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Monday, September 26, 2011

Holder's Terrorist's or Tourists

The Obama Administration is still going full bore at closing the Guantanamo Bay facility and the Fate of the blood thirsty disgusting terrorist animals is still in question, or is it. The “detainees” (as the current administration refers to them), that have been released reemerge on the Afghan battle field holding AK-47s or found funding some suicide turban bomber looking for 72 virgins. Last Tuesday in Brussels at the European Parliament's Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee meeting AG Eric Holder said the administration is focused on closing GITMO “as quickly as possible”. Holder said the Obama administration is facing substantial pressure in closing the facility but they are doing everything they can to shut down the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, before the 2012 presidential elections. He added that the effort to shutter the detention facility would continue even after the 2012 elections if they can’t shut it down before then. Assuming Obama gets reelected that is.

“We will be pressing for the closure of the facility between now and then—and after that election, we will try to close it as well,” Holder said. “Some people have made this a political issue without looking at, I think, the real benefits that would flow from the closure of the facility.”closing

Their is a problem with this GITMO closing that Obama wants and Holders statements typify that. At no time does Holder or Obama explain how they are going to achieve this closure. This is a security problem of a massive nature but Obama and Holder have that problem licked. You see
there is a new wrinkle in the Obama/Holder GITMO saga to report. Holder has employed the US State Department as his personal emissary to garner support in the closing of the prison. With the election creeping up fast and Obama’s support waning Holder has doubled down on another poorly conceived plan to rid the prison of it’s undesirables. State Department officials have been lobbying European officials in an effort to take the terrorists off our hands and to assimilate them into there societies. The plan is to take the terrorists out of GITMO put them on a private plane (a la rendition with first class amenities) and fly them to cities all around Europe to be unleashed upon the unwitting citizens. That right it’s Mohammad’s European vacation.

It is Holders intent at the European Parliament meeting to try and quell the fears of diplomats that are not on board with this fiasco. In 1999 the Schengen Agreement was adopted by many of the European countries forming the European Union. The member countries of the EU adopted the Euro as a common currency as well as the ability for the citizens of the member nations to travel unfettered between countries with out passports or visa requirements. This unrestricted travel has many of the nations nervous about terrorists being released in neighbouring countries. Holder has employed a Special Envoy for Guantanamo Closure, Ambassador Daniel Fried and he is in the process of Chicago politicking around Europe rounding up support and making political promises that can’t be kept. Fried has found an ally in Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian PM, who assured Fried that he would help smooth out the road on his way to his EU partners on the GITMO problem. The Italians have agreed to take some of the undesirables until they started to vet them. Among the individuals Holder wanted to pawn off on the Italians was two Tunisians one from GITMO and one from the “Black Jail” in Bagram Afghanistan. The Ministry of Justice in Italy discovered that the two “resettlement candidates” had outstanding arrest warrants for terrorist activities in Milan. The MOJ told Holder’s lackey at State that the Tunisians could not be resettled but could be extradited put on trial and sent to prison, so much for that. In the wake of the Italian problem Holder instructed Fried to assemble the detainees files and prepare them for suitable release to the EU council for counter terrorism. Obviously Holder is asking for the documentation to be sanitised for a more palatable consumption by the EU members.

With so many nations in the EU having so many concerns about the 241 detainees resettlement it is hard to believe that any uniform agreement can be struck. For example the PM of Slovenia is willing to make a deal but he has unambiguously linked the success of the detainee resettlement to a meeting with President Obama.  He said that "a 20-minute meeting" with POTUS would allow him to frame the detainee question as an act of support for Slovenia's most important ally and evidence of a newly reinvigorated bilateral relationship. The PM was also in the market for a new nuclear power plant project that Westinghouse is bidding on. He was also interested in a cash payment saying that the countries budget could not absorb the expense of hosting the detainees. The PM also expressed a need for help in resolving a border dispute with Croatia but he expressed concern that the political and financial aspects of any deal would need to be kept separate. Surprisingly most of the diplomats in the EU are in favor of taking the terrorists into there countries within a “framework agreement”. The framework has yet to be worked out and perhaps that is the nature of Holder’s attendance at last weeks European Parliament meeting. Details and concerns regarding the terrorists are many and the EU Counter terrorism consultant has concerns that the terrorists will have to be put in a sort of “wittiness protection program” and have round the clock surveillance. This is a financial burden that the EU is not willing to except and that the USG should be footing the bill for these scum bags. The European liberals are screaming that GITMO be closed and are willing to help out Obama with, in there words is “A untenable situation left to him by President Bush.”

