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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crown Prince of Terror

On May1,2011 the Navy SEALs raided the Abbottabad hideout of  Osama Bin Laden. “For God and country Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo E.K.I.A.” As that message was transmitted to the White House the Washington spin machine kicked into high gear. Misinformation spewed from the mouths of TV talking heads like  diarrhea in a dysentery ward. Each blabbermouth had there own confidential source or ubiquitous White House official that served up disinformation ready for public consumption. Each exclusive report was somewhat different in content making it nearly imposable to decipher the truth with the exception of OBL was dead and the SEALs killed him.

So what happened to the fish that got away? Hamza, the crown prince of terror was he there? Hamza's apparent Disapearance emerged during the interrogation of Bin Laden's three wives by Pakistani investigators. The official told ABC News the women had revealed one of the terror leader's sons had not been seen since the raid - but the source did not confirm which one. Are these women disclosing that Hamza was there and escaped out the window or the back door? Not likely with 23 Navy SEALs covering the compound and a CIA surveillance team monitoring the operation from a safe house. Or did HBL leave the compound earlier that night and he was at his girlfriends house tarring up a peace of Taliban tail. Or maybe he was there and the SEAL team grabbed him and took him to Afghanistan to be interrogated by the CIA at the Bagram Base. The Black Hawk left the OBL compound and met with a second Chinook to refuel just inside the Pakistan border en rout to Jalalabad air base wear there commander Vice Admiral Bill McRaven identified the body as Bin Laden, then officials took photographs before it was flown to Bagram and eventually transferred to U.S.S. Carl Vinson. What was the reason for the trip from Jalalabad to Bagram prior to landing on the aircraft carrier. OBL was dumped in the Arabian sea off the coast of Pakistan. The trip to Bagram was certainly out of the way so there must be a good reason for going there?
Khalid dead
Bagram air base is home to one the largest military detention facilitieies used to house the bad guys. The Bagram Theater Internment Facility has accumulated more detainees than the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Part of the interment facility is called the Black jail. The black jail is a supermax prison within a prison and is distinct from the main prison. Consisting of individual windowless concrete cells, each illuminated by a single light bulb glowing 24 hours a day. President Obama signed an order to eliminate black sites run by the Central Intelligence Agency in January 2009, that order did not apply to the black jail. The jail is run by military Special Operations forces and is not subject to any U,S. laws. However, in August, the Obama administration restricted the time that detainees could be held at the secret jail to two weeks. But with the Human rights organisations that are concerned about prisinor treatment that the jail remains inaccessible. The Red Cross and the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission are denied access so who knows how long some one is there. This is the place people are taken and disappear.
Bagram Theater Internment Facility
May 2, 2011 The Washington post reported that a senior U.S. intelligence official said refering to Osama bin Laden “he was more or less hiding in plain sight,”.  “The only resident of the compound that was taken from the site was Osama bin Laden.” He died -- almost certainly -- from a bullet to the head.”

The New York times reported May 3, 2011 that the Seal team stormed into the compound -- the raid awakened the group inside, one American intelligence official said -- and a firefight broke out.  One man held an unidentified woman living there as a shield while firing at the Americans.  Both were killed. Two more men died as well, and two women were wounded.  American authorities later determined that one of the slain men was Bin Laden’s son, Hamza, and the other two were the courier and his brother.

The National Journal reported May 3, 2011 that Chief Counterterrorism Advisor to the President John Brennan stated that the SEALs were prepared to take prisoners, a senior U.S. official told National Journal that it was made clear to them not to take Bin Laden alive. If the SEALs were prepared to take prisoners that why were so many left at the compound surly at least one would be snatched for human intelligence like a wife or a son

NDTV website reported May 2, 2011 US officials have said a son of Osama bin Laden, three other adult males and a woman used as a human shield by a male combatant were also killed in the helicopter raids by US forces that killed the world's most wanted terrorist on Monday.
The officials did not name the son of Osama that they had identified as killed. They said two other women were injured. A Pakistani official said other unidentified males were taken by helicopter away from the scene, while four children and two woman were arrested and left in an ambulance.

The New Yorker magazine interviewed one of the commanders of the team that killed Osama bin Laden (who knows if he is for real) claimed that Hamza was not in the house.

The story that has become official is that Khalid, Hamza’s older brother was whacked during the raid. So what did Hamza’s mother imply when she said that she had not seen her son since the raid. Often times when Aribic is translated into English the meaning gets distorted for several reasons. She may have been saying, since the raid i will not get to see Hamza???

Black Cell Block
One thing we can count on is the government is lying to us, for example everyone knows that Aria 51 exists and you can see it on Google maps but the government denies it’s existence. We all know that Jimmy Hoffa is dead but is he buried under the goal post at Giants Stadium? Jimmy was probably ground into Italian sausage and sold at a butcher shop.

Now it Has been over three months and Hamza has not surfaced. Internet searches have come up empty. I can understand someone like him laying low for a period of time till things cool off and he just may fear reprisals on his family in Pakistan's custody.However the tactics of these assholes is to make long drown out statements promising reprisals and the wrath of Allah bla-bla-bla. Attacks recently have been made in the name of OBL. If HBL is alive he may be sequestered in Pakistan under the protection of the ISI? He could be free to travel and be at a al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan, or the Egyptian Sinai but most likely in Yemen waiting for his mothers repatriation.

Was HBL taken prisoner? If so then he has disappeared in the Black Jail and his status may never be known unless someone blows the whistle. WHEAR THE HELL IS HAMZA BIN LADEN!!!! (He maybe comming to an explosion near you soon)

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