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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Are you a guy that likes young girls? Their hot, Right! So how young do you like your girls is 21 the right age or maybe 19, say if you really like em fresh then maybe 15 or 13 is more your speed. Well if that’s the case then come on down to the Tex-Mex-Sex mart for some real low mileage beauties. That's right there's a deal to be had on the Mexican border. The sister town of Laredo Texas Nuevo Laredo in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas is just chock full of these barley driven cuties that are all polished up for a test drive. The only problem is you cant take’em of the lot.  

In the hart of Nuevo Laredo there is a section of the city Named “Boys Town” (BT) this is a walled in enclave of debauchery. The concrete walls stand about 15 feet high and are studded with broken glass. The one entrance to BT is maned with a state police officer that collects a toll from every person passing through the portal. Once inside BT there is no visible police presents but their is a police station that looks more like a place that the cops sleep have a coffee break and divide up the nightly bribe money. The Mexican Government considers the BT a zonas de tolerancia or a “tolerance zone” just about anything go’s in boys town from the world renowned Donkey Show to your typical straight sex. The concept of the Tolerance zone was born out of the need for US solders looking for a good time on there 24 hour pass. The girls are checked periodically for STDs by the on-site clinic that is part of the BT complex. How ever recently the Drug cartels have started to exploit the BT concept and are muscling into the sex trade.With the US and Mexican government putting the squeeze on the drug running business the DTO’s are diversifying into other profit centers one being human trafficking for the purpose of prostitution. The  zonas de tolerancia concept has been a very popular source for tourist dollars to the Mexican economy and have been duplicated throughout the country. The girls seem to be rather willing and marginally old enough for legal sex activity given the fact that the school girl costume appears to be the over riding theme in there appearance. The DTOs on the other hand do not care if the the girls are of age contract STDs or have the willingness to participate in the sex acts that they are forced to perform.
The cartels have been using the mass advertising Principal of the Internet and news paper classifieds to bring in the traffic needed for turning a profit rather than the traditional concept of the point of sale we are all use to. The DTOs start the process by picking up girls as young as 10 years of age of the streets in the small towns of Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. The girls and sometimes boys are brought to a remote farm house or jungle camp some wear on the Mexican border with Honduras for conditioning. The youngsters are drugged, repeatedly raped, deprived of food and sleep. Then the captive children are gradually rewarded with food and sleep in return for sex acts, This process is documented on video and in still photographs that are then smuggled from the remote locations to be sold in Mexico, Canada and the US. The conditioning takes only a few weeks before the kids are ready for prime time and to do the bidding of there captors. At this point the kids are sent with a woman who pimps them in the bars, pool halls and roadside truck stops along the US/Mexican border. Some of the girls are housed in private Brothels in Acapulco, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico City these are the places that the big money is generated. Pedophiles from North and South America that have prearranged sex vacations arrive on a regular basis. These sickos even skip out on their family's cruse vacation for a quickie in a Acapulco brothel. These children quickly loose there innocence and in turn the pedophiles appeal so they are discarded at the ripe old age of 16 or 17 to fend for themselves. Some of these girls make their way back home or to one of the BTs to work as a low paid whore on a back street. The pimp mothers may turn them back to the DTO bosses for the purpose of smuggling drugs and as personal sex slaves.

There is also the children that are smuggled into the US and Canada to work on the streets in cities and towns like Houston, New Orleans and Tampa.  Each year, according to the U.S. State Department, between 14,500 and 17,500 individuals are trafficked into the United States with a large percentage of these victims originating from or traveling through Mexico.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Holder's Terrorist's or Tourists

The Obama Administration is still going full bore at closing the Guantanamo Bay facility and the Fate of the blood thirsty disgusting terrorist animals is still in question, or is it. The “detainees” (as the current administration refers to them), that have been released reemerge on the Afghan battle field holding AK-47s or found funding some suicide turban bomber looking for 72 virgins. Last Tuesday in Brussels at the European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee meeting AG Eric Holder said the administration is focused on closing GITMO “as quickly as possible”. Holder said the Obama administration is facing substantial pressure in closing the facility but they are doing everything they can to shut down the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before the 2012 presidential elections. He added that the effort to shutter the detention facility would continue even after the 2012 elections if they can’t shut it down before then. Assuming Obama gets reelected that is.

