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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad Boys Bad Boys Watcha Gonna Do

June 28th 2011 and Taliban suicide bombers are attacking the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul Afghanistan. The Border Patrol has seized over $9MIL. in cocaine and Marijuana in Rio Grand Texas. Syrian Gov. Forces equipped with Iranian bats and riot gear beat people to death and leave them in the streets of Damascus. The U.S. Army announced today that SSGT Russell J. Proctor and PFC Dylan J, Johnson were killed by a IED in Iraq..Iran commenced war games (Operation Profit 6) and the President of the United Stated has no strategy for dealing with any of this.

The president last week made his prime time vote pandering speech reminding all of us that he is the consummate politician. This time he is throwing the whole country of Afghanistan under the bus along with North Africa and the Middle East, in favor of a few left wing votes. This speech demonstrates the lack of tactical experience needed to be commander in chief. I hope those votes are worth it Mr President.
Middle Eastern leaders are voicing there concerns about the aggressive stance of Iran. The human intelligence coming out of the Middle East is that the radical Shiite philosophy is being exported by Iran into neighboring states by creating extremest satellites. These Iranian enclaves are in Damascus Syria, Southern Lebanon and Gaza, Sleeper cells exist in Kuwait, Bahrain, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Southern Iraq and in the Pakistani town of Saada located in the province of FATA. These Iranian satellites are meant to “Shi’A-ize” the local population, what we in the western world call “radicalization”. Some may say that it is paranoia but there is a strong possibility that there is a Iranian sleeper cell in Dearborn MI. These satellite and sleeper cell operations are meant to change the ratio of Sunni to Shiite resulting in changing the balance of religious tolerance in the region. If the scale is allowed to tip in favor of Shiite then Iran is the prominent influence over the Middle East. 
In the words of the UAE Crown Prince “Iran is calling the shots in Iraq, and has so convinced the region of its stories  that Shiites and Iran will ‘fight to the end’ where others will not, that only the Shiites and Iran really stand up to Israel  that now many Palestinians want to convert to Shi'ism. As a consequence, Iran has become the beating heart of Islamic extremism.”

The balance of power is shifting in favor of the radicals and the G8 and GCC nations need to unite in a show of force blockading Iran and Syria from the outside world starving the populations into submission, {because that’s what they understand.} That sad financial, economic, military,and humanitarian sanctions with a physical blockade of all shipments into these rouge nations must be done quickly and with complete cooperation of all nations involved for it to be effective. Squeezing Iran and Syria like a zit till they pop is the only nonviolent way for these states to capitulate peacefully. The leaders of these countries have no problem sacrificing the citizenry to stay in power and would hold out for long stretches of time. Dictators like al-Assad or puppet presidents like Ahmadinejad see Western leaders come and go. As a result they are well aware of the strengths and weakness of democratically elected leadership. Ahmadinejad, al-Assad and Qaddafi will exploit the perceived weaknesses and take full advantage. For example the televised exploitation of children that Saddam Hussein did saying that coalition forces bombed a hospital and a infant milk production facility.

Because Iran and Syria are the single largest threats to a stable Middle East and sanctions as described are not an agreeable option.  The consequences of Iran hell bent upon exporting its Shiite philosophy and the intent of achieving its objective, a global caliphate via nuclear weapons. The G8 and GCC lead by the U.S. will have no choice but to engage in a military conflict with Iran and Syria.

Cost effective and efficient security for the U.S, nationally and internationally, will not be totally evacuating the military from Iraq or Afghanistan. But to redeploy using existing assets currently in place. It is inevitable that there will be a Middle East confrontation and permanent bases in the Iraqi green zone and on the AF/PAK/IRAN border should be established. These bases could be a strong hold for launching coalition forces quickly, Staffed with 25,000 troops each and used for “training purposes” the bases would be a stabilizing force and provide a calming effect to regional leaders. Another 25,000 troops should be redeployed to the southern border of the U. S. and put under control of NORTHCOM. The establishment of bases such as this may be more cost effective than hauling all that material and equipment back to the U.S. and then reexporting it when the need arises.

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