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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Tip Of The Turd

Turds in the White House seam to be at epidemic proportions. With the presidential election looming large on the horizon the Obama Administration has a lot to answer for these days. The handwriting was on the wall the day president Obama was announced the presidential victor in 2008. It all started in Obama's home town of Chicago when corrupt businessman and turd, Tony Rezko confirmed his connection to Obama. Many of Rezko's underhanded dealings involved Obama and this was confirmed during his corruption and racketeering trial. Then we have the turd Rod Blagojevich the Illinois governor that was caught red handed selling Obama's Senate seat who also had corrupt connections to Rezko and Obama. Both men are currently serving time in a federal penitentiary for their misconduct. 

Before President Obama even stepped one foot in to the Oval office their was turds of corruption from Chicago on the rug. Since then the turds just keep multiplying. Today there is so many turds in the Oval office Joe Biden has to hopscotch his way across the room. Congress and the American people are at the super saturation point with the Obama Administrations misconduct. This explains the outrage demonstrated by Congressional leaders grilling (General Services Administration) GSA appointees on the current round of misbehavior uncovered by a whistle blower. There is proof of misfeasance and malfeasance by the White house in the GSA scandal. Given that fact Congressional watch dogs are going to sniff out the hidden turds that are lurking in the hallways of other agencies that the “most transparent administration in history” is said to be  hiding. 

The Same week the GSA scandal broke the Presidents Secret Service advance team decided to misbehave in the Colombian city of Cartagena. The agents have been implicated in a misadventure of debauchery with teenage prostitutes. Congressional leaders fear that the agents misbehavior was not a one time indiscretion but a regular pattern of unprofessional behavior putting the POTUS in danger. Like the GSA appointees the Secret Service agents had a pattern of indiscretion that has evolved into a turd that was big enough to trip over. This Administration is proving itself to be a facilitator and cultivator of illegal, unethical, immoral, and seditious acts. 

How many turds do these belt way boys have to belch out of their bung holes before the American people smell Obama's Oval orifice. Michelle Malkin has detailed in her book the Culture of Corruption just how despicable and deplorable the Obama cling-ons are. Michelle should probably consider a sequel to COC that was published in July of 2009. Their have been so many fresh turds kicked out from under the presidents fancy desk that a COC-II could be hundreds of pages filled with steaming details.

Lets take a quick look at the turds that have been exposed to date. Some my not consider these to be turds on the rug but merely pee spots however pee spots are stealthy and leave a stain just as bad if not worse and arguably are harder to clean up. 

Turd, Fast and Furious, the stimulus funded gun smuggling scandal that has resulted in the death of hundreds of Mexican citizens and American law enforcement officers. The operation is a stunning example of government gone wild. The people of Mexico and the United States have a few government employed Whistle blowers to thank for shining the light on this operation that has broken international, Mexican and US laws. Katie Pavlich Has detailed the cover-up and deception by the US Justice Department on the American people. In her new book Fast and Furious she makes the connection through interviews of how this operation makes the case for stripping away Americans Second Amendment right to keep and bare arms.

Turd, The Auto bailout of General Motors and Chrysler, the two corporations received about $43 billion bailout bucks only to stiff the American tax payer and the employees of both corporations. The money was Loaned with no strings attached so GM and Chrysler promptly shut down American operations in favor of new Mexican manufacturing and assembly operations. The American Tax payers and the auto workers unions funded new Mexican operations taking American workers of the assembly line and in to the unemployment line.

Turd,The Bank bailout or the (Troubled Asset Relief Program) TARP,  $700 billion bucks flushed directly into the pockets of the 1% President Obama publicly denounced as “Fat Cat Bankers”. The justification for this bailout was that these banks are just to big to fail. It was determined that these banks need to split up therefor reducing the risk of global economic collapse and the imploding of the world banking system. Just the opposite has occurred. The banks are bigger than ever and there is no sign of them ever paying the money back.

