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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"King among Kingpins"

General Luis Felipe Acosta Carles, Left. Waled Makled, Right
The rhetoric is heating up once again with respect to Iran and their race to achieve nuclear weapons in the middle east. What this means to Israel is a certain preemptive action against Iran and to some extant Syria. But has thought been given to the ramifications of such an action in North America and what is going on in South America? Regardless of the political persuasion of the president in office, the United States must support Israel in there decision for a first strike against Iran. For a president not to support Israel in a conflict would be political castration both at home and internationally.

The fly in the ointment hear is Hugo Chavez, more to the point the Venezuelan Military and the  Chavez political machine. Venezuela's generals and political leaders have come to realize huge personnel wealth through the support and facilitation of cocaine shipments to the U.S.. The involvement of the Venezuelans goes far beyond pay to look the other way corruption and enters into the universe of a narco-state that facilitates terror organizations.

What does this have to do with Iran’s Nuclear aspirations? Venezuela’s involvement in the Middle East goes back to 1999 when Chavez was elected president. Sense then he has hosted every Middle Eastern Malcontent from Qaddafi to Ahmadinejad. These alliances have proven to be profitable to Iran and their anti-Israel proxy Hezbollah in the form of drug profits, money laundering, gasoline refining and weapons trafficking. Chavez brokered a partnership between FARC and Hezbollah for the purpose of funding and facilitating terror activities in the Middle East, North America and Central America. In order to do this Chavez enlisted his military and a business man Walid Makled. Waled aka “EL A rabe” (The Arab) as he was known to his unscrupulous business partners is a first generation Venezuelan of Syrian decent. The Makled Group that was controlled by Waled The Arab and his brothers Abdla aka (Abdala) Alex and Basel all are in Venezuelan prisons. Currently alive?

The Makled brothers may not be in jail for what they did but for what they know. Waled by his own admission has said that his assets are estimated to be upwards of $1.2 billion U.S. dollars the Makled group controlled warehousing and shipping in the Venezuelan port of Puerto Cabello. Control of Cabello is to control the hart-beat of the nation everything flows through that port and this control gave The Makled Group an interest in all state owned enterprises from food to fuel The profits realized by the port gave Makled the leverage to purchase a publishing company an airline controlling interest in airport facilities and real estate. In a short period of time The Makled Group became a powerful financial and political force within the country. Thus threatening the political power of Hugo Chavez.

How did the Uneducated Makled brothers elevate from a dirt poor Syrian immigrant family to become so rich and so powerful in such a short period of time. it all came down to luck and timing. As young men in the 1990s the Makled brothers had few economic opportunities, being poor in a poor state in a poor country and having little or no formal education the brothers turned to a life of crime. The brothers banded together and formed a highway hijacking crew. Robbing travelers, Hijacking trucks and selling the stolen goods made the brothers a sufficient living and also brought them some attention from the police and local military. After several arrests Waled became familiar with General Luis Felipe Acosta Carles.

During a lengthy and prestigious career as a military man the General had made a pact with then Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez during the 1983 failed coup attempt. Chavez, Acosta Carles and other solders gathered at a location revered by the Venezuelans known as “Samam de Guere”. This is a tree that Simon Bolivar is said to have rested during the Bolivar revolution that split Latin America from Spain in the 1800s. It is odd that Chavez and the devout socialists in South America revere Bolivar, he was a slave owning capitalist that exploited the land and the underclass to reap huge profits.

Befriending General Acosta Carles  in the early 1990s was like hitting the lottery for the Makled brothers, the General was one of the Chavez elates and therefor had influence and power. The General used his influence to install Waled into the port at Cabello. Under the Generals tutelage and direction the group parlayed their positions into great wealth for themselves.

The connections that Waled and his brothers made were done exclusively through Chavez loyalists for example the Colombian FARC needs 100, 63-1 Chinese mortars with 500, 60-mm HE rounds and 300, 60-mm smoke rounds. On the open market this order may be worth $400,000 U.S. dollars but in FARC dollars it is worth 320 kilos of pure processed cocaine. So what happens is the Hezbollah representatives in Venezuela call their weapons suppler in Hong Kong and guarantee payment and take their 20% discount. The Chinese have the units loaded in Hong Kong on a ship sent from Venezuela that unloaded bananas the day before. When the ship arrives in Puerto Cabello full of cheep knock off clothing, toys and mortars The goods are unloaded and wearhoused at the port. A Aeropostal cargo plane is loaded with the weapons and sent from Venezuela to Honduras wear FARC takes possession of the mortars and ammunition. FARC then loads the plane with the cocaine. The plane refuels and takes the coke to northern Mexico were Los Zetas take possession and loads the plane with $640,000 U.S. dollars, the plane refuels and returns to Caracas. Makled also clams that Hezbollah operates their own cocaine processing labs in Maracaibo that are guarded by Venezuelan army troops. That coke is then transported to the airport in San Fernando de Apure. Aeropostal cargo planes are loaded, the planes are then flown to Honduras were the coke is distributed or then to Campeche Mexico and finally onto The U.S. These flights take place 5 to 6 times a day according to Makled.

