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Friday, June 15, 2012

Mutilated Syrian Children And Babies On Video

The watchers of all things Middle East are being fed a steady diet of video and photographic evidence of government condoned atrocities in Syria. Some of the ugly and graphic images of brutality commuted against the Syrian people have found their way into the world media stream. All of this for one reason, politics!!! Publicizing the brutality and atrocities in Syria as become a cottage industry in the cities of Homes, Daria and Damascus with video of gunmen firing blindly around corners and rooftop explosions. All of this to garner sympathy among world leaders.  When reporting on Syria the stories always start with the words “unconfirmed reports” or “Impossible to corroborate” these reports never show dead, captured or tortured government security forces, way is that? Dead solders are not so interesting in the headlines and the claims of President al Assad that terrorists infiltrating his country may have a glimmer of truth. It has been reported in recent days that rebel forces have gained a foothold in the city of Homes, this would not have been possible without outside intervention of without killing government security forces.

The propaganda war against the Syrian government is now in full swing and it is not just a campaign by western news organizations but middle eastern reporters have been drawn into the fray as well. April of 2012 Al Jazeera reporter Ali Hashim resigned his position at the Beirut Lebanon bureau in response to the news outfits lack of objectivity in reporting. Several other corespondents along with the bureau chief have also quit in support of Hashim. In an interview with the Russian news channel “RT” Hashim made claims that Al Jazeera is supplying satellite phones and recording equipment to opposition fighters in order to slant coverage of the fighting in favor of the western point of view. “Al Jazeera has supplied Syrian rebels with satellite communication tools to ensure telephone and Internet connection.” The equipment was smuggled from Lebanon, he told RT. “The channel paid $50,000 for smuggling phones and other equipment across the Syrian border to ensure they would get an inside picture”, claims Ali Hashim. 

What actually got the reporter into hot water was a report that he was in the process of documenting. Hashim was following a group of militants that had crossed the Lebanese border into to Syria. “We went to the border between Lebanon and Syria. There it became obvious that militants entered Syria from Lebanon to clash with the Syrian regular army, which was 3 kilometers away from the border,” The militants then picked a fight with Syrian army troops 3 kilometers beyond the border and Hashim called into the Al Jazeera home office in Qatar and he was told to forget about the fight. “We took photos of those people, but the channel declined them. I was asked to forget about the militants and to return to Beirut,” he said.

Al Jazeera is not the only group supplying communications equipment to the rebel opposition fighters. Hillary Clinton spilled the beans in April at the “Friends of Syria" conference in Istanbul Turkey when she volunteered information to the New York Times {again} that the US is supplying "satellite communications equipment and night-vision goggles." Clinton also acknowledged kicking in $12 million in cash bringing the US total to $25 million. When the hat was passed around the table in Istanbul the Friends of Syria had raked in $225 million war bucks. Some of this money is earmarked for “salaries” $100 million to be exact, that's a lot of money for “patriots” fighting for freedom from repression. At the time of the meeting Molham al-Drobi, a member of the Syrian National Council had admitted that half a million dollars had been distributed to the fighters in the form of salaries he said that the cash was dolled out by “a mechanism that I cannot disclose now.” The largest of the financial donors are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, it stands to reason that the richest countries in the Middle East that are also Sunni Muslim donate the most money because they have the most to gain over the situation. 

This cash injection is not going to the Syrian fighters but to recruited fighters being trained in camps in Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan. These training camps are coordinated by a central office in Turkey's southern Hatay province and are run by Saudi, American and Jordanian special forces. Recruiting and fund raising is being done by Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia these recruits are coming from The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaiada and the Taliban. These fighters are being hired as mercenaries and they are receiving a $ 1,000 dollar sighing bonus and $450.00 a month for participating in Syria. Their weapons are coming from Incirlik Military base an American Air Force installation in southern Turkey. Some antitank weapons are coming into Syria from Lebanon along with Sunni militants looking to Kick some Shia/Alawite ass. The Lebanese connection is insignificant compared to the CIA operation underway in southern Turkey at Incirlik to arm and train insurgents bound for Syria. 

Secretary of State Clinton railed against the Russians at the Brookings Institution when she accused the Russians of delivering attack helicopters to Syria. Clinton not having all the information or only disclosing part of the information inflamed the Russians. As it turns out those choppers were being returned to Syria after being rebuilt by the manufacture in Russia. The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov hit Clinton with the aligation that the U.S. is sending military weapons and equipment to the region. "We are not supplying to Syria or anywhere else things that are used in fighting with peaceful demonstrators, in contrast to the United States, which is regularly sending such special means {weapons} to countries in the region,{For the Syrian Free Army}" he said. "For some reason, the Americans consider this to be in order. We are not delivering such means and are delivering only that which Syria requires in the event of an armed attack on it from outside." This forced Clinton to walk back her remarks the next day and lie unequivocally by stating on Wednesday that "The United States has provided no military support to the opposition. None."

All of these events are culminating in a perfect storm of sectarian war. Iran is going to be sucked into this eventually and it is possible for Iraq to be drawn into the fight as well. What is going to happen is a Sunni vs Shia fight with the entire region being engulfed in a vicious battle fueled by oil money, Russian and American weapons and ideological differences.

With Syria being a complete lawless country at this point and out of control government forces pitted against upwards of 25,000 fighters from the “Free Syria Army”, that are from all sorts of militant backgrounds. We are going to witness more video of castrated teenage boys and dead woman clutching their lifeless babies. And both sides will be to blame. Both sides will be guilty of atrocities but because of western politics only one side will be persecuted.

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