“We will be pressing for the closure of the facility between now and then—and after that election, we will try to close it as well,” Holder said. “Some people have made this a political issue without looking at, I think, the real benefits that would flow from the closure of the facility.”closing

Their is a problem with this GITMO closing that Obama wants and Holders statements typify that. At no time does Holder or Obama explain how they are going to achieve this closure. This is a security problem of a massive nature but Obama and Holder have that problem licked. You see
there is a new wrinkle in the Obama/Holder GITMO saga to report. Holder has employed the US State Department as his personal emissary to garner support in the closing of the prison. With the election creeping up fast and Obama’s support waning Holder has doubled down on another poorly conceived plan to rid the prison of it’s undesirables. State Department officials have been lobbying European officials in an effort to take the terrorists off our hands and to assimilate them into there societies. The plan is to take the terrorists out of GITMO put them on a private plane (a la rendition with first class amenities) and fly them to cities all around Europe to be unleashed upon the unwitting citizens. That right it’s Mohammad’s European vacation.

It is Holders intent at the European Parliament meeting to try and quell the fears of diplomats that are not on board with this fiasco. In 1999 the Schengen Agreement was adopted by many of the European countries forming the European Union. The member countries of the EU adopted the Euro as a common currency as well as the ability for the citizens of the member nations to travel unfettered between countries with out passports or visa requirements. This unrestricted travel has many of the nations nervous about terrorists being released in neighbouring countries. Holder has employed a Special Envoy for Guantanamo Closure, Ambassador Daniel Fried and he is in the process of Chicago politicking around Europe rounding up support and making political promises that can’t be kept. Fried has found an ally in Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian PM, who assured Fried that he would help smooth out the road on his way to his EU partners on the GITMO problem. The Italians have agreed to take some of the undesirables until they started to vet them. Among the individuals Holder wanted to pawn off on the Italians was two Tunisians one from GITMO and one from the “Black Jail” in Bagram Afghanistan. The Ministry of Justice in Italy discovered that the two “resettlement candidates” had outstanding arrest warrants for terrorist activities in Milan. The MOJ told Holder’s lackey at State that the Tunisians could not be resettled but could be extradited put on trial and sent to prison, so much for that. In the wake of the Italian problem Holder instructed Fried to assemble the detainees files and prepare them for suitable release to the EU council for counter terrorism. Obviously Holder is asking for the documentation to be sanitised for a more palatable consumption by the EU members.

With so many nations in the EU having so many concerns about the 241 detainees resettlement it is hard to believe that any uniform agreement can be struck. For example the PM of Slovenia is willing to make a deal but he has unambiguously linked the success of the detainee resettlement to a meeting with President Obama.  He said that "a 20-minute meeting" with POTUS would allow him to frame the detainee question as an act of support for Slovenia's most important ally and evidence of a newly reinvigorated bilateral relationship. The PM was also in the market for a new nuclear power plant project that Westinghouse is bidding on. He was also interested in a cash payment saying that the countries budget could not absorb the expense of hosting the detainees. The PM also expressed a need for help in resolving a border dispute with Croatia but he expressed concern that the political and financial aspects of any deal would need to be kept separate. Surprisingly most of the diplomats in the EU are in favor of taking the terrorists into there countries within a “framework agreement”. The framework has yet to be worked out and perhaps that is the nature of Holder’s attendance at last weeks European Parliament meeting. Details and concerns regarding the terrorists are many and the EU Counter terrorism consultant has concerns that the terrorists will have to be put in a sort of “wittiness protection program” and have round the clock surveillance. This is a financial burden that the EU is not willing to except and that the USG should be footing the bill for these scum bags. The European liberals are screaming that GITMO be closed and are willing to help out Obama with, in there words is “A untenable situation left to him by President Bush.”

The European politicians are discussing how they are going to explain this diplomatic policy of excepting the GITMO dregs on society to the people of there respective nations. And are looking for “political cover” so one of the stipulations of acceptance is that they are willing to absorb these creatures as a “gesture of solidarity within the western nations.” In English this translates into a promise that islamist extremists from GITMO will be assimilated into the towns and cities in the United States. This is a very closely held secret within the Obama White House and will be denied under any circumstances. President Obama and AG Holder have formulated several plans at this point to release the prisoners within the US and abroad covertly and without informing congress or the American People. Even the far left will puke at the sound of this one. And there is no cover for the higher ranking Administration officials like Obama, Clinton, Holder, Meuller and Panetta should the story leak out.

