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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Abdication of a Presidency

Countries and corporations are only successful when there chief executive officer/commander in chief takes responsibility for there actions and decisions. Recently United Kingdom’s PM David Cameron took responsibility for hiring Andy Coulson. Coulson was enticed away from his position as editor for News Of The World which is at the hart of the phone hacking scandal. With the PM’s political Opposition out for blood Cameron stood his ground and said that he takes full responsibility for the hiring of Andy Coulson. PM Cameron said that he learned from the experience and takes responsibility to clear up the mess.

PM Cameron in a speech declared, "Number 10 has now published the full email exchange between my chief of staff and (former Scotland Yard assistant commissioner) John Yates and it shows my staff behaved entirely properly." Coulson had resigned as the Downing Street Director of Communications in January following the exposeur of the phone hacking scandal.

If this was a scandal that hit the Obama White House would there be a declaration of responsibility? It’s doubtful! With the United States in turmoil the Obama Administration can only point fingers.

From day one Obama was ducking and dodging the issues. In 2008 Obama blamed the Bush Administration for our current financial crisis. He accused President Bush of incompetence for not recognizing the problems with the economy and Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. In fact the Bush White House Repeatedly warned Congress about Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. The real blame lays at the doorstep of Barney Frank and Chris Dodd the socialist democrats that pushed for home ownership for deadbeat bowers. President Bush publicly called for revamping the flawed programs but the President’s repeated calls for reform went unanswered. The problem with Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac polices and supervision was ignored and Bush was undermined by the legislative maneuvering of congressional Democrats who emphatically denied there were problems.
The Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was Georg Bushes fault and Al-Qaida had nothing to do with it? The Gas prices were the fault of evil speculators and oil companies gouging the consumers. The Gulf oil spill was BP’s fault but George Bushes regulations made the spill possible. Hurricane Katrina was the result of Bushes global warming polices. The violent protests in the Middle East are a result of the Iraqi war polices instituted by, Guess Who?
Now the economic and unemployment problems facing the nation are the fault of the Tea Party, congressional gridlock and corporate jet owners. The President doubled down on his spending policy today when he announced that more unemployment benefits are needed to help regain prosperity. WHAT and more taxes from those Rolls Royce driving bastards that don’t pay there fair share. If in fact the Bush Administration was to blame for the current crises and Obama recognized it in 2008, then why was it not changed?
There are 14 million people unemployed and there is no plain for these people to become productive and pay taxes once again. The problem is that the government is top heavy with employees and regulations that foster an adversarial relationship with corporate America. The Obama Administration is not doing anything to promote a positive business climate domestically. For the unemployment rate to drop we need to invite corporations back home with the best tax rates in the world and the most liberal start up regulations to emerging Entrepreneurs. This will jump start the economy and allow that guy who has a good idea to help himself without massive start up costs. So do we blame the Obama administration for these problems or the congressional leaders or maybe the Tea Party, that’s all bull shit! If we are to point the finger at anyone we should point the finger at our selves because the American people are to blame for this situation. The general public is just not paying attention to what the politician is saying on the stump and even less to what is happening in Washington. The American voter needs to be more involved and more educated when voting, hence the emergence of the Tea Party. The fact that an illegal alien named Barack  Husain Obama can be elected to public office let alone the Presidency is absurd.  
Henry Ford was revered for the mass production of automobiles by way of the assembly line. For the mass production of any complicated finished product such as a gun or automobile precision parts must be available on demand to satisfy production. Ford was presented with this problem when suppliers delivered parts that were out of tolerance or not on time. Because he was not the owner of these smaller suppliers he was in danger of loosening control over production. The real genius of Ford was the vertical integration of the company. Ford either purchased his suppliers or produced the casting, tooling, finishing and shipping of all components that made up his Model T. Ford now had control over all aspects of his company from raw material acquisition to sales of finished product.
Vertical integration is the concept that made the country flourish and made the United States a manufacturing and political power house on the global stage. What Henry Ford did not count on was the advent of the United Auto Workers Union in the early 1930s.  Founded as part of the left-wing CIO the UAW grew rapidly from 1936 to the mid 1950s. Under the leadership of Walter Reuther it played a major role in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party,and was instrumental promoting the socialist and Communist movements. Reuther worked as a machinist for Ford until 1932. His Ford employment record states that he quit voluntarily, but Reuther himself always maintained that he was fired for his increasingly visible socialist activities The UAW is now known for gaining high wages and pensions for the auto workers that has lead to the government bail out spearheaded by the Obama Administration. One might surmise that the past policies that lead to failure might not be wise to continue but not Obama. The principal of if (its broke don’t fix it because there my cash cow) will continue though out his presidency. This is evidenced by the recent NLRB decision to support the union over Boeing in the controversial complaint against the company relocating there 787 operations to South Carolina. The NLRB heavily laden with pro union Obama appointees has telegraphed its intentions to the business world with in the decision against Boeing. The NLRB’s ruling has put Obama between a rock and a hard place in respect to his much needed union support and the self proclaimed job creator image he is trying to portray. Former Boeing CEO Jim McNerney, whom Obama chose to head his export council, has accused the NLRB of overstepping its authority, and in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal argued the decision was “a fundamental assault on the capitalist principles that have sustained America’s competitiveness.”
Unfortunately the political will for sacking the system is just not there with the current crop of Republican cronies maneuvering for the presidential nomination in 2012, the exception being Herman Cain. Mr. Cain has not spent most of his adult life getting his palms greased by lobbyists and doing political favors in return. Mr. Cain’s political virginity and business savvy gives him credibility and is truly an advantage in respect to domestic issues.

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