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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Dam right he is in contempt! Their has never been so many elected officials that have publicly proclaimed their ignorance on a single subject as their was today. The contempt hearing brought out first time players looking to block AG Holders contempt hearing. Some of these late comers even offered amendments to the proceeding. Case in point, Rep Stephen Lynch from the 9th congressional district of Massachusetts should be ashamed of himself. As an ex-patriot from that district and now firmly ensconced in the 12th congressional district in Florida I find his ignorance on the subject of Fast And Furious to be as monumental as one of the seven wonders of the world. 

For Rep Lynch to come in at the eleventh hour to offer an amendment that would quantify the cost of the Fast and Furious investigation is ridiculous. If you want accountability for the cost, go to the Justice Department and Eric Holder, they are responsible for dragging this out. DONOT accuse anyone one of purposefully dragging out other than AG Holder or insinuating that this investigation is a “witch hunt”. It is not only insulting to my friends and your constituents on the “South Shore” but an insult to your family, the people of Massachusetts, the people of the United States and to to God. Mr Lynch I suggest to you that if AG Holder walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then he must be a duck. He lied through his teeth and for what? If it was up to you and the rest of the Obama Zombies we would never know. 

With last moment moves made by the Obama Administration we know just how involved the president is and how high this conspiracy gos. Actions by the guilty say a lot. There is a special place in HELL for scoundrels and you just bought your self a hot seat right next to Holder and Obama have fun in the flames. 

I' m going to tell you “ivory tower” politicians one thing gun running over the Mexican border effects all Americans. The Fast and Furious operation was an assault on the country of Mexico and the United States. By doing such an operation the US Government has enabled transnational drug trafficking organizations in the enterprises of human trafficking, drug smuggling, gang activity, contract murder and general mayhem, you should be discussed with your selves. If Fast and Furious was an attempt to demonize the gun industry and disarm American citizens you are 180 degrees in the wrong direction. The American public are buying more guns and ammunition than ever before because of your policies. The American people know that if it comes down to it. the only one that is going to save your life is your self. You should be grateful for people like me, even though I think your a gaggle of misguided ignorant politicians, i would save your lives that includes you Mr lynch, by standing my ground on your behalf. Why? because I am a patriot and I love all Americans. 

My family, my friends, my neighbors, my countrymen from all parts, and most of all the people in the border states have to deal with the fall out from your malicious and misguided decisions made in Washington by you bureaucrats regarding Fast and Furious. The American people give you your power so you must listen to us and all we ask is that you do the right thing. So do not try and take our guns, if you do you take our liberty and our freedom, ultimately the nations sovereignty, so you will never win that battle. We the people are united for a common cause and so it wont be misunderstood I will quot Superman “For truth, justice and the American Way”

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