Turd, Middle East uprisings in the spring of 2011. The instigation and facilitation of the violent Arab Spring was an operation funded directly and openly by the US State Department. The bulk of the funding and technical expertise was funneled directly to Egyptian students. Now with Egypt’s terror organization the Muslim Brotherhood firmly in place the Obama Administration has pledged their support to the MB in the White House. The MB is a terror organization founded in the Nazi philosophy and has publicly and openly called for the destruction of Israel and the murder of all Jews. The MB has been in the business of persecuting Coptic Christians in Egypt since the start of the uprisings. The Obama Administration seemingly condones the terrorist activities of the MB.

Turd, Green welfare a turd that keeps on giving from Al Gore and the Chicago Climate Exchange to Solyndra its all "An Iinconvenient Truth"investments. Billions of tax payer dollars have morphed into a big green turd suitable for flushing. President Obama's Nobel Prize winning moron Steven Chu has used his influence to have billions of dollars wasted inventures like electric cars, batteries, solar and wind farms, all have gone by the way of the dodo.

Turd, Some fascinating facts about the eligibility of President Obama, he has that nasty little issue of citizenship? Have we really vetted this man to the point that we know beyond a reasonable doubt that he was born in the United States? Judging by some of his decisions on the economy, military actions and government appointments it is questionable. Then we have the birth certificate that looks like it was made in a high school art class. Every one of Barack Obama's relatives is either dead, tagged for deportation for being an illegal alien or his closest living relatives are in other countries like his sister Maya Soetoro who is an Indonesian or his half brothers Abo and Bernard Obama that both live in Kenya. Both Abo and Bernard where caught living illegally in England and then deported after Abo was accused of but not prosecuted for sexual assault.

How many more turds are under the desk in the Oval office the turd Jeremiah Wright has come to light and the grassroots terrorists of the Weather Underground Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn have been outed as well. The wale turd, George Soros is the mega rich megalomaniac that is right out of a James Bond movie and he plays with Obama like he is a toy puppet. When ever Soros has a whim and he needs political influence on his side he calls on Obama. The Brazilian oil deal is a perfect example. Soros made  a billion dollars when President Obama made a deal with Dilma Rousseff the corrupt Brazilian president who thought she stiffed Obama for a better offer from the Chinese, Soros delt himself in and pocked the difference by using Obama as leverage against the Chinese and playing Rousseff for a patsy.

The best is yet to come, the American people still need to see the next chapter in the Obama-Care saga play out. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as it is officially known, will unravel the Obama Administration once the supreme court deems the act unconstitutional and put an end to the political carnage, waste and abuse that the American people are suffering. Currently elected officials are trying to sort out what the GSA has been up to and how it got that way. It is obvious that the career government employees of this administration believed that they are beyond reproach. It is the perpetrators experience that the indiscretions and unlawful actions will be covered up and that the misuse of their positions for personal enrichment and political gain will be rewarded with bonuses, raises and promotions. 

President Harry Truman had a placard on his desk that read “The Buck Stops Here” the one on President Obama's desk reads “The Buck Stops on George Bush's Desk”. The Obama Administration represents 100% unaccountability for everything that they are involved in whether it is the death of hundreds of Mexicans or the ramblings of a twisted anarchist like Van Jones. The activity of any and all government agencies is a direct reflection on the chef executive and if that chef executive is lax in leadership, lax in accountability, prone to corruption, has lead a life of lies and deceit then these  are the qualities reflected in the individuals that are chosen for key appointments and leadership positions within the government. Currently Americans are finding out that the Boss of GSA's Western branch was steeling hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of perks the words embezzlement, kickback and bribe have also been used in the congressional hearings now underway, with respect to the malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance issues the White House has been implicated as well. The most transparent white House in history is now implicated in a cover-up with the intent to suppress the Inspector Generals report detailing GSA's illegal activity till after the 2012 election. The 2012 Obama campaign slogan should be “Plausible Deny-ability”.

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