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Friday, May 11, 2012

Chinese Invade US Military Installations.

Chinese delegation at SOCOM Miami Florida

China now spying in plain sight, the head honcho of China's military machine is currently touring military installations in the US. The country that steels our secrets, hacks our computers and manufactures toys covered in lead paint is now touring West Point, Camp Lejeune, U.S. Southern Command headquarters in Miami and the  Pentigon. On the eve of a major intelligence leek revealing that the latest AQAP bomb threat was uncovered by a double agent the Chinese must be thinking that Americans are fools and that the real chink in the American armor is in the White House.

Leon Panetta said in a press conference that China and the US have to develop better cooperation in relation to cyber-security. “But because the United States and China have developed technological capabilities in this arena it’s extremely important that we work together to develop ways to avoid any miscalculation or miss-perception that could lead to crisis in this area.”

Gen. Liang Guanglie, defended his countries actions vociferously through an interpreter he said that, “I can hardly agree with the proposition that the cyber-attacks directed to the United States are directly coming from China ... We cannot attribute all of the cyber-attacks (against the) United States to China.”

Geeks working in the government and the private sector have been consistent on the issue of China hacking proprietary information from American companies and the military. China has stolen everything from the tread pattern on Timberland boots to high-tech secret specifications on the F-22 raptor. China has been caught dead to rights with their hand in the American cyber cookie jar however the track-backs that have lead to China have not exposed any single government entity within Beijing.

Chinese delegation at Camp Lejeune North Carolina
By rolling out the red carpet for the Chinese is a major mistake by the Obama Administration to think that this visit will somehow form a bond between the two nations is just plain ludicrous. The Chinese will take this opportunity to use there cell phones to and i pads to document as much as possible. This guided tour of American military installations will not be a deterrent to the Chinese but an opportunity for a delegation their experts to better understand American week spots

Beijing refuses to acknowledge their cyber-spying activities and claims that they are also a victim of attacks. But in reality how many Chinese products are reverse-engineered and then reproduced to be sold on the world market. Chinese hackers that are backed and directed by Beijing commit the bulk of the cyber-attacks that aim to steal critical data from U.S. companies and government agencies. Estimates by information security analysts put the cost of stolen intellectual property and data by the Chinese in the billions of dollars.

Prior to WWII Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto spent many years in the US, form 1919 to 1921 he studied at Harvard and later the admiral was posted at the Japanese Embassy in Washington DC as a navel attache. In Yamamotos capacity as a navel attache he had opportunities to tour US navel facilities and during a tour of the US Navel War College the admiral was convinced that navel aviation was the wave of the future and he also developed his strategy of “gun boat diplomacy”. After analyzing what he experienced during his visits to navel installations Yamamoto remarked that the US Navy was made up of golfers and bridge players. With Samurai lineage Yamamoto was a disciplined officer devoted to his country and his service he could not understand why a nation like the US with its vast educational and industrial capability could not muster the best and the brightest into their Navel service. When his higher-ups decided to go to war with the US Yamamoto was against it because of what he experienced during his time in the US. A plane was devised to lure the American Navy across the pacific and the Japanese would pick them off one by one. The plane included engaging American forces it in a Decisive Battle in the northern Philippine Sea between the Ryukyu Islands and the Marianas Islands. This plane with battleships meeting in the traditional English “crossing the T” exchange between forces had many assumptions and many variables that Yamamoto disagreed with. Admiral Yamamoto came up with the one massive strike plane that was carried out at Pearl Harbor. The strike on Pearl Harbor was an attempt to strike the US Navy so hard in a single blow that they could not recover fast enough to complete any actions against Japan. However the American aircraft carriers where out at sea at the time of the strike. As a result Yamamoto's plane was only partially successful.

Japan went to war at that time over oil, rubber and their desire for expansionism. China is doing the same thing but they have chosen to do it on an economic, financial and technical battlefield. Today we are witnessing the Chinese expanding their Navy, exporting missile technology to North Korea and Iran, supplying weapons to Syria, undercutting economy in Europe and the US by monetary manipulation, so why are we letting the fox in the hen house? It is surly a mistake made by a naive, inexperienced and armature political strategy coming out of the White House. Mistakes in foreign and domestic policy seam to be the norm with the Obama administration the Next big blunder coming down the pike is the G8 in Chicago. Obama has begged Taliban leaders to join the meetings discussing the future of Afghanistan. The last time the Taliban was invited to the negotiating table it was at the Grand Peace Jirga in 2010 and the Taliban boycotted the Jirga and attempted to disrupt it through rocket firing and suicide bombing. That could be the reason why the airspace will be closed over Chicago during May 18, 19 and 20. The Taliban has held fast on their demands of their prisoners held in Bagram detention center and Guantanamo Bay should be released. (Taliban and al-Qaeda Terrorists currently being released as previously reported in Holders Terrorist's or Tourists) Foreign troops should immediately leave Afghanistan and at least 10 southern provinces should be surrendered to the Taliban where they can establish the Islamic Emirate style government that they formed in 1996.

What would Admiral Yamamoto be reporting to his supervises if he was in Washington today? Would it be Obama's handicap on the golf course or Obama being America's handicap in the White House?

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