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Monday, July 4, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

Narco-Terrorism is the single largest threat to American society today. After years of operation in Mexico and Central America these multi-national crime cartels have  accumulated large amounts of wealth and power. The cartels have established routes from Central and South America through Mexico and into the United States. The system of interstate highways facilitate there movement to and from distribution cites across America. Interstate 35 that runs from Laredo,TX. to Duluth, MN. Splitting the country in half makes the I-35 corridor the most sought after trafficking route for transporting drugs and illegal aliens by the Mexican Cartels.

The intersections of I-10, I-40, I-70 and I-80 along the I-35 corridor make the cities of San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Kansas City and Des Moines key Warehousing and distribution hubs. These cities have the largest potential for cartel related violence out side of the Mexican Border region. Atlanta and Nashville have also been recognised as distribution centers for the Los Zeta drug cartel. Private security officers patrolling industrial warehousing facilities may find themselves in a life threatening situation should they come upon a cartel
transaction. Security officers need to keep in mind that cartels such as the Los Zetas have a bounty on law enforcement officers of $10,000 to $50,000 and your uniform just may trigger a firefight.

Smith And Wesson MP360PD
Traveling from city to city on the interstate system has become an exercise in personal security. Preparation and situational awareness is your best defence if you encounter a life threatening situation. before traveling make a threat assessment of your trip. For example a trip to the corner store that you take once or twice a week may only rank as a 1 on your threat level scale. Traveling from San Antonio to Laredo via I-35 may be a 10. Regardless of your destination you will want to have intelligence on your route such as gas stations, restaurants and state / local police stations with local phone numbers programed into your cell phone, 911 may not work outside your local aria code

Smith and Wesson MP45
Weapons training may be something to consider if your a frequent traveler, ie truckers. In Florida your car / truck is an extension of your home making it legal to have personal protection with you. The best way to cover your ass is to have a permit to carry a firearm. In Florida it would be a “concealed weapons permit” the Florida permit allows you to carry a loaded firearm in public. (concealed) Florida's reciprocity agreements with 35 states allows you to travel across state lines and carry your sidearm.

Glock 17
As a person with civilian combat pistol and shotgun training I would not consider going up-against a Mexican drug cartel member unless I had no other option. If I was in the unavoidable situation of a armed confrontation at the very least I have a fighting chance to save my life. The fact is that there is a growing criminal element in the United States and a SWAT Team may not be handy when you need them. The Mexican cartel members are as sadistic and  brutal as they come and will not hesitate to use firearms any wear at any time.

My everyday firepower is a Smith and Wesson MP360PD a light weight 5 shot revolver with a custom Hogue grip. The 360 is a defensive weapon light, powerful, easily concealed and can be loaded with .38 special or .357 magnum. If i was to travel to or through the inner city I will carry a more offencive type weapon such as the Smith and Wesson MP45 or a Glock 17 with two extra magazines. On a road trip I will carry the Glock 17 and the MP360PD as a back up and my wife will take her Springfield XD9 this would allow us the flexibility of sharing ammo. As for long guns I prefer the Mossberg 590A1 12GA shotgun loaded with magnum slugs and 00 buckshot, a great weapon for all-a-round short range work with fast target acquisition. the 590A1 can easily be modified with a Hogue pistol grip making the shotgun more maneuverable in tight spaces such a truck cab, however you will sacrifice accuracy for that portability. 

Good luck and happy motoring.
Mossberg 590A1 W/M19 Bayonet 

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