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Thursday, August 11, 2011

WAR? Turks VS Syrians

Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad ignored the warnings delivered by Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu Less than 24 hours after the envoy handed Bashar Assad in Damascus "a final warning," to stop the bloodshed or else. Assad is clearly on a hit list now with most of his allies running for the hills. Turkish and NATO military action is imminent with Turkish armed forces massing on the Syrian border. Undeterred by new US sanctions against Syria's biggest bank and mobile phone company Assad launched provocative military assaults on three towns in the Turkish border region. With reassurance from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the promise of a missile shield and troop reinforcements from Iran Assad launched military assaults on three towns in the Turkish border region.

Washington's call on Bashar Assad to step down was like giving the marching orders to the Tanks, armored vehicles and motorized infantry. The military forces invaded the northern towns of Taftanaz; Sermin and Binnish, a town directly on the border with Turkey. This exercise was clearly Assad flipin the bird to President Obama and Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey. With Iran covering his ass Assad will become more dangerous within his borders and more defiant against NATO which he considers a paper tiger. The Syrian military advisers are using the NATO response in Libya as a looking glass into there future. There observations of a limp response to Qaddafi emboldens there position internally to continue there onslaught. What they fail to take into account is that Turkey is a NATO nation and that is a game changer.
Assad was not bothered by his increasing isolation in the Arab world after Saudi Arabia led the Gulf States in recalling their ambassadors from Damascus in protest against the unbridled blood-letting - any more than he moved by a possible NATO strike. The outside World has been frustrated by the lack of news coming from the Town of Hama. With communications and electricity cut by the government reports of atrocities have leaked out. In recent days military commanders in the city of Hama ordered demonstrators rounded up off the streets for public execution. The victims were executed by firing squad in Nasser Square Nazi style. The orders were given and carried out without question by Gen. Mohammad Deeb Zaitoun, head of Syrian Political Security Department and Gen. Abdul-Fattah Qedssiyeh, head of the Military Intelligence Department. They made this decision when the Syrian army's 4th Division and the Political Security Department's fighting brigades were unable to overcome escalating rebel resistance.

U.S. State Department spokesperson
Victoria Nuland said 8/11/11 “in the last two days alone, since the visit of Turkish Foreign Minister Davutoglu, the Syrian Government security forces continue their operations throughout the country. No sooner had the Turkish press departed from Hama when the security forces returned. The daily death toll is rising. There are house-to-house raids as recently as yesterday in Deir al-Zour and in Homs. Prominent members of the local coordinating committees and other activist networks have been wrapped up. The local coordinating committees estimate that we have 22 dead at the hands of security forces on August 10th and 34 dead on August 9th. We have some 30,000 people still in detention, in some cases in absolutely repulsive, disgusting conditions. There are reports from witnesses who have been inside prisons that some of these prisoners are being kept in cages and in the courtyards of prisons and in schools.”

large numbers of people are dying everyday in Syria but Hama seams to be taking the brunt of the brutality. Thursday morning August 4th grotesque images of bodies and limbs floating in the Orontes River in Hama were aired by Syrian state television. The official stance was that Syrian soldiers were torn to pieces by protesters. Reports from Hama residents that escaped the onslaut said that they are the victims of Syrian tank fire that was aimed at residential buildings and ZU-23 automatic anti-aircraft artillery that strafed the streets. In a two day period the dead bodies were piled up in the streets by the hundreds. It was said that people hiding from
security forces in there homes were tossing dead bodies from roofs and windows out into the streets and river.
Syrian solders throwing dead bodies into Orontes river 
Bashar al-Assad is using current events such as the monetary crises in the E.U., the civil disobedience in London, U.S. and E.U. Leaders on vacations and the Middle East turmoil to his advantage. Assad's thinking that he will be flying under the radar and with the backing of Iran he will be able to take on Turkey unopposed. If PM Erdogan executes his buffer zone plain and crosses the Syrian border it will be an act of war and unless his NATO partners AKA U.S. military is ordered to reinforce Turkey then Erdogan's ass will be hung out in the breeze.
With the condemnation of Assad's actions earlier this week by the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) There may be a consensus forming between the neighboring states to intercede on behalf of the Turks.

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