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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Assad Step Aside

Turkish journalists have been in Syria surveying devastation in the city of Hama they revile scenes of World War II devastation. Huge piles of rubble that were homes and apartment buildings is everywhere. Partially destroyed buildings still smoldering from the fires set to flush out people hiding from the security forces. The chocking smell of rotting garbage hangs in the air and dried blood stains the streets. The news men said that tank tracks where everywhere but no tanks were visible, only two armored personnel carriers. Solders in camouflage walked the streets with machine guns and snipers were on the rooftops. One journalist interviewed a young man that was masked, He said “ Hear in Hama we have no food, we have no water, all we have is god” Hama was a city of 800,000 and now only a few stragglers remain.

Friday 8/19/2011 this post was found from the Al-Jazeera Syria blog.

In Deir ez-Zor today there is direct firing at the people by both the shabiha and the army. This has been continuous and very brutal. The shabiha’s cars have photos of both Bashar al-Assad and Hezbollah on the hoods. There have been 17 arrests today from the street. Before taking them in they forced them to get naked and paraded them through the middle of the street. Four of the arrests were children, two were aged 15 years-old, one was 12 and the other 13. There were no deaths today.
“There was an overwhelming use of force and because of the amount of weaponry, no one could stand in the way of the shabiha and the army. Right now they are in the centre of the city. There are wanted lists that include 3,000 names and they are posted on the walls of the city. These signs are always present. It has become common practice to abduct family members of the wanted until they turn themselves in. Some of the family members abducted are children under 16 years-old.”
“None of the hospitals are accepting the injured. We take them to the mosques or our homes. Al-Joura and Hawita are in a very, very bad state, with no electricity and water and under constant siege by the security forces.”
Golan Hospital Qunertia Syria
 In all parts of the country there are reports of Doctors being abducted and killed because the doctors have made a pledge to treat anyone that comes for help. This has lead to human shield barricades being formed around hospitals in attempts to prevent the injured from being killed and the medical staff abducted. At the Hamdan Hospital in Douma  a suburb of Damascus protesters prevented the entry of government forces till solders in armored personnel carriers came and gunned down several people blocking the hospital entrance allowing the security forces access. Once inside the hospital the forces beat to death the injured and arrested the medical staff. There was one account of a farther that brought his13 year old son in for treatment of gun shot wounds. The farther was restrained and forced to wach his son being tortured and beaten to death. The distrait man was then taken outside and shot to death, his body left in the street. There is no way of confirming these reports but there is also no reason to doubt them. The reports of brutality seam to be consistent and frequent. Just like the reports from the state run news outlets that everything is under control and it’s a Sunny day in Syria today.

President Assad is planing a televised interview with state run STV Sunday. Who knows what kind of drivel will spout from the megalomaniacs couscous hole. If in fact an interview does take place it will start with some ceremonial ass kissing followed by pre-screened rehearsed questions. Assad will denounce Turkey, America, Great Britten and France, with his response to the latest latest round of sanctions and statements denouncing him. 

One of the things that is puzzeling is that the EU/US has not come out with any tuff talk till now. When Tunishia experanced unrest the Leader was told to go and like a upstanding dictator Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali looted the treshery and left. Case closed. Then Egypt had protests and it took a Little longer, after a bit of he said she said dithering President Hosni Mubarak was told to hit the bricks two weeks into the upraising, he was gone. When the Libyans started there hoopla the Italians went ape shit and for some reason the UN/EU/US had a hard on for Muammar Gaddafi and gave him the ultimatum then the UN security council drafted 1970 authorizing the no fly zone and bombing began. So whats up with Syria? Human rights organizations such as The United Nations Human Rights Council, Human Rights Watch-Syria and Amnesty International have all stated that there is evidence that the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad is responsible for crimes against humanity. So what gives? What is the world waiting for? Why has it taken five months for President Obama to say (through his mouthpiece Hillery Clinton) that “Assad has lost legitimacy in the eyes of his people and should step aside.” All the other bombastic boneheads were told to step down but with Assad it is step aside. Why did Ms Clinton say that Assad lost legitimacy in the eyes of his people and not the international community like in previous statements?

These words are important in the world of geopolitics. For Assad to step aside would imply that there is some other regime or person waiting to take control. That person maybe Khaled Mashaal the Head Muckety Muck for the terrorist group Hamas. Well is’t that special, Hamas political and military leadership has been headquartered in Damascus for the last ten years. The Bush Administration had recalled the Ambassador to Syria because of that. The Obama Administration had reinstated the post in 2008. It turns out that Assad approached Mashaal for a public statement supporting him and the bloodbath currently underway. Marshaal refused saying that Hamas was an organisation that supports liberation movements. With that Assad showed him the door. The refusal by Marshaal clearly meant that he was leaning towards supporting the protesters. Hamas went to the government of Qatar (a US ally) and they agreed to “permanently host” the terrorist group's political leadership, but not its "military" (terrorist) leaders. Not to fear the current Egyptian leadership (a US ally) rolled out the red carpet for Hamas and walla the terrorist organization has two state sponsors now and both of them receive American Tax payer funded aid. The ground work for the deal was brokered by Rachael Schneller. On February 23, 2011 U.S. Foreign Service Officer Rachel Schneller, an international affairs fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, appeared in Doha on the same panel with Hamas politburo member and spokesman Osama Hamdan.The panel was presented as part of a forum hosted by the Al Jazeera Center for Strategic Studies in the Qatari capital.The fact that a semi-active U.S. diplomat was sitting together on a public platform with a Hamas official, and later admitted that she “shared a cup of tea” with him with the blessing of her State Department supervisors is against the law. This was the foundation that allowed Hamas to regroup in Doha Qatar. This means that a organized terrorist group that is sanctioned and outlawed by the US Government is receiving aid and comfort from the US Government. Perhaps this has something to do with Obama's disdain of Israel and with Obama leading from his behind their is bound to be more gems like this just waiting to be discovered.   

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