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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ranger Recon Battles Banditos

Governor Rick Perry has had enough of the candy ass Washington border policy. Gov. Perry has repeatedly urged the federal government, through letters to President Barack Obama, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, to approve his request for 1,000 Title 32 National Guardsmen to support civilian law enforcement efforts to enhance border security in Texas.

Gov. Perry said. “This is the latest in a series of aggressive actions we’ve taken to fill the gap left by the federal government’s ongoing failure to adequately secure our international border.” With the Gov tired of waiting for Washington he instituted the “Ranger Recon Program”. In a press release from September 2009 The Texas Rangers will be in the Bandito bustin business like they were back in the day.
Comprised of Texas Rangers and Texas National Guard Counterdrug forces, the Ranger Recon Teams are supported by the Operation Border Star Unified Command, including Texas sheriffs, Highway Patrol strike teams and Department of Public Safety aviation resources.

Mexican violence has been increaseing over the years due to the drug cartels infighting over territories. The profits cartels reep for there illisiat activities such as kidnaping, contract murder, gun smuggling and drug ventures of all kinds rival that of a fortune 500 company.

The Mexicans are paying for this with there blood and the pool of blood gets deaper by the day as indicated in the body count.
  • Total Body Count for 2010: 15,273
  • Total Body Count for 2009: (approx.) 9,600
  • Total Body Count for 2008 (approx.): 5,400
  • Total Body Count for 2007 (approx): 4,300
The body count will go up if the Rangers have anything to do with it. In a June 16,2011 statement issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety in reference to a June 6th incident.  Allan Polunsky, chairman of the Texas Public Safety Commission, said that “violence toward Texas law enforcement agencies would not be tolerated.“ He continued with “I want to make it perfectly clear: if any of our officers are shot at or come under attack, there is no minimum number of bullets that need to be discharged at our people before we respond. We will respond with whatever force is required to terminate the attack or threat. Our officers are not and will not be intimidated by cartel criminals who care nothing for the rule of law,”

The Men in the white hats are coming so, Bandido conseguir su culo de vuelta a México.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bad Boys Bad Boys Watcha Gonna Do

June 28th 2011 and Taliban suicide bombers are attacking the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul Afghanistan. The Border Patrol has seized over $9MIL. in cocaine and Marijuana in Rio Grand Texas. Syrian Gov. Forces equipped with Iranian bats and riot gear beat people to death and leave them in the streets of Damascus. The U.S. Army announced today that SSGT Russell J. Proctor and PFC Dylan J, Johnson were killed by a IED in Iraq..Iran commenced war games (Operation Profit 6) and the President of the United Stated has no strategy for dealing with any of this.

The president last week made his prime time vote pandering speech reminding all of us that he is the consummate politician. This time he is throwing the whole country of Afghanistan under the bus along with North Africa and the Middle East, in favor of a few left wing votes. This speech demonstrates the lack of tactical experience needed to be commander in chief. I hope those votes are worth it Mr President.
Middle Eastern leaders are voicing there concerns about the aggressive stance of Iran. The human intelligence coming out of the Middle East is that the radical Shiite philosophy is being exported by Iran into neighboring states by creating extremest satellites. These Iranian enclaves are in Damascus Syria, Southern Lebanon and Gaza, Sleeper cells exist in Kuwait, Bahrain, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, Southern Iraq and in the Pakistani town of Saada located in the province of FATA. These Iranian satellites are meant to “Shi’A-ize” the local population, what we in the western world call “radicalization”. Some may say that it is paranoia but there is a strong possibility that there is a Iranian sleeper cell in Dearborn MI. These satellite and sleeper cell operations are meant to change the ratio of Sunni to Shiite resulting in changing the balance of religious tolerance in the region. If the scale is allowed to tip in favor of Shiite then Iran is the prominent influence over the Middle East. 
In the words of the UAE Crown Prince “Iran is calling the shots in Iraq, and has so convinced the region of its stories  that Shiites and Iran will ‘fight to the end’ where others will not, that only the Shiites and Iran really stand up to Israel  that now many Palestinians want to convert to Shi'ism. As a consequence, Iran has become the beating heart of Islamic extremism.”

