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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jerkey Turkeys

Is the US involved in quiet diplomacy or clandestine duplicity with jihad supporters? The US Department of State is withering on the vine and US foreign policy has shriveled up like a raisin. Victoria Neuland the designated mouthpiece for DOS is holding daily press briefings to keep journalists up to speed on the events and situations world wide that effect the American people. Ms. Neuland has been wasting the time of all involved by avoiding most questions and answering some with vague non-answers. Well Monday Associated Press reporter Matthew Lee had had enough and took Ms. Neuland to the woodshed over the Israel/Gaza conflict that erupted a week ago.

Mr. Lee just wanted to know why the DOS will not call a spade a spade over the current situation watch the video. 

Mr. Lee How do you – this whole thing of saying nothing, I’m not sure I understand why you think that that’s helpful to the situation. You say that it would not be helpful for you to discuss any of your conversations, that quiet diplomacy is the way to de-escalate that. Well, you’ve been doing your quiet diplomacy now for almost a week. How’s it going so far?
Ms. Neuland We are working hard with the parties. We’re working hard with --
Mr. Lee Hasn’t it occurred to anybody that maybe being less quiet might get more results, though? Squeaky wheel gets grease, that kind of thing?
Ms. Neuland I’ll let the --
Mr. Lee You’re being silent while people are dying left and right.
Ms. Neuland Matt, we are being far from silent. The President has --
Mr. Lee You’re not telling us anything about what you’re – when the Turks come out – when the leaders of Turkey come out and say that Israel is engaged in acts of terrorism and you refuse to say that you don’t agree with that – or maybe you do agree with it – that’s being silent.
Ms. Neuland Matt, we have made a decision that we need to engage in our diplomatic work diplomatically. We have been very, very clear about where we stand on this, which is that – which is --
Mr. Lee And that’s because you don’t practice diplomacy from the podium? Is that what you’re getting back to?
Ms. Neuland We don’t practice diplomacy --
Mr. Lee Yeah.
Ms. Neuland -- from the podium. We have been very clear that Israel has a right of self-defense. We’ve been very clear that rockets continue to be fired and land on Israel. We’ve been very clear that we are working to try to get this conflict de-escalated. We have been very clear about our concern for the civilians and innocents on both sides who are getting caught in this, and that’s as --
Mr. Lee And yet you won’t stick up for your ally, Israel, when the Turks, another one of your allies, say that they’re engaged in terrorism in Gaza?
Ms. Neuland We have been extremely clear about our concern for Israel’s security, about the fact that Israel has a right to self-defense, but I am not going to go further than that today, Matt.
Mr. Lee Why can’t you say that you don’t agree with the Turks?
Ms. Neuland Because I’m not going to get into a public spitting match with allies on either side. We’re just not going to do that, okay?
Mr. Lee And you think that that’s worse? A public spitting match with one of your allies is worse than hundreds of people dying every day?
Ms. Neuland I don’t understand the question here. There’s not a question here. You’re just looking for a fight. Let’s go.
Mr. Lee No, no, no. The fight is already on.
Ms. Neuland Yeah. Absolutely.
Mr. Lee The fight’s going on over there.
Ms. Neuland Absolutely.
Mr. Lee And you guys, by refusing to say anything about what you’re trying to do or refusing to say whether you agree or disagree with comments that are being made by your allies or others --
Ms. Neuland We --
Mr. Lee -- that makes things worse, not better.
Ms. Neuland We, of course, agree that rhetorical attacks against Israel are not helpful at this moment.
Mr. Lee Okay.
Ms. Neuland Is that what you were looking for, Matt?
Mr. Lee Yes. Thank you. Yes.
Ms. Neuland Thank you.

This exchange was an indication of the frustration level on both the part of Ms. Neuland and the press corp. The most transparent administration in history has proven again to be the most opaque. Obviously the secrecy and the lying is a concerted effort to deceive the American people and the world. Just like the Benghazi debacle the Obama Proletariat is not willing to act decisively on any side, because they need cover for their real aspirations. The rocket war started by the terrorist group Hamas is extremely uncomfortable for president Obama. The situation forces Obama to choose Israel over the Muslim extremists and it is making him sick.

When the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan comes out and proclaims that Israel is a "terrorist state," and is undertaking a process of "ethnic cleansing" in the Gaza territory towards the Palestinians is so outrageous that it demands a response, but no condemnation was forthcoming. Erdogan has also condemned the US in their lack of involvement in the Syrian conflict by saying the West ignored the “sufferings of Muslims in Palestine, Syria and Myanmar because of lack of oil”. 

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has made a trip to Gaza along with other Muslim state FMs in support of the Hamas leadership. Davutoglu and Erdogan are on the same page with Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood leadership. Since the advent of new leadership in Egypt Iranian Missiles and missile components have been consistently smuggled into Gaza. The so called ally of the US has been undermining US interests in the region since it’s inception and now the lack of understanding in the Middle East has come home to bite Obama and Secretary of State Clinton in the ass. Mrs. Clinton has jetted off to Israel to meet with Benjamin Netanyahu and later to Egypt to make a house call on Mohamed Morsi and the leader of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas . Her trip as defined by Victoria Neuland as a mission to “de-escalate” the situation.

