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Friday, May 25, 2012

Eric Holder The King Of Spades

Playing the race card is a term that was coined during the O.J. Simpson trial when Attorney Johnnie Cochran painted Detective Mark Fuhrman as a racist. A tape was played in court of Fuhrman referring to black people as "Niggers", a term that we commonly refer to as “the N word” today. Cochran then doubled down on Fuhrman equating him to Adolf Hitler and emphasizing that the N word was repeated by Fuhrman 41 times in that tape recording. As President Obama would say this trial was a “teachable moment” and  it was for every Black defendant in the nation since Johnie Cochran opened the discrimination door back in 1995. The O.J. Simpson trial was the most publicized court proceeding in history. The trial was on national television every day and it gave birth to the Court TV channel.

In 1995 AG holder was Deputy AG Holder in the Clinton Administration one of the tasks assigned to Holder was to cover up and the murder of a suspected conspirator in the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing. The person that was arrested after the fact by the FBI was a so called neo-Nazi racist that was involved in funding the bombing. The problem with all this is that the FBI had arrested the wrong man. Kenneth Michael Trentadue was beaten and burned severally from the soles of his feet to the top of his head and then strangled. Obviously he was tortured by the FBI wile in custody in a isolation cell in the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Center.

From Americas Conservative News Thursday, Dec. 22,2011 
Paul Craig Roberts, a former Treasury Department official in the Reagan administration, wrote: "When the Trentadue family received Kenneth’s body and heavy makeup was scraped away, the evidence clearly shows a person who had been tortured and beaten. His throat was slashed and he may have been garroted. There are bruises, burns and cuts from the soles of Trentadue’s feet to his head, wounds that obviously were not self-inflicted." 

And according to an article published by the far-left Mother Jones: "Even Oklahoma City's chief medical examiner [Dr. Fred Jones] would later say, publicly, that it was 'very likely he was murdered.'" Jones wasn't the only expert who doubted the government.  It was also reported that Bill Gormley, of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, suspected that Trentadue was murdered.

The FBI claims that he death of Tentadue was suicide by hanging and the man that Tentadue was mistaken for was Richard Lee Guthrie. Approximately a year after Trentadue's death, Guthrie would also be found dead in his prison cell one day before he was scheduled to give a television interview. Gutherie's death would also be ruled a suicide by hanging.  And in 1999, Alden Gillis Baker, one of Trentadue's fellow inmates, claimed that he had actually witnessed Trentadue's murder. In August of 2000, Baker also died.  His death was also ruled to be a suicide by hanging.

The death of these three men is attributed to a cover up involving the FBI and a sting operation gone completely wrong. Jesse The brother of Kenneth Trentadue is an attorney and he has received documentation via the freedom of information act that implicates the FBI the  DOJ and Eric Holder in a cover up conspiracy in order to hide the federal governments involvement in the OKC bombing. Based on these documents Jesse unearthed a sting operation that involved entrapping a Neo-Nazi group in a domestic terror plot. The plot was going to be used to ferret out a racist group that would conspire to blow up the Murrah Federal Building. The FBI lost control of the operation and the plain that they initiated was put into play and eventually seceded, triggering the cover-up. the Trenadue family was awarded a judgment of $1.1 million in a wrongful death suite filed by Jesse Trenadue. 

So hear we are with AG Eric Holder the top cop in the land with blood on his hands dating back to 1995. It is not clear if AG Holder actually ordered the lynching of the three white men but it is clear the he actively conspired to cover up and destroy evidence that would have tared and feathered the FBI and DOJ with the death of 168 victims they lay dead in the Murrah building rubble. With prior knowledge of the bomb plot the DOJ and FBI literally sent 168 people to their death that morning in Oklahoma City. But not one ATF or FBI agent was killed because they did not report for work that morning and their children were safe at home, not in the buildings day care center.

Fast forward to present day Eric Holder is now appointed by President Barack Obama to be the top cop and as the AG Mr Holder has continued his career of cover ups with “Operation Fast and Furious” But now it seems that at least some of the government oversight is kicking in and AG Holder may finally be held accountable for his misdeeds. OpFAF has spilled more blood on AG Holders hands with the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata. The two agents gave their lives in the “War On Drugs” fighting Mexican drug cartels that had received weapons via the ATF under the direction of AG Eric Holders DOJ. Like Oklahoma City the DOJ is actively covering up the conspiracy by dodging the the oversight committee and destruction of evidence and lying in the face of congress. AG Holder has even resorted to dealing the race card in an attempt to show that, the Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, is racist against him and President Obama. By accusing the Republican leadership of a racist witch hunt.  AG Holder has invoked the Johnnie Cochran strategy, that he and President Obama have been assumed guilty of a cover-up crime based on their skin color. 

