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Monday, September 5, 2011

Ohio Dem Turns Coat

Dennis Kucinich (D) Ohio 10th district a turncoat? Tripoli Libya has fallen in the hands of the (NTC) National Transitional Counsel or as they have become known in America as the “Rebels”. We witnessed short clips on the news of comical Libyan behaviour such as one NTC fighter lounging on Gaddafi's garish gold sofa and another wearing the colonel’s military Cap and gold chain. What the reports did not show was the ransacking of the intelligence offices. A midst the trove of documents that have been accumulated during the past 40 years was a few new items. An Al Jazeera news producer, Jamal Elshayyal was granted access by the NTC to the intelligence agency headquarters in Tripoli. Mr Elshayyal rummaged through some of the secret files. The producer made a remarkable find paperwork implicating a former US State Department official and a current sitting Congressman of helping the Gaddafi's regime from the start of the conflict.
On the floor of the intelligence chief's office lay an envelope addressed to Qaddafi's son Saif Al-Islam. Inside, was a summary transcript  of a telephone conversation between US congressman Denis Kucinich and a representative of Saif al-Islam Gaddafi. (The leaders son that was reported captured but later was interviewed by a Fox News reporter.) Mr Kucinich who publicly denounced the NATO operation against Libya was acting contrary to White House policy and advising on a course of action against “NATO/UN/USA”. The document is a dirty laundry list of information requested by the Congressman for the purpose of cleaning up the Gaddafi reputation in the public, to lobby his fellow lawmakers, to suspend their support for the NTC and to put an end to NATO air strikes. Defending Saif Gaddafi from prosecution in the international criminal court is another major point covered in the trascript. The fourteen points detailed in the document were also to be used to bolster a lawsuit lawsuit against the UN, NATO and the United States. This has stepped way over the line and Representative Kucinich needs to be called out out on this,

Since we were not technically at war with Lybia would this be considered treason may be, may be not. What is clear is that the Ohio Congressman was acting on his own and contrary to the policy of the president at the time. Mr Kucinich admittedly was against the US supporting the NATO operation in Lybia but to actually reach out and offer to help the target of the NATO operation is controversial in the very least. To be a trader on must be betraying his country engaged in acts of treachery or breaching the allegiance of his nation. Surly there is an argument hear. The unearthing of this evidence is damming and the voters of the 10 district in Ohio should publicly call there Congressman out. The House and Senate should immediately act to censure Mr Kucinich and institute investigatory proceedings.  

The congressman issued a press release and he stated that “In my efforts to end the war, I have been contacted by many parties – including members of the Gaddafi regime and some with ties to the rebels.  Reaching a just and peaceful solution requires listening to all sides.” Mr Kucinich goes on to state that “During my communication with parties to the conflict, I made it clear that I could not negotiate on behalf of the Administration, but that I was ready to listen and to communicate to Members of Congress ideas for how the conflicts could be resolved peacefully.  I also notified Administration officials of what was communicated to me on several occasions” But the document clearly states that the Congressman was fishing for evidence to be used against the President of the United States and the Obama administration. The Guardian A UK News agency also ran a story about the congressman's activities as well as the Atlantic Wire. The Atlantic referenced both the Al Jazeera and Guardian stories and reached Mr Kucinich for a comment about the document and his reply wasAll it proves is that the Libyans were reading the Washington Post, and read there about my efforts to stop the war. I can't help what the Libyans put in their files” The transcript made reference to a Washington Post Blog composed by Felicia Sonmez 05/27/2011 entitledHouse to vote next week on ending U.S. involvement in Libya” 

The explanation offered up by MR Kucinich is just not credible. There were several correspondences between Mr. Kucinich and Lybian Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi on June 22 and June 23 as well as telephone conversations. The Congressman admitted to having contact with the Lybian PM. According to  Sufyan Omeish a lobbyist and acting as Lybian emissary, Congressman Kucinich was invited to Tripoli in June with all expenses paid for by the Gaddafi government. On June 22 Mr Kucinich sent a letter to Libya's prime minister, Al-Baghdadi Ali al-Mahmoudi via the Washington lobbyist for the regime. The political film maker/ lobbyist Sufyan Omeish noted that Kucinich was "concerned that his personal safety in Tripoli could not be guaranteed".  Omeish stated that on one occasion Mr Kucinich held an hour-long telephone conversation with the prime minister. He also confirmed that the congressman preferred to conduct meetings with regime officials outside Libya. The plan was for Kucinich to meet "senior Libyan officials, including Gaddafi". The proposed trip never took place. Kucinich visited Syria instead.

The discovered transcript is reproduced hear.

Good Morning Gentlemen.
This is the Congressman you both spoke with. He is going to fight for us but he has asked us for

I can bring need whatever we can gather. If it is sensitive I
will carry it, otherwise we can email it.
House to vote next week on ending US involvement in Libya

l.Any corrupt (verifiable) acts by the Opposition leaders. Include any personal motives for instance to make money or gain certain types of power.

2.Any known Al-Qaeda operating in the Opposition.

3 .Any evidence of atrocities committed by the Rebel soldiers.

4-.Any evidence of Civilian deaths by NATO.

5 .Any evidence of arms sales to the Opposition in Benghazi or Misrata, including dates, who sold the weapons, what type and the cost ofthe deals.

6.Any evidence of weapons being smuggled on boats to Misrata, with dates. and type of weapons.

7.Any evidence that the uprising was a planned event prior to February 17th. lnclude intercepted communications, names, dates.

8.Evidence supporting that the Regime has a regular practice of hiring African military in its Pan-African units and this was not a new (mercenaries) thing just for the uprising.

9.Communications with the UK and USA prior to the UN bombings to show Regime was trying to negotiate peacefully.

10.Evidence of cease fires by the Regime or withdrawals of troops. Dates, location, description (including why cease fire broke down).

11.Evidence that before the uprising started, there were democratic projects under way, for instance a plan for elections and so forth. This shows that they were already going this way and aren't just saying that now.

l2.Evidence that The Leader had already planned to step down before the uprisings. This shows there was already a transition going on. It also helps him save face for when he does step down because it will look like that was the plan all along.

l3.A list of tribes and location known to be loyal to Regime, those pledging loyalty to Opposition,and the remaining ones that have not pledged either way. The population of each group as well,This shows that the Rebels don't have the full support of the country.

l4.A list and description (including date and location) of humanitarian efforts by Regime since this started, or their attempts to aid the civilian population, and any efforts blocked by NATO or the Rebels.
It will be used for:
A) A lawsuit against NATO/UN/USA
B) Defending Saif in the ICC
C) Publicity to reform the image of Regime.
D) To help negotiation positions

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