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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Unrest in America's Southwest

Mexican Military Cuidad Juarez Mexico
Need a dirty deed done dirt cheap? Then do it in Mexico and there is a 98.5% chance of getting away with it. Recent reports generated by the Federalise suggest that the murder rate is so out of control that it is no longer practical to rely on the numbers. Check the news for one week in Mexico and you will find that more people are killed by war type skirmishes south of the US border than in Afghanistan. An average of 327 people are killed every week from Drug cartel violence. Then of course there is the incidental crimes of conspiracy, oil and gas theft, human trafficking, prostitution of juveniles, firearms trafficking, money laundering, rape, ETC, ETC, ETC.

Clearly Mexican police officials are overwhelmed with the frequency, intensity and brutality of the violence that is occurring on a daily basis. The day that this story was being composed a gunfight between rival cartels in CIUDAD JUAREZ broke out leaving 10 people dead. The police arrived and were shot at but the fighters got away and the police have no suspects in custody to question, just dead bodies. It is unlikely that anyone will be arrested or charged in this event. Police admit that they are handicapped by outdated procedures and prosecution methods however the unsolved or un-prosecuted crime rate is due to many variables. First of which is the reluctance of witnesses to come forward with information for fear of reprisal. Second is the police themselves, corruption, incompetence, outdated procedures, lack of case prioritization and under staffing are all problems that the police need to overcome in order to put a dent in the soaring crime rate. Third is the financial incentive offered by the cartels. The money that the a cartel is offering keeps a typical soldier in rice and beans for a long time. The Los Zetas, Mexico's largest and most violent cartel routinely advertises for soldiers offering them good wages, daily food and health care for themselves and their families.

The Mexican Government just can not compete with the drug cartels when it comes to salary and benefits. Soldiers leaving the army or sailors leaving the navy are recruited by the cartels, promised a more than competitive compensation package. And for the type “A” personality looking for action it is a win win situation all around. For a officer or a non-com it can be an opportunity to get rich in a short period of time then get out (ALIVE) and live happily ever after.

Body bag sales in the northern states of Mexico seem to be at a peak these days. The latest figures show that Nuevo Leon has experienced a 617% increase in the murder rate from 2009 to 2011. The Mexicans also acknowledge that 4 out 5 homicides go unsolved and unpunished. The Mexican conviction rate on all crime nationwide is approximately 20% but in the northern states that figure drops significantly to 3.6%. The conviction rate on murder is even more disappointing about 1.75% of all murders committed in northern Mexico are solved and get convictions.

One of the theories behind these horrendous statistics is that Mexican President Calderon has allowed the situation to boil over in order to justify the intervention of American military troops. Clearly the alphabet soup of American agencies that have been funneling assets to the American southern border have made things worse and they have actually escalated the violence in Mexico. The failed “Fast and Furious” operation is a case in point where the BATF and FBI have developed a strategy to shelter cartel informants and supply weapons in a cross border operation to uncover a weapons trafficking network. The failed operation only succeeded in supplying military grade weaponry to the drug cartels, and inserting  the Obama administration in an illegal operation that violates the United Nations international gun ban that Secritery of State Hillary Clinton has been promoting. Developing a risky illegal strategy such as the FAF operation proved to be not only embarrassing to the Obama Administration but opens up the US Justice Department to criminal charges on many levels. Therefore protecting the American southern border may fall under the control of US Northern Command. Inserting the military into this situation makes it totally possible to operate in cross border operations in Mexico. The military will be capable of instituting a “buffer zone” aka “no mans land” in the northern Mexican hinterlands. USCENTCOM assets that have been deployed in Iraq are now being transferred to USNORTHCOM for Mexican redeployment.

