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Friday, July 1, 2011

In the aftermath of the 9/11/01 attacks on the citizens of the United States the government went into action. With heads spinning in Washington Questions needed to be answered. The {Who, What, When, Where, Why, And How} needed to be answered. My gut reaction was, “”How could this happen” after all we are The United States, things like this just don’t happen hear. 

The FBI and CIA certainly had egg on there faces as well as security officials in the airline industry. The people wanted revenge, retribution and answers, it was up to the President to facilitate that and provide Americans with closer.  The Commander in chief fired up the big green war machine and dam the torpedoes full steam ahead. I don’t know what the president sad to Porter Goss George Tenet and Robert Mueller but i’m sure it was something like this, (I don’t care what it takes find the sons of bitches that did this). Well that is precisely what they did.

Operation “Rendition” was not about catching radical operatives sitting them down in a comfy chair and poking them with pillows. It was about wringing them out like a mop extracting every last drop of information they could get. The CIA briefed Congressional leaders about “Rendition” and the “enhanced interrogation techniques” ( EIT ) that were used. At the time it seamed like all involved including the Justice Dept.,were on the same page as the CIA and they were all good to go.

August 2009 Attorney General Eric Holder decided to bring legal action against the CIA  officers that were acting on behalf of the American people and under orders of the President Of The United States.Then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi
who was the first person that was briefed on the operation started walking back her support of  “Rendition” and lied about knowledge of the operation when Holder sprang into action.

Fast forward to July 1, 2011 The Justice Department has decided not to file criminal charges in the vast majority of cases involving the CIA's former interrogation, detention and kidnapping program known as “Rendition”. In a statement to CIA employees on his last day as director, Leon E. Panetta said Thursday. After an examination of more than 100 instances in which the agency allegedly had contact with terrorism detainees, Assistant U.S. Atty. John Durham decided that further investigation was warranted in just two cases”.

The two cases that will go forward involved the death of detainees. Panetta did not elaborate on the cases that justice is pursuing but most reports are that one involves Manadel Jamadi, who died in 2003 at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq after he was beaten while being questioned in a shower by a CIA interrogator.Time magazine reported earlier this month that a secret US federal grand jury is already looking into the role of CIA agents in that case, Al-Jamadi had become known as "the Iceman" when his CIA handlers placed his body in ice to slow decomposition in a failed attempt to hide the death.

Holder commented  following Panetta's announcement with,"the department has determined that an expanded criminal investigation of the remaining matters is not warranted."
President Barack Obama had previously made clear that CIA interrogators, who acted on the basis of legal guidelines drawn up by the Bush administration, would not face the full extent of the law

So why is the decision not to prosecute happening now? Is it because incoming CIA Director General David Petraeus will not stand for Holders political games? The general came out with a statement "it is time to take the rear-view mirrors off the bus with respect to certain actions out there."
Atty. Gen. Holder has a lot on his plate and to answer for, the longer he is in the Justice Dept. drivers seat the more incompetence will come to lite.

Blunders Holder is responsible for.
  1. Prosecution of CIA officers,
  2. Moving GITMO  prisoners to a Illinois  prison.
  3. Prosecuting tarriest prisoners like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in NY.
  4. Involvement in Operation “Fast and Ferrous.”
  5. Lack of investigation in the Black Panther voter intimidation case.
  6. The improper interrogation of  Abdul Mutallab.
  7. The relaxing of federal guidelines concerning crack cocaine.
I was also able to find that there are allegations against Holder prior to him becoming Attorney General. The allegations include his participation in the cover up of two separate murder investigations ( The  Kenneth Michael Trentadue murder case) and (The evidence tampering case involving the murder of Robert E. Wone. )

The involvement in scandals such as these clearly demonstrates the (above the law) attitude the Obama administration has exhibited. Holder and Obama have boxed themselves in trying to advance there left wing “social justice” agenda. As a result of there failed polices the administration is so deep in the weeds they can’t get out. Obama and Holder are on damage control trying to hold on to the power of there offices and it won’t work the American people are going to tell the whole bunch of you to hit the bricks.

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