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Friday, August 19, 2011

Egypt, The New Iran?

Some of us have been accused of being Islamaphobic. That could not be further from the truth. The Term Phobia would indicate fear. There is no fear of these bastards only loathing. The actions and the Muslim way of life is disgusting, disturbing and repulsive. When a organized religious cult such as Islam indoctrinates children from birth to kill via suicide bomb is truly a crime against humanity. (end comment)

Moving on it seams as though the extremest are acting up again in the earths letterbox that we call the Middle East. A new group calling themselves al-Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula has emerged and is behind the recent attacks on Israel. Egyptian military has lost control of the Sinai to radical Islamic groups that are using the “demilitarized zone” to wage hit and run attacks on Israeli targets near the border. Egypt had the audacity today to lodge a formal complaint against Israel. The killing of three Egyptian officers at the Sinai border prompted the complaint, the Egyptians demanded an immediate investigation. Egyptian security officials said that the three officers were killed when an Israeli aircraft fired at people suspected of being militants who fled into a crowd of security personnel on the Egyptian side of the border on Thursday.The post revolution Egypt has become more transparent and as a result we are seeing events that were previously undisclosed to the outside world. Hate ridden chanting aimed at Israel is sweeping through Egypt like a cancer.

Today the Al-Jazeera Egypt blog posted these comments.

'1st popular demand: Close the embassy, expel ambsr' chant proetsters outside #Israel embsy in #Cairo #EgyptFri Aug 19 13:01:22 +0000 2011

Protesters outside #Israel embassy in Cairo chanting 'Down down Camp David' #EgyptFri Aug 19 12:53:00 +0000 2011

Some 50 protesters outside #Israel embassy in Cairo chanting 'We will remain enemies generation after generation' #EgyptFri Aug 19 12:52:06 +0000 2011
Israel is in the toughest of situations right now the level of extremist activity is ramping up to the point of Egypt becoming ungovernable. This situation must be dealt with as it happens or it will continue exponentially. Coptic Christians are also reaping the benefits that the revolution has brought them. The church burnings killings and kidnapping continue under the nose of a unresponsive government. The Egyptian Officers that were killed are the unintended consequence  of a situation that Egypt has ignored since the ejection of Mubarak.

An Israeli aircraft was pursuing militants that crossed the border into Israel and as they reached the Rafah border crossing the pilot opened fire and they were killed along with the Central Security Officers.The strikes were in response to a series of attacks in southern Israel that killed At least six people and dozens more wounded. A heavily armed gunmen launched three successive attacks targeting a civilian bus, military vehicle and another car in southern Israel near the border with Egypt on Thursday. The attacks were carried out by a large number of Islamic extremists. The terror squad infiltrated Israel and security forces tracked down some of the terrorists then engaged in an ongoing gun battle with them. On Friday militants in Gaza launched more than two dozen rockets into Israel. A Israeli military officer said that one smashed through a roof of a Jewish seminary damaging a synagogue in the port city of Ashdod. The Explosion wounded six Israelis who were standing out side the building.There were simultaneous missals launched at a vacant school and another aimed at the city of Ashkelon, which was intercepted by the new Israeli anti-missile system known as Iron Dome.

Thess were the worst direct attacks on Israel in three years and left at least seven people dead and scores more wounded. Radical Salafists, Bedouin tribesmen and disillusioned Hamas militants have joined together in an alliance to form a new al Qaeda franchise in Egypt's Sinai region. An Israeli Defense Force statement accused Hamas of coordinating the attacks from across the border with Egypt. The new group is calling itself "al Qaeda in the Egyptian Sinai."

The al Qaeda leadership has not officially recognised this alleged new franchise which has sprung up in the security vacuum created by a police and security forces exodus from the Sinai Peninsula. However it is widely believed that a number of Islamist groups have formed alliances with Bedouin tribes in the region over shared local and regional concerns.

The Egyptian election that was promised to the citizens is not expected to quell the violence and will heavily favor the Muslim Brotherhood. Judging from the past and looking forward Egypt is likely to become even more lawless. This is just the kind of cesspool soup of humanity that al-Qeada leader Ayman al-Zawahri has been praying for. Recent ramblings of the screwball encouraged the twisted radicals in Tunisia and Egypt to take advantage of the situation. He explains that the opportunity to spread al-Qaeda’s message is now.

“ al-Zawahri said the Muslim jihad against America does not halt with the death of a commander or leader.”
"Chase America, which killed the leader of the mujahedeen and threw his body into the sea. Go after it so that history will say that God enabled his worshippers to attack a criminal country which has spread corruption in the world."
"In Tunisia and Egypt, opportunities for preaching have been opened and only God knows until when these opportunities will last," he said. "Therefore, the Muslims and the mujahedeen should benefit and take advantage of them to reveal the truth."

This guy is a serious cult leader with plenty of zombies drinking his cool aid and we need to pay attention to his vitriol. Understanding what these radicals are spewing is key to our national and personal security.

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