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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tucson Cops; Stupid & Missed Boat

Much has been made out of the leaked Tucson police memo referencing Hezbollah as the new threat in the south west border area of the United States. Fellow blogers jumped on this like a Pit Bull on a Poodle. It is an interesting find but the memo certainly is not significant from a tactical point of view. What is significant is the Tucson police departments recognition of the Hezbollah's presence now. The radical Islamist group has been in Mexico since the early 1990,s and is mostly associated with the Sinaloa Cartel in Northwestern Mexico across the border from San Diego.  At the present time Hezbollah has cells in Canada, United States, Mexico, Columbia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Paraguay,Brazil, and Argentina. The border intersection of the latter three countries is the so called Tri-Border region. Hezbollah and radical Islam is flourishing in South America and has developed a rat lines to northern Mexico from the Tri-Border aria as well as the Columbia/Venezuela border aria.

The Tucson Police fail to recognize the support structure that Hezbollah is offering to the cartels in the form of money laundering and tunnel construction in the Tucson sector. As for now the operatives of Hezbollah in North America are satisfied with fund raising in order to support there activities in the Gaza strip. This is the primary and most important mission of Hezbollah and if the Tucson police want to make a difference in the war on drugs then they need to focus on the support and training network that Hezbollah has been providing to the cartels and is so good at for so many years.

Hezbollah has been building transnational smuggling networks since there inception in the late 1960,s this includes Tunnel operation and construction. The tunnels that have been interdicted in Gaza have been both simple and complicated depending on there utility. Some tunnels are large and sophisticated for smuggling missiles, truck parts, construction materials and automobiles. The first cross border tunnel connecting Mexico with the U.S. was found in 1990 oddly enough in Tucson. The next tunnel was discovered in1993 that connected San Diego with Tijuana. The Tucson tunnel was nothing more than a hole in the ground but the San Diego tunnel was 1450 yards in length and was a substantial project. If we look at the speed of evolution and the level of sophistication that has been achieved in tunnel construction we must conclude that Hezbollah’s influence has been around for some time.

There is no indication at this point that Hezbollah in North America is planing anything other than fund raising, money laundering and radicalization. The weapon that hezbollah is using in Mexico and the U.S. is anonymity. It is fare more important for them to be under the radar so don’t expect any Hezbollah recognition of grassroots terrorist events. The Tucson cops have missed the boat and are to stupid to realize it.

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