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Friday, October 28, 2011

Copts Die under Egypt's Military Thumb

September 30 A mob of 3000 Muslims from the radical Islamist sect known as the Salafi descended upon the Mar Gerges Church in the town of Elmarenab, in the Upper Egyptian province of Aswn. The object of the mob was to burn the Coptic Christians out of the church and slaughter them as they fled the burning building. After setting the church a blaze the mob held back the first responders by blocking the streets. Along with the church 4 homes and 2 business were burned and looted.

The mob was successful in holding back the emergency  personnel responding to the violence and fires. The group raped Coptic women and and girls and severely beat the men and boys after the carnage was over 300 people lay wounded and bleeding another 28 were killed. The Salafi where convinced of a rummer that a Muslim girl was being held in the church against her will being forced to convert to Christianity. The rummer proved to be false.

In response to the blatant prejudice and sectarian violence perpetrated on the Christians and the lack of action on the part of the government, a protest was organized on October 9th.

The Coptic Christian demonstrators planed there protest to take place in front of the state run TV station in the town of Maspero just south of Cairo. Official from the TV station called in the military and the demonstration quickly got out of hand. This time 27 people died, not from the knives and swords of radical islamists but by the hand of the military. In an attempt to deflect the blame away from the soldiers the generals have claimed that the bloodshed was the work of provocateurs, however mmilitary vehicles were filmed running down protesters.

It is a common practice for radical Islamist nations to point their fickle finger of fate at the out side agitator(Israel). Saddam Hussein did it, Halfass and son of Halfass Bashier al Assad did it,  Iranian Presidents Rafsanjani and Imadinnerjacket did it even the Turks blamed Israel for their internal atrocities. They all do it, they have meetings on how to do it, a group of them get together and plain how there going to kill their own people and than blame the Jews. (Ya ya that’s the ticket blame the Jews the rest of the world will buy that, PUTZES) End comment.
Finally Pope Benedict XVI has inserted himself into the situation and apparently he got the ball rolling with the pin headed Human Rights Watch from New York and the London-based rights group Amnesty International Even Rupert Colville the UNs High Commissioner for Human Rights is now involved. Of course each one of these factions has their own agenda and naturally being divided in their efforts their will be nothing accomplished.

The Egyptian Military leadership has kicked their spin machine into high gear and is in ass covering mode with officials such as General Adel Umara, who stated at a news conference that the army did not purposely run over any protesters and if any people were run over than it was either “a mistake or in was some outside faction trying to undermine the Egyptian revolution.” When asked about the death of  Mosaad Ibrahim Mosaad, a young Coptic activist that was  killed by a gun shot wounds. The General responded by saying that the army "did not have live bullets." Sounds like something an American government agency would say (BATF). End comment. The family is demanding that some be held accountable for shooting their son.

Coptic religious leaders are now warning their congregations that the military my be in cahoots with the radical Islamists. Following the bloodbath in Maspero state run TV issued a statement demanding that the public "protect" the military from the Coptic masses. Most of the Coptic demonstrators seemed to share the opinions of their religious leaders, as they have been chanting outside the TV station, “the military and the Salafists are one hand,” implying that the military had allied with extremist Islamist groups against the Copts.

American government officials have been in the ass covering business as well denying the existence of any extreme islamist groups within the current Egyptian governmental structure. The position of the Obama Administration is one of see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil about the radical factions such as the Muslim brotherhood that now infest the Egyptian government.

On June 16th 2011 a staff writer for the Obama administration,
Stephen Kaufman issued this press release

“Online Activists Receiving U.S. Technical Support, Training”

Washington — By the end of 2011, the United States will have spent $70 million over the past few years to promote Internet freedom around the world.

The funding has included investments in technologies to help people circumvent strict firewalls. Also included has been training for activists in new programming and helping them understand the online risks they are facing.

“People are exercising their human rights online, and we’ve become more conscious of the various ways that repressive regimes are using technology themselves to limit and punish people for the exercise of those rights,” said a senior State Department official, who asked not to be identified.

Speaking to reporters in Washington June 15, the official said the Obama administration has made Internet freedom a priority. Universal human rights principles protect freedom of assembly, peaceful dissent and the ability to speak your mind, the official said, and every country is obliged to honor them.

“I suspect that there are governments that wished that we weren’t investing in this way,” the official said. But governments that respect the rights of their citizens “have nothing to fear in free speech” or from a free Internet, the official said.
At the same time, those who are working to undermine Internet freedom through tactics such as firewalls, censorship and network shutdowns are losing the battle.

“The advent of these modern communications technologies means that nothing can be swept under the rug anymore. … And that’s something that governments are having to reckon with,” the official said.

The State Department supports more than 12 different types of circumvention technology to help people get around firewalls, and has employed what the official described as a “techie-without-borders” service to develop new programming and to “be responsive to the ongoing challenges of people who are trying to call out the problems in their societies and give voice to their own future.”

“One of our jobs is to keep the broader picture in mind, keep focused on people, keep responding to people on the ground and to stay ahead of the curve in terms of the innovations of repression, so that we can help people on the ground be innovating their expression at the same time,” the official said.

Funding has supported training for more than 5,000 digital activists, democracy activists and human rights advocates around the world who now distribute the technology and know-how they learned to their peers.

The training also helps them to “understand exactly what risks remain and what risks can be addressed,” the official said, including identifying viruses and keylogger software that records whatever they type.

The State Department initiative has shifted much of its focus toward mobile phone technology, due to the extremely high penetration of mobile phones and text messaging around the world, in contrast to the relative lack of available Internet service. But many are not aware of the risks they face when they send texts, the official said.

“There’s been a myth that if you send [a text message], it’s safe and no one can track you, but if you send an email, that can be monitored. And that’s just not true,” the official said.
“Some of the things that we’re funding are mobile communications to make mobile communications safe and so that people can send secure text messages or can do other things, because … they’re not sitting at their desktops. But they also don’t necessarily have the proper information about how to use these tools safely.”

The official said that when people are able to speak freely, they tend to discuss the kind of society they want to live in and how they feel their country should be governed.

“Our goal is to make sure that we are doing what we can to amplify the voices and create the space for free expression and freedom of association and assembly online, regardless of who the group is,” the official said.

So lets take this press release for what it is and what it represents. This is the Obama  administration admitting to espionage. As previously reported on this blog site the Obama White House has enlisted the help of non-governmental organizations (NGO) To help facilitate the eradication of existing Middle Eastern Governments. As with any reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of Egypt the reaction to the Mubarak overthrow has been one of violence by the extreme radical Muslim community. What we are witnessing now in Egypt is just the tip of a very large iceberg. If the CIA annalists did not see this coming then we need to clean house in Langley, if they did and informed the White House of the potential shitstorm then the White House is to blame. (I believe it to be the latter.) End comment. The information that is leaking out of the Obama administration has gone far beyond scandalous, what we are learning now is that criminal behavior is SOP at 1600.

The $70 million figure in the letter is grossly understated if the funding dedicated to the “democratization” projects is added in from USAID, MEPI, and CIA then the figure balloons well over the $100 million mark. These Middle Eastern overt/covert projects have been going on for years and extend back into the Bush Administration. Documents proving the existence of such projects go back to 2006 but not till the Obama administration has such an emphasises been placed on the potential coup uprisings in the North African/Arab region. It is clear that Obama and Clinton did not fire the gun that killed Qaddafi or swung the knifes that killed the Coptic Christians But they bought the guns, knives and bullets and facilitated the carnage that has run rampant among the sick twisted freaks that make up the Muslim world.

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