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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Invasion of the Bible Snatchers

Faster than speeding bullshit. More powerful than a loco motive. Able to leap from Indonesia to Occidental in a single bound. Look up in the sky, it's a solar panel,... it's a windmill,...NO  it's, A Left wing, it's...Barry Soetoroman Yes it's Soetoroman, strange visitor from Kenya, who came to Washington with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal congressmen and who became President. Soetoroman, who can change the course of mighty capitalism, bend the truth in his bare hands, and who disguised as Barack Obama, mild-mannered orator for a great military superpower, fights a never-ending battle for untruths, social justice and the Muslim way! 

Fortunately for the American people we have Wonder Woman, aka Micheal Bachmann. The honorable congresswoman from Minnesota has taken on the persona of front-woman in the fight for truth, justice and the American way. Mrs. “B” has gone on the attack and has placed the Obama Administration directly in the cross-hairs. The congresswoman has shined the light on the White House and the close associations the Obama Administration has with the Muslim Brotherhood. These associations have been criticized by bloggers for some time but it has taken a louder voice, the voice of a political leader for the American media establishment to sit up and take notice. Those in the blogosphere must be frustrated by the lack of viral-ness that their stories have garnered regarding the infiltration of the Muslim menace into the halls of Washington political power. Mrs. “B” along with other lawmakers have authored letters to several government agencies asking questions regarding the overt cozy-ness of the Obama Administration with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The snot-nosed nambe-pambe RINOs and Dems that have referenced the letters authored by Mrs "B" have recently in the media commented and have done so blindly.  Without reading and by commenting on various inquiries within the letters that she has made with the vairous Inspectors General is just nonsensical. 

Speaker of the House John Boehner said during his Thursday briefing that he hadn't seen the letters Mrs “B” and four other conservative lawmakers sent to the Inspectors General of the five federal agencies warning that the Muslim Brotherhood may be infiltrating the U.S. government. The Speaker was asked about the question raised in the letter regarding the vetting process of Hillary Clinton's top aid Huma Abedin 
"From everything that I do know of [Abedin], she has a sterling character and I think accusations like this being thrown around are pretty dangerous," he said.

Senator John McCain stood up in front of congress and lied about the content of the letters Mrs “B” has authored and have posted on her website. The senator began his statements by proclaiming that Huma Abedin is a “friend” of his. Therefor his opinions maybe some what bias. 
“Recently it has been alleged that Huma Abedin a Muslim American is part of a nefarious plot to harm the United States by unduly influencing American foreign policy at the department of state in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist causes. On June 13th 5 members of congress wrote to the deputy inspector general of the Department Of State demanding that he begin an investigation into the possibility that Huma Abedin and other American officials are using their influence to promote the cause of the Muslim brotherhood within the U.S. Government. The information used to support these serious allegations is based on a report, The Muslim Brotherhood in America which is produced by The Center For Security Policy.”
Mr. Mc then offered his opinion that the report is “scurrilous” 

Well Mr Mc hear is what the letter actually says. 
“For example according to The Muslim Brotherhood: The enemy from Within,” a product of The Center for Security Policy (www.muslimbrotherhoodinamerica.com), .The departments deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin has three family members- her late farther, her mother and her brother- connected to Muslim Brotherhood operatives and / or organizations. Her position offers her routine access to the secretary and to policy-makeing.”  
In light of all the favorable opportunities offered by the Obama Administration to the Muslim Brotherhood hear at home and abroad it seams completely logical to ask the question. Has Huma Abedin been completely vetted? If she has then lets see her file. If not, then ask why not, then kick her ass to the curb. It may be safe to say that any person that has associations with a group or organization that has known links to terrorism should be disqualified from holding a job within the federal government. Take for example the janitor that cleans your office Senator McCain. Would you be happy to know that a person who has links to a extreme Islamist group has keys to your office so they can gain access unsupervised in the middle of the night to empty your wast basket and sweep the floor. Would that be acceptable to you? 

It is a fact that the Muslim Brotherhood is actively working world wide to increase their acceptance within western societies and wipe out any form of religion other than Islam. Conversion to Islam and the eradication of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc world wide is the goal, that includes atheists and nonbelievers as well. 

The infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood in America did not start with the federal government but with society in general. It has been subtle and creeping but it has been relentless until the 911 attack. In the aftermath of 911 the brotherhood stepped up their effort of Islamatisation in the U.S. by offering up the idea of Muslims being a peaceful loving people. Using the Chinese principal of sweet and sour the Brotherhoods proxies like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has tried to sweeten the idea of Muslim acceptance within the U. S.. However for most Americans there is not enough sugar in the world to get the taste of 911 out of our mouths. 

Up-until the advent of the Arab Spring movement the Muslim Brotherhood was illegal in most Middle Eastern / North African (MENA) countries simply because these countries with the exception of Israel are/or were kingdoms or dictatorships. Just like the Mafia in Italy the Brotherhood flourished in an underground manor subverting the countries governments by winning the harts and minds of the repressed citizens as sort of a unofficial welfare organization. The harts and minds concept has worked so well in the MENA countries for the Brothers that they were able to take control over the populations once the tipping point of the Arab Spring fell in their favor. 

Right now in Egypt the Brotherhood is in civilian control and advancing the idea of Shariah law and all the benefits that come along with it. Benefits like stoning women to death, cutting off the hands of petty thieves, decapitating nonbelievers and burning bibles. Coptic Christians are now being extorted with a practice called “jizya” they call it a tax that all nonbelievers are required to pay according to the Koran. The Brotherhood justifies the burning of churches and the beating and killing of Coptics due to the fact that they refuse to pay the jizya. If that is not insane enough these screwballs are calling for the Spinx and the Pyramids at Giza to be destroyed or covered with wax. Someone needs to tell these Islamist idiots that wax melts in the dessert and that Egypt's entire tourist industry revolves around the Pyramids and that they are one of the seven wonders of the world. Maybe the Islamists will want to back-fill the Suez Canal next!

Mrs. “B” has a right, no, an obligation to ask these questions and to alert the American people that Soetoroman and his fellow henchman are actively supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. By the White House releasing $1.5 billion to the Egyptians at this point is subverting the nations security, moral beliefs and the nations constitutional principals. What is confusing is that the United States Government is complicate in these activities. Since 1776 the USG has taken on the responsibility of protecting the citizenry from all enemies both foreign and domestic. They have taken this responsibility seriously and have done an excellent job of it. So what has gone wrong, why is it that the government fails to recognize that we are at war with an ideology not a country? The day we witnessed Attorney General Eric Holder refuse to say the words Radical Islamist extremism, it hit like a flash of lightning from out of the blue, the government is involved and they support the radical Muslim agenda for political purposes. The so-called grand jihad is a key stepping stone or a tool in the world wide socialists attempt to wipe out capitalism and Christians, Jews, the Bible and the Torah will be nothing more than collateral damage.

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