The balance of power is shifting in favor of the radicals and the G8 and GCC nations need to unite in a show of force blockading Iran and Syria from the outside world starving the populations into submission, {because that’s what they understand.} That sad financial, economic, military,and humanitarian sanctions with a physical blockade of all shipments into these rouge nations must be done quickly and with complete cooperation of all nations involved for it to be effective. Squeezing Iran and Syria like a zit till they pop is the only nonviolent way for these states to capitulate peacefully. The leaders of these countries have no problem sacrificing the citizenry to stay in power and would hold out for long stretches of time. Dictators like al-Assad or puppet presidents like Ahmadinejad see Western leaders come and go. As a result they are well aware of the strengths and weakness of democratically elected leadership. Ahmadinejad, al-Assad and Qaddafi will exploit the perceived weaknesses and take full advantage. For example the televised exploitation of children that Saddam Hussein did saying that coalition forces bombed a hospital and a infant milk production facility.

Because Iran and Syria are the single largest threats to a stable Middle East and sanctions as described are not an agreeable option.  The consequences of Iran hell bent upon exporting its Shiite philosophy and the intent of achieving its objective, a global caliphate via nuclear weapons. The G8 and GCC lead by the U.S. will have no choice but to engage in a military conflict with Iran and Syria.

Cost effective and efficient security for the U.S, nationally and internationally, will not be totally evacuating the military from Iraq or Afghanistan. But to redeploy using existing assets currently in place. It is inevitable that there will be a Middle East confrontation and permanent bases in the Iraqi green zone and on the AF/PAK/IRAN border should be established. These bases could be a strong hold for launching coalition forces quickly, Staffed with 25,000 troops each and used for “training purposes” the bases would be a stabilizing force and provide a calming effect to regional leaders. Another 25,000 troops should be redeployed to the southern border of the U. S. and put under control of NORTHCOM. The establishment of bases such as this may be more cost effective than hauling all that material and equipment back to the U.S. and then reexporting it when the need arises.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Crisis A Day Keeps The Dictator Away

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is taking it easy in a Cuban hospital with the brothers grim Fidel and Raul. In May the dictator left behind a government  imploding from failing socialist polices to go on a tour of the Latin American States Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Colombia. Venezuela is a crumbling nation plagued by chronic electrical black-outs prison revolts and employment strikes resulting in Hugo loosing his political control and the public confidence.

The trip was intended to bolster sales for the failing state owned oil giant Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) and to garner support for his up-coming presidential bid. Petróleos’s production is down 800,000 barrels a day and refineries are off by 70%. With the rise in oil prices  cash strapped Chavez took the opportunity to pander for a well needed petro-cash injection for his 2012 presidential campaign.

During the trip Chavez took ill with abdominal pain and instead of going back home for medical treatment he went to Cuba and checked into a hospital in Havana. The same hospital that Venezuelan Comptroller General Clodosbaldo Russian, a close ally of President Hugo Chavez checked into earlier in the year and later died, a cause of death was never disclosed. Reports suggest that Chavez had a pelvic abases removed but other reports infer that he may have cancer.

So why would a head of state not seek medical treatment within his home country? Would it be a lack of confidence in the quality of care that he would receive? The medical community in Venezuela has been in term-oil for years and recently has fallen into total disarray. Under the government controlled health care system hospitals and private clinics have had their resources depleted in favor of the Barrio Adentro clinics. The government has also instituted restrictions on private health insurance companies siting the need for “social justice” in the form of “universal health care”. For the most part people with employer provided health care benefits are working for the larger companies that have been  nationalised by President Chavez.

The national Barrio Adentro scheme, as originally planed was the participation of the local community in small health centers delivering general care. These centers operate with a staff consisting of Cuban doctors, nurses and people from the community. Barrio Adentro is funded and supplied by the Cuban government. For all intensive purposes the medical personal are working as indentured servants for meager wages. After several years in the Barrio system the Cubans usually try to seek asylum in the United States or split for greener pastures in other Latin American countries. The rate of turnover and defection is so great that the entire Barrio system has fallen far short of it’s stated goal of 42,000 facilities and is just a hollow shell consisting of a poorly run understaffed bureaucracy.

