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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Syrian Circus

Is the CIA directing the three ring cluster hump in the Syrian Circus of clowns? It seems so, Reports are being leaked from Washington and Ankara Turkey that there are plains a foot to contain a civil war in the wake of Bashar al-Assad’s demise. The famous unnamed Obama official said referring to Assad "Intelligence services say he's not coming back."  So far he has not gone anywhere, But those details have yet to be worked out. Apparently the anonymous intelligence services think that Assad will be toppled from within. Could it be that the CIA and the MIT (Turkey’s CIA equivalent) have a clown inside the circus tent.

The Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan is said to be having meetings with President Obama at the UN in New York about the Syrian situation. Each one of the leaders threatened military intervention in the recent past but both backed down, Erdogan wimped out twice. So how will these two Bozos jump in the ring, anybodies guess. However there has been some skulduggery going on in the years leading up to Assad’s Circus that we are calling the Arab Spring.

The United States has been operating “democratisation” projects in the Middle East for the past several years. These projects are a mixture of covert activities and overt programs sanctioned by local governments. Some of these programs involved teaching English and computer skills to individuals interested in global affairs. Many of these “students” were then recruited into other programs such as an exchange student programs and some individuals would be recruited to do outright spying on there government.

The programs also extended outside the country with Syrian Exiled government officials and business men. The US State Department funded many of these operations as well as USAID, CIA and the Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The prince took part in a operation to overthrow the Assad regime along with the State Department official Jeffrey Feltman. The operation went into effect in 2008 and involved assets within the Syrian government as well as exiled business men living in Europe. The plane was a bribery scam that cost $2 billion and failed.

Could this be the perfect time for an assassination plot to take out Assad, is there assets inside the government willing to perpetrate such a coup? Assad has pulled his military forces off the Israeli border to the south as well as from the Lebanese border to the east. This was done in conjunction with the call up of 50,000 reservists. All these troupe reassignments are meant to encircle the cities and towns for a massive offensive against the Syrian people that is being called "Biraq Assad" (Assad's flag). The movement of the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th and 9th Divisions from the Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon borders with Israel leaves only the Hezbollah forces to protect Syria’s southern flank. Assad has mobilized 350.000 solders in this operation scattering them all over the country and most of them Sunni Muslims. The Sunnis have been defecting in droves and refusing to fire at there fellow countrymen. Most of the defectors try to make it to the Turkish border before being shot by there Alawite officers that are loyal to Assad.

Is this the opportunity that Bozo Obama and his Turkey boy sidekick have been waiting for, could be. However there is a catch. The dithering duo deployed the dimwitted Muslim Brotherhood to do there dastardly deed. The Brotherhood is a Sunni organization and they have been the target of the Assad regime for ever. In 1982 the MB staged a revolt and Hafez al-Assad bombed the crap out of the city of Hama the MB stronghold at the time. The MB never regained any significant influence within Syria after that.

Three or four weeks ago a series of air strikes from Turkey in the north and Israel from the south coupled with a CIA/MIT lead coup could have taken out the Assad Circus but the dithering duo let the window of opportunity slam shut. Now that Turkey has burned its bridge with Israel over the Gaza blockade situation that possibility is off the table. In addition to that there are a few new clowns in the circus tent. Iran is speaking publicly about Assad toning down the violence but privately the Iranian leadership has run in to Assad’s tent with weapons and field advisers. Iran did not come alone they brought Russia and China with them. The Ruskies and the Chinks have even set up up shop in their respective embassies. With weapons coming from Russia, China and Iran Assad is looking good with ammo. As far as technical shenanigans go Russian president  Dmitry Medvedev sent his personal envoy, Mikhail Margelov to Damascus to set up a military-diplomatic headquarters at the Russian embassy. The Russkies are advising Assad on the weapons most effective for killing the Syrian upstarts and how to do an end run around the US and NATO sanctions. The Chinks ran in to the tent with there hackers and scum-bags to help Assad with the carnage and sanction sidestepping as well.

The CIA must be playing Bozo Obama for a fool because they are much better than this then again Leon the Pee-on Panetta was running the show at Langley. So the Assad Circus just might be around for a while and the body count just keeps getting bigger.The human rights organizations Avaaz and Insan  report today that the body count is 5360 more than twice the number being reported by the UN.

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