Mexican Generals and G2 (intelligence) commanders have been dreading their nations loss of sovereignty under the civilian control of President Calderon for several years. The commanders first spoke out in 2010 with accusations of presidential misconduct. The generals are saying that the Civilian leaders in the the US and Mexico are facilitating the violence and unrest in Mexico. G2 investigators in 2009 have accused US law enforcement agencies of “instigating” the Mexican violence and that the Calderon administration of “setting the stage for an open US intervention” years later it is obvious that the G2s machinations are coming to fruition. The military leaders are making the claim that US intervention follows a dual  strategy of social unrest so destabilizing that something MUST be done under the guise of humanitarian relief. The first condition has already been achieved by allowing the drug cartels to gain so much power and perpetuate so much violence that the people of Mexico will welcome the intervention regardless of the source. The second is responding to international concerns about  trans national criminal elements seeking to spread their tentacles world wide.

This is nothing new, the CIA has been destabilizing governments by employing tactics such as this for years. The CIA historically has undermined one dictator for another dictator that will do their bidding or a communist regime for a democratic one. So why Mexico? It is neither communist nor unfavorable to the US as a matter of fact Mexico and the US have a politically strong relationship. So why would the US take on the fiduciary responsibility of an entire country? To many Americans Mexico is a playground where almost anything goes. Tropical resorts, underage sex and drugs have attracted Americans south of the border for decades. Corporate America sees Mexico as a source of cheap exploitable labor  and a country that has few environmental laws. Because of this Many American companies have exported their manufacturing facilities to Mexico. Billions of dollars are at stake for corporate America and the inability of Mexican law enforcement to eliminate the cartel threat or to just keep it in check is extremely troubling to American CEOs. What is happening in Mexico is a soft-overthrow, this will be accomplished by Mexican politicians relinquishing their sovereignty to Washington DC and second by giving American military forces the power to act with impunity within their borders. In return for this The US government will allow Mexican citizens to travel freely across the US border and work and collect benefits and constitutional rights afforded only to American citizens.

What is happening on a corporate level in Mexico is very similar to the situation in 1954 with the United Fruit Company in Guatemala. UFC (Now Chiquita Brands) owned 42% of all farm land and had a near monopoly on the tropical fruit market (namely bananas) in the western hemisphere. UFC went to both President Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower to intercede on their behalf when their land holdings started to get expropriated by the then
Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz. The CIA instituted The plain
PBFORTUNE, followed by operation PBSUCCESS, followed by operation PBHISTORY.The 1950s banana republic wars of central America will have nothing on this one. The stakes are considerably higher in terms of money, people and national security. Pick an industry or a municipality in the US that is not affected by the Mexican drug cartel problem.

Mexico has been the pressure relief valve of many US industries in the past, textiles, shoes, hardware, appliances and furniture once staples of the American manufacturing base have migrated south for lower wages, less government regulations and interference, health care costs, ETC, ETC, ETC. In 2008 we saw the chickens come home to roost when the BIG THREE automakers came to capitol hill and testified about their financial problems. As a result President Barack Obama and his administration instituted the auto bailout. With General Motors and Chrysler receiving $80 billion bailout bucks the stakes are high for the US taxpayer. This takes us to GM Mexico, GM has manufacturing facilities all over the world but principally in the US, Canada and Mexico to supply the North American market. GM Mexico was not in Washington holding their hand out for bailout bucks and the reason why is because GM Mexico is the company's most profitable division. GM has built 504,858 Pick ups and SUVs in the 

Silao Mexico plant, vehicles such as the Suburban, Avalanche, Silverado and Cadillac Escalade built by Mexican workers for $2.80 an hour in 2008 the year of the bailout. These figures are typical in the auto industry where Mexico is concerned, so it is in the best financial interest of the US automakers to preserve the third world wages and working conditions and have a stable Mexico free of internal strife. So in comes USNORTHCOM to save the day, unlike in the 1950s the CIA will take a backseat to American armed forces operating in the light of day. This will be a overt military operation accompanied by a signed engraved invitation from the Mexican Government and the political cover being “the war on drugs”.

This will happen and it will happen soon you can call it a police action, an intervention or an invasion but the CIA, DEA, FBI, BATF,CBP,NSA and US State Department all have had their forays into Mexico each bumbling along on their little missions to soften up the landscape in the Southern Border region and spreading their influence and causing unrest in the American Southwest.

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