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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Holder is Disturbed

Commissioner Ray Kelly
“Disturbing” Gov. Christie and A.G. Holder, Really?
What is disturbing is buildings full of office workers exploding due to a terrorist bomb or a bridge jammed with commuters tat is rammed by a hijacked ship. The public is far to eager to tar and feather police officials in the public square when their is a procedure that may be slightly politically incorrect. The Head Honcho in the New York City Police Department, Ray Kelly is a stand up guy, he has been called the best police official in the world, in charge of the best police force in the world. So why is Commissioner Kelly and his methods  taking friendly fire from those who should be supporting him and bolstering his efforts to keep the people of New York safe? In one week the top cops policy has been described as “Disturbing”, first by The Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and again by The United states Attorney General Eric Holder. What gives fellas, why so grumpy, could it be that Ray Kelly is producing results and he has grabbed some headlines?

Gov. Christie now backpedaling his “disturbing” comment that he made about the NYPD’s surveillance program of suspicious Muslim activity in his state. Christie has said in a later statement that “I may have been briefed in 2007” when he was the States Attorney General about the NYPD activity within New Jersey, he then admitted that he learned that federal officials stumbled upon NYPD activity in Newark N.J.. Gov. Christie’s new love affair with Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has got him waking a fine line down the middle of the road these days with his right hand tied behind his back. It is clear that the newly founded politically correct Christie is vying for the V. P. slot on the Romney Presidential ticket.

Gov. Chris Christie
A G Holder during his testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee was asked by New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg about the NYPD activity within New Jersey. Holder responded with the comment, “All i know is what i have read in the News Paper but it is disturbing.” What! An official is testifying to Senators about new paper articles, he should decline commenting about something unless he has direct knowledge of the subject. However Holder did reference a conversation with Governor Christie at some sort of function in New Jersey. Both men need to be less “disturbed” at what the NYPD is doing and more concerned with their own activities. A. G. Holder certainly has a full plate with the continuing malfeasance, misfeasance and misconduct within the Justice Department and it’s satellite departments.
A. G. Eric Holder

The NYPD gave us cops like Eddie Eagan the officer portrayed by Gene Hackman in the movie “French Connection” The main character “Popeye” Doyle conducted surveillance in NY NJ and Marseilles France, and Detective Frank Serpico who uncovered a police corruption scandal in the 1970s and was portrayed by Al Pacino in the movie. These two men are typical of the every day heroes that the NYPD is comprised of.
Ray Kelly and the NYPD have conducted operations in conjunction with many police forces around the country. Federal, state and local police from Colorado, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey have all been consulted when investigations have taken the NYPD outside of the city’s boundaries. It is critical that any investigator that uncovers an illegal plot follow the suspects wear ever the trail leads in order to uncover a potentially larger conspiracy weather it is a simple drug deal or a multi-national terror organization the principals are the same. The fly in the ointment hear is the Muslim support groups like CAIR and the political apologists that coddle them for their votes. It just so happens that being a Muslim and practicing Islam is not just a religion but a way of life. People engaged in criminal activity need a cover in order to conceal and facilitate their activities. The Muslim extremists are no exception to this. The Mosque and the Islamic faith is being used as a facade of legitimacy for radical and illegal behavior. The NYPD is doing the prudent thing by doing preemptive investigations into known radical Islamic student organizations and so-called support groups such as the Council on American Islamic Relations CAIR.

For New Jersey public officials to complain about the activities of the NYPD is appalling and can only be explained by these officials bowing down to pressure from groups like CAIR or they are just miffed that the NYPD is on their turf and considered them not important enough to inform of their activities. In either case these people are winning wimps and wussies that need to hide under their mommies skirt. As far as the accusations that the NYPD is undermining the rights of these Muslims to practise their Islamic religion and of racial profiling is obsessed. IF Ray Kelly was given intelligence that a faction of the IRA was plotting to execute an operation in New York City and the plotters are using a Catholic Church in Hoboken for financial cover and covert meetings, then as sure as the sun rises the next morning a Catholic officer operating under cover would be inserted into the congregation. It is what it is, if your going fishing you need to go were the fish are or you wont catch anything. The point is that doing the right thing is not always popular.

Michael B. Ward special agent in charge of the FBI’s Newark Division has commented on NYPD’s counter-terror operations by saying he was kept aware of operations that the NYPD’s intelligence division has in play in New Jersey, adding that “It was known to most New Jersey law enforcement officials who work on counter-terrorism issues.” Ward covered his ass by saying. He met with NYPD intelligence officials on a bimonthly basis, but he wasn’t briefed on the extent of the operations.

The key point is we don’t have awareness of everything that NYPD intelligence does in New Jersey,” Ward said. “We have meetings with them, we get together with them almost twice a month in which we share information, but we don’t have insight into what they are doing.”

And why should they, if you are not directly involved in an investigation then you have no need to know. The stakes are huge hear the NYPD is not concerned with a DUI bust after the Giants game on Sunday afternoon. New York City is the grand prize for terrorists and any people or events of interest that effect New York will be investigated by the special investigation units of the NYPD.

As far as A.G. Holder is concerned he needs to keep his nose out of New York’s business and concentrate on his own malfeasance and the misconduct by his BATF agents along the Mexican border. And Gov. Christie put your big boy pants back on, you wore them when you were elected and now that your blowing Mitt Romney’s whistle they seem to be hanging in a closet somewhere near Trenton.

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