Doctors belonging to the Venezuelan Doctors Federation have been taking protest measures to get the attention of the Ministry for Health. They began with work stoppages of 4 hours and eventually grew to 12 hour daily protests. Their claims for better salaries have not been heard and conditions in public hospitals have deteriorated to the point of closure. The doctors have vowed to stop all services in public hospitals nationwide if the government doesn't comply with what according to them is their right for a decent salary and working conditions.

A health reporter for the "El Universal"newspaper, described the public hospitals as increasingly dangerous places, where underpaid, under supplied, and understaffed doctors work in unsanitary conditions to provide medical services to Venezuela's poor. Due to shortages of basic medical supplies, doctors ask patients to purchase their own needles, disinfectants and gauze.

Observers say that doctors sometimes redress wounds with the same dirty bandages and other patients are told to bring their own X-rays from private clinics. In many areas of Caracas, public hospitals suffer from water shortages which force doctors to postpone important operations. At the older public hospitals, the plumbing systems are so inadequate water can not be accessed at the upper floors of  the building.

In recent months, open source intelligence reports indicate that Venezuelan public hospitals are in a state of  crisis citing activities by patients and doctors to protest shortages of medicine and supplies. These shortages  threatened the shut down of the Enrique Tejera Hospital. At the Negra Hipolita Maternity Ward  a "technical closure" was reported after the breakdown of the air conditioning system raised concerns that the heat would increase bacteria levels in the incubators for newborn babies.Doctors in Merida had shut down the University Hospital of Los Andes (HULA) due to medical supply shortages and pronouncing the hospital "dead."

In 2009 the breakdown of public hospitals across the country lead to the resignation of 140 physicians, as a result the Jesus Yerena de Lidice Hospital shut down. Lidice is one of the nations largest and most important public hospitals servicing  the impoverished Catia community of Caracas. The shutdown lasted for a three month period, patients and doctors protested shortages of medical supplies, renovation delays  and unpaid wages and benefits. The conflict escalated  when the Health Ministry suspended four of Lidice's doctors after charging them with inciting protests among the patients. Lidice's doctors resigned en masse after the Health Ministry refused to reinstate the four suspended doctors and
resume negotiations over salary payments and benefits owed since 2007. The resignations paralyzed Lidice, leaving only two doctors a internal specialist and a surgeon-to care for the
remaining patients.

Lidice reopened only after  the Health and Labor Ministry agreed to reinstate the four suspended physicians and resume negotiations over the other demands. Portions of the hospital remain  closed to emergency services and the maternity services.

Government interference has put the Venezuelan people in a health care crisis that is severely impacting the welfare of the nation. This is Just the situation the United States will be in if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act does not get repealed.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Shoots Load & Pulls Out

The announcement of President Obama to pull out 10,000 U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of the year and an additional 23,000 by the end of next summer. The remaining 70,000 troops would leave with all foreign combat troops by 2014, the year Afghanistan's military is to take over security responsibilities. The Afghan military has about 150,000 troops and plans to increase the number to 300,000 by 2014. This is extremely optimistic and logistically complicated.

As a result of diplomatic talks in the 1980s between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev a change in Soviet foren policies emerged. The decision to decrease the soviet footprint world wide lead to the withdrawal of the occupying soviet forces from Afghanistan.

The Soviet withdrawal took place in two phases, from May 15 to August 16, 1988 and the second from November 15 to February 15, 1989. The Soviets had negotiated ceasefires with local Mujaheddin commanders, so the withdrawal was generally executed peacefully. The Russians literally packed up there trucks and tanks and drove home on the invasion routs in which they came.
The U.S. forces have considerable assets in country and each must be evaluated for there functionality and portability. For example any type of communication encryption and targeting equipment along with soldiers will be removed via air transport to Ali Al Salem Air Base in Kuwait. There is also the need for some heavy weapons and equipment to be sanitized or transported out of the theater. If I was to speculate on the manner of extraction. Heavy equipment would transit via rail lines through the north to the port of Riga in Latvia and to the south using the road system to the port of Karachi. Items such as HUMVEEs APCs and certain artillery peaces may be left behind in-tacked for Afghan security forces to utilize.