Just like the Turkey boys Davutoglu and Erdogan she is all bark and no bite, it is doubtful that she will come away with anything meaningful, hence the obtuse nature of the DOS press briefings. What the world is witnessing right now is jihadist propaganda with pictures of dead jihad babies. The truth of the matter is that the Hamas leadership has launched missiles from populated areas and hide their missiles in schools hospitals and apartment buildings making the avoidance of casualties impossible. This is a strategy thought out and executed for the sympathy of the media and this scenario is being played out in the world media to portray Israel as the aggressor. The Hamas Jihadists are hiding behind women and children using them as human shields and when they are killed by Israeli retaliation then Muslims like the Jerky Turkey Boys call Israel's response “ethnic cleansing” 

The narrative coming out the Muslim countries has been that Israel has over responded to the missile attacks by Hamas and that Washington needs to stifle the Israeli aggression. What the truth is, Hamas has launched over 1000 missiles into Israel and that the Iron Dome System has been 90% successful in knocking them out of the sky. As a matter of fact Iron Dome has changed the balance of power between the Islamist extremists that started the missile conflict. In addition to Iron Dome’s ability to track incoming missiles and shoot them down it calculates the trajectory of the missile's origin and destination. This is significant because if the system determines that the missile will fall in an unpopulated area it will let it go. Regardless of the missiles destination the system also calculates the origin of the launch giving a strike pilot precise coordinates so he can launch against the missile battery taking it out. This is the point at which most of the casualties have been occurring during the defensive air strikes to eliminate the threat to the Israeli people. If Hamas was not such a bunch of pussies then they would have designated bases where the general public were not allowed because it would be too dangerous.

As far as the rag head pussies in the Gaza strip are concerned they can all go to hell and if they continue to shoot their shit into Israel then the ground war will commence, rightfully so. They need to die because their is no diplomacy with an extremist organisation that will not listen to reason. These sub-humans breed only to raise jihad babies and indoctrinate them to believe that Jewish people do not have the right to life. So why should we cry for the scum sucking vermin laying dead in the streets of Gaza. As far as sending humanitarian aid to these vermin forget about it let em bleed out.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 More Years Of Tears

Thank you America for the decision that you made yesterday. Yes the American people have spoken and have re-elected Barack Hussein Obama. By a small majority of just over two million voters the American people have to live with the ramifications of this mans decisions. Those decisions will affect generations of Americans and some day in the future a small child will say to his grandfather “Is it true that you ate meet every day when you were my age, can we afford to have some meet for dinner this week?” Yes the American people have voted and by doing so sold out the country for a bail out, a welfare check, the promise of free healthcare and a cell phone. The win was possible in part by labor unions that take your money in the form of dues so they can line the pockets of politicians that promise a socialist utopia for the underclass.

The day after the Americans showed their wisdom the stock market fell like a brick of the roof of a skyscraper with the energy sector taking the biggest hit. The smart money is as they say still on the sidelines and will not come back into the game anytime soon. Companies looking to expand will continue to bank their cash and weight it out because they know that tax increases and government spending cuts are inevitable. And the business owners and corporate CEOs will be compensating with layoffs and downsizing. 

The ramifications of the current government expansion and regulations will force corporations to exit the nation for friendlier shores that are willing to except their money and jobs. The American people should be proud to know that they had a major hand in their own demise, just like the government that bites the hand that feeds it, we have seen the enemy and he is us.  

American women should be delighted with the fact that their right to an elective abortion and birth control pills is now going to be provided to them by way of a government mandate. That is such an important and pivotal issue that the country would have been destroyed without President Obama standing guard at the doors of Planned Parenthood clinics.  After All with a nation in decline caused by failed government policy the future generation of Americans will only grow up with fewer prospects and higher tuition costs. So what's the point in having a child anyway when it is so much easier and cheaper to kill it, and your mandated government health insurance will pay for it. So now that the war on women has been won and the evil republican has been defeated, American women can now breathe easier when they're applying for their free Obama phone and a gift basket of public assistance programs. 

The 51% of Americans who voted democrat must know that President Obama will be spending tax dollars and borrowed Chinese money on the best interest of the nation. The auto bailout and the clean energy programs have been so successful that we Americans will be reaping the benefits of those programs for the next 100 years. Just think we will not have any asthma causing coal fired power plants producing the electricity that powers your Ipodpads. And all those dirty coal miners will now have the opportunity to sit at home and collect unemployment till it runs out, then maybe they could hire an attorney to get them declared disabled so they can permanently collect government money. The bailout of GM and Chrysler was such a stroke of genius on the part of the president, it has saved and produced more auto workers jobs in Mexico and China than ever before. And Detroit has never been in a better situation to be chosen as the nations largest ghost town. Yes those 51 percenters sure knew what they were doing when they voted for the savior. The foresight of the Obama administration was just uncanny in the fact that they invested $2.6 billion tax dollars and borrowed Chinese money on 19 innovators in the green energy sector. These companies actually pioneered the technique of hoodwinking the public into products that were so useless that they promptly went out of business shortly after receiving their corporate welfare.

Yes we are all grateful for the president’s generosity, he is so generous with our money that the treasury has run short of cash again. On Aug. 2, 2011, President Obama signed a deal that he had negotiated with congressional leaders to increase the debt limit by $ 2.4 trillion. And 15 months later the balance is $171.765 billion that's enough for about 42 days at the current spending rate. That means there's not enough money for December of this year. The initial agreement was for the $2.4 Trillion to last till 2013 but the president and his proletariat are so generous that the Treasury Department is forced to auction bonds to help cover the shortfall.  Even though congress is not in session, according to Treasury there are some “extraordinary measures” that may be taken to allow for plenty of “headroom” under the debt ceiling and to give congress more time to react, whatever the hell that means. 

