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Friday, July 22, 2011

Money Talks And Barretts Walk

If your looking for a nice little plinker to do some can shootin (that’s Mexican shootin) this weekend then run right down to your local ATF store and pick up a Barrett 82A1. If your a Mexican Drug lord flush with cash that’s all you need to do.

Mexican law enforcement reveled on June 22, 2011 that they have arrested  Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas the once top dog in the  La Familia Michoacana drug cartel “El Chango”  as he is known gave himself up to Mexican police because he was in fear of his life. El Chango was banished from the La Familia organization in December of 2010 by his under-bosses who suspected him of treason. No longer a viable leader in the cartel business the black balled El Chango was on borrowed time.

There probably was a deal cut between the Mexican authorities and El Chango for information. The suspicions of the La Familia lieutenants was correct he was in league with the Gringos. So after deciding that being burned alive in an oil drum by his former colleagues was unacceptable. He opted to spill the beans about his involvement in Operation Fast and Furious. We may not learn of El Chango’s complete involvement in the conspiracy but what we do know is that he had ties to the ATF.

Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas was cornered and arrested in his his neighborhood by the Federalises under suspension of shooting down a Mexican Federal police helicopter in May. Under interrogation  he reveled that he was the pivot man in the Fast and Furious circle jerk. El Chango revealed that he was purchasing weapons directly from the ATF and the sniper rifle a .50 calber Barrettt 82A1 that he used to shoot the helicopter was supplied to him by the ATF.

The neighborhood in Apatzingan, Michoacán Mexico where El Chango was living is adjacent to a military base.

The questions that must be asked are. If El Chango was telling the truth about his relationship with the ATF and if the focus of the ATF was to entice the big cartel fish by letting guns walk.  Why is La Familia still in business?  Why was Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas aloud to walk? Is there some other kind of skulduggery going on?

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