The strategic withdrawal of armed forces from a still hostile theater of operation is a complicated leap frogging type of affair with units covering the flanks of others as the pull out progresses. Security for overland transport is critical especially in the AFPAC region. There will be Taliban, AL-Qaeda and local tribal factions looking to disrupt convoys all the way from Kandahar to Karachi.

If we are to learn any lessens from the Soviet withdrawal it would be that the Marxist Government left behind was not universally accepted and was overthrown  3 years after the Soviet occupation and guidance was discontinued.

The (DRA) Democratic Republic of Afghanistan armed forces were built up to an official strength of 302,000 in 1986 and divided up into 3 branches consisting of the ministry of defence forces numbered 132,000, the ministry of interior 70,000 and the ministry of state security 80,000. This division was devised to separate authority thus reducing the opportunity of a military coup. What was not anticipated was the defection and desertion of Afghan service personal at the rate of 30,000 per year.

The security vacuum left behind made it possible for the Mujaheddin to reemerge as the Taliban and eventually Al-Qaeda.

As President Obama has outlined, the numbers are similar, however the situation has changed some what in the fact that the coalition forces are not leaving behind a war ravaged Marxist puppet state. For all outward appearances Afghanistan is better off now in terms of infrastructure and economic opportunity that ever before. Unfortunately other problems exist such as a totally corrupt government and a thriving opium trade. In 2009 the  proceeds from opium was 52% of the country's GDP.

We can only speculate at this point what the ramifications will be regarding the “War on Terror”. Will we eradicate extreme global criminal behaviours? It’s doubtful. Will terror groups consolidate and become even more despicable? Probably. Are Extreme Muslims and Islam mists ever going to have a “come to Jesus moment” and curtail there despicable behaviour? Not ever, we are living with that reality.....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Security in Iraq Wake Up Afghanistan Is Next

“Explosives loaded in three shopping carts killed 21 people and wounded 107 at the Shurt al-Raba market,” AFP quoted an interior ministry official as saying on Thursday
Moreover, one of the bombs reportedly targeted a mosque near the market.
The official added that the attack happened at 6:45 p.m. (15:45 GMT) when the area was crowded with shoppers.
About an hour later, a car bomb targeting a police patrol killed six people, including a policeman.
Also on Thursday, an American contractor with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Iraq was killed and three civilians, including another U.S. national, were wounded in a bomb attack in Baghdad. The attack took place as their armed vehicle was leaving the Al-Mustansariyah University, U.S. embassy and witnesses reported.
The latest bombings appear to be part of a wider bombing campaign that has plagued Iraq since senior officials in Baghdad repeatedly rejected U.S. suggestions to further extend their military presence in the oil-rich country beyond the December 2011 deadline.
On Tuesday, 25 people were killed and 30 injured when two car bombs exploded outside the residence of a local governor in central Iraq.
At least seven Iraqis were injured in an attack on a French embassy convoy in Baghdad on Monday.
Local security forces and provincial government officials in Iraq have been the target of attacks in recent months as U.S. troops prepare to withdraw from the country by the end of this year.

Over one million Iraqis have died since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003


June 28, 2011

The inter-continental hotel in Kabul Afghanistan has been attacked by suicide bombers with automatic weapons. The bombers fired indiscriminately inside the hotel 

Explosions and gunfire killed as many as 14 people.

Reports say that a security conference may have been underway during the time of the attack.

AP reports receiving a phone call than the Taliban is taking respectability for the action.

The attackers broke through 2 layers of security perimeters gain access to the hotel building. At least 3 of the attackers were killed prior to reaching the building.

I told you so 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Obama Insecurity Plain

In a previous story Egyptian democracy imploding  the toppling of Egypt by the Obama administration was discussed. The national security of our country is at stake by moves such as this. If we go back to one key phrase that Obama stated during his campaign “During my system of cape and trade electricity rates will necessarily sky rocket.” This is tatoed on the president’s brain, everything he has done economically has arrows pointing back to that key statement. The ramifications of a destabilised Egypt are many, one of which is the security of the Suez Canal. Oil tankers routinely use the canal en rout to the U.S. east coast. With a politically unstable Egypt and pirates hijacking shipments in the Gulf of Aden and Indian Ocean Insurance rates will necessarily sky rocket.