The president is such a great guy by being so generous his political machine decided to do a massive assault weapons giveaway to needy Mexicans. And yes those pesky Mexicans put them to good use by killing hundreds of people on both sides of the border. The killing spree included 16 teenagers that were attending a birthday party in Juarez. The weapons were also used in attacks against US federal law enforcement officials. By re-electing President Obama the voters recognize how caring and compassionate the Obama Proletariat is, this was demonstrated recently when the State Department decided that an excessive security presence in Libya may offend the Muslim jihadist population. So as an extension of good will and with the direction of the president, American security was cut back to nothing more than a skeleton crew of personnel. Unfortunately for the ambassador and his contingent this resulted in them being a soft target and they were attacked and four people including the ambassador were killed. However it is important to remember that by keeping our security presence at such a low level we did not offend the al-Qaeda linked attackers. Gee the president thinks of everything, no wonder why he is referred to as the smartest person in the room. 

Yes we are lucky to have a man like Barack Hussein Obama it will be interesting to see what he chooses to do now that he has been given four more years. Just think the president has the opportunity to solve the Syrian crisis, the nuclear weapons race in Iran, the Mexican drug cartel wars, soaring energy costs, illegal immigration, Muslim extremists in the Middle East and their associated “man caused disasters” the list of opportunities is just endless for him, after all he has such a high opinion of himself at this point, he can do anything he wants.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brass Balls Vs. Raisins

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The conflict in Syria has gone on for almost two years now and there is no end in sight. Why? There is no National leader or international contingent able to match the bravado of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Tens of thousands of people have been killed in bizarre and brutal actions carried out by both sides in the conflict. Hundreds of thousands have abandoned their homes seeking safe haven in Turkey and Jordan. Still others have taken up arms to fight for their freedom in a civil war that has turned into a futile conflict.
Turkish Prime Minister  Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkish President Abdullah Gul
Political leaders from around the world have proven to be impotent when standing up to al-Assad. Syrian forces have fired mortars and rockets into Turkey and shot down a Turkish plane. These provocations garnered only a limp response from Turkish Prime Minister  Recep Tayyip Erdogan who talked tough during the beginning stages of the conflict. Erdogan’s words have not been backed up with action proving he is a dog that is all bark and no bite. The President of Turkey Abdullah Gul has also issued empty statements regarding the Syrian conflict but has done nothing militarily to resolve the situation. Turkish leaders when asked about their stance in the conflict they all remark that the Syrian and Turkish people have a deep kinship dating back centuries.

Jordan's King Abdullah
Jordan's King Abdullah originally took a pacifist role in the situation by sending his representatives to Damascus for discussions on how to resolve the political uprisings and protests peacefully.The king has also supported all resolutions proposed by the UN and Arab League to bring the conflict to an end. Like Turkey Jordan has been host to millions of displaced Syrians. These acts of generosity prove that Syria's neighbors do have a longstanding affinity for each other. The ever expanding refugee populations are draining Jordan of their resources, particularly fresh water. These reasons alone should be enough to force al-Assad from his ivory tower but King Abdullah has been reluctant to raise his fist in anger. The king has found sufficient resolve to invite the American armed forces to stay behind after a joint exercise “Operation Eager Lion” that took place last spring. The Army special operations forces set up shop with personnel that specialize in biological and chemical warfare and decontamination. Combat ready units are also deployed along Jordan’s northern border with Syria. The 150 U.S. Army Special Forces are there to augment the king's army and are by no means sufficient to carry out a cross border action with the Syrian military.
U.S. President Barack Obama

The President of the United States Barack Obama has said that the only way American armed forces would intervene in the Syrian civil war was that if al-Assad moved any of his chemical weapons. Well chemical weapons were moved and Obama changed his tune, he is now saying that their would only be repercussions if the bio/chem weapons are used. CIA sources report that MOST stockpiles are secure? The Stockpiles are not centralized but scattered around the country in 50 to 60 depots. These weapons can be deployed quickly and by various methods. aircraft, ballistic missile, mortar shells, artillery rockets and IEDs. If  these weapons are deployed in small quantities no one will be able to stop their use and when they are used it will be too late for not only a preemptive strike but a retaliatory strike as well. Small quantities of agents such as mustard gas canisters could already be on the move to al-Qaeda in Iraq and no one would be alerted till after an attack.

President al-Assad has played his cards very well and his brash military moves have kept him in the seat of Syrian power. No matter what you think of the man or his tactics he has the brass balls and he has shriveled his detractors into raisins. Now that the conflict is approaching the two year milestone it is a very real possibility that the people of Syria will be experiencing his brass balls for quite some time.
Brigadier General Manaf Tlas

The United Nations at this point is a non-actor in the Syrian situation and will continue to be a stooge organisation on the world stage. It will take a strong regional leader to step up and take charge of the situation in Syria if their is a real desire to overthrow President al-Assad and bring about a new democratic government. However the motivation is just not there right now. A political resolution to the Syrian civil war seems to be as distant as the moon but what maybe in al-Assad’s stars is a military leader like Brigadier General Manaf Tlas. Now living in France in a self imposed exile Tlas may be able to take control, unite the countries opposition and assume power if he can match the brass of his former boss.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Patriots Vs Obama

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Rebecca Osborn, right, re-enlists during a ceremony on Forward Operating Base Spin Boldak, Afghanistan, Oct. 7, 2012. Osborn, a military police officer, is assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division's 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Stryker Brigade Combat Team.
The nitty-gritty truth, President Obama is an enemy of the United States.  No one will admit it, Democrats dismiss criticism as partisan politics, Republicans gloss over it with words like incompetence but the evidence of action all points to Obama aiding and abetting islamist extremists. Wednesday Representative Trey Gowdy was hot, he was on fire about the current administrations actions following the terrorist attack in Benghazi Libya. Watching the video you will see how emotional Congressman Gowdy was. Now he is not the only one expressing outrage at this severe security blunder a bipartisan parade is forming right behind him. Joe Biden in his opening remarks during the Vice Presidential Debate chocked it up the Benghazi blunder to a simple mistake. He was nonchalant about it, pointing his finger at the intelligence community. The vice president is a co-conspirator with Obama and they both belong in jail for undermining the security of the United States.

