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Friday, April 6, 2012

Obama: Shmeckle lib hobn putz mit groys oyern

Iran is kosher for Passover because Israel is hungry for a good old fashioned ass-whoopin. The David of the Middle East just may take on the Goliath this Passover to ensure the security of their homeland. In the meantime the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama is doing everything in his power short of bombing Israel to hold back and hinder Israel's Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu from doing his duty as a Jew and a patriot. One thing is certain the israelis have more than one rabbit in the hat and it just may be the fact that the Obama administration is being played as the fool. 

March 6. 2012 The PM was in Washington to address AIPAC ( American Israel Public Affairs Committee )  and to discuss the Iran situation with the President. Mr Netanyahu knowing Mr Obama’s political proclivities planted a seed of disinformation. The IDF (Israeli Defence Forces) plain to interdict Iran from a Azerbaijan air base was served up to President Obama on a silver platter and was a Trojan Horse. The information was subsequently leaked to members of the press that was sure to print it. This test of loyalty was and still is a staple in the intel biz, offer up a juicy nugget of information and see what happens. In the case of Obama he has proved to be incapable of retaining a secret, Obama has been played as a patsy and just like the German high command was in WWII  with Operation Fortitude. The difference is that PM Netanyahu wanted to know whose side President Obama is on, we know now. When it comes to national security the citizens of the United States and Israel can not trust the President of the United States. He is a Shmeckle lib hobn putz mit groys oyern.

04/07/2012 Update
Azerbaijan officials are denying any involvement or collaboration with Israel in regards to an airstrike on Iran. It has always been the position of Azer officials that their territory and  airspace will not be used as a platform for an Iranian attack. As a matter of FACT Azer political officials consider Iran a Brother country. Azerbaijani Defense Minister Safar Abiyev has been quoted this week reiterating that “The Republic of Azerbaijan, as has always been the case in the past, will never permit any country to use its land or air against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which we consider our brother and a friendly country,”

Reacting to the Foreign Policy Magazine article written by Mark Perry, Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense spokesman Teymur Abdullayev reacted by saying "The claims seek to damage relations between Azerbaijan and Iran,” adding that “there will be no actions against Iran … from the territory of Azerbaijan.” It is quite clear that this leaked information proved to be false. Furthermore the patsy President Barack Obama was not the only narrischkeit But the  main stream media took the bait hook line and sinker. 

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