The European politicians are discussing how they are going to explain this diplomatic policy of excepting the GITMO dregs on society to the people of there respective nations. And are looking for “political cover” so one of the stipulations of acceptance is that they are willing to absorb these creatures as a “gesture of solidarity within the western nations.” In English this translates into a promise that islamist extremists from GITMO will be assimilated into the towns and cities in the United States. This is a very closely held secret within the Obama White House and will be denied under any circumstances. President Obama and AG Holder have formulated several plans at this point to release the prisoners within the US and abroad covertly and without informing congress or the American People. Even the far left will puke at the sound of this one. And there is no cover for the higher ranking Administration officials like Obama, Clinton, Holder, Meuller and Panetta should the story leak out.

Some nations are reluctant in accepting any of these rat bastards. The Constitutional Monarchy of Luxembourg is one such example. This is a country that is quiet small in land mass and a population of only 500,000 the nations motto is "We want to remain what we are." So you may understand why the luxemburgers are reluctant. Then there is the Kingdom of Norway and they flat out refuse any sort of resettlement agreement under any circumstances. That dissuasion was made prior to the Norwegian right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik pulled his rampage off. The King as well as Government officials agree that their security apparatus is currently strained with the release of Arfan Bhatti from prision by an Oslo court in June 2009 pending
a retrial on the attempted murder portion of his conviction. Norway’s Police Security Service the  PST could not provide nearly the amount of surveillance as would be expected for a person who had planned attacks on the U.S. and Israeli embassies and had carried out a shooting at the Oslo synagogue. As a consequence of this investigation the PST has had to divert all of its surveillance resources to this case, drawing them away from other high priorities, such as counter-intelligence threats from Russia and the Mullah Krekar debacle.

Krekar the former leader of Ansar al Islam, who was apprehended in transit by the Dutch in September 2002 and then deported to Norway, where he has had refugee status since the early 1990s. The USG worked with both the Dutch and the Norwegians to develop a criminal case against Krekar, but was unable to assemble sufficient use-able evidence. While Krekar has never been charged with any crimes in the U.S., Ansar al Islam is designated under two U.S. counter-terrorism authorities, and is included on the UN consolidated sanctions list because of its links to Al Qaida. Norway has restricted Krekar's movements and has frozen his funding. He has been ordered deported from Norway, but to date, Norway says it has been unable to receive sufficient human rights assurances from the Iraqis to proceed with deportation. Krekar was the subject of an episode of the NBC series "The Wanted," broadcast in the U.S. on July 20, 2009. On July 19, the government issued a press release addressing the handling of the case. The media reported that the Norwegian government might try to advance discussions with Iraq on this issue but there is no sign that such discussions ever took place.

The Breivik situation has throne the whole country into a tailspin and for now or in the foreseeable future the King and the PM will not agree to any deal with the American government especially in light of the fact that the US citizens have been kept in the dark about the possibility of radical islamist becoming tenants.

This is going to cost a bundle of money if Holder and Obama are successful, not to mention the diplomatic nightmare that will be surfacing. And is the US Government going to assume the liability for the actions of these shit balls. What is going to happen when one of these dimwits starts radicalizing their fellow Mosque rats and they blow up a subway station or a mall full of children on a school trip?  

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