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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The Gray stone Hotel Ft Leavenworth KS.
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 SIP-DIS Dave Wigs

There's a shit storm in D.C. today and it's name is Operation Fast & Furious. The spin and lies will continue and we will see who gets an umbrella! Obama will try to patch things up south of the border but Calderon is pissed off, after all people on both sides of the border will continue catching bullets from the AKs that the ATF let walk. So A. G. Eric Holder will ether transfer or fire Kennith Melson acting director of ATF today. If Melson gets the can I predict he will cough up documents implicateing Holder. If Melson gets a transfer then Deputy A.G. James Cole will get the ax. Ether way heads will roll.

For F & F to be operational DOJ financing had to be approved, and in place, wire taps had to be signed of on by a federal judge, briefings and procedures needed to be approved by lawyers. There were a lot of D.C. bureaucrats in the loop on this one including the State Department so they could deflect any Mexican interference when weapons started showing up at crime seines. This is a far reaching conspiratorial enterprise delving deep into the bowels of the Obama administration. Unlike Watergate or Iran-Contra law enforcement personnel were shot and killed making all conspirators involved subject to prosecution under the RICO statute.

As Americans we must demand our elected Repuplicrats get to the bottom of this. Contrary to the beliefs of the Obama administration U S officials are not above the law. F & F has gone way past the scandalous stage and into the criminal realm. Impeachment and prosecutions are in order. I have to wonder what other criminal activities the "hope and change gang have up there socialist sleeves."

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