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Friday, June 24, 2011

Security in Iraq Wake Up Afghanistan Is Next

“Explosives loaded in three shopping carts killed 21 people and wounded 107 at the Shurt al-Raba market,” AFP quoted an interior ministry official as saying on Thursday
Moreover, one of the bombs reportedly targeted a mosque near the market.
The official added that the attack happened at 6:45 p.m. (15:45 GMT) when the area was crowded with shoppers.
About an hour later, a car bomb targeting a police patrol killed six people, including a policeman.
Also on Thursday, an American contractor with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Iraq was killed and three civilians, including another U.S. national, were wounded in a bomb attack in Baghdad. The attack took place as their armed vehicle was leaving the Al-Mustansariyah University, U.S. embassy and witnesses reported.
The latest bombings appear to be part of a wider bombing campaign that has plagued Iraq since senior officials in Baghdad repeatedly rejected U.S. suggestions to further extend their military presence in the oil-rich country beyond the December 2011 deadline.
On Tuesday, 25 people were killed and 30 injured when two car bombs exploded outside the residence of a local governor in central Iraq.
At least seven Iraqis were injured in an attack on a French embassy convoy in Baghdad on Monday.
Local security forces and provincial government officials in Iraq have been the target of attacks in recent months as U.S. troops prepare to withdraw from the country by the end of this year.

Over one million Iraqis have died since the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003


June 28, 2011

The inter-continental hotel in Kabul Afghanistan has been attacked by suicide bombers with automatic weapons. The bombers fired indiscriminately inside the hotel 

Explosions and gunfire killed as many as 14 people.

Reports say that a security conference may have been underway during the time of the attack.

AP reports receiving a phone call than the Taliban is taking respectability for the action.

The attackers broke through 2 layers of security perimeters gain access to the hotel building. At least 3 of the attackers were killed prior to reaching the building.

I told you so 

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