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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Syria; The Shit Storm Cometh

Daoud Rajha
Top government officials in Syria are scattering like cockroaches and the Free Syrian army turned on the light switch with two well placed bombs that were remotely detonated. The explosive devices were smuggled into a top level security meeting by hiding one in a box of chocolates and the other in a flower arrangement. According to a FSA officer the attack had been in the planing stages for months.

 A report out of Syria said that President Bashar al Assad was injured in the bombing of the three story building that houses the defense ministry. President al Assad is nowhere to be found and one report said that the presidential plane took off from Damascus military airport for the city of Latakia. 

The port city of Latakia is host to several Iranian war ships and weapons depots. al Assad clearly is looking to Iran for retaliatory help and safe haven now that his government is falling to pieces. Asma al Assad the dictators wife has fled the country for Russia presumably after looting the treasury of cash. 

Mass defections among the military are rampant and widespread throughout the country. In the aftermath of the explosion that took out the governments top henchmen. Syrian TV confirmed the deaths of Defense Minister Daoud Rajha,a former general that advised Halfass al Assad the current dictators daddy, Gen Hassan Turkmani, a deputy president and head of the crisis cell, deputy defense minister Assef Shawkat referred to as "the second president" and the husband of the dictator's sister. With Shawkat's death the country's security apparatus is severely crippled.   

Also wounded were Interior Minister Mohammed Shaar and Maj. Gen. Hisham Ikhtiar, who heads the National Security Department. State TV said both were in stable condition.

Although there were no statements from Assad, Syrian TV said in the hours after the attack that a decree from him named Gen. Fahd Jassem al-Freij as the new defense minister. Al-Freij used to be the army chief of staff.

Government troops have been deployed to all government buildings in Damascus as well as the  radio and television stations in anticipation of more attacks. The FSA is swiftly moving through the city of Damascus on their way to Qudseya the location of the Presidential Place. Government forces have been abandoning checkpoints but are retaliating against the Syrian citizens with rocket attacks. With al Assad's troops rocked back on their heals the use of bio/chem agents may soon be deployed if FSA troops lay siege to the presidential palace and continue their rampage through the city. 

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