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Thursday, August 4, 2011

al-Assad: He's A Reformer "NOT"

The unspoken Middle East strategy that the Obama Administration is employing is becoming more and more apparent with each passing day. State Department Spokesmen Mark Toner mumbles incoherently when asked about Syria these days. People are dieing by the hundreds in Syria and President Bashar al-Assad has sent Tanks and state security forces into the town of Hama for the wholesale slaughter of protesters calling for his ouster and government reform. The only thing Mark Toner can say at the August 3rd 2011 press briefing is
“we continue to press our message both to Assad, his regime, and to our partners throughout the world that the time for democratic change is already underway in Syria, and Assad has lost legitimacy in the eyes of his people and needs to allow that transition to take place.”
The press secretary at the White House issued a statement from the President on July 31,  2011 that was not much more that a finger wag.
Once again, President Assad has shown that he is completely incapable and unwilling to respond to the legitimate grievances of the Syrian people. His use of torture, corruption and terror puts him on the wrong side of history and his people.
It seams as though Sectary of State Clinton and the President are reluctant to go to the UN and ask for an intervention. They seam even more reluctant to go to ailed countries to form a coalition against Syria. The reason may be the fact that Syria and AL-Assad have a  long time relationship with Hamas and Hezbollah. Congress is currently working on the State Department Authorization Bill which indicates that undesirable associations within the State Department and Middle Eastern groups that are counter to the security of the United States have been uncovered. The statement that.
"Congress is concerned about the state of religious freedom in Egypt and the plight of religious minorities in the country, including Coptic Christians." It is also a Sense of Congress that "the Office of International Religious Freedom and the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor at the Department of State should dedicate all appropriate resources to promoting the rights of religious minorities in Egypt."
Other language regarding the presidential waiver authority for assistance to Egypt, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Authority the President would not have restricted authority to waive restrictions on aid, even if vital national security interests were at stake
the United States has established and implemented comprehensive procedures to vet all recipients of United States security assistance to ensure that no recipients are members of, or affiliated with, a foreign terrorist organization.
Security Clinton in a recent statement was appalled at the restrictions saying that
“this will undermine all that I have been working towards in the Middle East and I will strongly suggest to the president that he veto this bill”
No kidding that is why the language is there because the Obama Administration is counterproductive in the Middle East.
All of this exposes the intentions of the Obama/Clinton partnership, they haven chosen sides. Like all other decisions that Obama was convinced to make by his socialist controllers he has put the United States on the side of evil. When Mark Toner was asked.
can you tell us how exactly does the U.S. plan to help presumably opposition figures get it together so that they’re in a position to help fill a political vacuum when it --
His response was
Well, it’s certainly difficult given the constraints under which these opposition figures within Syria operate.  Certainly, our Embassy is in frequent contact with some of these figures, but the – given the actions of the – Assad and his regime against innocent protesters as well as some of the opposition leaders, then they have to be very careful, and security considerations are paramount.
No kidding because of security concerns Robert Ford Ambassador to Syria left the the country after the convoy he was traveling in was attacked and the Embassy was besieged by a pro AL-Assad crowd hurling stones breaking windows. The answer to everything is to impose sanctions. 

The Nobel Peace Prize President used the words  torture, corruption and terror To describe the President of Syria and all he can come up with is freezing his bank account. This has not worked in dealing with North Korea, Iran, Libya or Venezuela so why is it going to work now against al-Assad and Syria? It wont! No matter that’s the plain and it is totally inconsistent with the previous actions regarding Qaddafi and Mubarak to go? However it is consistent with Secretary Clinton's view that al-Assad is a reformer. She is already eating those words as the body count steadily increases to 1700+ since March. Without intervention it is obvious that al-Assad will come out of this and retain his Presidency thus ensuring the anti-Israeli factions to continue there tarriest activities..

Why was it so imperative that Qaddafi be overthrown according to former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Gaddafi posed no threat to the US and that its military intervention against Gaddafi does not serve any vital interest. The president justified the  The NATO military effort in Libya by saying,
"we saw the prospect of imminent massacre . . . Had we not acted along with our NATO allies and regional coalition partners, thousands would have been killed.”
In Syria we are witnessing the massacres taking place right in front of the whole world and still no coalition engagement. This is all part of Obama’s anti Israel stance without actually supporting the overthrow of President al-Assad he is working for the radical Islamists and against the Israelis.

By keeping al-Assad a viable force in Syria is a serious security breach in the region with his close association to Iran. The two countries from a nuclear daily double. Syria is a illicit nuclear proliferator. Israel’s reported bombing of Assad’s North Korean-built, Iranian-financed nuclear reactor at Deir al-Zour in September 2007 did not end Assad’s nuclear adventures. Not only has he refused repeated requests from the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency to inspect the site, commercial satellite imagery has exposed four other illicit nuclear sites in the country. The latest one, reportedly for the production of uranium yellowcake tetroflouride at Marj as Sultan near Damascus, was exposed by the Washington-based Institute for Science and International Security.

If that is not reason enough to forcibly remove him from office then there is the large stockpile of chemical weapons including Sarin gas and blister agents. In February 2009 Jane’s Intelligence Review reported that the Syrians were working intensively to expand their chemical arsenal. Based on commercial satellite imagery, Jane’s’ analysts concluded that Syria was expending significant efforts to update its chemical weapons facilities. Analysts claimed that Syria began its work upgrading its chemical weapons program in 2005 largely as a result of Saddam Hussein’s reported transfer of his chemical weapons arsenal to Syria ahead of the US-led invasion in 2003. The Jane’s report also claimed that Assad’s men had built new missile bays for specially adapted Scud missiles equipped to hold chemical warheads at the updated chemical weapons sites.

The world is a dangerous place and it is not getting any safer with the Obama/Clinton partnership.  

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