The Benghazi incident was not the tip of the iceberg but a story that was too big to be ignored. Thursday 10/11, one month to the day (AQAP) al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula killed a security official at the US embassy in Yemen. The news has been slow getting out about this attack partly because the the man that was killed was not an American citizen and the media big boys are still playing defense for the president. The attackers on a motorcycle opened fire on a car carrying Qassem Aqlan, a Yemeni man who headed the embassy security team. The drive-by shooting took place on Siteen street in the center of Sanaa Yemen's capital.

The Yemeni officials that responded to the incident claim that Siteen is one of the safest streets in the capitol. Judging by the photograph their standards are either very low or Sanna is extremely dangerous, both would be accurate statements. The photo also depicts a totally unsecured crime scene with bystanders milling about and contaminating the crime scene. One individual is actually looking into the subject vehicle probably leaving his fingerprints all over it. Mr Aqlan was ambushed by motorcycle gunmen and was shot three times in the head. Clearly he was targeted by AQAP because he worked out of the American embassy as a foreign service officer in the role of national investigator. This murder typifies the AQAP agenda, if you work for the Americans we will kill you at any time, regardless of who you are or what you do.

Monday of the same week Major General Salem Ali Qatan of the Yemeni Army was killed by an al-Qaeda suicide bomber in the city of Aden. The general was working with American advisers that are their to prop up the most recent presidential puppet installed by the Obama Administration, Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi the former VP. The general was conducting operations in southern Yemen that successfully put down militant uprisings that occurred as a result of the Arab Spring movement that lead to the downfall of the previous American puppet president, Ali Abdullah Saleh.

These types of attacks are commonplace in Yemen, Iraq and Libya and will soon be occurring in Egypt. The fact is that the Obama Administration has been instrumental in the facilitation of the Arab Spring movement as outlined in previous stories in this blog (Egyptian Democracy Imploding!!!). The lead off to that story was a question, Will the Obama White House implode under the weight of A Middle Eastern scandal?” That question has now been answered with the actions of President Obama.

The “democratization” of Middle Eastern dictatorships has given al-Qaeda a free hand to franchise like McDonald's in countries that previously were ruled with an iron fist. Just like a fast food restaurant chain al-Qaeda sets up shop in areas that they have no penetration, they move in during a security vacuum, establish a foothold and start recruiting. Al-Qaeda has become a management franchise company of sorts, several managers specializing in logistics and planning, weapons, and explosives, training and public relations will team up and form a cell. This cell will find an aria and set up shop recruiting individuals and training them in the disciplines of being a jihadist.

The birthplace of these al-Qaeda managers is the Muslim Brotherhood, the brothers have deep roots in the Middle East going back to the 1930s when the organization was formed to help the Nazis during WWII. This is the same group that President Obama has entertained in the White House and helped get elected to Egypt’s highest office. The Obama Administration’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper spoke in a congressional hearing saying this gem of nonsense. "The term Muslim Brotherhood is an umbrella term for a variety of movements. In the case of Egypt, a very heterogeneous group, largely secular, which has eschewed violence and has decried al-Qaeda as a perversion of Islam."  This is not the first time Mr Clapper has deliberately misled congress he has consistently been proven wrong. The administration’s appointed officials consistently claim that someone misspoke or was misinformed or was misunderstood or was not properly briefed, their is always an excuse to deflect the responsibility of their actions. There's just too many of these mistakes, they are not mistakes at all, it is a  deliberate diversionary tactic meant to deceive congressional leaders and the American people. Mr Clapper said this as a part of his prepared remarks to the Senate Intelligence Committee January 31st 2012. "We do not assess that al Qaeda's new leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, will change al Qaeda's strategic direction, but most al Qaeda members find Zawahiri's leadership style less compelling than bin Laden's image as a holy man and warrior and will not offer him the deference they gave bin Laden."

Ayman al-Zawahiri issued the fatwa to assault the consulate in Benghazi and kill Ambassador Stevens.

"We judge that al Qaeda's losses are so substantial and its operating environment so restricted that a new group of leaders, even if they could be found, would have difficulty integrating into the organization and compensating for mounting losses." 

Mohamad al-Zawahiri organized the demonstrations in Egypt, Yemen, Libya and the rest of the countries that followed the Benghazi assault. He was quoted as saying that "he and his brother are al-Qaeda."

It is time for a group of
unappointed American patriots in the American intelligence and security community to come forward through lawyers if need be and blow the whistle on President Obama’s administration. You have to ask your self. What’s next, who will die next? Will it be another assassination attempt or embassy bombing, it could be in the continental US or Europe or even a cruise ship. The general public just doesn't know, after all according to Vice President Biden the security breakdown that happened in Benghazi Libya was the fault of the intelligence community. Highly unlikely Mr VP but It has been established that James Clapper is a collaborator or at the very least a dunce. The men and women in the American armed forces and secret services need to come forward and tell the truth about their commander in chief.