Analysts said that a typical bulk carrier valued at 50 million dollars will now have to pay an estimated additional premium of $50,000 a month.This is partly due to rising piracy risks and political unrest in the mid east region. The higher shipping costs would only be passed on to consumers and this would further add to their inflation woes.Analysts said the outlook for the shipping industry looks rough this year. Marine insurers are charging ship owners higher insurance premiums and this will raise shipping rates. Analysts said this is due to rising piracy risks globally.  Seemingly the Egyptian government has no inclination to go after Somali pirates which is decreasing canal traffic. The size of new bulk carriers have increased beyond the capability of the canal. To Make up for the loss of traffic the Suez Authority has raised the toll rate by 7% annually since 2005. The Suez Authority historically has been the countries 3rd largest source of domestic income. behind taxation and tourism. In 2011 Egypt is taking a big hit financially because of the destabilizing effect of the uprising. The fact that the Middle East and North Africa Have turned into an international circle jerk is directly effecting the price of consumer goods as well as oil/lng/cng. All of which makes U.S. inflation Necessarily sky rocket.

The Cap and trade system is a farce created in Europe and duplicated in Chicago. Companies that have bought into this scam trade carbon credits for cash for the purpose of reducing there carbon footprint. So lets say your Tampa Electric and have a coal plant to generate power, well that makes CO2 and that's bad and you will be fined by the EPA. So T. E. Calls Pedro's tree farm in the Amazon jungle and makes a deal to lease 100 hectors of rain Forrest. Well now, thanks to Pedro T. E. can burn all the coal it wants because the CO2 is offset by TREES in the Amazon.

The European climate Exchange (ECX) and the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) have made Al Core millions as a broker and It’s main purpose is not to reduce emissions, but to help polluters meet “reduction” targets in the cheapest way possible, This is a business to business scenario that has no transparency or varification process of there outrageious claims, the system is based on fraud and Tax manipulation. In there hay day the exchanges  generated outrageous profits for big industry polluters and investors in fraudulent offset projects. All of these shenanigans will make electricity rates necessarily sky rocket.

We don’t hear much about cap and trade any more because it was a big pile of steaming CO2 Crap. In 2008 a tone of CO2 traded at $7.50 now $.010, WOW!!! I can afford to fart again.

The green job will go the way of the Dodo just like the CCX did. Hear is the proof I did a search on GOOGLE for “What exactly is a green job” and i clicked on the Environmental Career center. Up popped a nice page with a Photo of the earth and some smiling people and the following caption.
What is a “green” job exactly?
Thursday, March 4, 2010 @ 11:03 AM
posted by Environmental Career Center
This is probably one of the questions most often posed to us and other companies that are a part of the growing green economy. One writer addresses this questions and sheds some light on the topic in Defining Green Jobs.

I clicked on the Defining Green Jobs link and this popped up

Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here
I guess that says it all !!!!

Maybe if we in the United States Got some winners instead of  weenies in Congress and the White House we could BALANCE THE BUDGET, GET RID OF THE IRS, INSTITUTE A FAIR TAX SYSTEM, AND STOP SPENDING MONEY ON STUPID SHIT!!! What we need is our good old freshened Black Jobs back, drilling for some oil, building some cars, manufacturing clothing, shoes, electronics and of course we need our customer service jobs back from dotheadville.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Gray stone Hotel Ft Leavenworth KS.
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 SIP-DIS Dave Wigs

There's a shit storm in D.C. today and it's name is Operation Fast & Furious. The spin and lies will continue and we will see who gets an umbrella! Obama will try to patch things up south of the border but Calderon is pissed off, after all people on both sides of the border will continue catching bullets from the AKs that the ATF let walk. So A. G. Eric Holder will ether transfer or fire Kennith Melson acting director of ATF today. If Melson gets the can I predict he will cough up documents implicateing Holder. If Melson gets a transfer then Deputy A.G. James Cole will get the ax. Ether way heads will roll.

