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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Martinez Link

Two dead in two days one killer? that is the question Saturday April 28, 2012 when the dead body of Regina Martinez was found in her home in the Mexican city of Xalapa, the capital of a coastal state Veracruz. A neighbor investigated after seeing the door to Martinez's home open all morning. Martinez an investigative reporter for the Magazine Proceso. After entering the home and discovering the body the neighbor called the local police. This places the murder of Martinez in her home during Friday evening or the early morning hours of Saturday. The police originally listed the cause of death as strangulation but her body was badly beaten and tortured most likely the killer was after information relating to a news story that she had reported on for the news magazine. The police suggested at the seine of the crime that Regina Martinez was killed trying to thwart a burglary in the home. The police noted that several items were missing such as a cell phone, a computer and a flat screen TV.

The burglary angle to the Martinez murder is an interesting one because on Friday a story that was published in Proceso authored by Martinez detailed the murder of a public official. ( “Ombudsman investigates the death of former leader Veracruz PRD” ) The story as reported April 27 2012 by Regina Martinez is reprinted hear in it entirety.

 Xalapa, Veracruz (approved). - The Attorney General of the State (PGJE) investigates the causes of death of the regional coordinator of the Social FA (FAS), Rogelio Martinez Cruz, which occurred on Thursday 26.
The PRD in Veracruz former leader was found dead in their home, located in Colonia Veracruz port Broken Bridge, to the prosecutors came to attest to the facts.
Following the ministerial diligence, the ruling body was taken to the Forensic Medical Service, in order to carry the autopsy.
Without even knowing the result, authorities ventured to give a first report in the sense that Martinez Cruz "died of natural causes."
This first assessment is at odds with the version of the current candidate for federal deputy for the Progressive Movement coalition, Uriel Flores Aguayo, who said family members and witnesses revealed that the house of the leader of FAS "was in complete disarray," and missing some personal belongings of the victim.
After lamenting the death of his partner, Flores Aguayo asked ministry officials to make a thorough investigation of the facts.
According to police sources, the body of former leader PRD, 47, was found around 10:00 am on Thursday 26, when several residents of the colony Broken Bridge came to his home to visit him and noticed that the door the house was open.
According to witnesses, upon entering the house they found the body of the former leader of the PRD city "lying on the ground lifeless," so he immediately gave to the authorities concerned.
It ruled that Martinez Cruz was killed to steal, because housing was "in a mess" and had disappeared a screen, a DVD and speakers.
Following the incident, the state leader of the Broad Front and former deputy local Social, Uriel Flores Aguayo asked the PGJE to investigate the case, because apparently the body of his companion showed signs of suffocation, "so we urge the authorities to conduct a thorough investigation, "he said yesterday.
The similarities are striking, it seams as though the two stories could be interchangeable, the obvious differences stand out but what about the underlying motives of the two murders. Solving the Rogelio Martinez Cruz murder will be the key in discovering the reasons why Regina Martinez was murdered. The killer and the facilitator most likely are one in the same.

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