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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Missiles, Mayhem and the Mahdi

EU and US Squeeze Syrian Simpletons as missiles are being prepped in Lebanon and Gaza the PM of Israel Netanyahu has denounced Iran and vowed a first strike against Iran. Netanyahu fresh off his Washington visit has said that he will not be influenced by the Obama White House and will strike with or without Washington's support or knowledge. The people of Israel must feel like they are on an island surrounded by sharks. Striking from Southern Lebanon Hezbollah have their missile launch orders from Tehran, Hamas in the Gaza strip launches attacks on a daily basis keeping security forces in a constant state of alert. In Washington the Obama administration has imposed economic and travel sanctions on the first lady of Syria Asma al Assad. The Gucci store in Paris may be late with the rent payment this month thanks to Barack Obama.

Syrian President Bashar al Assad has also proclaimed to UN Envoy Kofi Annan this week that he will strike first if he anticipates a threat from the American and French Aircraft carriers in the Mediterranean off the coast of Syria. President Assad has claimed that he has chosen civilian and military targets of  France, Norway, Holland and Italy in the  Mediterranean along with the British Royal Air Force Akrotiri facility in Cyprus, Assad alluded to other strikes   at coalition bases in the Middle East as well.

As US military doctrine has dictated during past administrations hostile aggressors will receive a visit from the F-117 Nighthawks that will take out opposition radar facilities, 117s may already be at bases in Turkey and NSA Bahrain. B-2 Bombers would then be tasked out of Whiteman Air Force base to decimate command and control facilities. Also eliminating Syria;s communication ability will be key in isolating Syria from Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.The carriers USS Enterprise and the French Charles de Gaulle along with the Turkish and British air forces will then send strike sorties to decimate Syrian  offensive capabilities on the ground. If the Syrians do take an offensive posture and do launch a missile attack against the US or other allis there is no guarantee that President Obama will approve the  “Shock and Ahaw” offensive strike that would cripple the Syrian military and political structure. But if a massive initial strike is not carried out Assad will undoubtedly use chemical or biological weapons in the form of missiles launching against Turkey and Israel.

The visit to Washington last week by British PM David Cameron was obviously meant to get the Brits on the same page as President Barack Obama. President Obama and PM Cameron reportedly discussed the Israeli compunction to strike Iran pre-emptively. The President and the PM are formulating a strategy designed to keep Israel placated and out of a conflict with the Iranians. However Israel must have been left out of the loop because when PM Netanyahu got wind of this he reportedly went ballistic on the floor of the Knesset Wednesday saying that “We shall strike Iran even if our American friends object.”  The US State Department number  two, Andrew Shapiro has been dispatched to Tel Aviv in the wake of PM Binyamin Netanyahu's comments. Shapiro the political military advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will confront Israeli PM Netanyahu and ask for clarification about his comments in the Knesset this week. There is no doubt that the israelis are being squeezed by the the Iranians and their Hezbollah henchman in Lebanon and the Hamas in Gaza. It is obvious and self evident what PM Netanyahu was communicating to his peers and the US State Department should save the plane ticket. People in Western countries just do not understand what life is like in Israel. The woman in this photo is picking up gas masks for her family that she mail ordered.

It is obvious that war in the Middle East is unavoidable and like the Arab Spring movement it could be touched off by a single event, like a fruit vendor setting himself on fire in Tunisia. The questions of who, what, when ,where, why and how are somewhat moot to the West. Obviously the White House and 10 Downing St are of the mind set that a first strike by Israel is high on the probability list. If in fact Israel (acting alone) can pull off a strike on Iran’s Underground Fardo nuclear facility near the holy city of Qom, an enrichment facility that is currently operating and enriching uranium from 20 percent purity to the 90 percent weapons grade material that is required for ballistic missiles. By striking the Fardo enrichment plant there is no doubt that Israel would be doing a favor for the Middle East and the entire world. What needs to be contemplated is the ramifications of such actions, are Westerners willing to pay the price for a nuke free Middle East. Certainly countries such as Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the UAE would welcome such a strike while others like Iraq, Lebanon and Syria, not so much and yet still others may be on the fence. The Western world has other concerns with a Israeli strike namely radical Islamists, Hamas and Hezbollah sleeper cells and grass roots radicals taking revenge in the name of the Mahdi. The Mahdi is a mythical Islamic being and according to the myth will be resurrected along with Jesus Christ and rule the world after a nuclear holocaust occurs.

Iranian 2 Stage Ballistic Missile 
Recently Ray Kelly the chief of police in New York city has come under fire for the surveillance of muslims in the New York and New Jersey areas. It has now been revealed that the counter-terrorist police unit of the NYPD has uncovered a spy ring involving 13 Iranians living in New York City and are employed by the Iranian government as  United Nations diplomats. These 13 people have been witnessed collecting pre- operational intelligence (preopintel) on several NY city locations. These Iranian agents are free to travel within the US and carry diplomatic passports thus affording them a certain level of immunity within international law. All told there are roughly 89 of these Iranian individuals between New York and Washington DC.

