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Monday, April 30, 2012

War on Woman, Where?

Who is fighting it certainly is not men in western society and it defiantly is not the court system or government institutions. Woman regardless of race enjoy more liberty in the United States than men do. Corporate, federal and municipal hiring mangers will actually hire a woman over man in most situation. Just like everything else in American society the decision makers go to extremes when it comes to social issues like "Affirmative Action" theirs. 

Gender inequality in the work place or in the educational system is really a thing of the past woman are just being taken advantage of. Recently Democratic politicians are introducing a bill that will allow a woman to inquire about a mans income if they share the same or similar jobs and receive an answer. This is absolutely absurd, what ever happened to the right to privacy. Would it be OK for a woman to receive a mans medical information or credit score? Will this bill consider a mans inquire about a woman's income, how about if a man in a similar position accuses a woman of sleeping her way to the top if he is overlooked for a promotion? 

This is political pandering at its best, The bill currently being introduced will never make it into law simply because it is ridiculous and has no merit but the Dems, will immediately come up with some half ass explanation of how Republicans want to keep woman barefoot and pregnant.

Regardless of your political persuasiveness or gender the democratic agenda is as transparent as a wet t-shirt on a drunken spring-breaker. Only a free society allows such female freedoms their is no other society willing to condone such behavior simply because Americans are afforded the freedom of expression by law. American woman only need to look to the East for the real "War on Woman". Every day atrocities are perpetrated upon woman and not only do they go unpunished but the activity is condoned by government and society.
In China woman are latterly draged from their homes kicking and screaming by government officials for the purpose of  mandatory sterialization, and abortion. In China all woman must comply with the one child per family policy. As far as working conditions and workers rights Chinese woman have it just as bad as men. A story several months ago reported that Apple Computer was running literal sweat shops in China. Apple's own audit to their American employees revealed that a staggering 62% of the 229 facilities that it was involved with were not in compliance with Apple's 60-hour maximum working week policy. Almost a third had problem with hazardous waste.

The Middle Eastern woman have it much worse, post Arab spring Egypt now has Radical Islamic political leaders in place condoning the abduction, rape and murder of Coptic Christian woman and girls. Muslim girls do not fair much better. At the age of about 4 a Muslim girl in several Middle Eastern countries goes through the ritual of having her clitoris cut off and labia sewn closed. This mutilation is usually done by an old woman that has no medical training and her instrument may consist of a rusty knife or broken bottle. The child undergoes this without any kind of pain medication or anesthetic, she is held down by other woman wile the child writhes and screams in pain. The life of a Middle Eastern woman only gets worse after that, she could be sold into slavery or stoned to death if her family determined she has dishonored them. If she happens to live to the ripe old age of 13 or 14 she may be traded to an old man for payment of a debt only to live the life of a beast of burden.

So when an American politician use the term "War on Woman" make note of it and vote them out of office as soon as possible. The true facts are American political leaders funnel billions of taxpayer dollars yearly to support countries that commit and condone brutal atrocities against woman. And Americans are for the most part a just society every day school children recite the Pledge of Allegiance and the last line "With Liberty and Justice for all"  not all men, all, as in all people this is the American ideal. So you go girls give-em hell celibate your intellectual ability and revel in your sexuality because in America your revered by men on every level weather your in the boardroom or the bedroom. American woman are the glue that holds society together and the stay at home mom is more important than the president of the United States because she is raising the next generation.

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