Some nations are reluctant in accepting any of these rat bastards. The Constitutional Monarchy of Luxembourg is one such example. This is a country that is quiet small in land mass and a population of only 500,000 the nations motto is "We want to remain what we are." So you may understand why the luxemburgers are reluctant. Then there is the Kingdom of Norway and they flat out refuse any sort of resettlement agreement under any circumstances. That dissuasion was made prior to the Norwegian right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik pulled his rampage off. The King as well as Government officials agree that their security apparatus is currently strained with the release of Arfan Bhatti from prision by an Oslo court in June 2009 pending
a retrial on the attempted murder portion of his conviction. Norway’s Police Security Service the  PST could not provide nearly the amount of surveillance as would be expected for a person who had planned attacks on the U.S. and Israeli embassies and had carried out a shooting at the Oslo synagogue. As a consequence of this investigation the PST has had to divert all of its surveillance resources to this case, drawing them away from other high priorities, such as counter-intelligence threats from Russia and the Mullah Krekar debacle.

Krekar the former leader of Ansar al Islam, who was apprehended in transit by the Dutch in September 2002 and then deported to Norway, where he has had refugee status since the early 1990s. The USG worked with both the Dutch and the Norwegians to develop a criminal case against Krekar, but was unable to assemble sufficient use-able evidence. While Krekar has never been charged with any crimes in the U.S., Ansar al Islam is designated under two U.S. counter-terrorism authorities, and is included on the UN consolidated sanctions list because of its links to Al Qaida. Norway has restricted Krekar's movements and has frozen his funding. He has been ordered deported from Norway, but to date, Norway says it has been unable to receive sufficient human rights assurances from the Iraqis to proceed with deportation. Krekar was the subject of an episode of the NBC series "The Wanted," broadcast in the U.S. on July 20, 2009. On July 19, the government issued a press release addressing the handling of the case. The media reported that the Norwegian government might try to advance discussions with Iraq on this issue but there is no sign that such discussions ever took place.

The Breivik situation has throne the whole country into a tailspin and for now or in the foreseeable future the King and the PM will not agree to any deal with the American government especially in light of the fact that the US citizens have been kept in the dark about the possibility of radical islamist becoming tenants.

This is going to cost a bundle of money if Holder and Obama are successful, not to mention the diplomatic nightmare that will be surfacing. And is the US Government going to assume the liability for the actions of these shit balls. What is going to happen when one of these dimwits starts radicalizing their fellow Mosque rats and they blow up a subway station or a mall full of children on a school trip?  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Syrian Circus

Is the CIA directing the three ring cluster hump in the Syrian Circus of clowns? It seems so, Reports are being leaked from Washington and Ankara Turkey that there are plains a foot to contain a civil war in the wake of Bashar al-Assad’s demise. The famous unnamed Obama official said referring to Assad "Intelligence services say he's not coming back."  So far he has not gone anywhere, But those details have yet to be worked out. Apparently the anonymous intelligence services think that Assad will be toppled from within. Could it be that the CIA and the MIT (Turkey’s CIA equivalent) have a clown inside the circus tent.

The Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan is said to be having meetings with President Obama at the UN in New York about the Syrian situation. Each one of the leaders threatened military intervention in the recent past but both backed down, Erdogan wimped out twice. So how will these two Bozos jump in the ring, anybodies guess. However there has been some skulduggery going on in the years leading up to Assad’s Circus that we are calling the Arab Spring.

The United States has been operating “democratisation” projects in the Middle East for the past several years. These projects are a mixture of covert activities and overt programs sanctioned by local governments. Some of these programs involved teaching English and computer skills to individuals interested in global affairs. Many of these “students” were then recruited into other programs such as an exchange student programs and some individuals would be recruited to do outright spying on there government.

The programs also extended outside the country with Syrian Exiled government officials and business men. The US State Department funded many of these operations as well as USAID, CIA and the Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The prince took part in a operation to overthrow the Assad regime along with the State Department official Jeffrey Feltman. The operation went into effect in 2008 and involved assets within the Syrian government as well as exiled business men living in Europe. The plane was a bribery scam that cost $2 billion and failed.

