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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Christians are Screwed in Egypt

Christians and Jews in the Middle East are under attack from all sides. In Egypt there are laws limiting the rights of Christians making Islamic Persecution a daily occurrence. Egyptian Christians are killed, beaten, raped, kidnapped  and burned out of there homes and churches with impunity. The violence has increased since the so called peaceful revolution and the government seemingly is ambivalent to the plight of the Coptic Christians. Hear at home the silence is deafening. Where are all these race card playing politicians willing to invoke the name of Marten Luther King for the civil rights of a blood soaked gang member. I have not heard one word from any politician Dem. Rep. Conservative or Liberal about what is going on in the middle east.

Sect. Of State Hillary Clinton is globe trotting with her US Government checkbook handing  out our borrowed money to countries that support women's rights and not one word about the atrocities happening to Egyptian woman and young girls.  Muslim men follow the Christian girls from there schools and before making it home the girls are kidnapped, raped then sold into sexual slavery or forced to convert to Islam. Most of the time the parents never see there daughter again.

Islamic extremists set churches on fire during mass and shoot the congregation as they run from the flames. May 2011, 4000 Muslims descended upon the village of Soul, Atfif in Helwan Governorate, 30 kilometers from Cairo, The mob set fire to the village and The Church of St. Mina and St. George. The churches were ransacked burned and the priests and deacons were killed. The numbers of the dead are not clear but some say as many as 190 people were killed or wounded. The Islamic attackers blockaded the roads preventing the fire and rescue crews from entering the village the military and police never showed up.
What we are witnessing in Egypt 2011 is Germany 1939 or Bosnia 1992 and the Israelis know it they have documented proof that the Iranians are infiltrating and influencing the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian military. The upcoming conflict in the middle east will not be about borders or territory but about religious cleansing. How many mass graves do we need to unearth before we realize that not all the people of the world are peace loving hippies.

Between 1933 and 1939, Jews in Germany progressively were subjected to economic boycotts the loss of civil rights, citizenship, and jobs. The escalation in antisemedic rederic lead to incarceration in concentration camps; and random violence. Following Kristallnacht ("Night of Broken Glass"), the state-organized pogrom of November 9-11, 1938, the German government confiscated most of the remaining Jewish-owned property and entirely excluded Jews from the German economy. Between 1992  and 1995 the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina marked the beginning of a genocide campaign to rid the region of Muslims and Croats. In the town of Prijedor and the surrounding area was one of the first places to witness the ethnic cleansing of more than 20.000 Muslims. The people became victims of massacres, deportations into camps, and displacement. Just a few months after the war had broken out, the Muslim population in Prijedor was reduced to a tenth of its original size. By the end of the war in 1995, about half of the 4.3 million inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina had been killed or became refugees and displaced persons.

All the indications are there for similar events in Egypt. With the involvement of Iran radicalizing the Muslim population the soring food prices and dwindling water sources the lack of policing and the international complacency makes Egypt a powder keg. As we did in 1939 and 1992 we will sit back and say ant that a shame as Coptics suffer the wrath of Muslim extremists.

The Obama Administration seemingly has no Middle East strategy that is cogent and inclusive of Israel. Because of that and the lack of US military in Iraq a quick response to escalating violence is out of the question. Once a multi-nation conflict breaks out in North Africa Egypt’s Christians will be at the epicenter of the conflict. The US politicians will be reluctant to intervene even after Israel is invaded from Gaza and across the Egyptian border. Assuming President Obama is still in Office the US wont be involved until Iran inserts itself by invading Egypt and or Iraq then blocks the Straights of Hormuz  cutting the flow of oil to the world.

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