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Sunday, April 29, 2012

WMDs: The Syrian Trump Card

Moroccan Colonel Ahmet Himmiche third from left walks through the streets of Homs Syria
The rape, torture and murder continues in Syria and the UN, GCC, US, UK, France, Turkey, etc. are all just spectators as if the government sponsored atrocities are a Olympic sport. The truth is the friends of Syria are in toleration mode till better human intelligence can be gathered. Syrian President Bashar al Assad thinks he is holding all the cards in this international game of poker. The fact is his cards are good ones but the international community that is massing against him has a spy over his shoulder and his every move is anticipated.

Assad may think he is the Hitler of the 21st century and like Hitler he will be killed along with his wife in a dramatic fashion. What makes Assad unlike Hitler is the fact that he does not give a dam about his country or the Syrian people. Hitler had a overly vociferous love for the Fatherland and the Aryan Germans. Assad is willing to do anything to stay on the potty chair of Syrian power including using stockpiled WMDs. This is the fly in the ointment for the friends of Syria and they know Assad will use those weapons both outside and inside of Syrian borders.

The UN is in the process of vetting monitors to be inserted into Syria and the cat and mouse game of issuing visas to monitors is underway. Syrian officials will only accept monitors from countries that they perceive as friendly to the Assad Government. Working within these guidelines has proven difficult for the UN Security Council. Currently there is about a dozen observers in country and that number will increase to 24 or 30 by the end of the month with the goal of 300 to be achieved within 2 to 3 months. The number of observers is extremely inadequate considering the physical size of the country and the size of the population. With so few monitors The Assad security forces are able to curtail their own activities prior to observers arriving in an aria. After the observers leave the people that have talked are then detained, tortured and murdered. Without the ability to loiter within arias of concern then the shell game of observer followed by murder will continue. Then there is the question of covert operatives being inserted into the country by using the cover of UN Monitor. With so few approved nationalities and such a small quantity of people being accepted makes the task more difficult but not impossible.
The future of Syria

The issue of Observers on the ground and “Six Point Peace Plans” is just small ball within the big picture. No amount of UN pressure will keep the Syrian government at bay. Assad and his puppets that he sends to negotiate agree to demands and then walk out of meetings and do it all over again. This is an Assad tactic generations old used by the original Assad murder Hafez, Bashar's farther. Any agreement or treaty with a Syrian stamp of approval on it is only fit for use in the bottom of a bird cage. If the international diplomats  making these agreements with this tyrant are the best and brightest the UN and Arab league have to offer then the Syrian people will be doomed until hell freezes over.

Bashar Assad sees himself as untouchable and so far, he has been. Their has been no accountability for his actions and no retribution for atrocities committed in his name. Embolden with this sense of invincibility this egomaniac will continue to defy the international community. The seemingly endless stream of weapons, electronics and technical support being funneled into Syria from Iran, Russia and China continues and their seams to be no end to the mass destruction and killing. The Bigger picture is the heavy weapons and missile components that are in the hands of Syria;s mad men. Right now Bashar al Assad is the most dangerous man in the middle east and nobody is talking about the mass murder that is about to take place if the bio/chem weapons are not neutralized.  The possibility of thousands being killed with sarin or mustard gas in Syria is very possible and the fallout to other countries could also be sever.

This week Vice President Joe Biden said that President Obama “walks softly and carries a big stick and he has a big stick, I can assure you of that.” Well Mr Biden thanks for the verification. Regardless of stick size if you don’t know how to use it then it is useless. White House sources confirmed a month ago that there is no plan at all to deal with Assad but that may have changed recently. The American, French and British intelligence communities all agree that the WMD threat is a clear and present danger in Syria but there is no consensus on a solution to the problem. Right now the only thing that is being done is to alert Syria's neighbors of Assad's Biological and chemical weapons capability and the Syrian delivery capability via missiles. As a conciliation prize the offer of US help will be available in the event of a Bio/chem attack. The only form of deterrence the US Secretary of State is publicly offering is sanctions. Secretary Clinton in an attempt to appease the neighboring countries right now has given the assurance that the sanctions placed on the Assad family and government officials will pressure them to step down.
Hours after UN observers left the city of Homs, Syrian Security forces
raped young girls and woman in front of their families. 47 people were found
tortured with their hands tied and thoughts cut. The dead included babies.

President Obama may just be trying to wish the problem away with sanctions or hope and change but the longer the Syrian spectator sport continues the worse it gets on the ground. One of the recent developments that has been reported by defecting Syrians is that the Syrian Army has placed land mines along the Syrian/Lebanese border. The mines are placed not as a deterrent to intruders but are placed along popular escape routs leading out of the country. Tactics like these just reinforce the fact that Assad wants his people to die and with that in mind the man has graduated from school yard bully to maniacal murderer. Under the assumption that life, suffering and pain is of no consequence to Assad then it must be concluded that with his back against the wall Assad will give the order to launch leaving most of his country a polluted wasteland for centuries He must not be given that chance.

The Syrian situation comes at a very inconvenient time for President Obama with National elections looming and poll numbers plummeting the president is in a very precarious situation politically with his shrinking electoral base. In 2003 prior to the Iraqi invasion then President Bush received information from British Intelligence that Saddam Hussein possessed vast quantities of WMDs. After the invasion the US military undertook a countrywide search for bio/chem weapons and came up empty, their was a determination that the British information was erroneous. Or was it? Bush 43 suffered politically from that and was accused of finishing the job his farther President Bush 41 started, namely the murder of Saddam Hussein. No matter how absurd that sounds politically President Bush and Vice President Cheney were both branded as war mongers. President Obama who campaigned on an anti war platform is now faced with a similar decision but much more cut and dry. Many reports from Iraqi and Syrian sources stated that in 2003 most if not all of Saddam’s bio/chem weapons were transferred from Iraq to Syria. It is also well known within the Middle Eastern and Western intelligence communities that Syria has been operating bio/chem facilities for decades. President Obama fearing the loss of even more left wing liberals has painted himself in a box. On one hand he is not helping to curtail the suffering in Syria and on the other he is not publicly stating that Assad is hording WMDs.  So the White house is in limbo, the only thing that will stop the suffering in Syria and bring an end to the Syrian WMD threat is a surgical strike Killing President Bashar al Assad, his family and top commanders followed by a military mop up of security forces that maybe still loyal to Assad and have their fingers on the launch buttons.
Results of artillery 

There is no doubt that the people in Syria will continue to suffer no matter how many sanctions and resolutions are passed in the UN. There is no amount of UN observers that will stop the killing and no amount of talking by Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon will change the situation on the ground. It is time to stop playing footsie with this floozie and pull up his dress, he has run out of excuses and time. When your dealing with a mad man that is as shrewd and manipulative as Assad is then there is only one solution to the problem western leaders and Arab Leaders must choose to do the right thing, Assad must die. That may be very soon. The dogs of war are barking at the door and may soon be let out. Some people may wake up to the sound of shock and awe very soon.

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