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Thursday, October 6, 2011

AQAP Propagandists Dead

Two of our beloved brothers in the struggle of the profit  have been mattered by the oppressive imperialist fist of the Great Satan. The Great Satan will drawn in it’s own blood as the brothers and sisters of Mohammad take up the sword of the profit and cut the heart form the Great Satan. Praise be to Allah bla bla bla. So it goes from these neanderthals.

That’s right the chief propagandists for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Anwar al Awlaki and Samir Khan a pair of disaffected Americans have been whacked by a UAV strike in Yemen. BY now anybody who is a casual news watcher knows about al Awiaki but Khan has been somewhat under the radar. This ideologue and spokesman for (AQAP) the al Qaeda outgrowth in Yemen, was a bonus in the UAV airstrike on Sept. 30 that targeted al Awlaki. The air strike happened near the town of Khashef in Yemen’s al-Jawf province. The convoy that was attacked took out seven people. A senior tribal chief said who helped bury the bodies in a cemetery in Jawf. The chief said, their bodies were totally charred, he added that the brother of one of the dead had given the group shelter in his home prior to the missile attack and had witnessed the strike. According to the chief, the witness said the terrorists were travelling in a pick-up truck on their way to the neighboring province of Marib. The group stopped for breakfast in the desert and were sitting on the ground to eat when they spotted the drones. Realizing that the jig was up they rushed to their truck in an attempt to get away. The missile struck the pick-up, leaving it a charred husk and killing all inside. The chief spoke on condition of anonymity as he did not want to be connected to the group, he also refused to identify the witness, who was allied with AQAP.

Samir Khan, was the creator and editor of AQAP’s Inspire propaganda magazine directed at the American audience. The assassination of al Awlaki and Khan may in time be more important than the waxing of Osma Bin Laiden because of the radicalization effect that they had on the American Muslims that are teetering on the jihad fence.

To put the deaths of these two malcontents into perspective one first must first appreciate the effort involved in producing the online Inspire propaganda magazine. (If this blogger had the skills that Khan had exhibited in the production of Inspire magazine then this blogger could easily translate those skills into a six figure career.) (end comment)

The deaths of both al-Awlaki and Khan will certainly divert al Qeda propaganda activities into the slow lane at least for the short term. As fare as replacements for Khan it will be next to impossible to find a person in the Arabian Peninsula that could fit the bill. The FBI should be looking for collage educated Muslim professionals that are on the fridge of society and that are expressing radical beliefs in the Muslim community. I am sure that AQAP operatives in North America are already developing a strategy of replacing al Awlaki and Khan. For maximum effectiveness  American borne English speakers that possess the qualities needed of charisma computer graphics and editorial skills can only be found in the US or Canada. Therefore the FBI and RCMP MUST be proactive in their investigations of US and Canadian Islamists that may possess these qualities. Background investigations starting at the high school level of persons of Middle Eastern decent or birth should already be underway. This is of paramount importance to keep the radical fundamentalists propaganda efforts to a minimum. A good starting point would be (MMO)’s militant Muslim organizations especially organizations seeking to conduct transnational media and ideological operations.

The MMO with multinational intentions for the purpose of inciting terror activities such as AQAP posses several components necessary to conduct successful operations. These components are finance, logistics, planning, training and intelligence. These components are not only dedicated to propaganda activities but serve to support the activities of the house to house militant fighter both foreign and domestic. If we are to breakout the fighters into categories then we may be able to more understand the concept that AQAP has adopted. Weather it is the grass roots terrorist in the US or the battlefield gunman in Afghanistan they have to start somewhere after all Islamic terrorists don’t not pop out of the womb with AK47s in there hands. Without the propaganda and indoctrination of the individual with Islam being the foundation Osama Bin Laden would not have the operatives necessary to carry out the kind of operations that he had dreamed up in his sick mind. The Inspire Magazine did this on several levels in North America by the use of propaganda in vernacular that could be understood by the young Muslim in north America. Target acquisition and planing was also in the magazine. One issue described running down people at a mall during a holiday or a weekend to ensure maximum body count by using a pick-up truck with butcher knives welded to the bumper, another issue had an article titled “ How to build a bomb in the kitchen of your mom” nice stuff. (Dad beware who your Little girl dates) (End comment) 