White House on John Brennan’s Trip to Libya

10 October 2012
Office of the Press Secretary
Washington, D.C.
October 10, 2012
Statement by NSC Spokesman Tommy Vietor on John Brennan’s Trip to Libya
Today, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan met with senior Libyan officials, including President Magariaf, in Tripoli. Mr. Brennan, on behalf of President Obama, expressed support for Libya's ongoing government formation and transition to democracy and accepted condolences for the tragic deaths of four Americans in Benghazi last month.

The two sides discussed the continuing investigation into the Benghazi attacks, including specific additional steps Libya can take to better assist the U.S. in ensuring that the perpetrators are brought to justice. Both sides reaffirmed their strong commitment to countering terrorism and violent extremism.

Mr. Brennan encouraged Libyan officials to move quickly on refining their policies and advancing government capabilities in the security and justice sectors, and urged Libya to take full and timely advantage of specific offers of assistance from the United States and other international partners.

Finally, Mr. Brennan reinforced U.S. support and commitment to the Libyan people and their leaders as they undertake the hard work of governance and reform necessary to build a new Libya.

Now that this press release has been distributed, the White House has another scapegoat in the Benghazi blunder.

What has also been discovered is that it took three weeks for the Obama Administration to get FBI investigators to the consulate property in Benghazi. That is the same amount of time it took the Bush Administration to invade Afghanistan after 9/11/2001.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

USA Not Ready For Red Line Time

If, or when Israel hits Iran with sorties taking out its nuclear sites the backlash will definitely affect the United States. The big question for the American people: Is the Obama Administration prepared to deal with the situation? The past being a window into the future one can surmise that that answer is no. When it comes to preparation the Obama team seams to ignore mise en place and react to situations as they happen resulting in lost control and adverse results.

Keeping Iran on short leash will minimize it's bite. Iran has been boasting about its navel prowess lately and they have stated that soon it will have assets roaming the oceans of the world. That navel program must not be able to continue and forcing any Iranian navel assets to stand down that maybe in the Persian Gulf, Straights of Hormuz, the Mediterranean or in Syrian ports. Blockading or sequestering these assets will mitigate Iran's ability to move and retaliate at coalition partners. Iran must not be able to block any shipping lanes or chock points like the Straights of Hormuz or the Suez Canal, this is key in maintaining the worlds flow of commodities in and out of the region, namely oil. 

Minimizing Iran's ability to retaliate in the event of a Israeli/US air strike depends on their reediness and castrating it's satellite operations Hamas and Hezbollah is very important. This will take simultaneous and coordinated air strikes knocking out rocket and missile stockpiles. The ability of Syria intervening on behalf of Iran is becoming more remote with each passing day however Iran has stationed 15,000 Republican Guard troops in southern Syria. The civil war in Syria may actually help the situation by bleeding off some of Iran's resources and manpower. 
The anticipated escalation of Iran is directly proportional to the assets left behind in the post strike hours and their missile launch capabilities will remain intact unless the strike takes out command and control centers simultaneously. Iran and it's surrogates will retaliate no matter how depleted their capabilities maybe after the initial strike. This why it is imperative advanced pre-strike preparations be complete and comprehensive. This has been a alien concept for the Obama Administration but it is something that the joint chiefs of staff is completely familiar with. One of the big advantages the US now has is the that retired general David Petraeus is now running the CIA. The CIA will be essential in the pre-planing stages as well as the post-strike assessments.    

Managing the post-strike politics and the spike in oil prices that will come are a diplomatic nightmare for the Obama White House. So far the international stage has proven to be a no-mans-land for president Obama his consistent inability to manage diplomatic affairs and anticipate the outcome of events in the Middle East has been a hallmark of the administration. President Obama has distanced himself as well as the government from PM Netanyahu and his government since the start of his term. Obama's reluctance to act as a partner with a non-Muslim ally is evident despite his publicly spoken words. Secretary of State Clinton has been working her fingers to the bone but her diplomatic efforts have been undermined by her bosses ineffectiveness and quite frankly Israel has been nothing more than a pit stop on her glob trotting adventures. Perhaps it would better for Israel to sit on their hands till a competent president takes up residence at 1600. 

Close to the top of The US to-do-list should be the deployment of an anti-missile defense system at their bases in the gulf region as well as systems going to Israel to augment the Iron Dome capabilities. Also infiltration from the Sinai as well as Gaze, Syria and Lebanon will need to be taken into account by the Israelis. A good choice for supplementing the Israelis would be a Marine Expeditionary Unit parked 100 miles off the shore of Lebanon as a pressure release valve for the IDF. The US needs to do a show of force to the Arab world signaling that if your a friend then your back is covered and a MEU is an effective way to deal with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israeli embassy car bombing in New Deli
linked to Iran' Quids forces 
Iran and their surrogates have tentacles that reach around the world and just because there is a strike in the Middle East does not mean that Iran will sit on their hands and not strike out against the West asymmetrically. European, American and Middle Eastern countries all stand the chance of being targeted by Iran's clandestine Quids force. The CIA and other allied intelligence forces need to start ASAP shadowing Iran's agents. This will send a signal to Iran that there is no wear to turn for revenge and that any attempt at terrorism will be met with the death of their agents. This may or may not preclude Iran from striking out at the West but it may give them pause and give the affected nation some reaction time if an infiltration is detected..  

