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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Obama Insecurity Plain

In a previous story Egyptian democracy imploding  the toppling of Egypt by the Obama administration was discussed. The national security of our country is at stake by moves such as this. If we go back to one key phrase that Obama stated during his campaign “During my system of cape and trade electricity rates will necessarily sky rocket.” This is tatoed on the president’s brain, everything he has done economically has arrows pointing back to that key statement. The ramifications of a destabilised Egypt are many, one of which is the security of the Suez Canal. Oil tankers routinely use the canal en rout to the U.S. east coast. With a politically unstable Egypt and pirates hijacking shipments in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean Insurance rates will necessarily sky rocket.

Analysts said that a typical bulk carrier valued at 50 million dollars will now have to pay an estimated additional premium of $50,000 a month.This is partly due to rising piracy risks and political unrest in the mid east region. The higher shipping costs would only be passed on to consumers and this would further add to their inflation woes.Analysts said the outlook for the shipping industry looks rough this year. Marine insurers are charging ship owners higher insurance premiums and this will raise shipping rates. Analysts said this is due to rising piracy risks globally.  Seemingly the Egyptian government has no inclination to go after Somali pirates which is decreasing canal traffic. The size of new bulk carriers have increased beyond the capability of the canal. To Make up for the loss of traffic the Suez Authority has raised the toll rate by 7% annually since 2005. The Suez Authority historically has been the countries 3rd largest source of domestic income. behind taxation and tourism. In 2011 Egypt is taking a big hit financially because of the destabilizing effect of the uprising. The fact that the Middle East and North Africa Have turned into an international circle jerk is directly effecting the price of consumer goods as well as oil/lng/cng. All of which makes U.S. inflation Necessarily sky rocket.

The Cap and trade system is a farce created in Europe and duplicated in Chicago. Companies that have bought into this scam trade carbon credits for cash for the purpose of reducing there carbon footprint. So lets say your Tampa Electric and have a coal plant to generate power, well that makes CO2 and that's bad and you will be fined by the EPA. So T. E. Calls Pedro's tree farm in the Amazon jungle and makes a deal to lease 100 hectors of rain Forrest. Well now, thanks to Pedro T. E. can burn all the coal it wants because the CO2 is offset by TREES in the Amazon.

The European climate Exchange (ECX) and the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) have made Al Core millions as a broker and It’s main purpose is not to reduce emissions, but to help polluters meet “reduction” targets in the cheapest way possible, This is a business to business scenario that has no transparency or varification process of there outrageious claims, the system is based on fraud and Tax manipulation. In there hay day the exchanges  generated outrageous profits for big industry polluters and investors in fraudulent offset projects. All of these shenanigans will make electricity rates necessarily sky rocket.

We don’t hear much about cap and trade any more because it was a big pile of steaming CO2 Crap. In 2008 a tone of CO2 traded at $7.50 now $.010, WOW!!! I can afford to fart again.

The green job will go the way of the Dodo just like the CCX did. Hear is the proof I did a search on GOOGLE for “What exactly is a green job” and i clicked on the Environmental Career center. Up popped a nice page with a Photo of the earth and some smiling people and the following caption.
What is a “green” job exactly?
Thursday, March 4, 2010 @ 11:03 AM
posted by Environmental Career Center
This is probably one of the questions most often posed to us and other companies that are a part of the growing green economy. One writer addresses this questions and sheds some light on the topic in Defining Green Jobs.

I clicked on the Defining Green Jobs link and this popped up

Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here
I guess that says it all !!!!

Maybe if we in the United States Got some winners instead of  weenies in Congress and the White House we could BALANCE THE BUDGET, GET RID OF THE IRS, INSTITUTE A FAIR TAX SYSTEM, AND STOP SPENDING MONEY ON STUPID SHIT!!! What we need is our good old freshened Black Jobs back, drilling for some oil, building some cars, manufacturing clothing, shoes, electronics and of course we need our customer service jobs back from dotheadville.

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