Operation Fast and Furious has nothing to do with racial bias but it has everything to do with  narcissists that consider themselves rulers. The powerful self absorbed higher ups in the US Government think that they can do anything that their harts desire. One of those desires is to create a path for abolishing the second amendment by way of the Cloward-Piven Strategy. That strategy would make it necessary to create a desperate situation where there is no other way but to have the federal government step in. In the case of Fast and Furious this could take the form of violent gun battles between cartels and law enforcement in the southern border towns of the US. Their could also be a nation wide cocaine/heroin problem created by the surge of drugs flowing north and guns flowing south. The president could then use these situations to impose very restrictive federal gun laws (and) or, the repeal of the second amendment altogether. In the case of the drug cartels becoming so powerful that the violence overwhelms the southern border forces, the president could then impose martial law restricting all constitutional rights.  All three of these scenarios would be very likely if fast and furious had not been uncovered and if president Obama would be reelected. This is not just a conspiracy theory but it has happened in the past and all attempts to stifle gun ownership have failed with the exception of a few. 
In a 1989 Supreme Court decision (DeShaney Vs Winnabago County in was stated that “The Constitution does not impose a duty on the state and local governments to protect the citizens from criminal harm.” Therefore it is up to each individual to insure his or her own security. The current policy decisions of the DOJ and the White House are making it more and more difficult for the average person to secure himself in their home and in their surroundings.

With the most recent decision by President Obama for gun dealers in the states of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California to report sales of three or more guns to one person is not only restraining trade and unconstitutional but prejudicial. If this law only applies to a small geographic aria of the country then it is not equal justice under the law. Take for example the  “Black Codes” that were enacted after the civil war. These codes that were adopted by the southern slave states applied only to black people or people of mixed race. The nations first gun law restricting the ownership of weapons by way of licensing was in these Black Codes. The state of Florida gives us a perfect example of the race card.

The document starts with this preamble.
“We, the People of the State of Florida, by our delegates in Convention assembled, in the city of Tallahassee, on the 25th day of October, in the year of our Lord 1865, and of the Independence of the United States the 90th year, in order to secure to ourselves and our posterity the enjoyment of all the rights of life, liberty and property, and the pursuit of happiness, do mutually agree, each with the other, for form the following Constitution and form of Government in and for the said State.”
Just a bit hypocritical, Ya Think!

“SEC. 12. Be it further enacted, That it shall not be lawful for any negro, mulatto, or other person of color, to own, use or keep in his possession or under his control, any Bowie-knife, dirk, sword, fire-arms or ammunition of any kind, unless he first obtain a license to do so from the Judge of Probate of the county in which he may be a resident for the time being: and the said Judge of Probate is hereby authorized to issue such license, upon the recommendation of two respectable citizens of the county, certifying to the peaceful and orderly character of the applicant ; and any negro, mulatto, or other person of color, so offending, shall be deemed to be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction, shall forfeit to the use of the informer all such fire-arms and ammunition, and in addition thereto, shall be sentenced to stand in the pillory for one hour, or be whipped, not exceeding thirty-nine stripes, or both, and the discretion of the jury. . . .”

“Passed the House of Representatives January 4, 1866. Passed the Senate January 8, 1866. Approved by the Governor January 15, 1866.”

AG Holder has been dealing the race card since the 2008 inauguration of his boss President Obama. Not just in his actions but in his in-actions as well. When holder refused to investigate the Black Panthers voter intimidation incident in Philadelphia. When DOJ sued the state of Arizona over the immigration law that the feds refused to uphold. When they sued Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa Co. AZ over incarcerating illegal aliens. When DOJ attempted to block the states of South Carolina and Texas for requiring a photo ID to vote and the states counter sued. When the DOJ refused to investigate the Black Panthers in issuing death threats against George Zimmerman. The day after it was announced that Trevor Dooley the black shooter in the murderer of David James will not be able to use the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law as a defense. The DOJ announced that the FBI will be investigating the possibility of charging George Zimmerman with hate crimes. It is clear that the Obama Administration is an “affirmative action” presidency bent on anti-white doctrine.

One country, one people, one justice system with all people united for the common good and the universal goal of advancing the nation is paramount to the success of the United States Of America. These black vs white and rich vs poor divisions that the Obama administration is fostering is detrimental and the only thing that these separations will foster is confrontation. This must end now!

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