Rocket motor cluster for ICBM 
Infiltration Cells
Middle Eastern operatives that have covertly entered a country and take order directly from leadership in the mother country. These are typically the fundraising arm of Hamas and Hezbollah.
Hybrid Cells
Are the most dangerous the hybrid is typically made up of a highly trained infiltrator that has recruited self radicalised or prison radicalised individuals from the host country.
Independent Cells
This cell is made up of trained operatives that have infiltrated the host country grown apart from their leadership. and have gone rouge. This cell may be made up of elements from Hamas, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah. the actors in this group are desperate to carry out an attack regardless of the ramifications.
Homegrown Cells (the grassroots terrorists)
These individuals are indigenous to the country that they operate in. But for whatever reason they become disillusioned with the political system or job loss or maybe they just want to be important for 10 minutes. what ever the reason this actor becomes radicalised in prison or by way of the internet or a radical Imam looking for converts.

If you were to ask the FBI how many of these cells are in North America they can’t tell you. If you ask the FBI or Homeland Security how many radical operatives are in the US they can not tell you. If you ask Border Patrol how many OTMs (other than Mexicans) they apprehend they can tell you that. Based on those numbers the Justice Department extrapolates how many terrorists have infiltrated the US mainland. This number is a total fabrication. It is a number that can be thrown out when asked under oath by a congress person. FBI Director Mueller how many radical Muslims sneak into the country every year. 100?, 200?, 1000? who knows, not even the terrorist organizations know, that is the truth.

Hezbollah and Hamas the henchmen of the Iranian and Syrian governments operate in covert and semi-covert sleeper cells world wide. For the most part these cells are fund raising entities working to fuel the terroir activities
back home against Israel. They seldom strike out against their host countries for fear of losing their anonymity. Operating in secret is key to their continuous success. However some host countries allow Hezbollah to operate with impunity, Venezuela not only allows Hezbollah to operate cocaine laboratories within its borders but supplies them with soldiers for security and planes for transportation to Mexico where drug cartels buy their product for American distribution. This is not to say that these sleeper cells will remain dormant, in the event of a Israeli air strike on Iran or American intervention in Syria these cells may go into action with plains that have previously been approved by the leadership back in Iran or Lebanon. Western countries have been walking a fine line since the Arab Spring sprung up a year ago. Local police forces in all Western countries should have security concerns every time tensions increase in the Middle East. There is no telling what will trigger an event in the US, UK, Norway or France. The shooter in Norway Anders Breivik and the shooter in France Mohammed Merah could not be more opposite but they are the opposites of the same coin. Breivik is a ultra right wing radical wanting to exterminate Muslims in Europe. Merah targeted French soldiers and a Jewish school killing 7 people before police sent him to hell. Merah’s actions were typical of the Hezbollah manifesto to go after military first and a jewish target of opportunity second. Both terrorists were self radicalized and both had a unrealistic view of the world. what makes them diametrically opposed is their philosophy. Both these actors could be classified as rogue sleeper cells.or grass roots terrorists ready to act out with a self implemented plain but thinking that they are acting on behalf of others for the greater good of their cause.

The problem that we have in the western world is that people live in a free and open society allowing anybody to live the way they want, worship the way they want and travel freely without being questioned. This is the perfect recipe for the radical Islamist giving him a free hand in society. And if your investigated or questioned then you run to a civil rights group like CAIR (The Council on American Islamic Relations)  claim that you're being discriminated against then CAIR sues on behalf of the terrorist for $25,000 and the affected party settles out of court and the terrorist and CAIR split the 25 grand. Tactics such as this has intimidated society in the US. The federal, state and local governments have taken the path of least resistance in order to avoid the charges of racism. Muslim student organisations and charities have taken full advantage of this and now operate with near impunity. This situation has become untenable.
Syrian Biological and chemical weapons facility complete with missiles and underground silos and storage
The Iranian Israeli stand off is an  extremely dangerous situation, European, South American, North American and Middle Eastern Societies are all involved and all have skin in the game. The Syrian civil war is just as dangerous. With a leader like Assad the situation in Syria will continuously deteriorate to the point that the country's population will be cut by one third or even in half; What the world is witnessing in Syria is religious and ethnic cleansing the likes of which would make Adolf Hitler envious. The Arab Spring was just the tip of the sword and the fallen dictators that have kept the Muslim malcontents in check up that point are dead, expelled, or on trial and in jail awaiting  certain execution or death by natural causes. The Syrian situation is one that terrifies military and political leaders simply because of the uncertainty of the weapons that Assad may unleash on the region. It is speculated that under Assad's control there is Sarin gas, Bio-toxins and even dirty bomb grade uranium. This is the real reason why the Turks and the Arab League has not launched an offence against the country as of yet. But there will come a day when something will be uncovered like a football stadium full of dead bodies that have been gassed or mass graves in the desert and a “shock and awe” campaign will happen.

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