It is important that an operation such as a strike on Iran's nuclear capabilities be complete and comprehensive. It will be imperative that an accurate damage assessment be done quickly and a follow-up strike accomplished as expeditiously as possible. Providing that the proper mise en place had been executed prior to the strike then the entire operation should be over in less than a week. Knowing how regional actors in the Middle East will react to this is something that must be codified in advance certainly any Sunni factions may be more willing to listen than others. A second strike may be needed and mistaken as an escalation into a conflict by Some Islamic countries, this is something that neither the US or Israel wants. The second strike if necessary will take not only information sharing but diplomatic dancing with the devils in Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt. Political fallout from the strike will need to be dealt with in Israel, Europe and in the continental US. Unassociated states like Venezuela may be willing to give safe haven to Quids force operatives on their way to the US through the Mexican border and Homeland Security needs to be up o that task. Also internally a threat will exist from any radical Shia factions within the US and the FBI must be on top of that threat as well.
Terminal High-Altitude Area Defense systems (THAADS)

Prime Minister Netanyahu has given Iran a promise not an ultimatum at the UN this past week. The “Red Line Speech” was memorable and notable. There is no question about how the PM feels about Iran's intentions. President Obama fell short of declaring a point of no return for Iran but he did state that a nuclear Iran would “threaten the elimination of Israel, the security of Gulf nations and the stability of the global economy.” Both Leaders spoke to their own countries in an attempt to shore up their international positions with their voting blocs. But Netanyahu defiantly upstaged Obama with his visual aids. Netanyahu did not state a time line along with his red line but previously he hinted at an Israeli air strike that would coincide with the US presidential elections. Taking the chart into consideration most speculate that Netanyahu has shifted his time line to late spring or early summer of 2013. This date may in fact be significant, he maybe gambling on his collage buddy Mitt Romney. This new date also gives any new administration a chance to ramp up efforts to dissuade Iran and to make preparations if they can not. 

During the time between October 2012 and June 2013 back channel communications directed at Tehran reiterating the fact that any aggressive action taken against Israeli/US property or citizens will be dealt with swiftly and with overwhelming force. The time can also be used to conduct a threat assessment to embassies and consulates so another Benghazi style attack will not end with more dead Americans. The CIA needs to work closely with the Mossad in the Middle East identifying operatives of Iran and it's satellite operations. The CIA, FBI the Mexicans and the Canadians also need to communicate and ID individuals that may be traveling to North America and undermine any operations that they are involved in and may pose a security risk.

Now that Joint Mine clearing operations have been completed in the Straights of Hormuz and are clear of Iranian mines the Middle East is saturated with US military forces, far to many to list hear. Needless to say if the president wanted a target hit in Iran within the hour it would be done with out breaking a sweat. The ability for Israel or the US to strike multiple targets within Iran at any given time is not the issue. The problem comes in when Iran retaliates with what could be a massive launch of missiles and rockets from multiple locations and countries. 

As far as oil prices spiking as a result of the strike that will happen but only due to market forces driving the price up. Iran's capability and willingness to block the Straights of Hormuz is just not their. Any attempt at doing so would be economic suicide for the country. Millions of barrels of Iranian oil flow out of the straights each week and hundreds of tuns of food and commodities flow back in. Iran is their own worst enemy in this regard and if real sanctions were to be placed on Iran then the US could easily bring the country to its knees by prohibiting Iranian shipping into or out of the straights. 

An Air strike on the “secret” enrichment facilities is a foregone conclusion for several reasons. The negotiations that have taken place over the year have amounted to nothing. The Iranians believe that a strike will not happen because they accept the idea that the Americans do not have the stomach for it. They also believe that their missile capability is a deterrent to any strike that Israel and the West may launch against them. Therefor they concluded that they can act with impunity and speak with arrogance during the UN General Assembly. The truth of the matter is when it comes to international policy President Obama is incapable of balancing force with his  impelling desire to appease the Muslim world. 

Keeping Iran's henchmen out of the fight that will likely ensue after an Israeli or American air strike will be impossible. Hezbollah is said to have 50,000 rockets at their disposal. Recently Hezbollah leader  Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah fired up a crowd in Beirut over the Islamic video “Innocence of Muslims” he stated that “The world should know that our anger is not a passing thing. ... This is the start of a serious campaign that must continue all over the Muslim world in defense of the prophet of God.” The militants half a million strong Chanted “Death to Israel...Death to America”. Keeping these people contained will be a significant task. If Nasrallah orders his supporters to rush the border they will gladly run into the breach armed with rocks, sticks, pitchforks anything that they can get their hands on. The resulting blood bath will bring serious international condemnation against Israel. 

Hezbollah has gone to ground in southern Lebanon after the 2006 war that lasted about a month. During that conflict the kill ratio favored the Israelis 10/1 with Hezbollah firing about 4000 rockets. Since then southern Lebanon has become pockmarked with 550 bunkers, 300 monitoring sites and hundreds of weapons storage facilities. There are about 270 complexes known as “rocket villages” and they are located near hospitals, private homes and schools making air strikes against them controversial even for Western smart bomb technology. One of the clearest signals to send to Nasrallah is cutting off his cash. Hezbollah and Hamas are operating fund razing enterprises in North and south America, Europe, Australia and Indonesia. The CIA, MI6 and the Mossad working together and clandestinely need to root out these organizations and terminate them with extreme umbrage. Many of these operations function illegally as drug and human traffickers or at the minimum in the margins of the law through bogus fronts like charities.

