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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Viva Obama Viva La Raza

Monday 7/25/2011 President Obama spoke at the national La Raza Convention. La Raza was one of Obama’s largest supporters in the get out to vote campaign. During the speech the President lamented that he was not able to give all the illegal aliens ligament citizenship. The crowd shouted at him “yes you can yes you can”.

In January 2009, President Obama named Cecilia Munoz to the position of Director of the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs. (What the heck is Intergovernmental affairs? Does that involve blue dresses and cigars? End comment.)  At the time of her appointment, Munoz was the Vice President for Research, Advocacy and Legislation for the National Council of La Raza (NCLR). Munoz also served on the boards of Center for Community Change (a liberal, pro-amnesty group), the Washington Office on Latin America, the Open Society Instituter's (George Soros funded organisation)U.S. Programs division, and Human Rights Watcher's U.S. advisory committee. In all of these positions, Munoz consistently advocated for liberalization of immigration policies and amnesty for illegal aliens.Since Munoz joined the White House, federal funding for La Raza has increased significantly. The NCLR received $2.8 million in federal grants in FY 2008 and $4.1 million in FY 2009. In FY 2010, the total skyrocketed to more than $11 million.

In May the Florida law makers were debating SB 2040 in the Senate and HB 7089 in the House, requiring a strong E-Verify (Electronic residence verification system) program with no exemptions. Twelve buses filled with illegal aliens came to Tallahassee to protest at the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee. What is more disturbing is the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa) Jumped on the buses with the illegals. La Raza was the coordinator of this protest.

La Raza sent out an e-mail stating,
"You've heard all of the controversy surrounding Arizona SB 1070, how it is being challenged in the courts, how it has tarnished Arizona's image, and even how much of it has caused great financial burdens for the state. But did you know that Florida may be following in Arizona's footsteps? This week, the Florida legislature will be considering anti-immigrant, Arizona-style bills!"

This alliance is amazing considering that the President is supporting both of these organizations and that are involved in ongoing criminal criminal behavior. CAIR was involved in the Holy Land money laundering scam and was considered an un-indited co-conspirator. The only reason why CAIR was un-indited was that the holy land trial came at the end of the Bush Administration and Eric Holder at the request of the president was told not to pursue the case any farther.

This story is not about CAIR, La Raza is the focus. If your a drunk driver in a hit and run accident that kills someone and your a Mexican Just Call La Raza to play the race card and hide you out till you sober up. La Raza attorneys in California routinely are involved in activity such as this. According to La Raza every police office, ICE agent and BPA agent are raciest and this gives the Mexican criminals the justification to leave the scene of the crime. La Raza does not see the need for Mexicans to have a valid drivers license either, noting that the licencing procedure is discriminatory.

The La Raza San Francisco web site is advertising a illegal alien employment agency. So if you want to hire a handy man or a cleaning woman to work in your house just give them a call (415)252-5375. SanFran website http://techforpeople.net/~lrcl/

From there website http://sfdaylabor.org/howtohire.html

How to Hire

1. Arrange
Arrange by phone or online to specify the type of work,day and time, etc
2. Instruct
Once the worker arrives go over the specifics of the job.
3. Pay
After the job is completed, pay the worker directly preferably in cash.*

4. Give Feedback
Take a minute to provide important feedback that will help us better serve you. Click here to provide feedback!
*The rate for general labor is $50 the first three hours and $15 every hour after. The rate for a worker with tools and/or truck depends on the job. In these cases, we can send a worker to do an estimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you serve?
Primarily, we serve San Francisco. If you live outside the city, but are able to provide transportation to the job site, we'd love to hear from you.
Do you provide all the necessary insurance?
No, SF Worker's Collective is a non-profit that helps connect workers with employers. The employment relationship is between the employer and worker. Check your homeowners or renter's insurance for coverage.
What if the job requires tools or a truck?
We can send a worker with the required tools or truck to give you an estimate. Those jobs do not fall into the set rate.
What forms of payment do the workers accept?
The workers prefer to be paid in cash after the job is completed. No credit cards or personal checks.
What languages do the workers speak?
We have workers who are fluent in English and Spanish. If you have a language preference, just let us know.
What types of jobs can your members do?
Our members have experience as movers, painters, gardeners, construction workers, plumbers, electricians, busboys, waiters, set-up workers for events, and janitors. If you have a job not included in this list, please give us a call and we may be able to find someone to suit your needs.
What if I'm not satisfied with the job completed?
We value your feedback and would like to hear about your experience. We are constantly trying to give better services.Click here to provide feedback!
Do the workers accept gratuity's?
Yes, but they do not expect them.

This is totally unacceptable and extremely illegal. Mexico may not require a license to be a contractor but hear in the United States We do. The next time Mexico has an earthquake a quick survey of the damage will reveal that there is no building codes at all. If you live in San Francisco (an earthquake zone) do NOT hire an un-insured un-licenced Mexican to work on your house or a hundred miles from your house. The statement  Check your homeowners or renter's insurance for coverage. Is misleading because if you hire a person to install a ceiling fan in your house and that person is not a licenced contractor and there is no permit for the building department and your house burns down then you are HOMELESS and still have a mortgage.

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