In addition to the instruction on committing terror activities, handling a AK-47 and planing attack strategies on shopping malls. The ideological component of Inspire is vitaly important as it acts as a facilitator to recruit new members and maintaining the radical mind set of those previously indoctrinated. The propaganda in some cases is targeted to the radical fundamentalist and is filled with vitriol while other articles are targeted to the casual jihadist, each approach shapes the target audiences perception through persuasion. Issue # 7 of the 2011 Inspire was rolled out several days prior to the missile attack that offed Khan and al-Awlaki, that issue contained an article written by Khan titled “The Media Conflict,” and he quoted AQAP leader Nasir al-Wahayshi (aka Abu Basir) as stating, “media work is half of the jihad.” If you have ever seen news reels produced by the US War Department from the 1940s about WWII you will see the perfect example of what Khan was getting at.

There is a propaganda opinion piece written by Yahya Ibrahim in issue # 5 of the 2011 Inspire magazine soft peddling the al Qeda position. I have reprinted the article in its entity hear.

The cover of this issue is about the Tsunami of change that is sweeping the Arab world. With the removal of the despots, the ummah will speak its voice, and when it does, it will chant: Here we start and in al-Aqsa we’ll meet. The biggest barrier between the mujahidin and freeing al-Aqsa were the tyrant rulers. Now that the friends of America and Israel are being mopped out one after the other, our aspirations are great that the path between us and al-Aqsa is clearing up. There could be no freeing of Palestine with the presence of the likes of King Abdullah to the East, Hosni Mubarak to the West and al-Saud to the South. Now that Hosni is gone, we heard the Imam of the Friday prayers praying: “O Allah we ask you to allow us to meet in al-Aqsa,” and the millions in Tahrir square roared with one voice: Âmîn. The issue of Palestine is central to the Muslim ummah and now that the masses have spoken, there is no doubt that it will be back to the forefront. The friends of the West are leaving, the issue of Palestine will be back on the table, the preaching of jihad for the defense of the Muslim ummah will be heard publicly in societies that have freed themselves from the tyrants, and we pray that the heavy handed security measures imposed by the despots to keep America and its allies safe and keep their populations terrorized will be over. The West has publicly stated its support for the revolution of the masses. But do they really mean it? Or is it because they do not realize the reality of what is happening? Or is it just because they feel that they must join the bandwagon? The West also believes that the revolts are bad for al Qaeda. This is not the case. Why would the freedoms being granted to the people be bad for al Qaeda? If freedom is so bad for al Qaeda, how come the West has been practicing a restriction on the freedoms of expression when it comes to the message of the mujahidin? Why does the West ban the spread of books and talks of the al Qaeda leadership and in some countries consider it to be a crime to be in possession of such material? Why did the U.S. request from a site such as YouTube to take off lectures by Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki? Another line that is being pushed by Western leaders is that because the protests in Egypt and Tunisia were peaceful, they proved al Qaeda – which calls for armed struggle – to be wrong. That is another fallacy. Al Qaeda is not against regime changes through protests but it is against the idea that the change should be only through peaceful means to the exclusion of the use of force. In fact Shaykh Ayman al-Zawahiri spoke in support of the protests that swept Egypt back in 2007 and he alluded to the fact that even if the protests were peaceful, the people need to prepare themselves militarily. The accuracy of this view is proven by the turn of events in Libya. If the protesters in Libya did not have the flexibility to use force when needed, the uprising would have been crushed. It is our opinion that the revolutions that are shaking the thrones of dictators are good for the Muslims, good for the mujahidin and bad for the imperialists of the West and their henchmen in the Muslim world. We are very optimistic and have great expectations of what is to come.

Clearly this article was intended as an open letter to American Muslims that maybe considering a carer in the al Qaeda mujahidin. More to come on this in the next post.

If you would like me to reprint the article from Inspire magazine written by Samir Khan entitled " I am Proud to be a traitor to America" let me know in your comments.

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