In 2008 General Acosta Carles now Governor of The state Carabobo and The Makleds had amassed  a fortune and concentrated their power and influence over the national government and the military to the point that it was no longer concealable. At this point Chavez felt he needed to intercede and break up the party. Chavez tossed the General out of his Governorship stating that the office was “to big for him”. Shortly after the ouster of Acosta Carles the Venezuelan intelligence agency lead a raid on a Makled country estate arresting Alex, Abdela and Basel Makled. The November 13, 2008 police action yielded 400 kilos of cocaine. This fish smells like it’s been in the Caribbean sun to long. How many billionaire family members have 400 keys of coke just sitting about their country home? At this point Waled skipped out of the country only to sequester him self in Columbia just across the border.

With the help of the American DEA the Colombians busted Waled and sent him to the La Picota prison just outside the city of Bogota. With His back up against the wall Waled decided to play the last card in his hand and spill the beans on the Chevez machine that fueled his empire.

April 3, 2011 Waled granted an interview with Univision, he pleads his case for leniency explaining that he is in possession of incriminating written and video evidence exposing President Hugo Chavez in the international Drug,Gun and Terror triumvirate that supplements the financial coffers of the Venezuelan elate Hezbollah and the FARC to this day. If the evidence that Waled Makled had was truly damming we will never know because the Colombians never honored the Americans request for extradition. The decision was made to send Makled to Venezuela based upon the charges levied by the Chavez controlled judiciary.The indictment that the U,S, Justice Department unsealed in New York and dated November 4, 2010 charges Waled with one count of conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States.

The indictment reads as follows.

“From approximately 2006 through August 2010,MAKLED-GARCIA operated and controlled airstrips located in Venezuela. He used them to facilitate the shipment of multi-ton quantities of cocaine from Venezuela to Central America and Mexico by numerous drug trafficking organizations, knowing a portion were destined for the United States. To secure the safe passage of these cocaine shipments, MAKLED-GARCIA bribed Venezuelan officials with fees he extracted from the drug trafficking organizations.”

“MAKLED-GARCIA, 41, is charged with one count of conspiracy to import cocaine into the United States. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 60 years in prison.The case is assigned to U.S. District Judge ROBERT W. SWEET.”

Are you kidding me ONE count of conspiracy this is a man that rubbed elbows with and made deals with some of the worlds most despicable people and organizations. If this guy is half of what he claims in the Univision interview then he needed to be vetted and put on trial. The only thing that will happen to him and his brothers in Venezuela is a silent death that keeps the Chavez dirty laundry hidden under the bed.

On the other hand if the Colombians gave access to a TV news crew then they probably granted the DEA and CIA access to Waled. It could be that the Americans considered Waled to be a pawn in the international chess game Venezuela is now embroiled in. Never the less their is a well trained, well funded and well maintained terror network in central and South America that is ready to strike the U.S. as soon as Israel or the U.S. make a move to decapitate the Iranian Hydra of terror.

The "King among Kingpins" as Waled Makled is described in the indictment, has been silenced and his involvement with FARC and Hezbollah is still in question. What is not in question is the threat to the U.S. by the Iranian proxy Hezbollah. The October surprise of 2011 involving Iranian nationals that snuck into the country through the U.S. Mexican border is just a warning. As things heat up in the Middle East between Israel and Iran the U.S. Will be drawn into the fight at home and abroad. The South American Hezbollah forces being given safe haven and training will certainly be let loose by their handlers to strike the U.S. from within the nations borders. One plot had been foiled in October for two reasons one of the perpetrators was a snitch and the other was a numskull. U.S. law enforcement will not be so lucky next time and if someone like Makled can shed light on the operations of the FARC, Hezbollah in South America and the Venezuelan connection to the middle east we just might unearth a terror network that is in full swing and ready to strike.

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