report created in 2010, that is now in public domain, it supports the validity of both statements the U.S. Army’s 7th Special Forces Group have conducted missions in every Latin American country since the 1980s. In 2009 the 7th SFG conducted 21 missions in 18 countries including Mexico utilizing 165 solders in the SOCOM area or responsibility.

The involvement of Barack Obama, Erick Holder,Janet Napolitano, and Kenneth Melson in this operation is beyond speculation and deserves the harshest penalties afforded U.S.G. officials. The malfeasance and misfeasance of elected and appointed officials in the Obama administration concerning Operation Gunrunner is criminal and punishable with impeachment and prison sentences.This was an embarrassing blemish on the face of national law enforcement and the American people not to mention the devastation pain and suffering for the Zapata and Avila families can not be ignored.

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