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Friday, May 4, 2012

I killed Osama Bin Laden: You Cant Say That, Mr President.

May 1 2012 President Obama was taking his victory lap in Afghanistan with his top secret transcontinental trip to Bagram AFB meant to boost his popularity. In an attempt to reinforce his status with the Military and the American people the Prez was on a mission to confirm his hero status using the excuse of an agreement signing with his co-conspirator President Hamid Karzai. In doing so he only reinforced the fact that he is with out a doubt the American narcissist in chief. President Obama and his speech writers realized that by addressing the troops and American People from a war zone he needed to deliver a speech with a conservative slant or he would loose the retired and current military vote. So he went on about how the American military did their service admirably, and he was right in his withdrawal strategy.

Pandering to the military a few days earlier by addressing the troops at Fort Stewart, GA the president signed an executive order regulating collage recruiters and restricting their activities on military bases. In an attempt to tie-in his campaign of student loan restructuring to collage age voters the Prez is pandering to recent collage age Americans and soon to be discharged  servicemen and woman looking to take advantage of their GI benefits package. President Obama painting a picture of predatory collage recruiters pandered to the troops by intimating that the recruiters are making a fortune in commission by deceiving brain damaged warriors and signing them up for courses they could not possibly complete. 

President Obama with his I Killed Osama Bin Laden presidential campaign is blowing up in his face right before our eyes. He has chosen to enlist ex-president Clinton for the purpose of narrating a campaign commercial touting his distorted heroic view of his participation in the Operation that killed OBL. Operation Neptune's Spear as it is officially known was conceived by Admiral William McRaven, he hand picked the operators oversaw their training and coordinated the entire operation from his command at JSOC. Admiral McRaven reported to the CIA's Leon Panetta and Panetta in turn reported to the president. The CIA developed the operational intelligence by means of enhanced interrogation through Operation Rendition, on the ground in Pakistan gathering human intelligence and through electronic means. This operation was 100% out of the hands of the White House till the time came for the briefing so  President Obama could give his blessing and Neptune's Spear could go real world.

Just a reminder to Americans the ones that keep you safe are not in the White House, or in the House of Representatives or the Senate but they are the ones in the dirt, with a gun and a knife. They are the ones in far away lands hiding in the shadows laying their lives on the line often unarmed but always on guard. They are the ones that come home incomplete leaving a limb behind from an IED blast. Some come home so mentally scared that life will be an existence of torture, and many commit suicide. Some come home draped in the flag that they love and fought for, paying the ultimate sacrifice so the United States remains the bastion of freedom that we all enjoy. 

During President Obama's narcissistic lap of personal glory Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno presented the Slver Star to Sgt. M. Joshua Laughery at Fort Polk, La. The very same day the president was blowing his own horn Sgt. Laughery received his medal that others nominated him for. The Silver Star citation honoring him for his gallantry in action during a battle in Afghanistan's Wardak province on Sept. 12, 2011 distinguishes him for extraordinary heroism In action against an enemy of the United States. People like the operators of SEAL team 6 and Sgt Laughery are the heros that keep this nation safe not the empty suits wandering the halls of federal buildings in Washington DC, with very few exceptions. The next time your at the super market and you see a service man or woman say thank you because he/she is not just a cog in the military machine but is a hero in their own way. Decorated, or not, these people are truly the ones that deserve the respect of the American people not the politicians that spend millions of other peoples money to get into their office and maintain their dishonest and corrupt lifestyles. Barak Hussein Obama would not know duty, honor or country if they came up and bit him on the ass.

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