Could this be the perfect time for an assassination plot to take out Assad, is there assets inside the government willing to perpetrate such a coup? Assad has pulled his military forces off the Israeli border to the south as well as from the Lebanese border to the east. This was done in conjunction with the call up of 50,000 reservists. All these troupe reassignments are meant to encircle the cities and towns for a massive offensive against the Syrian people that is being called "Biraq Assad" (Assad's flag). The movement of the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th Divisions from the Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon borders with Israel leaves only the Hezbollah forces to protect Syria’s southern flank. Assad has mobilized 350.000 solders in this operation scattering them all over the country and most of them Sunni Muslims. The Sunnis have been defecting in droves and refusing to fire at there fellow countrymen. Most of the defectors try to make it to the Turkish border before being shot by there Alawite officers that are loyal to Assad.

Is this the opportunity that Bozo Obama and his Turkey boy sidekick have been waiting for, could be. However there is a catch. The dithering duo deployed the dimwitted Muslim Brotherhood to do there dastardly deed. The Brotherhood is a Sunni organization and they have been the target of the Assad regime for ever. In 1982 the MB staged a revolt and Hafez al-Assad bombed the crap out of the city of Hama the MB stronghold at the time. The MB never regained any significant influence within Syria after that.

Three or four weeks ago a series of air strikes from Turkey in the north and Israel from the south coupled with a CIA/MIT lead coup could have taken out the Assad Circus but the dithering duo let the window of opportunity slam shut. Now that Turkey has burned its bridge with Israel over the Gaza blockade situation that possibility is off the table. In addition to that there are a few new clowns in the circus tent. Iran is speaking publicly about Assad toning down the violence but privately the Iranian leadership has run in to Assad’s tent with weapons and field advisers. Iran did not come alone they brought Russia and China with them. The Ruskies and the Chinks have even set up up shop in their respective embassies. With weapons coming from Russia, China and Iran Assad is looking good with ammo. As far as technical shenanigans go Russian president  Dmitry Medvedev sent his personal envoy, Mikhail Margelov to Damascus to set up a military-diplomatic headquarters at the Russian embassy. The Russkies are advising Assad on the weapons most effective for killing the Syrian upstarts and how to do an end run around the US and NATO sanctions. The Chinks ran in to the tent with there hackers and scum-bags to help Assad with the carnage and sanction sidestepping as well.

The CIA must be playing Bozo Obama for a fool because they are much better than this then again Leon the Pee-on Panetta was running the show at Langley. So the Assad Circus just might be around for a while and the body count just keeps getting bigger.The human rights organizations Avaaz and Insan  report today that the body count is 5360 more than twice the number being reported by the UN.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Bloging Can Kill

The drug Cartel los Zetas has left a warning to blogers that report cartel activities on web sites. In the Mexican town of Nuevo Laredo just across the border from the Texas town of Laredo the gruesome sight of two dead bodies was discovered Tuesday 9/13/11. The bodies of a man and a woman in there 20’s were found hanging from a pedestrian bridge. Both the man and the woman showed signs of beating and torture before they were killed. The woman was Topless with her hands and feet bound  together, she was killed by disembowelment. The man next to her was hanging by his hands with a machete wound to the shoulder so deep that bones were visible. It was evident from the torture that the woman had been beaten in front of the man to make him talk and when he did, they killed her and the young man was subsequently killed. Evidently these killings were in retaliation for reporting on Los Zeta drug cartel activity in the blog Frontera Al Rojo Vivo . At the sight where the bodies were found a sign was discovered as a warning to bloggers as well as signs attached to the the dead bodies.

This is going to happen to all of those posting funny things on the Internet," and "You better fucking pay attention." “Z”

The first message (attached to the male victim's leg)
“This happened for snitching on Frontera Al Rojo Vivo

The second message

“This will happen to all the internet snitches (Frontera al Rojo Vivo, Blog Del Narco, orDenuncia Ciudadano) Be warned, we've got our eye on you.” “Z”

Social networking is like gun powder it is fun when made in to fireworks but deadly when packed in a casing behind a bullet. Twitter, Face book and blogs are powerful tools in the information age but precautions must be taken when reporting criminal activity. In Mexico journalists are routinely threatened and killed for publicizing cartel activity. Many have gone underground or stopped reporting altogether on the cartels. In the city Monterrey the word “balacera” (the Spanish word for shootout) was tweeted more last year than any other place in the world. A google search on “Journalists killed in Mexico ”returned 1,760,000 results. One story by USA Today dated 12/15/09 quoted a Mexican National Human Rights Commission report saying that 56 journalists have been killed in the past nine years and that was in 2009. It seems as though being a reporter in Mexico is hazardous to your health. Judging by the corpses hanging from the bridge blogging and tweeting is too.

