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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lets Make A Deal

August 20th 2009 Hillary Clinton had a press conference outlining how outrageous it was that Abdelbeset Ali 

Mohammed al Megrahi The Pan Am 103 bomber was to be released on humanitarian grounds. She was 

shocked, outraged and all the rest. Mrs. Clinton was disingenuous. A May 3rd cable sent from Tripoli Libya to the 

State Department Washington DC. On May 3rd 2009 spells out a different situation. The cable reads as 


 "Securing a meeting for Muammar al-Qadhafi with the President is probably at the top of his list, given the 

importance al-Qadhafi places on such encounters. Interestingly, Kusa did not/not raise the matter of 

convicted Pan Am 103 bomber Abdelbassit al-Megrahi or the GOL's anticipated request that he be returned 

to Libya under the recently-ratified Prisoner Transfer Agreement with the UK. End comment. CRETZ"

The White House Knew all about it

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