Political willingness in the Obama Administration for any kind of pre-strike preparations is unlikely based on past performance. The build up of forces and precautions like the ones outlined hear will probably not take place. Leaving Prime Minister Netanyahu twisting in the wind will be a PR nightmare for the Obama administration but that is what is likely to happen. It will be a clear acknowledgment that president Obama is blind to the evil in the harts of the Islamic leadership opposed to the nation of Israel. This will not only be unforgivable to the people of Israel but it will be unforgivable for the American and European people as well. There are two choices hear, Iran has nukes and holds the world hostage or they do not. If your president fails to acknowledge this as a grave danger then he has no right being a president. If a president fails to act on any pre-strike precautions then he is nothing more than a fool. If a president is not prepared to act decisively in this international chess game and take out some pawns and knights before going after the queen then he has no business on the worlds stage. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Arab Spring A Celebration of Jihad

The Lie
Frat Boy Jay Carney the mouthpiece for President Obama conducted a presser aboard Air Force One 9/12/12 he was asked this question “Does the White House believe that the attack in Benghazi was planned and premeditated?”  The responce by Frat Boy “It's too early for us to make that judgment.  I think -- I know that this is being investigated, and we're working with the Libyan government to investigate the incident.  So I would not want to speculate on that at this time.”  So the day after the terrorist attack on the consulate in Benghazi Libya there is no coment on the situation. Two days later Frat Boy was asked this question by Jake Tapper of ABC News ---- “that the anniversary of 9-11 would be a time when you would want to have extra security around diplomats and military posts?” The astonishing response by Frat Boy was “Well, as you know, there, we, are very vigilant around anniversaries like 9-11. The president is always briefed and brought up to speed on the precautions being taken. But let’s be clear. This, these protests, were in reaction to a video that had spread to the region. We don’t know otherwise. You know, we have no information to suggest that it was a pre-planned…attack.”  WTF Frat Boy!!!

Two days later on Sunday UN ambassador Susan Rice who has no real authority, she is just a feckless bureaucrat that sits in the UN sniffing the farts from 180 other feckless bureaucrats from all over the world, took to the Sunday morning talk show circuit. Rice reiterated emphatically the White House line to David Gregory the host of NBC Meet The Press  “What happened in Benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in Cairo, almost a copycat of the demonstrations against our facility in Cairo, prompted by the video,”  Rice went unchallenged by Gregory and she expanded on her previous statement “Opportunistic extremist elements came to the consulate as this was unfolding, they came with heavy weapons, which unfortunately are readily available in post-revolutionary Libya, and it escalated into a much more violent episode.”  That is one of the stupidest most naive statements ever made by a pseudo  government official.

The Obama Administration is obsessed with deceiving the American people, they have to because it is the only way for them to keep their job. Incompetence in the White House is at epidemic proportions. Their current attempt to cover up for their inadequacies in the Middle East is one of the many parallels to the Carter Administration that they are desperately trying to avoid. What the American people need to do is open their eyes and see Obama for the magician that he is. Obama and his appointees have all been reading from the same script, it was the movie that caused all the problems. 

Someone did not get that memo! Wednesday 9/19/12, Counter-terrorism Director Matt Olsen was asked his opinion of the events in Libya by Senator Joe Lieberman and the senator got what he was looking for, an honest man willing to go off the reservation. Olsen admitted that the Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans “Were killed in the course of a terrorist attack.” Meanwhile back at the White House Frat Boy is parroting the party line that their was no terrorists attacking our consulate it was just over zealous demonstrators that just happened to have RPGs in their back pockets. Finally Thursday 9/20/12 Frat Boy announced to reporters aboard Air Force One that it was “SELF EVIDENT” that the attack on the Benghazi consulate was an act of terrorism. We have come full circle and forced the White House Butt Plugs to fess-up.  

Actionable intelligence 
These statement are now set in stone, “the Internet never forgets” is a rule that the White House should have learned by now. When digging into this story it is important to know the players involved in the scheme and their motivations. The White House lies all hinge on the internet video “Innocence Of Muslims” if this is true then we would have had prior knowledge of the attacks from radical Islamic leaders. Events such as this just do not happen without direction from one of their misguided leaders. In fact there was several edicts issued by Islamists one being Ayman al-Zawahri but it had nothing to do with the video. Understanding the words of the cryptic terrorist are not that important but the timing of the statement and the subject is. al-Zawahiri's statement was posted to islamic websites on September 10th and it was in part a eulogy to the terrorist known as Abu Yahya al-Libi. In the video al-Zawahri uses al-Libi’s birth name of (Hasan Mohamad)  what makes this significant is the fact that al-Libi was from Darnah Libya and trained terrorists at Benghazi training camps. Simply the release of the video referencing al-Libi meant that the assassination plot was a go. Terror cells train for different operations at different times just like the military, they plan, they conduct intelligence and train. In this case for the assassination of Ambassador Chris Stevens and the subsequent murders of three other staff. The plot to kill Stevens may have been in the works since June of 2012 when al-Libi was killed by a US drone strike in Waziristan.

The video released September 10,2012 by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri  
“I celebrate with the Islamic nation, the holy warriors, the prince of the faithful Mullah Omar and the Muslims and jihadist in Libya the news of the martyrdom of libya's lion the scholler, the leader, Sheikh Hasan Mohamad {Abu Yahya al-Libi} May god have mercy on him. The lion has now gone to martyrdom people will flock even more to his writings and call, Allah willing”

Along with the video statement by Ayman al-Zawahiri which not only implicates al-Qaeda in the crime, at the same time the statement impugns the the Obama Administration's assertion that some half baked video was to blame for what they deemed to be a “spontaneous demonstration that turned violent.” 

A Homeland Security document unearthed by Catherine Herridge of Fox News details facts that the Cairo demonstration was a planned event as well and that the armature internet video was not the cause of the vitriol against the United States. Herridge points out that information became available to the Obama administration indicating the Cairo Embassy was going to assaulted. DHS found that statements by an “unknown individual” posted on Islamic websites called for the uprising denouncing the US and demanding the release of the “blind sheikh” Omar Abdel-Rahman the perpetrator of the WTC bombing in 1993. The statement was issued September 9th one day prior to Ayman al-Zawahiri’s video statement and two days prior to the embassy assault.