No matter who you are, where you live or what you do, in the information age personal security is more important than ever. Just be forewarned that the information you share on Face book, Twitter and My Space is out there for the whole world to see and not everyone has your best interest at hart.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ohio Dem Turns Coat

Dennis Kucinich (D) Ohio 10th district a turncoat? Tripoli Libya has fallen in the hands of the (NTC) National Transitional Counsel or as they have become known in America as the “Rebels”. We witnessed short clips on the news of comical Libyan behaviour such as one NTC fighter lounging on Gaddafi's garish gold sofa and another wearing the colonel’s military Cap and gold chain. What the reports did not show was the ransacking of the intelligence offices. A midst the trove of documents that have been accumulated during the past 40 years was a few new items. An Al Jazeera news producer, Jamal Elshayyal was granted access by the NTC to the intelligence agency headquarters in Tripoli. Mr Elshayyal rummaged through some of the secret files. The producer made a remarkable find paperwork implicating a former US State Department official and a current sitting Congressman of helping the Gaddafi's regime from the start of the conflict.
On the floor of the intelligence chief's office lay an envelope addressed to Qaddafi's son Saif Al-Islam. Inside, was a summary transcript  of a telephone conversation between US congressman Denis Kucinich and a representative of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. (The leaders son that was reported captured but later was interviewed by a Fox News reporter.) Mr Kucinich who publicly denounced the NATO operation against Libya was acting contrary to White House policy and advising on a course of action against “NATO/UN/USA”. The document is a dirty laundry list of information requested by the Congressman for the purpose of cleaning up the Gaddafi reputation in the public, to lobby his fellow lawmakers, to suspend their support for the NTC and to put an end to NATO air strikes. Defending Saif Gaddafi from prosecution in the international criminal court is another major point covered in the trascript. The fourteen points detailed in the document were also to be used to bolster a lawsuit lawsuit against the UN, NATO and the United States. This has stepped way over the line and Representative Kucinich needs to be called out out on this,

Since we were not technically at war with Lybia would this be considered treason may be, may be not. What is clear is that the Ohio Congressman was acting on his own and contrary to the policy of the president at the time. Mr Kucinich admittedly was against the US supporting the NATO operation in Lybia but to actually reach out and offer to help the target of the NATO operation is controversial in the very least. To be a trader on must be betraying his country engaged in acts of treachery or breaching the allegiance of his nation. Surly there is an argument hear. The unearthing of this evidence is damming and the voters of the 10 district in Ohio should publicly call there Congressman out. The House and Senate should immediately act to censure Mr Kucinich and institute investigatory proceedings.  

The congressman issued a press release and he stated that “In my efforts to end the war, I have been contacted by many parties – including members of the Gaddafi regime and some with ties to the rebels.  Reaching a just and peaceful solution requires listening to all sides.” Mr Kucinich goes on to state that “During my communication with parties to the conflict, I made it clear that I could not negotiate on behalf of the Administration, but that I was ready to listen and to communicate to Members of Congress ideas for how the conflicts could be resolved peacefully.  I also notified Administration officials of what was communicated to me on several occasions” But the document clearly states that the Congressman was fishing for evidence to be used against the President of the United States and the Obama administration. The Guardian A UK News agency also ran a story about the congressman's activities as well as the Atlantic Wire. The Atlantic referenced both the Al Jazeera and Guardian stories and reached Mr Kucinich for a comment about the document and his reply wasAll it proves is that the Libyans were reading the Washington Post, and read there about my efforts to stop the war. I can't help what the Libyans put in their files” The transcript made reference to a Washington Post Blog composed by Felicia Sonmez 05/27/2011 entitledHouse to vote next week on ending U.S. involvement in Libya” 