For F & F to be operational DOJ financing had to be approved, and in place, wire taps had to be signed of on by a federal judge, briefings and procedures needed to be approved by lawyers. There were a lot of D.C. bureaucrats in the loop on this one including the State Department so they could deflect any Mexican interference when weapons started showing up at crime seines. This is a far reaching conspiratorial enterprise delving deep into the bowels of the Obama administration. Unlike Watergate or Iran-Contra law enforcement personnel were shot and killed making all conspirators involved subject to prosecution under the RICO statute.

As Americans we must demand our elected Repuplicrats get to the bottom of this. Contrary to the beliefs of the Obama administration U S officials are not above the law. F & F has gone way past the scandalous stage and into the criminal realm. Impeachment and prosecutions are in order. I have to wonder what other criminal activities the "hope and change gang have up there socialist sleeves."

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Using ATF,s ammunition against them

June 18, 2011     SIP-DIS sip-dis.blogspot.com  By Dave Wigs

The ATF has publicly stated that they are in support of 22 usc 2778 in an open letter dated November 30, 2010 the letter approved by Kenneth Melson  The letter only refers to the importation of firearms and ammunition. http://www.atf.gov/press/releases/2010/12/120710-atf-ruling-9-supporting-doc-for-import-permit.html

As outlined in the united states code 22 USC 2778

(a) Presidential control of exports and imports of defense articles and services, guidance of policy, etc.; designation of United States Munitions List; issuance of export licenses; negotiations information (1) In furtherance of world peace and the security and foreign policy of the United States, the President is authorized to control the import and the export of defense articles and defense services and to provide foreign policy guidance to persons of the United States involved in the export and import of such articles and services.
The President is authorized to designate those items which shall be considered as defense articles and defense services for the purposes of this section and to promulgate regulations for the import and export of such articles and services.
The items so designated shall constitute the United States Munitions List. (2) Decisions on issuing export licenses under this section shall take into account whether the export of an article would contribute to an arms race, aid in the development of weapons of mass destruction, support international terrorism, increase the possibility of outbreak or escalation of conflict, or prejudice the development of bilateral or multilateral arms control or nonproliferation agreements or other arrangements.

So did the president authorize the transfer of the guns involved. after all they are on the munitions list.

121.1 - General. The United States Munitions List.
 (a) The following articles, services and related technical data are designated as defense articles and defense services pursuant to sections 38 and 47(7) of the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2778 and 2794(7)). Changes in designations will be published in the Federal Register. Information and clarifications on whether specific items are defense articles and services under this subchapter may appear periodically in the Defense Trade News published by the Center for Defense Trade.

 (b) Significant military equipment: An asterisk precedes certain defense articles in the following list. The asterisk means that the article is deemed to be significant military equipment to the extent specified in 120.19. The asterisk is placed as a convenience to help identify such articles.

