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Friday, June 3, 2011


Hillary Clinton arrived in Pakistan May 27th to deliver a fatwa  from the White House.Clinton along with Admiral Mike Mullen the chairmen of the joint chefs of staff surprised Pakistan officials with a HIT LIST of five individuals

Ilyas Kashmiri                             Al Qaeda leader
Mullah Omar                               Afghan Taliban chief
Ayman al Zawahiri                       Al Qaeda's second-in-command
Sirajuddin Haqqani                     chief of Haqqani network
Atiya Abdel Rahman                   chief of Al Qaeda
Kill them or capture them by the end of July or we’ll do it for you! The ultimatum. was confirmed by a U.S. embassy official that spoke under terms of anonymity as Clinton and Mullen flew back to the U.S. .

Their reception at the airport was the coolest reception ever accorded to the US Secretary of State and the Chairman of the joint Chiefs.The Pakistanis are still taking a lot of heat internally over the Bin Lauden incident. Needless to say the red carpet stayed rolled up in the closet.

Clinton and Mullen accommodated journalists at a U.S. Embassy presser. The Sectary praised the Pakistan Military, ISI and civilian government. Clinton went on the record saying. There was no evidence that anyone in the Pakistani government was aware of Bin Lauden’s presence in Abbottadab.

It was expressed in the private meeting at the U.S. embassy with top Pakistani officials that if the kill/capture order of the five was not executed by July, then a U.S. military offensive in North Waziristan to whack the bastards will take place. With or without Pakistan's involvement and run in conjunction with the NATO and allied forces withdrawing from Afghanistan in July.  

The HIT LIST had been discussed during two meetings with officials of Pakistan, first in Washington then again in Islamabad on the 27th.
The view of the joint chefs was expressed By Gen. Mullen  that this is a test of whether Pakistan is serious about fighting terrorists who have long enjoyed safe havens within Pakistan’s borders.  

So why was all this leaked?. The White House needs to send a message to the American public that the president is on top of things internationally. The bump in the popularity polls that Obama enjoyed after the Bin Lauden assassination has shriveled up like a prune. If your a terrorist you better keep looking over your shoulder because Obama is as popular as a turd in the punchbowl.

                                                      Ilyas Kashmiri
Update June 4 2011

US Predators kill 5 'militants' in South Waziristan strike

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  1. Obongo's on top of this, but denies knowledge of "Fast & Furious"????? That wasn't a load of turnips I fell off of. Born in the dark, but not last night.