“The time has come for a strong movement from you, O sons of Egypt, to release the detained shaikh Let your slogan be: No to the American embassy in Egypt until our detained sheikh is released, Starting now, let the faithful among you form follow-up committees in charge of taking the necessary measures to force America to release the sheikh -- even if it requires burning it down with everyone in it.”

Now there's hard evidence that the Obama Administration had in their possession actionable intelligence that they failed to act on. By ignoring this information President Obama indirectly aided and abetted the Cairo embassy attackers and the terrorists that killed four Americans and a dozen Libyans at the Benghazi consulate. 

The conspiracy
When looking for a common denominator between the Benghazi and Cairo events it is clear that al-Qaeda played a part in both events. It is also clear that the Muslim Brotherhood played a part, we also have the Zawahiri link. Back in June of 2012, then President-elect Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood spoke to tens of thousands of supporters in Tahrir Square. During his speech Morsi said “I see signs for Omar Abdel Rahman and detainee’s pictures, It is my duty and I will make all efforts to have them free, including Omar Abdel Rahman.” The detainees that he was referring to are what he considers political prisoners jailed by the Egyptian military. One of those prisoners was Muhammad al-Zawahiri (MAZ) the brother of al-Qaeda's top terror dog Ayman al-Zawahiri (AAZ). The “unknown individual” responsible for the internet posting that was sited in the DHS report exposed by Catherine Herridge was in all probability a Muslim Brotherhood operative working in consort with MAZ.

9/10/2012 The day before the Cairo rioting broke out (AAZ) issued his video statement giving the go-ahead to Abu Sufyan bin Qomu the leader of Ansar al-Sharia the al-Qeada offshoot that assaulted the Benghazi consulate. Also on that day MAZ was doing an interview with Nic Robertson of CNN. During the interview MAZ was described by Robertson as an old man that was “calm, collected, focused and utterly convinced by long held views examined, tested and re-forged in incarceration.” The interview outlined a proposal and an offer by MAZ to be a mediator between Radical Islamists and the West. His plan is nothing more than a list of demands, “U.S. and West to stop intervening in Muslim lands. U.S. to stop interfering in Muslim education. U.S. to end the war on Islam. U.S. to release all Islamist prisoners.” The next day MAZ was spotted in the crowd of protesters with a bullhorn directing the rioters to storm the embassy, climb the walls, rip down the american flag and hoist up the al-Qaeda flag. During the CNN interview MAZ described himself as “ideologically inseparable” from his brother AAZ, and that “if anyone can talk his brother out of violence it's him.” But in an Al Jazeera interview in August MAZ stated that “he is al-Qaeda” obviously he portrays himself differently when speaking to western media. His true colors came out in front of the embassy when he was inciting the riot.

Since the fall of the Gaddafi regime several new Jihadist groups have surfaced and due to their availability of weapons many fighters have abandoned the once powerful Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG). These new groups have engaged in the political process by way of violence and have aligned themselves with al Qaeda. They are seeking to enact Sharia law in Libya and form a separatist state allowing a safe haven for al-Qaeda. The dominant group that has emerged is Ansar al-Sharia (AAS) from Tunisia. The leader of AAS Mohammad Zahavi has set up shop in Benghazi and Darna recruiting fighters sympathetic to his cause one of those is a former prisoner from Guantanamo Bay Cuba Abu Sufyan bin Qomu (ASBQ). This man was transferred from Gitmo into Libyan custody with the caveat that he not be released. The transfer took place in 2007 and he was detained till 2010 when he was released for reasons unknown. ASBQ has been instrumental in the startup of many al-Qaeda splinter groups one known as Supporters of Sharia in Derna (SSD) this group may actually be a battalion of the AAS operating under the al-Qaeda proper umbrella. This is the group investigators believe is responsible for carrying out the assassination strike on the US consulate in Benghazi. It is doubtful that ASBQ was an actual participant in the strike. His involvement would have been in the planning and the jihadist training for the operation. Other splinter battalions have taken on the names of martyred and imprisoned al-Qaeda jihadists such as the former leader of the Egyptian Islamic fighting Group and WTC bomber Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, al-Qaeda's number two man and chief propagandist Abu Yahya al-Libi and Abu Abdul Rahman a Canadian Iraqi that was nicknamed “the gift of God”.

ASBQ is definitely an upward mobile figure in the Libyan Sharia jihadist movement in June of 2012 he had organized a sort of convention for jihadists in Benghazi and thousands attended his party. He has been instrumental in recruiting teenage men and boys that have made their al-Qaeda bones by destroying mosques and Sufi graves. ASBQ has also been involved in the grenade and RPG attack on the Red Cross facility in Misrata last August, forcing the end to their humanitarian aid. The Red Cross has since halted all operations in Misrata and Benghazi. in June of 2012 an IED was thrown at the perimeter gate of the Consulate in Benghazi in an attempt to test the reaction of security forces. A few days later the British ambassador's motorcade came under attack by a rocket-propelled grenades and Two security personnel were injured. Seven days later armed gunmen attacked the Tunisian consulate and burned its flag. All these attacks can be attributed to one or more of the jihad brigades set up by ASBQ. It is time for the White House and the rest of the world to extricate their collective craniums from their accumulated anuses and recognize that the Arab Spring was not such a swell idea.