 (c) Missile Technology Control Regime Annex (MTCR). Certain defense articles and services are identified in 121.16 as being on the list of MTCR Annex items on the United States Munitions List. These are articles as specified in 120.29 of this subchapter and appear on the list at 121.16.
Category IFirearms, Close Assault Weapons and Combat Shotguns *(a) Nonautomatic and semi-automatic firearms to caliber .50 inclusive (12.7 mm).*(b) Fully automatic firearms to .50 caliber inclusive (12.7 mm).*(c) Firearms or other weapons (e.g. insurgency-counterinsurgency, close assault weapons systems) having a special military application regardless of caliber.*(d) Combat shotguns. This includes any shotgun with a barrel length less than 18 inches.*(e) Silencers, mufflers, sound and flash suppressors for the articles in (a) through (d) of this category and their specifically designed, modified or adapted components and parts.  (f) Rifle scopes manufactured to military specifications (See category XII(c) for controls on night sighting devices.) *(g) Barrels, cylinders, receivers (frames) or complete breech mechanisms for the articles in paragraphs (a) through (d) of this category.
 (h) Components, parts, accessories and attachments for the articles in paragraphs (a) through (g) of this category.
 (i) Technical data (as defined in 120.10 of this subchapter) and defense services (as defined in 120.9 of this subchapter) directly related to the defense articles enumerated in paragraphs (a) through (h) of this category. Technical data directly related to the manufacture or production of any defense articles enumerated elsewhere in this category that are designated as Significant Military Equipment (SME) shall itself be designated SME.
 (j) The following interpretations explain and amplify the terms used in this category and throughout this subchapter: (1) A firearm is a weapon not over .50 caliber (12.7 mm) which is designed to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive or which may be readily converted to do so.
 (2) A rifle is a shoulder firearm which can discharge a bullet through a rifled barrel 16 inches or longer.
 (3) A carbine is a lightweight shoulder firearm with a barrel under 16 inches in length.
 (4) A pistol is a hand-operated firearm having a chamber integral with or permanently aligned with the bore.
 (5) A revolver is a hand-operated firearm with a revolving cylinder containing chambers for individual cartridges.
 (6) A submachine gun, machine pistol or machine gun is a firearm originally designed to fire, or capable of being fired, fully automatically by a single pull of the trigger.
Note: This coverage by the U.S. Munitions List in paragraphs (a) through (i) of this category excludes any non-combat shotgun with a barrel length of 18 inches or longer, BB, pellet, and muzzle loading (black powder) firearms. This category does not cover riflescopes and sighting devices that are not manufactured to military specifications. It also excludes accessories and attachments (e.g., belts, slings, after market rubber grips, cleaning kits) for firearms that do not enhance the usefulness, effectiveness, or capabilities of the firearm, components and parts. The Department of Commerce regulates the export of such items. See the Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR parts 730799).

In addition, license exemptions for the items in this category are available in various parts of this subchapter (e.g. 123.17, 123.18 and 125.4).

For the president  to authorize Fast and furious legally he would have had to enter into an agreement with the Government of Mexico. We now know that the Mexican President,
Calderon was unaware of this operation. Under this statute the ATF agents would have to be authorized agents working on behalf of the United states Government with the approval of the president. If the president claims no knowledge of the operation then the ATF Acting Director Kenneth Melson broke this international law. The agents in charge of F & F are complisant by acting as knowing participants in and the facilitation of weapons on the munitions list to criminal organizations for the purpose of escalating an internal conflict in a sovereign nation. If the president did have knowledge of F& F then he is guilty as well.  

With respect to Section 38 of the Arms Export Control Act of 1976 (22 U.S.C. 2778), only the importation provisions are administered by ATF. Export provisions are administered by the Department of State.
§ 127.4   Authority of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.
(a) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers may take appropriate action to ensure observance of this subchapter as to the export or the attempted export of any defense article or technical data, including the inspection of loading or unloading of any vessel, vehicle, or aircraft. This applies whether the export is authorized by license or by written approval issued under this subchapter.
(b) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have the authority to investigate, detain or seize any export or attempted export of defense articles or technical data contrary to this subchapter.
(c) Upon the presentation to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officer of a license or written approval authorizing the export of any defense article, the customs officer may require the production of other relevant documents and information relating to the proposed export. This includes an invoice, order, packing list, shipping document, correspondence, instructions, and the documents otherwise required by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection or U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
[70 FR 50965, Aug. 29, 2005]

All firearms exiting the United States is the responsibly of Customs And Border Protection. To that fact the investigation of firearms legally or illegally leaving the U.S. is beyond the scope of responsibility of ATF and its parent The U.S. Justice Department. It would be safe to conclude that F&F was ill-conceived and illegal from the start. DOJ and ATF officials acted as rouge agents without informing the Mexican Government or CBP. The motivation for this operation was (1.) The hope of enacting tougher gun laws in the U.S. (2.) Using the potential take down of a drug cartel as political fatter in the next election cycle. (3.) The ATF justification for increasing agency funding and internal promotion of supervisors.
Now that the excrement has hit the oscillating device the cover up is in full swing and the White House and DOJ are working overtime redacting and shredding. Someone needs to Tell Barack that the cover up is as bad as the crime...