The explanation offered up by MR Kucinich is just not credible. There were several correspondences between Mr. Kucinich and Lybian Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi on June 22 and June 23 as well as telephone conversations. The Congressman admitted to having contact with the Lybian PM. According to  Sufyan Omeish a lobbyist and acting as Lybian emissary, Congressman Kucinich was invited to Tripoli in June with all expenses paid for by the Gaddafi government. On June 22 Mr Kucinich sent a letter to Libya's prime minister, Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi via the Washington lobbyist for the regime. The political film maker/ lobbyist Sufyan Omeish noted that Kucinich was "concerned that his personal safety in Tripoli could not be guaranteed".  Omeish stated that on one occasion Mr Kucinich held an hour-long telephone conversation with the prime minister. He also confirmed that the congressman preferred to conduct meetings with regime officials outside Libya. The plan was for Kucinich to meet "senior Libyan officials, including Gaddafi". The proposed trip never took place. Kucinich visited Syria instead.

The discovered transcript is reproduced hear.

Good Morning Gentlemen.
This is the Congressman you both spoke with. He is going to fight for us but he has asked us for

I can bring need whatever we can gather. If it is sensitive I
will carry it, otherwise we can email it.
House to vote next week on ending US involvement in Libya

l.Any corrupt (verifiable) acts by the Opposition leaders. Include any personal motives for instance to make money or gain certain types of power.

2.Any known Al-Qaeda operating in the Opposition.

3 .Any evidence of atrocities committed by the Rebel soldiers.

4-.Any evidence of Civilian deaths by NATO.

5 .Any evidence of arms sales to the Opposition in Benghazi or Misrata, including dates, who sold the weapons, what type and the cost ofthe deals.

6.Any evidence of weapons being smuggled on boats to Misrata, with dates. and type of weapons.

7.Any evidence that the uprising was a planned event prior to February 17th. lnclude intercepted communications, names, dates.

8.Evidence supporting that the Regime has a regular practice of hiring African military in its Pan-African units and this was not a new (mercenaries) thing just for the uprising.

9.Communications with the UK and USA prior to the UN bombings to show Regime was trying to negotiate peacefully.

10.Evidence of cease fires by the Regime or withdrawals of troops. Dates, location, description (including why cease fire broke down).

11.Evidence that before the uprising started, there were democratic projects under way, for instance a plan for elections and so forth. This shows that they were already going this way and aren't just saying that now.

l2.Evidence that The Leader had already planned to step down before the uprisings. This shows there was already a transition going on. It also helps him save face for when he does step down because it will look like that was the plan all along.

l3.A list of tribes and location known to be loyal to Regime, those pledging loyalty to Opposition,and the remaining ones that have not pledged either way. The population of each group as well,This shows that the Rebels don't have the full support of the country.

l4.A list and description (including date and location) of humanitarian efforts by Regime since this started, or their attempts to aid the civilian population, and any efforts blocked by NATO or the Rebels.
It will be used for:
A) A lawsuit against NATO/UN/USA
B) Defending Saif in the ICC
C) Publicity to reform the image of Regime.
D) To help negotiation positions

Friday, September 2, 2011

Green Joblesness

President Obama as the leader of the nation sets the stage for all Americans. Decisions made at 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue effect all Americans. The Progressive Socialist philosophy that has formed the foundation of the presidents agenda is coming to light and it is ugly. The environmental policy and green jobs agenda are the divisive issues that is ripping the US asunder and undermining the security of our nation. Solar panel producers are leaving for China or closing there doors one after another. Wind turbines fail to satisfy demand and the Chicago Climate Exchange has gone belly up.The new corkscrew light bulb that is manufactured by General Electric in China is being forced upon us by the government. The lamp is not only made from hazardous material but is pron to explode and burn your house down. All of this has been funded by money borrowed by the government on behalf of the American tax payer and has been flushed down the big green hole. The EPA regulations that are being forced on American companies are driving manufactures out of business or out of the country. Utilities generating electricity from coal fired boilers have determined that it will be imposable to comply with the new regulations  subsequently they will have to cease operations leaving a ten percent energy shortfall. These regulations have all ready put people out of work and are on par to displace seven million workers.

This is not good news for the president or his left wing environmental supporters. The president has boxed himself in once again and this time it is serious. The implications to the president are two fold, going with the regulations and fully funding the EPA or repealing the regulations. In either case the president is looking at a social time bomb.

Fox News is reporting that not a single job has been added in the month of August and the unemployment numbers are going to go higher in the next few months. The president has no choice but to rein in the EPA and put the green agenda on hold. The left will be fuming and the radical environmentalism movements that have no compulsion to compromise will disrupt the lives of all Americans with civil disobedience and acts of vandalism and violence.

The FBI has hung the moniker of “Eco-Terrorists” upon these groups. The eco-terrorist beleaves that capitalism, patriarchal society, and organised religion are responsible for the exploitation of nature. Radical environmentalists also believe that people are responsible for global worming that will lead to the depletion of the environment and the ultimate destruction of the earth. These groups are as dangerous and destructive as any radical Islamic group. They are typically seen as demonstrators but are capable of arson bombings and vandalism targeted at corporate infrastructure. It would not be out of the question for these groups to set fire to lumber yards and saw mills or bomb power lines,gas/oil pipe lines and corporate offices.

Cooperate retailers selling building materials such as Home Depot, Lowe’s and 84 lumber are in danger of arson attack as well as gas stations, car dealers, sporting goods stores, butcher shops and ranchers. The president was recently the subject of eco-protesters August 30. Actress Daryl Hannah and NASA scientist James Hansen were arrested by DC Park Police at a protest outside the White House. This was a non violent sit in type of affair by twenty or so activists. The bone of contention being the Keystone XL project, a proposed seven billion dollar, 1,700-mile pipeline that would transport crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Texas Gulf Coast. Mr. Hansen heads NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, which examines issues such as climate change and the effect of humans on the planet. The environmentalist claims that the project will destroy pristine forests and pave the way for devastating oil spills. The following day the lovely Miss. Hannah told Bill O’Reilly on his TV show that if the president authorizes the construction of the pipe line then civil disobedience will occur and actions against the pipe line will follow. With the unemployment rate for high school graduates at 25.2 percent the left wing socialists have a ready pool of corruptibles to enlist into there radical associations. Private security companies will be stretched to the limit trying to cover all the vulnerabilities that private industry has been overlooking for years. This is the socialist utopia that president Obama and his social engineers have given us. It is up to the American people to except or reject the presidents agenda and it will be up to Cooperate America to enforce the will of the people and concentrate the many voices that make American companies prosper. The CEO of Starbucks has taken the leadership role and is kicking off a grassroots campaign to end the nonsense in Washington His open letter is reprinted in it’s entirety hear.

September 2011
Dear Starbucks Friend and Fellow Citizen:
I love our country. And I am a beneficiary of the promise of America. But today, I am very concerned that at times I do not recognize the America that I love.

Like so many of you, I am deeply disappointed by the pervasive failure of leadership in Washington. And also like you, I am frustrated by our political leaders’ steadfast refusal to recognize that, for every day they perpetuate partisan conflict and put ideology over country, America and Americans suffer from the combined effects of paralysis and uncertainty. Americans can’t find jobs. Small businesses can’t get credit. And the fracturing of consumer confidence continues.We are better than this.

Three weeks ago, I asked fellow business leaders to join me in urging the President and the Congress to put an end to partisan gridlock and, in its place, to set in motion an upward spiral of confidence. More than 100 business leaders representing American companies – large and small – joined me in signing a two-part pledge:

First, to withhold political campaign contributions until a transparent, comprehensive, bipartisan debt-and-deficit package is reached that honestly, and fairly, sets America on a path to long-term financial health and security. Second, to do all we can to break the cycle of economic uncertainty that grips our country by committing to accelerate investment in jobs and hiring.
In the weeks since then, I have been overwhelmed by the heartfelt stories of Americans from across the country, sharing their anguish over losing hope in the strongest and most galvanizing force of all – the American Dream. Some feel they have no voice. Others feel they no longer matter. And many feel they have been left behind.
We cannot let this stand.

Please join other concerned Americans and me on a national call-in conversation on Tuesday September 6th hosted by “No Labels,” a nonpartisan organization dedicated to fostering cooperative and more effective government. To learn more about the forum and the pledges, visit www.upwardspiral2011.org

America is at a fragile and critical moment in its history. We must restore hope in the American Dream. We must celebrate all that America stands for around the world. And while our Founding Fathers recognized the constructive value of political debate, we must send the message to today’s elected officials in a civil, respectful voice they hear and understand, that the time to put citizenship ahead of partisanship is now.
Yours is the voice that can help ignite the contagious upward spiral of confidence that our country desperately needs
With great respect,

Howard Schultz
chief executive officer, Starbucks Coffee Company